Chapter One: Back

I woke up, it looks like I am on Planet Vegeta but it was blown up along with me. I sat up and saw many soldiers surrounding me, all coming back to consciousnesses. I then saw a hand in front of my face. I looked up and saw King Vegeta, I took his hand and he helped me up. He then said to me, "We need to get back to the castle". I nodded and we flew off towards the castle.

When we walked into the castle everything looked the same, just like everything else. How is that possible? I'm not crazy am I? I looked at my king and he just kept going on I jogged a little bit to catch up. We walked into the throne room and I saw a handful of people. The first was my Queen Tapalupa. I ran up to her and gave her a hug, seeing her made me feel a little more confident that this is real, and we are really alive. I then heard someone clear their throat. I looked to where I heard it and I saw my prince, the man I am meant to marry. He looks a little older but he is here I can just tell.

Vegeta looked at me and stretched his hand out to me. I quickly walked to him and gave him my hand.I stood next to him and he looked to everyone in the room. He then started saying, "Welcome back everyone, Today you have all been brought back to life. It has been two years since the destruction of our planet, and do to the dragonballs that I retrieved I have been able to bring our planet and everyone on it back. On my trip I ran into a lost warrior of our, Kakarot."

I turned to the door and saw it opening. A very powerful saiyan who I recognized, he was my cousin on my mother's side. I let go of Vegeta's hand and walked a couple feet forward. Kakarot stopped in front of the crowd in front of us He smiled at me and I couldn't help myself from going to hug him. After the quick hug I looked at the woman he had by his side. She looked pregnant to me I then smiled at my cousin and asked, "You got a little one coming." I then hugged his wife or what ever she is to him. I then hugged her and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

I walked up to Vegeta and said aloud so everyone can here, "so that means that you are going to be of age this year, you will be taking over." He grinned at me, I think it is so annoying but it is so attractive. I smiled and then looked at our current king who was approaching us with his wife. They then sat in their thrones and said, "Tonight we will have the annual celebration for the new year as well as the celebration of the rise of a new king, that we have at the beginning of every rule. Everyone started clapping and we descended to the couple stairs and walked outside to the gardens.

When we got out side and sat down I leaned my head on Vegeta's shoulder and I asked, "What have you been up to the last couple years?" I smiled at him and he looked at me and said, "I spent a good amount of time researching how to bring everyone back, I didn't even know if I would be able to do it." I smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek. I then got up and started levitating. I smiled at him and said, "Spar with me." He laughed at levitated as well.

We got engaged in a heated battle, even though he was holding he was still dealing a good amount of powerful blows. After a couple minutes it took it everything in me to stop myself from falling from exhaustion. I looked at him and said, "I have had enough, I can't take anymore." He rolled his eyes at me and flew off from me.

He used to pride that I was so powerful but because he is so ahead of me now he thinks that I am not powerful. I wonder if he would still marry me. I know I am still the most powerful woman her on this planet, but is it enough for him. I flew off to the castle away from where we were sparring.