Chapter Four: Wedding Drama

Today is the day. The day of my wedding. The day that I have been looking forward to since I was a little girl. The day that I will be wed to the next King. I looked into the mirror. I am in a beautiful red wedding gown, as tradition for any woman on this planet. Red is our color, not white. The dress is a beautiful train dress that has a train that is five feet long. Above my breasts and on my abdomen is see through with an intricate design. The rest of the dress is kind of simple with the same design. The center of my back is out but underneath that is lace up in it's own girdle.

My makeup is a simple skin blend, it looks kind of natural. I am now finally in my twelve inch heels. I am already used to them I started practicing last week. I can already feel how everyone is treating me differently. They give me more respect than they did before. I turned around when I heard my door open. I saw my father in the doorway and he said, "It is time baby girl." I smiled at him and we started walking to the throne room.

When we got to the door the music started and then we started walking out. There were over two hundred thousand people here. I kept a smile and just continued on the long aisle. I then looked at Vegeta and saw his regular scowl that he always wears. I was excited to see my new husband waiting for me to say I do.

Once at the front of the aisle my father put my hand inside of Vegeta's and we bowed in front of the officiant, then stood up and faced each other. We went through our vows and signed our proper papers saying we could never divorce no matter what and that I will be queen until the end of our term or in my death.

Vegeta's best man was Goku, who said he prefers that name over Kakarot. I will call him that as long as I'm not around the King or Vegeta. He appreciates that. His new wife is an awesome woman. She is due at the end of the month after my coronation.

At the end of the ceremony we had done the traditional mating marks and then the kiss. The mark hurts very badly. I feel like he bit as hard as he could, he doesn't even bite his meet that hard. I know I bit very hard to but not nearly as hard. I know that most of the time two mates bite each other after intercourse, I wonder if we will.

After the kiss we then walked off to the conference room where all the main leaders are and all the planet leaders who we plan on getting back. The King sat at the top with Vegeta on his right and his wife on his left. Me in Vegeta's lap, even though I had a seat right beside him. He apparently didn't want me sitting there.

At first they were just bringing out the old contracts and resigning them with some of the old allies. Then we went onto the planets that we had conquered a long time ago. They originally started to deny us, but after Vegeta threatening them and fluctuating his power level most of them backed down. Only one planet didn't it was planet Belindia. I don't know what will happen to them but I'm sure it's not going to be very good. Every other person except the rulers of Belindia and our planet has now left. Vegeta is threatening them and I know he is serious but the other people think he is kidding and think he isn't going to do anything.

The conversation i snow settling down and we are just signing a contract with them when I heard a commotion outside. A woman was yelling, "Let me go, I will go in there if I fucking want to." At that an older woman with blue hair walked in, she was pregnant. She seems not to far along, she isn't even showing, I just know because I can feel the child's chi. It seemed familiar.

Vegeta then looked over to where the commotion was being conducted. He looked surprised when he saw the woman and he then yelled to the guards, "Taker her to my chambers I will deal with her when I am through here." She looked at him angered and yelled, "You aren't going to take care of anything, you are going to talk to me about this situation you put me in." I then stood up and said, "I'll take her." Vegeta squeezed my hand and said, "I will be there shortly." I nodded and then walked off.

When I got to the woman I said, "follow me." She did without saying anything. I walked to my new chambers with my husband it was quiet for most of the walk but after about three minutes she started complaining and said, "how much farther, I'm exausted, this is a lot of walking." I looked at her and said, "about another minute, it isn't that far."

After we got into the chamber I saw the servants moving my stuff in the room. I looked at them and said, " finish this tomorrow, it is fine I want the room to myself until the Prince gets here." They nodded and left. I then looked at the woman and asked, "What is your name." She shifted her feet, obviously she was terrified. I sighed and then she answered and said, "Bulma, who are you." I looked at her and said, "Queen Silouete."

Vegeta then walked in and said, "what is going on, how did that happen." I frowned and said, "so I was correct, the child is yours." He grabbed my hand and said, "It was before you came back." I nodded and looked at the woman and asked, "how far along are you." she shuffled her feet and said, "about two months." I looked at him and said, "the day we were brought back." He sighed and grabbed me around the waist and said, "I was excited that I was able to bring everyone back I wasn't thinking." I rolled my eyes and sat down on the love seat where Vegeta joined me. I then looked at him and said, "What are we doing with her." He sighed and said, "we have to keep her at least until the child is born." I groaned and just said, "ok, but she is not staying here." He nodded and called in a servant and told her to set up a room for Bulma.

After that the woman took Bulma and went to show her her new chambers. I just sat there thinking about how he has a child coming and it isn't from me and how embaracing it is that she is having the child. I then thought about how the child could have blue hair. I laughed at the thought and said, "a disgrace." Vegeta looked at me and said, "please don't say that, it will still be my child." I looked at him and said, "your first child not bared by me." I then got up and got in the tub and enjoyed the water. Vegeta then walked in and joined me. I then said, "when were you going to tell me about the woman." He sighed and said "I forgot about her as soon as I saw you." I nodded and relaxed into him and enjoyed the water.

After washing off and rinsing Vegeta then carried me into our room. We got on the blankets and stared at each other for a couple minutes this is something new for us. We never have done it together before, and as for me, I have never done it with another either. He then whispered to me, "I love you, this probably will hurt." We then went into bliss together for the rest of the night.