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Talking - for inner Moka and Vamp Tsukune


Chapter 1 Devils, aliens + vampire

Normality is a way of life it's comforting to see the same thing over and over with simple things changing, well for this household thing went from 0-60 in three days.

In the Hyoudou Household three brothers and two sister live, the oldest Kyoko Aono Hyoudou who is 18 and in third year at Kuoh Academy and has an investigative attitude but a bubbly personality, the three brothers Issei Aran Hyoudou who is the idiot pervert, Rito Yuuki Hyoudou the shy one who has a habit to accidently fall on women a lot, Tsukune Aono Hyoudou the brave and smart one they also have connection all around town as they are always doing things that they shouldn't, and their little sister Mikan Yuuki Hyoudou who is the wisest of them all.

Yokai academy with Tsukune the day of return

"Girls I'm sorry, I'm going back to the human world to live with my brothers and sisters again they got me into a school called Kuoh academy but don't worry I will call and write every day." Tsukune said with a smile on his face.

"Don't go Tuskune we want to stay here please" Kurumu pleaded and Mizore, Moka Kokoa, and Yukari with a potion in hand agreed with her. Tsukune tried to leave the girls with the sad goodbye finishing up with Tuskune but he had to say goodbye to one more girl, Tsukune released Ura (inner Moka).

"Tsukune why must you leave when everyone here cares for you" Ura states shocking all the girls with the statement, Tsukune explained that he really wants to live with his brothers and sisters again has his best memories are with them, Ura nodded as he knows what siblings are like.

"Ok Tsukune you go but remember to train and keep your yokai under control" Ura said with a tear as Tuskune left on the bus to go to Kuoh Town.

The girls stood there and cried for a good few minutes until Mizore had a great idea. "Why don't we enroll into this Kuoh Academy" the girls thought about this and decided that it was a solid plan but there was some issues with it 1st was where Kuoh and 2nd is where would they live. Kokoa was the first to come up with the suggestion.

"why don't we ask my dad if he come make us a house and say it's for leaning to co-exist with humans" the Girls thought about it and with Moka finally braking the ice said that's sound like a great idea."

With Tsukune on the bus

'I can't wait to see Rito and Issei again I hope Issei has changed his ways' Tsukune though all the while the bus driver just smirked "boy I hope you're ready for an interesting life outside the academy many adventures await you" finishing his sentence with his usual creepy laugh.

With the Yokai Girls outside Isa Castle

""Daddy hello"" Moka and Kokoa called out together.

"In here dears" was Isa short reply from the library "what brings you home halfway through the year?"

"Well…." Moka started but trailed off but was quickly caught on by Kokoa.

"Me, Moka and our friends want to learn how to co-exist properly with humans as we have known a few though the clubs activities and though Tsukune and his sister and wondering if we could go to Kuoh town to live among the humans to better be experienced in co-existing so in the future we can help other Yokai to co-exist" Moka was flabbergasted that Kokoa came up with that detailed explanation.

"Mmm I see that's a pretty good reason but why Kuoh" Isa Probed at their story to see if they were hiding anything. Kokoa was going to come up with a good reason that didn't involve Tsukune but Moka blurted out in a pleading tone.

"Tsukune lives there and he transferred to the academy to be with his family but we Miss him that includes Myself, Kokoa, Mizore, Kurumu and Yukari"

"I'm guessing your friends are outside? if you would bring them in" and Kokoa went outside to fetch Mizore, Kurumu and Yukari. As they came back in Mizore, Kurumu and Yukari were greeted with an interested looking Isa.

"Girls welcome, I've heard from both Moka and Kokoa that all of you want to share a house in Kuoh because of a boy, is that true?" both Mizore, Kurumu and Yukari gave a quick yes and explained why themselves why that would go there, even if Isa wasn't their parent he was still the guy who would get the house. "Would you girls like to use my phone to talk to invite your parents as I would like to hear to take on this idea" Mizore, Kurumu and Yukari ran off to contact Ageha, Tsurara and Fujiko so they can discuss the idea.

Later that night

After the full three course meal the discussed the details of the idea with Ageha, Tsurara and Fujiko saying its fine as long as they don't show their monster forms in public and Isa was glad Moka and Kokoa made friends and gave them one condition that they would get jobs and have good grades, he would even let them pick the furniture and the lot which strangely enough was across the street from Tsukune's Place (with a little help from Isa), got the forms and set off into their new life.

At the beginning of the day with Issei and Rito

"Rito, Issei Wake up breakfast" Mikan call to the two doors on the second floor, the first out on the left was Rito the shy boy with a passion for swords his most famous sword he had was the holy Grail Sword, the other was Issei a perverted boy with a passion for Bows with the most famous bow he had was David's Bow. Little did they know that those bows and swords were the real deal and not just replicas. After the quick breakfast and shows they strapped there practice bows and with Issei around his belt daggers he named Ezio and Altair and swords on their back and see off for school.

At school Issei reputation was strange he was known as a pervert but a nice guy that cares for more than just the female body and he himself was quite attractive with strong arms and a six back from sparing with his brothers over the years.

"Hey Rito" Issei started "I heard that Tsukune is coming back to study with us"

"really that's going to be great the Hyoudou brothers will be back" Rito fist bump the sky was they walked in the gate as they walked in the gate Risa, Aika, Haruna and Yui came over and greeted them with Rito tripping over a rock and landing in-between Haruna legs and his hands over Yui's tits which both brothers agreed were pretty big they said the same for Haruna they swore that they were both D's after Rito getting Slapped twice and Rito apologizing profusely they headed in for class lucky enough all of them were in the same class.

Class was boring for both brothers as they weren't the smartest but they weren't completely dumb, as class was finished and both boys went to the kendo club because even though Issei and Rito specialized in different weapons they still need practice in the other, because today is Friday they had Kendo first and they rotated daily on a daily basis.

As they walked in they saw Murayama and Katase already practicing Issei brought his custom bokken as Issei has a two small one for both hands and Rito just picked one out of the basket and began fighting. Issei is a gaming fanatic takes on assassin style gameplay which translates on his real life with his daggers named after videogame charters and the way he fights using low a low stance with bent knees and one bokken behind his back and one out in front using quick strikes to the body parts that are they most import to quickly bring down the enemy and then make the lethal blow (mostly to the neck or chest). Were as Rito takes the more traditional style based off fencing. Murayama hit the bell and Rito and Issei speed off to slap the shit out of each other with wooden swords and daggers and everyone in the gym was engaged in this epic duel between the two brothers without noticing the small girl in the corner with white hair and a cat clip watching the fight before different disappearing.

Back in the fight Issei and Rito the fight was just coming to the end with the an ending combo of two thrusts and a spin attack (think the standard combo from KH) with the tip of the bokken landing softly on Issei's neck "I believe I've won bro" Rito said smirking "nice try though"

"Well we all have special skills yours is swordplay mine is archery" Issei said happily laughing with his bro was they were going back to get the books and items to head to class.

After class the brothers and sisters left the school to go home one girl was waiting for the group to pass the overpass. "Umm excuse me are you Issei Hyoudou" she said blushing shyly, Issei stepped forward and gave a slight nod "I've seen you and your brothers and sister walk through here a lot and I thought you were very cute and were very nice and…." She breathed in and yelled "please be my boyfriend" Issei stood there with his mouth agape with Rito behind him trying not laugh out loud but still snickering until Kyoko smacked him in the back of the head.

"Ummm Miss…" Issei started but didn't know her name.

"Yuma Amano" she replied.

"Miss Yuma I would be glad to be your Boyfriend but be ready for a good time, I'll meet you on tomorrow evening and dress classy." He said as they left. After a few minutes of walking they arrived home for a very nice surprise.

"Hey guys" Tuskune Greeted the rest of his family as they rushed him with a hug "When the fuck did you get back bro" Issei commented while ruffing his hair.

"About an hour ago, it was a long ride home, how was your day?" he said smiling in with the replied with standard it was ok with a few interesting bits and pieces until Rito blurted out.

"Hey Tsukune, Issei got a date this Saturday" at this point Issei was pissed at Rito now and socked him right in the jaw.

"that's right bitch I wanted to tell him, yeah Tsukune her name is Yuma Amano and by god is she a sex bomb in the looks department with the innocence of a maiden but I'm going to corrupt that innocence at the restaurant tomorrow, Merovingian Matrix can get me in apparently he knows the guy who owns the joint" the other brothers know of the French bouncer/philosopher (trafficker of information) who is an 'interesting' character that helps them get into things that they shouldn't get into as the three want to explore the adult world.

"So how are you going to rock up?" Rito and Tsukune both said.

"Well boys I'm going to rock up on my bike" he casually replied reaching for his phone so he can get a second black helmet and leather jacket from his connections.

"So Tsukune how was Yokai Academy" Mikan asked from the kitchen with Kyoko as they made Tsukune's favorite dish as his welcome home present.

"It was ok a lot more lax with the rules but still strict, I made a lot of friends..." before he could finish his sentence.

"Were they hot babes" Issei Yelled.

"Yes Issei they were I'll tell you about them later" Tsukune said with a pervy smile on his face "anyway my friends and I had had a lot of fun and we were in the newspaper club... Do you think I could start one at school" he finish by looking at Rito as Issei was in pervert imagination mode.

"I don't know you'll have to talk to president Sona of the Student council" he replied with a shrug with Tsukune giving a quick thanks. Returning to his room getting ready for tomorrow as well as going to call Moka to see how they are doing but before he could Issei came up to him asking about his friends at Yokai which he told them about minus the monster part at the end Issei put his hand on his shoulder and said.

"You lucky bastard, I bet Kurumu was your favorite I know how you like the D's" Issei said with a lecherous smile.

"actually Moka was my favorite and while yes I like the D's like you, I think Kurumu just wanted to get in my pants but Moka was sweet and innocent put could do a full 360 in a second and be mean and confident" Tsukune replied with a hint of sadness.

"Ahh don't worry man there is plenty ok chicks at Kuoh as it used to be an all-girls school till last year" he said fist bumping the air.

Later that night Out in space

"Princess Lala you can't outrun them" a robotic voice said.

"I'm not giving up, I might need to use Pyon-Pyon Warp so Peke track my signature once I use Pyon-Pyon Warp ok" the voice can from a girl with long pink hair down to their ass. "And GOOOOO!" she yelled as he disappeared from her ship.

"Dammit were did she go" screamed one of the men chasing her.

"Dammit let go inform Zastin so he can tell the king" another replied to the first.

Back on earth

In The Hyoudou Bathroom Rito was taking a bath whennn "escape complete" Lala Announced while being completely naked looking down she found Rito hands on her breasts.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed Rito and barged out of the bathroom into the hallway and everyone was there looking at him there.

"What happen" they asked.

"There was a naked girl in the tub just now" he replied as they peered into the bathroom completely flushed.

"Hey bro at least keep it your head till you get back into your room" Issei replied while trying not to fall on the ground from laughing to hard with Kyoko with Tsukune snickering and Mikan face palming.

"Guys shut up" Rito replied getting his clothes and walking up the stairs to his room.

Walking into his room he looked towards his bed and a look of shock hit his face like a bus "what are you?" Rito stuttered out.

"Me I'm Lala" the pink haired beauty said with strange amounts of joy in her voice.

"La..la?" Rito said back to get her name.

"Yep I'm from planet Deviluke, oh and thanks for the towel" Lala said with a smile.

"That's ok…hang on you're an alien" Rito said totally confused.

"Yep do Earthlings have tails like this" as Lala turned around and pulled out a tail from underneath the towel.

"well no" Rito said while blushing as he was while looking at Lala's tail he saw her ass started to have perverted thoughts. Lala commented on him looking cute while he is blushing before returning to the important conversation why she was here.

"If you're an alien why did you appear in the bathtub?" Rito said not looking at her anymore because of his previous thoughts.

"Because of my invention Pyon-Pyon Warp, it can warp a living unit but there are two downsides, one I can't specify the location and two it cannot warp clothes." Lala replied casually while looking out the window at the stars.

"But why my bath room" Rito replied starting to understand what is happening.

"well I'm being pursued and I thought I would be safe on earth I had to use this bracelet or they would of taken me back to their ship" Lala sadly replied a few seconds later a strange voice ran through the window trying to find Princess Lala.

In a few seconds a small flying thing came through the window "Princess Lala are you ok" the thing replied.

"Peke I'm so glad you escaped safely" Lala said returned Peke's greeting.

"Princess Lala who's the dull looking earthling" which ticked Rito off being call dull.

"Him he lives here" came Lala's cheery reply "oh yeah I never asked for your name"

"Me I'm Rito" the two teens kept talking until Lala remembered.

"Oh this is Peke my costume robot I made."

'Costume robot' Rito thought when Lala took off her towel "hey why did you take off your towel" Rito screamed but Lala wasn't listening as she was talking too Peke as Peke started to glow and slammed into Lala and both Lala and Peke glowed white and a loud poof Lala was fully clothed with a really big hat with a face and her tail behind her. Peke gave a quick monument check finding the chest and waist to tight and adjusted appropriately.

"Princess Lala what is your plan now" the hat said Confusing Rito as hats don't speak.

"well Peke…" as two guys with tails jumped through the window "Peke didn't I tell you to be careful of people following you" Lala wailed and wailed as Peke kept apologizing and the men in black suits were saying things about restricting movement while waiting for Lala to finish ranting to Peke.

'Waiting for whatever reason' Rito thought. One of the men grabbed Lala saying Come on, let's go or something of the sort as Rito pulled out his practice sword to attack with.

Downstairs everyone heard the banging and the other brothers went to investigate and barged into the strangest situation in their own house "Rito what's happing" Tsukune said a little too calming for Rito and Issei.

"well the girl is real that I saw in the bathtub and she now about to get kidnaped in fount of us, to arms I say Issei get your bow, Tsukune stay out of this you don't have a weapon" Rito replied thinking of a battle strategy.

"Don't Worry about me not having a weapon I took martial arts at Yokai" Tsukune stated as he took a stance.

Issei just came rushing back into the room and fire a arrow into the arm that held on to Lala and the four ran out the glass door and onto the roof tops with Rito carrying Lala "Don't worry Lala well protect you well two of us will" Glaring at Issei.

"Hey I wouldn't do that to her at first" Issei said with a smile.

"oh yeah Lala these are my brothers Issei and Tsukune, Guys this is Lala" as they jumped of the final roof and ran passed Haruna and continued on to a dead end, as Rito put down Lala a bright light appeared in front of them and down beamed a guy with bone armor.

"Princess Lala please stop trying to run from home" the guy in bone amour said in a pleading voice.

"I don't want to Zastin" Lala responded harshly.

"Yeah she doesn't want to… wait run way from home?" with the last part Rito looked at Lala

"I don't care about being a successor I'm tired of meeting marriage meetings every Fucking day" Zastin flinched as Lala only cursed when she was pissed "I don't care about daddy's will" she finished as she pulled out a phone and summed a giant octopus.

"Oh shit Princess Lala's inventions" Zastin and the two guys in black suits yelled out. The three brother looked at each other then back to the fight. The octopus opened its mouth and a whirlwind began and started to suck up Zastin the two guys and Rito.

"Lala turn it off" Rito screamed midway but alas it was too late as he got stuck in the octopus's mouth.

"Lala Turn it off" Issei yelled but Lala wasn't listening being too observed in figuring out how to shut the machine, the machine started to bulge and kaboom metal calamari for all, as Lala Disappeared.

The Next day With Rito, Issei and Tsukune

"Man I still can't believe I got asked out yesterday" Issei said with a hit of complaint in his voice "don't get me wrong she was smoking hot so I said yes but there is a girl who to me is way more sexier and very like me hehehehehehe I wouldn't mind spilling a load of over thought glasses of her, man I love me a girl with glasses" continued Issei with increased volume and lecherous thoughts spilling out in his statement.

"Bro bro to much info" the other brothers yelled at Issei "Issei if you want to get in Aika pants or have a relationship with her then just asker her out" Rito Teased Issei.

"Yeah well why don't you ask out Haruna" he retorted to make Rito fume up.

"Maybe I'll do it right now" he said steamed.

"well we are going out to the city why don't you ring her and ask her to come along" so Rito did, not before the boys ran into a girl giving them a slip of paper which they disregarded as it look like gibberish to them.

With Haruna, Risa, Aika and Yui

"Hello... oh hi Rito what's going on… you want me and the girls to come to the city, ok well be there soon" Haruna then hung up and called Risa, Aika and Yui to relay the message. Ten minutes later they met up with the boys, they walked through the city looking at things, chatting about casual thing and telling Tsukune about Kuoh. Until late in the day.

"Haruna I want to ask you a question" Rito strutted out with other members of the group besides Haruna snickered at his shyness.

"What is it Rito?" Haruna asked blushing at Rito's shyness.

"Would you like to go out with me?" he asked at the very end dipping his head down and extending his arm out with palm open as if they were dancing.

"of course I would love to Rito" a familiar pink haired girl stood in front of Haruna immediately tackled Rito announcing "then let's get married then" with Haruna stood there stupefied not believing what happened knowing the confession was for her but this girl just jumped in front of her and now wants to get married to Rito to her Rito she was pissed but remained calm so she doesn't cause a scene, she looked down at where Rito should have been but he wasn't there apparently he ran away from Lala and she chased him.

After that fiasco the other members of the party walked away until it was just Aika and Issei. "I wanted to know if you also go out with me too as I think your pretty cool.." as Aika move towards Issei and whispered in his ear "and I heard from your brothers your pretty perverted just like me and we could have a great time if you know what I mean" Issei started to grow a tent in his pants as he thought about the last statement but remember his date for tonight.

"I would love to but I have a date tonight how about on Sunday" Aika frowned knowing Issei was going out on a date tonight but I turned into a wicked grin as she thought about what there date would be like and agreed to it not before going with Issei on a mini date and decided Issei should also be her a helmet and jacket so she can ride with him. after a lovely mini date a stop at a café for a coffee was on the list, with a coffee and small chat over they were about to go their separate ways until Aika fully kissed Issei on the lips and ran off. 'Oh Fuck yeah, I definitely going to become harem king' Issei scream mentally excitedly.

Later that night

Issei rocked up to the meeting spot on his black Kawasaki KLX250cc, not long after Yuma showed up in stunning shining black dress that just passed the knee and her hair had a lovely purple and black orchard which on the outside complemented her hair but the inside her eyes and his mouth just dropped. "So how do I look" she stuttered out with a deep red blush on her face seeing Issei's mouth drop.

"You look good" he replied with some difficulty as he couldn't keep his thoughts together, Yuma got on the bike and told her to hold on tight as he sped off towards their destination Le Vrai.

Issei pulled up and they went inside only for him to be greeted by a familiar face, "ahh Issei welcome to my restaurant now I know what you're thinking and the club bouncer is my way of getting contact info for my businesses, so a table for two.. Choose one" he said with the last part his hand extended to the whole restaurant. Yuma chose the one closest to the window so the view of the park adjacent to the restaurant was in full view. The two were having a lovely dinner until the Merovingian asked if he could borrow Issei for a second "Issei I have the recipe and ready for you and your lady friend to try out I also added something to it" Issei looked at him strangely.

"Why?" Merovingian chuckled.

"let's just say this this cake brings the lust to the relationship" he said casually as Issei returned to his table Yuma asked what that was about and he said nothing important he also told her he got dessert in which a rich cholate mud cake came out, and they both thought I was delish but a few things were wrong after eating the dish both Issei and Yuma had giant blushing on their faces and Yuma couldn't stop rubbing her legs together as Issei pitched a tent so they quickly left the restaurant and headed into the park for as their date was winding down.

A few minutes later during their conversation Yuma burst into tears and ran to the fountain looking at her reflection Issei confused ran after and put his hand around her "hey what's wrong?" he asked with a gentle voice.

"Well you see I was sent here to kill you but after our date I can't seem to do it I thought you were going to be a naïve little brat but after this date, I think I'm falling for you" she said completely balling her eyes out at the end.

"Why did you have to kill me? … and why me?" He asked.

"Well you see you have a scared gear that could appose us the fallen angels and one of our leaders thought it would be best to eliminate you" she stated.

"Fallen angels?" he questioned.

"Yes this is my true form and my true name is Raynare" he then stood tall and released her two black feathered wings.

"Wow those are beautiful" they cuddled for a bit and out of nowhere a light spear stuck the ground behind them so they looked up and Raynare shouted "Dohnaseek! Stop it" she pleaded as Dohnaseek landed with a giant light spear in hand and attempted to kill Issei.

"Don't interfere Raynare or Kokabiel will punish you" Dohnaseek said with a smug look on his face.

"I don't care" as she attempted to smash Dohnaseek but it proved to be futile as she was grabbed and her head smashed against the fountain's base.

"Well see you in hell kid" Dohnaseek said to Issei as he skewered him with a light spear. "Maybe in another life you could have be spared this pain" as he tipped his hat and flew away with the unconscious Raynare.

Issei on the other hand was dying quickly "I know I've live a short life but I wish I wish I had a second chance but if I'm going to die anyway I wish I could do it to one of the great beauties of our school Rias Gremory" he said coughing up blood as he was doing so not noticing the paper flying out of his pocket. Rias Gremory stepped out of the portal to see the blood soaked teenager on the ground with a gaping hole in his chest.

"So you summoned me? Since death is upon you I'll gladly take you in and you live for my sake." As she expanded her wings and began chanting while Issei mentally commented on her wings before passing out.

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