One Time Wicked – Rated PG (One Night Stand)

"Please?" Roy asked. No, begged.

As much as Riza liked to hear him beg, she still looked at him askance. "Are you insane?"

"You know you want to."

"Beside the point. You and I have an... agreement."

Roy grinned, ear to ear. "You ido/I want to!"

"As I said before, beside the point."

"But... it's so sad. He can't get a girl to save his life."

"If he would stop sucking on those tobacco sticks he might. Smoke rings are not inductive to a nice, sweaty romp between the sheets."

Roy stared. "Nice... sweaty... romp. Did you just used the words sweat and romp in relation to sex?"

"Be quiet."

"You nasty girl."

"Your fault."

"Please? I promise I'll work straight through tomorrow. No breaks."

Riza stared. "No breaks?"


"No doodling on your blotter?"

"Not a one. Not even your name in a heart."

"Unbelievable. You leave the window polishing to the people hired for the task?"

"Hand on heart, I promise."

"Hm. One night. Just one?"

"Only one. No more."

"After, we pretend it never happened."

"Well... after you give me details, yes."


"Yes. Why yes, I am. So. Will you do it?"



Riza sighed. "Fine." She picked up the phone and dialed. "Jean? It's Riza. Yes, Riza. Hawkeye. No, I'm not joking–hold on." She put her hand over the phone. "Roy, he doesn't believe me."

"Convince him."

"You son of a... yes, Jean, honest, I'm not joking. I promise. Roy? He knows nothing about this. Hm, yes, I thought you might find that interesting. Now, I was wondering... how you would feel about–"

Roy put his hands over his ears and started singing a salute to the loyal canine. Hatching the idea was one thing. Listening to Riza set herself up for a nice, sweaty romp in the sheets with Jean Havoc was quite another.