Chapter Three: Planning

I always looked forward to my wedding, but it is so much work to plan it. I have literally had to make a guest list I had to think of all the major planets, along with ones that aren't and we are trying to get control back over. We are using the wedding as a political decision. I hate that idea but once again it isn't my choice. Every time I would send Vegeta or his father the list they would tell me I'm missing someone. I haven't even gotten to the people of our planet and my friends. I am at three hundred thousand people. I believe I am going to have to find somewhere else to have it because I don't want it at the castle. That would be to many people at my home. Vegeta suggested that we have it in the country part of our world and make a hotel where they can all fit there. I think that is the best idea that he has had.

After the guest list and deciding where I want it, there is the problem of choosing invitations. Vegeta wants a simple black invitation with white writing. I want an elegant red invitation with black writing and designs on it. He thinks that, that is girly and ridiculous. I told him that it isn't and I want my wedding to match my invitations to match my wedding and it will be elegant. He says not and I told him I won't walk down the aisle if it isn't how I want it. His mother told me I can have whatever I want and to ignore him. If he hates it so bad we will have two weddings. I laughed and opted for that, no political stuff and not to many people. He and his father kind of looked scare at that thought. I think that is what I will do, Vegeta can have his wedding and I can have mine. The more I think about it the better it sounds.

I looked at the guard and said, "Tell the king and prince that I have made up my mind and we are doing the two weddings, and they can have exactly what they want." He nodded and walked away.

After the guest list is the flowers. Vegeta doesn't want any. I think he is full of shit, but for his wedding he can have that. My wedding I want black and red roses. It matches my theme and they are very beautiful. I want the flowers to line the ceiling and the tables and then have the center pieces. It will be beautiful especially with the black table cloths.

Now i wonder what my date will be for my wedding, since Vegeta's is March first. Maybe I will do mine on the second. That way we can go on our honeymoon afterwards. He is going to be upset because he will not be consummating his marriage. That will be funny when I tell him that. Maybe next time he will think about messing up my wedding.

I don't really know what I want to do about my wedding party. All I know is that I want my father to hand me off. Which Vegeta doesn't want, of course he can have whatever he wants for his wedding. He also wants some of the higher nobles of our planet to be the bridal party what ever, he is weird. I think I am going to just use my best friend who stays next door to my parent's house. I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

After a couple of rings I got an answer she said, "Hello" I smiled and said, "Hey Emma it's Silouete". She screamed and said, "Hey what are you up to"? I smiled and said, "Planning my wedding, I am wondering if you want to be apart of it." She squealed and said in like ten different languages yes she would. I smiled and said, "Ok thank you so much, would you like to come to the castle and kind of help." She squealed again and said, "I'll be there in a minute." After about five minutes she came in and started helping me plan.

When she sat down she automatically started planning a bachelorette party. She was very excited to be apart of my planning. She was happy even though she knows she is like my only friend. Everyone else is upset that I have the future King. I can't blame them, to be the next queen is a big deal, and a big honor.

I took my phone and called our photographer and all of them and informed them that they are going to do two different dates. They thought it was weird but said it was ok with them. I know they are right but who cares this is like the perfect wedding we are both happy.

After deciding on how I want everything to be I ordered everything that I would need and put in the orders so they can be planned and set up. Emma looked at me and asked "What time is it"? I looked at the clock and saw that it was eight. She shot up and said good bye then headed to her house. She was late for dinner. I missed dinner. I sighed and stood up. I then walked to my room to see my future husband in there with some food for me to eat.

I smiled and walked to him giving him a kiss. I then sat down and said, "Thank you I didn't know you were gonna bring me food. Are you staying here tonight"? He smiled and gave me a kiss and said, "If you want me to." I nodded and started to eat. I realized that in front of everyone else he is different than when it was just me.

When I finished eating he removed my tray and looked me in the eyes then said, "So what is this ridiculous notion that we are having two weddings." I smiled and said, "we are your mother suggested it and I couldn't resist that way you get what you want and I get what I want." He narrowed his eyes and said, "I feel like there is a catch." I smiled and said, "Your wedding is the announced day and my wedding is the day after." He got bug eyed and asked "what about the consummation" I smiled and kissed him a little provocatively, he was falling for it for a couple moments before he pulled back. I sighed and said, "It will be after my wedding." He groaned and said, "No, come on, I can take us canceling my wedding if that stops us from having to deal with that, just do what you want." I sighed and said, "Fine but you have to call and change everything to the way it is supposed to be. I have a binder full of notes."

After that we went to sleep. I enjoyed our time together and was excited to know that he was going with what I had chosen. Now we have one wedding, just the way I like it.