The life of PokeSexuals

Sophia (Furfrou) and Terry (Male)

My first time trying Pokephilia. No flames.


People were clapping their hands in applause as they watched a Furfrou walk past the judges with grace that took years of dedication.

This Furfrou had the Debutante Trim that fit with its experienced walk.

The crowed roared wildly as it used its moves, showing off its beauty.

"Ladies and gentlemen! That was Sophia!" called one of the judges as the poodle pokemon made her way backstage.

"Way to go Sophia!" A young man, clearly the dog Pokemon's trainer, congratulated as he kneeled down so he was face to face with his Pokemon and rubbed her head.

Sophia made sure her trainer didn't mess up her hairstyle too much, but still let him rub her head.

The trainer was around 18 and had short spiky blonde hair with blue eyes. He was wearing a pale blue suit at the moment, this was a contest and he had to look good.

"That was great! Just like how we practiced!" spoke the trainer whose name was Terry. He had trained Sophia ever since he got her as a partner, and they had managed to win numerous contents all around.

"Fur!" Sophia barked.

Terry rubbed under Sophia's chin as that was the spot she really liked, but had to stop as the judges were about to announce the winner.

Sophia whined at the loss of attention.

"Don't worry girl. Let's listen right now." urged Terry as they paid attention.

"And the winners are... SOPHIA AND TERRY!" the announcer called.

Terry and Sophia cheered in happiness as they walked up to accept the prize, Sophia still holding her graceful walk.

"We did it girl." He smiled.

The ribbon was handed to Terry to hold while Sophia held her head up with pride as they began to head home.

"This is great girl." He smiled, putting the ribbon on Sophia.

Sophia barked in joy as they entered their house. It was an average house, odd considering Sophia was alike a little celebrity with how much she's won. But Terry felt they should just have a normal house.

He didn't have any other Pokemon, Sophie was enough.

Terry went to go change into some comfy clothes for home while Sophia laid down on her comfy cushion they bought with the money she won in her contests.

Sophia closed her eyes to take a little nap, but they shot open as she stood up and felt something.

She... she was nearing her Heat Cycle!

She could feel the tingling sensation all over her body and knew this was bad. This would go on for two weeks, or at least until she found someone to calm her down.

And now she had no idea what to do.

'I can't go and find some other pokemon to rut. Of my caliber? Hah! I deserve someone I know I can trust.' she thought as she realized she had walked from her cushion and was near her trainer's bedroom. 'Why did I walk here?' She wondered.

Seeing how she was here, she might as well get Terry to rub her chin. That usually helped calm her down.

She poked her head into the room, but didn't make a sound as her eyes widened at what she was seeing.

Terry was laying on his bed, his pants and boxers around his ankles, jacking off.

Her whole form began to feel warm as her eyes focused on his erect member as his hand continued going up and down.

She felt her sex become wetter and wetter as her lust grew.

Terry kept his eyes closed which meant he hadn't noticed her. She knew this sounded crazy. Especially with a pokemon of her standard, but if she could get Terry to help her, she wouldn't take the risk of jumping a pokemon at their next contest.

So she quietly walked over... and gently licked his tip.

Terry gasped and jumped back and saw Sophia right near his length.

"Sophia! What are you doing?!" he exclaimed in surprise.

She answered by taking his head into her mouth and bobbing softly.

Terry was blown away at how her mouth felt snug and wet all around his dick and moaned as she didn't look like she was stopping.

She continued to bob her head as she sucked, whimpering in need on occasion.

Terry brought his hands to try and push Sophia off, but she kept up her sucking without restraint as he teeth lightly scraped the dick without causing any cuts.

"S... Sophia! S... Stop! What's with you?" He groaned.

Sophia didn't hear him as she felt the cock start to lightly twitch, signalling her master was about to cum.

So she sucked harder, until his cum filled her mouth. The amount of hot sperm that filled her mouth was too much for her small muzzle, so she had to take her mouth off while his cum spurted a little onto her fur.

"Arceus... damn it." He panted.

Sophia swallowed all the cum in her mouth and shuddered in desire.

"What is with you Sophie?" He asked.

Said Furfrou whined and whimpered as she showed her trainer her wet sex by lifting up her tail.

"Oh crap. You've gone into heat." He muttered.

He knew that once a heat cycle began, the pokemon either had to endure with it, which was extremely difficult, or find a mate to calm them down.

So he reached out and rubbed her hip "This is not good." He sighed.

He could try and get one of the pokemon around to help, but that would be like forcing it on her, and he couldn't do that to his girl.

"Are you sure you're okay with this girl?" He whispered.

Sophia whined and nodded her head while her tail wagged faster.

"Okay." He sighed, lining himself up with her pussy before easing himself in.

It was tough to push in as her sex was much smaller, but he managed and felt it was incredibly warm and tight around his average sized cock.

"Damn, you are so tight!" He groaned.

Sophia whined at feeling her sex get filled as she started to pant with her tongue hanging out as he slowly eased himself in until he couldn't no more.

Terry panted as he began to quickly thrust in and out of her pussy.

Sophia whined in pleasure as her body was feeling incredibly hot from having her pussy stuffed with her own trainer's cock.

"Oh Sophia!" He moaned as thrusted faster.

Sophia had some point started moving her hips against her trainer's as she just kept whining in pleasure.

'My god! Is this what it feels like to have a mate? I should have tried this dozens of times before.' she thought as Terry was dominating her like a true bitch.

Terry's hands slid over Sophie's body, one begins to group her ass and the other going under her and playing with her nipple hidden under her fur

She arched her body as she began to whine louder as the pleasure was pushing over the edge.

"AH~!" Terry gasped as he came, his semen overflowing Sophia's small pussy.

Sophia cried out in joy at the feeling as Terry pulled out and made her feel a little disappointed.

"Feeling better girl?" He panted.

Sophia let out a small whine.

'Oh, that amazing.' she thought as Terry picked her up and set her down on her bed.

He smiled and gently kissed Sophie's forehead "You can stay here tonight."

Sophia smiled as Terry pulled the sheets over both of them. Sophia crawled closer to lay right next to Terry who held her close.

*time skip*

It had been two weeks since that time and Sophia was done with her heat cycle and back to take on any contest without worry.

Terry smiled as he saw her strut her way across the contest hall, only now paying more attention to her hips.

It also didn't help that when she walked back from her strut she gave him a smile before shaking her behind near him.

He suppressed a soft chuckle at the relationship he and her had gained.

During her heat cycle, he would gladly fuck her whenever she needed it, and she even rewarded him with a few morning blowjobs as he was waking up.

It was amazing.

And while PokeSexual relationships were not ILLEGAL, it was a 'keep behind closed doors if you don't want people making a big deal out of it' kinda situation.

Something they had no problem with was it worked as a reward whenever she won another contest. If she lost, he still rewarded her with kisses she always loved.

One thing they were both happy and sad about was the fact that unless a Pokemon was in the human Egg Group, like Gallade or Lopunny or Jinx, humans can't get them pregnant. On one hand, they were sad because they could never have kids. On the other, it meant they could have all the sex they could want and not worry about accidental pregnancies.

But if they truly ever wanted a child, they heard some places have baby pokemon who lost their family and can be adopted.

So, all in all, life was good.


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