Oh man, I've been reading a lot of fanfiction lately, mainly RWBY OC fanfics. Most were entertaining, however the only problem with these fics, the OC (a.k.a protagonist) always ends up with plot armor and usually curb stomps everyone. But I digress, this is my first story, and I need feedback from you, the readers, (positive or negative please, I don't want flames!). Anyways, enjoy!

Well, here I am...hiding in one of the male washroom stalls in the middle of an airship that's heading towards Beacon Academy, one of the best combat schools known in Remnant that specializes in training the next generation of huntsmen and huntresses. Dust, why did I accept Ozpin's invitation to go here...

On second thought, how on Remnant did I even get into THIS situation? Standing in of the recently "used" stalls and waiting as if the entire ship was going to blow up. It's times like this where I just want to die and be forgotten like one of those famous online music videos I would watch on my scroll. (Oh man, What does the Grimm Say was amusing while it lasted). I internally sighed, as I already knew the answer to my rhetorical question: I felt nervous being around people, especially when said people were the same age as me.

If I viewed my life as a video game, my social skill would be mediocre, while my physical and intellectual skills would be so high that I'm positive that I could have restarted and grinded those skill levels at least twice. But this is reality; there would be no "extra lives" or "saving before an important event". No, if you mess up, you're screwed, and you should feel bad for yourself as the never-aging being known as "Life", begins wailing on your sorry excuse of an ass. I'm not saying this as life-and-death scenarios, no, I'm saying something much worse that; its very embodiment is pure sadistic and unforgiving: I'm talking about social interaction.

There really isn't much to say my life; then again I hate talking about myself, so my "whole" story is going to go end up extremely condensed. I could say that I was the one of the unlucky few who was born into this world with the chronic disease known as shyness. I mean - having nothing to say is one thing, but not knowing what to say was something that I've had to deal with since childhood. You know that kid who just stands all by himself in the schoolyard? Well, I'm that kid; now let me share with you a grand life lesson that I've had the pleasure to learn the hard way: he who is shy grows up to be socially awkward...or whatever that fortune cookie said.

Do you have any idea what it's like to feel socially awkward? Honestly, it's a nightmare; just standing there with nothing but your insecurities and anxieties, as every waking moment passes and the rising urge to be alone yearns to become a reality. But do you that one thing that being socially deprived can offer? Despite its cruel and ruthless embrace, it gifts its victims with the greatest double edged sword ever known to man: time.

I was given all the time in the world so long as I remained in my personal safety circle. Now you're probably wondering: what did you spend all that time on? The answer is simple: video games. Okay, now it may sound extremely depressing and unproductive, and I would probably agree with you too... if I wasn't a social mess. Let me explain to you: playing video games isn't bad as long as you do something productive with your future; that way, your time isn't wasted. These "interactive stories" inspired me to become something great, something that was worth putting your entire life into; I was inspired into becoming a hunstman.

I wanted to become a hero, someone who would fight monsters, protect the defenseless, and have people tell stories of me to their kids. I was dedicated to this goal; I would practice at the local training centre for huntsmen and huntresses, studied hard to get a better understanding of the world outside of modern society, and even took a couple bounty jobs focused on eliminating Grimm in my early teenage years.

So yeah...that was my somewhat depressing childhood - playing video games and training through trial and error to reach my dream.

Snapping back into reality, I heard the untimely buzzing of the speakers within the airship's crowded hallways begin to speak. I swear to Monty, I'm going to jump out of this thing if the captain says that we would be picking up more people.

"Hello, this is captain Michael speaking", the speaker echoed in a bored expression, "I would like to inform the future students of Beacon Academy that we have arrived at our destination, and would like to inform you to exit in an orderly fash- GAVIN DON'T TOUCH THE COFEE MAKER!" *a faint clicking sound is heard from the speaker* "GAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-", and then a weak explosion was felt throughout the entire airship, shortly followed by a faint fragrance of dark coffee.

I quietly opened the stall door and slowly walked out of my social shelter towards the mirror.

Ok, time for a quick checklist:

Black hoodie and jeans? Check.

Brown eyes not bloodshot from arcade all-nighter? Check.

Black hair not-so messy (and not covered in that blue gunk that was hanging off the ceiling)? Nope. There's Smurf shit in my hair, better go wash that with sink water...

Assault Rifle, aka known as Ol'M8? Check.

I quickly gave my rifle, Ol'M8, an inspection. In my opinion, my assault rifle was my greatest achievement so far. Years of FPS and side scrollers shooter em' up games have given me the experience (but mostly a lot of tears, a shit load of salty tears, and a junkyard full of scrap parts) to build the ultimate rifle that is Ol'M8. Equipped with a duel grenade launcher and shotgun at the barrel, a toggle thermal sight, though I mostly use the iron-sights, a built-in mechanism that can resize bullets and ammo magazines and a switch that allows me to change the rate of fire, ranging from full-auto to semi-auto; it even has a built-in mp3 port! I've killed a lot of Grimm with this gun, and I'm positive that I'm going to kill more in my upcoming future.

I strapped my rifle onto my back and quickly ran my hair through the cold sink water. After somewhat drying it with paper towels, I put my hood on to avoid unwanted attention from my hair, and exited the washroom into the almost deserted hallway, ready to embrace the possible tortures known as socializing.

Surprisingly, nobody paid attention to me as I made my way out of the airship and on to Beacon's school grounds. As I exited the airship, I was harassed by the sun's blinding glare from above, which caused me to shield my eyes with my right arm; which made no sense since I'm wearing a bloody hood. As my vision slowly returned, I had a quick glimpse of my surroundings, and from what I just witnessed resulted in my insecurities rising from my socially poor, yet physically fit 17-year old body. There was social interaction...social interaction everywhere.

It wasn't fair; I bet my all the lien I got on me that the majority of these interactions were from complete strangers who just suddenly bumped into each other and BANG, social security achieved. It made me hate myself; I could easily remove a Grimm infestation surrounding a village, I could single-handedly out-hunt a pack of beowolves, but when I'm presented with a social situation, my brain goes into Get the Fuck Out of here mode, and escape becomes an essential.

Ok, calm down Red, you can do this, you've already pictured this scenario on the way here, so all you got to do is stick with your brilliant plan.

The plan was simple...in a sense: pick the least occupied path with the least talkative people and get into the academy, or blend in to a group to people walking on said path and get to the academy. The only hard part was if my body was ready to endure it. I quickly looked at my choices; let's see here, group of at least 20 people walking together at the same pace and talking to one another...? Nope, high chance that I'd get noticed and be forced to interact with others, and humiliate myself publically. Second option involves scattered groups of people, involving faunus and humans...? Tempting, but at the same time, it's as risky as the first choice. If I walk by the groups, at least of these groups is either anti-faunus or anti-human, which could cause a riot that I'd have to be the source of ...so fuck option two. I was just about to evaluate my third option when I realized one important factor that I forgot...

Look in front of where you're walking...dumbass.

It was too late, I bumped into a grey haired wolf faunus in front of me, causing both of us to fall to the stone floor. Luckily, said faunus was alone, so I didn't have to worry about getting the shit beat of me by a possible group of angry faunus. I sighed internally as I was getting up, knowing that I had to apologize...that and my brilliant plan failed.

"Ya' know...", the wolf faunus said as he was dusting himself off, "if you wanted to make friends so badly, you could have just tapped me on the shoulder", he gave off a sly smile as he said that, while looking up and down as if inspecting me. Normally, I did the same; the wolf faunus had silver eyes and on top of that grey, messy hair which was down to his neck, was a pair of wolf ears. He wore as the same style hoodie just like me, except the colour was white instead of black, and was much larger than his size. He had a pair of baggy torn jeans on, followed with a new pair of combat black boots. I must have been eyeing his boots a bit too long as it gave off the wrong impression to him.

"Um buddy, I like meeting new people and all, but I'm n-not into g-guys", he said as if he was joking. Strange, why did u stutter at the end, is he homosexual? Maybe in denial or something...

Nevermind, I'm probably over thinking the situation like I usually do. This is a burden that the socially awkward must carry with them to their grave; we assume the worst possible situation or over-exaggerate everything within our minds.

That poor hobo didn't stand a chance; all he wanted was some lien and I mistook it for a mugging... So I broke his legs...with his other leg.

"Are you a faunus too?" he asked, "Is that why you're hiding your face?"

Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit! What do I say?! If I tell him I'm not a faunus, he'll question me further. What if I lie and say that I'm actually one of the leaders of a street gang, and that if he doesn't leave me alone, I'd call my boys from the hood and light him up? No that sounds stupid, even in my head... what was it that they said about canines? They can tell your lying by smelli-, no they can smell fear, yes that's it. Maybe if I come clean and just tell him that I don't like being noticed? Nope, that would lead to further questioning , come on, think of something already!

I must have taken too long to respond as the curious faunus pulled my hood down himself.

"Whoa..," the faunus awed with his eyes in shock.

Dust, it hasn't even been an hour since I got here, and I already just committed social suicide. I could already see it on my gravestone.

"Here lies Red, the socially awkward huntsman-in-training; he died of social embarrassment from having blue crap stained on his head."

"Dude, that a pretty cool hair style you got there!" the faunus continued excitingly. I gave him a confused look, and quickly brought out my scroll to check your reflection. Honestly, I expected for a small blue turd to lie smugly on my hair, but from look of my reflection, I could understand how this wolf-faunus in front of me could be impressed with my hair. My hair was still black, and somewhat in-between messy and tidy, but whatever that tap water or blue waste did, it created a dark blue streak that ran down to the front of my hair.

"So what product did you use to get such a fine blue?" he asked with immense curiosity, "does it come in purple?"

"Well actually..." I began in a nervous voice.

Come on Red, here's your chance to actually get some social exp! Just answer his question with something cool, maybe tell him that I got it from taking on an explosion head on and that created some sort of chain-reaction with my aura, or maybe I could tell him that some ancient goddess chose me to become her champion and gave me that as a mark of her power!

"...I got it from the airship's washroom, from a chunk of blue gunk that fell from the ceiling and landed on my head, and then I tried to wash it off using the sink water" I answered quickly without even realizing what I had said.


He stared at me with a poker face for a split second, only for the mysterious face to burst into hysterical laughter.

"Here lies Red, the dumbass huntsman-in-training; he couldn't answer a simple question properly"

"Cool hair, and funny too!" he said as he tried to calm down "that's it, you're going to be my first friend here in Beacon! So what's your name soon-to-be friend?"

Great Monty, I could already see my social skill exp bar level up at least twice as he said that. This was sad however, since all I did was answer like an idiot.

D-did he just say friend?! Praise Lord Monty and his DDR skills! ...wait, now what do next?

"It's Red" I try to say calmly, only to end up sounding like a hoarse whisper. I tried again, this time with somewhat confidence, "er, Red Eerf, it's nice to meet you...uhhhh-"

"Aero Leon-Haert" he smiled as he offered his hand for me to shake it. "You don't seem like the rebellious type of person to go against the name your parents gave ya', don't you think?"

I just met the guy for 5 minutes and he already wants me to talk about my family? Well, loners can't be choosers I suppose.

"My parents weren't exactly around growing up, let's leave it as that. Besides I told you, I didn't decide to suddenly dye my hair blue today." I explained as I shook his hand. "So how about your family?"

"Eh?", Aero yelped in surprise, "Well, my dad is a super strong huntsman, but my mom she...um... ."

He seemed to have drifted off into some sort of depression as he said that, because after he said that, he just looked at the ground. Seriously, why is socializing so hard?! It's as if there's a list of the do's and dont's of talking to others, and I'm the only guy in this world that doesn't have one. Ok, time to cheer him up, I mean that's what friends do right?

"You know..." I tried to say while keeping a normal voice, "I got nothing against homosexuals, but I'm not into guys."

...WTF Red?! Is this how you try and cheer up your first friend in Beacon?! Dust, why I'm laughing when I said that? Must... suppress... urge ... to... laugh.

As soon as I said that, he must have noticed the misunderstanding that he was in and quickly lifted his head, his face looking mortified with a small red blush of embarrassment on his cheeks.

"NO, NO, NO, NO!" Aero yelled while furiously shaking his head left and right, "You got the wrong ide-", I couldn't hold it in any longer, and I broke into a chuckle.

Realizing that I was joking, he quickly snickered at my response and responded with his own laugh, "Well Red, I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful and slightly perverted friendship." he replied trying to calm down again.

"Will all first year Beacon students please move to the auditorium for the introduction ceremony" a loud speaker voice said over the campus.

"Shall we go, new friend?" the wolf faunus asked with his right thumb pointing in the direction of said ceremony.

I silently nodded and placed my hood over my head again to try and avoid any more attention.

"Shy about our hair are we?" Aero snickered as he too put his white hood, "then I guess we can play thug-life together until we get to the auditorium. And if anyone asks, we'll just say we're the leaders of a street gang and that their very presence pisses us off; and then we'll threaten to have our boys from the hood come over here and light them up if they down get out of our way! Hey Red, what should we call our imaginary street gang?! I'm thinking something like The Fresh Arisen Gangsta Overlord Tunnel Snakes! Or how about The Sai-"


He didn't stop talking until we got inside the auditorium, and the same message was playing over and over in my head:

...What the Dust did I get myself into?