The Life of PokeSexuals

Paldean Starters, Florian, and Juliana


We find ourselves at a quaint looking home near the edge of a large island that has a giant gaping crater in the center of it all. Inside the house, a woman was making breakfast. She was humming a tune while shaking her hips from side to side with a smile. Meanwhile in a child's bedroom, we see 2 siblings sitting at a bed.

"So Florian..." Said the girl.

"Yeah, I know Juliana..." Said the boy. "We're finally gonna go to The Academy."

"Have you given some thought on what classes you wanna take?"

"Math, I wanna battle my head off, but I gotta have a good idea on strategies."

"I wanna see what history is like. Maybe they have some tales of new pokemon that not many have seen. It would be pretty cool if we ended up making history." Said Florian. Then she pressed her lips against his cheek. "I wouldn't mind if we became twin champions."

"Aw shucks." he blushed.

"Hey, aren't you gonna kiss me back? Last chance before mom calls us down for dinner."

"Yeah, you're right." He quickly pecked her on the lips before they got up from their seats. As he walked ahead, he jumped when he felt a hand give his butt a squeeze. "Eep!" He said with a blush.

"Sorry, I need to touch you as much as I can, we might not have time to see other with all the studying we gotta do."

He gave a pout before rushing downstairs She followed behind.

After breakfast, a ringing came from the doorbell.

Both of them rushed to the door, but Florian got held by back by Juliana with one hand as she opened the door.

"No fair!"

"Hah! I won and we haven't even had our first battle yet."


She opened the door and a well dressed old man with glasses appeared.

"Buenos dias." Both children greeted.

"Buenos dias la niña y el niño, I am the director of The Academy that the both of you shall be attending."

"Ah, Director Clavell, how nice of you to come." Said their mother.

"I felt it best to introduce my two new students to The Academy in person."

"Would you like to come in? We have some leftover bacon."

"No thank you, I ate before coming here. Now then, come along outside you 2 and I shall introduce you to your first Pokemon."

"Ooooooooh" Both said as they walked outside. "Bye mom."

"Bye children..." And as the doors closed..."I'm already lonely."

The professor smiled at them as both stood side by side. "Allow me to introduce you to Paldea's well known starters." He threw 3 Pokeballs and revealed… "Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly." He introduced. "Please take your time to choose while I must go, but I'll be back."

"You're leaving? Asked Florian.

"Well, one of The Academy's top students live nearby, may as well bring her over." He then walked away. 'Apologies for lying, but I understand that kids need their first experience.'

"Aw yeah, time to choose!" Florian and Juliana looked at their options.

"Ooh, the Fuecoco is staring right at me." Said Juliana.

"Sprigatito and Quaxly are staring at me." Said Florian. "Ha! More pokemon seem more interested in me than you!" Florian then picked up Sprigatito and brought her to his face. "I wonder, maybe you'll be my-" That's when Sprigatito pressed her lips against his. His face went as white as a sheet, going completely stiff with wide eyes with the sound of glass breaking heard.

"Hey, get off my brother, his lips are all mine." She said before Fuecoco started licking her leg. "Hey, you better not be trying to taste me. I'm not something to eat you know."

That's when Florian pulled Sprigatito off of his mouth. "Uh...maybe not you...maybe you Quaxly?" The Quaxly flew over and started kissing him now, knocking him onto his back!

Seeing this, Juliana realized Fuecoco wasn't hungry hungry, he was horny hungry. Looking down she saw the fire type start licking up and down her leg slowly. "Whoa there little buddy, I'm into incest, but not so sure about Pokephilia just yet."

The fire type though kept licking, clinging to her ankle with a grip.

"Hey, sis." Florian said, managing to get Quaxly off him. "Maybe we should try it out? School will probably teach us more than we know."

"You honestly think they'd teach us something like this?"

"Maybe not, but I heard about students experimenting with certain ideas...and realize that maybe it's for them."

"That's gotta be a rumor...right?"


"What do you know about schools and sexual orientation?"

"I'm just saying..."

"You're tired of me aren't you?"

"No, and I never will be." He got up and momentarily pressed his lips against hers. "Let's just try it out, we might find a new kink."

"That's a good boy." She then picked up the Fuecoco. "Fine, I'll try."

'With all this noise outside, I wonder if Mama has noticed.' Thought Florian.

Meanwhile inside the house...

'Don't intervene... they've chosen the path of Pokemon Trainers so this was bound to happen.' she thought while sweeping as she was sweating and looking mortified. 'Trying to get involved would just make things awkward.'

Back to Florian and Juliana, we now see the siblings pulling their shorts down. Seeing the trainer's undies got the starters more excited.

Sprigatito and Quaxly started rubbing their pussies against Florian's legs.

"Woah there chicas, be patient." Said Florian. "I'll get to you both no problem. I hope..."

Juliana managed to get her shirt off, exposing her B-cups before Fuecoco pushed her down. "Aye!" She yelped. "Not so rough little fella."

The fire type panted as he looked at her breasts before his tongue brushed across the underside of them.

"Hmmm..." She hummed. 'He's got a bigger tongue than Florian.'

Said boy was laughing and squirming as Quaxly was rubbing her wings against his balls lightly with Sprigatito trailing her tongue across his stomach. "Licking my belly feels weird, but I kinda like it."

The grass type smiled hearing that and started to lightly nibble on the skin without biting.

"Hah-no! Ah-haha!" Laughed Florian.

"Yeah kitty, he loves that tickle spot." Moaned Juliana.

"Hahaha! I'm g-gonn-ha punish you la-ha-ter!"

"Get in line, this fella is gonna be busy." She said before returning her attention to Fuecoco. "Now, let's see how spicy your dick tastes."

The fire type jumped down with his pink member sticking out and throbbing in need.

Juliana started licking Fuecoco's little jalapeno. "Mmm, not bad."

Fuecoco got harder from the compliment. She dragged her tongue up and down, the girth growing more as a result. And when she noticed it stopped growing, she then took the whole thing in her mouth, down her throat!

"Fue!" He moaned.

As this went on, Florian was licking Quaxly's pussy while Sprigatito was quick to deep throat his dick. He tried not to groan, focusing on licking the water duck's hole.

'I understand why Duck Hunt wants to hunt you now, mmmmh...'


He licked even more passionately as Sprigatito sucked on his dick even more passionately as well.

'Sprigatito is so good down there.'

Said cat mewled the more she took in the fresh dick.

We now see Juliana fingering her pussy as she sucked on Fuecoco's dick even harder. She was tasting precum from the tip, which had a spicy taste. 'Deliciouso.' She complimented in her head.

The fire type panted and held onto her head as she bobbed up and down faster.

As she kept up the pressure, that's when Fuecoco's dick started to twitch! 'Give me your sauce!'

She swallowed all of Fuecoco's spicy seed as it filled her mouth. 'Muy caliente!' She thought.


Back to Florian, we see Quaxly's pussy twitch as the boy's dick twitched!

"Quaxly!" Quaxly squirted all over his face, while he plant fed his seed to the grass cat.

The grass type had to pull back when her mouth got full and got sprayed with the rest.

After cumming, we now see Juliana spreading her legs wide open while Sprigatito shaked her ass.

"We're ready when you are, boys."

"You don't mind waiting your turn, right?" Florian asked Quaxly.

"Qu." she waved her wings towards Sprigatito.

"Okay, cool."

Florian and Juliana held hands before penetration. Florian, thrusting into Sprigatito and Fuecoco thrusting into Juliana!

"Ahhhh!" The siblings moaned.

"Fuck! I can barely move! She's so tiny!"

"I'm sorry beloved, but bigger..." She admitted.

"It's okay beloved, Sprigatito is tighter."

Both pokemon gave smug looks hearing the praise.

Quaxly, instead of being ignored, decided to press her beak against Florian's lips. It was a bit awkward mind you. But she managed to get her tongue in his mouth. They rubbed their tongues together as Florian pulled back and slammed inside the grass feline, making her let out a yelp.


"How's it feel to get stuffed?" Moaned Juliana as Fuecoco thrusted harder.

Sprigatito responded with purring.

"Who knew something so small could take something so big!"

'Pretty sure I heard you say that 2 weeks ago when I snuck a toy into the room.' Thought Florian. "Come on Fuecoco, tear me apart!"

Fuecoco obliged, thrusting even faster! The insides squeezed his sensitive dick every time he moved, making him cry out louder.

"Yeah, keep going, I'm gonna cum before you at this rate!"

"Sprigatito, I don't know much longer I can last with a pussy this tight!"


Florian then thrusted faster as well. "Ahhh!"

Their mother ignored it even more by putting on headphones and turning it up high.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She didn't hear a thing.

Back to Florian, now pinching Sprigatito's ass.


"Good kitty, you're taking my dick easier now. You're turning into a fluffy fleshlight!"

"Aaah...Florian, what should I do? I can feel Fuecoco's dick twitching."

"Let him cum inside."

"What?! B-but."

"Look, school is gonna make us get pretty busy, so it's best to get used to different partners in bed." he grunted. "Besides, I doubt he'd stop even if you told him too!"

"Okay...go ahead little buddy..."

"Fue!" He then unloaded his croco-cum inside Juliana's womb.

"AHHHH~!" She moaned out, meanwhile Florian's dick started twitching too.

"Here I go! Take in this fresh load you slutty kitty!"

"MROOOOW!" Sprigatito cried out.

After cumming, he pulled out, cum leaking from the pussy's pussy.

"Alright Quaxly, ready?"


"Here I go!" And so he thrusted right into the little ducky!

Said duck let out a loud cry with wide eyes, a bulge forming in her belly.

Meanwhile in a certain mansion...

"That sounded like a brand new trainer bonding with their first Pokemon!" Said a tan girl.

"N-no, you're mistaken Miss Nemona." Said Clavell. "It was probably just a wild pokemon."

"A wild Pokemon I've yet to capture!" She then ran out of the house.

Back to Florian fucking Quaxly.

"SHIT! Moving inside you is way easier!"

"I guess water types naturally lube their pussy more." Juliana commented.

"Spri..." the grass kitty let out with a pout.

"Don't get jealous, you got to have first dibs."

"Oh fuck, it's lubed up so much, I might cum immediately."

"Pace yourself."

"Easier said than done!" He replied. "Oh fuck it, I'll creampie this cunt right now!"

"Quaxly!" Quaxly moaned before feeling something warm entering her womb!

"Ahhhhh!" Florian moaned out.

Later...both kids got their clothes on and prepared themselves for Clavell's return.

"Phew, so that's what fucking a pokemon is like." Said Juliana.

"You liked it?"

"Yeah, I did."

" was a new experience, not a bad one."

The siblings looked lovingly at each other until someone broke the silence.

"YOU TWO!" Shouted Nemona.

"Wait...come back..." Clavell panted.

"You two must be the new students, right?"


"GREAT! Let's battle!"

"Slow down Miss Nemona...*pant* *pant* we need to know which ones they chose first."

"Well, as student body president, just give 'em all 3!"

"That's not how"

"Excuse me Director Clavell, but who's the champion ranked trainer here?"

"You are..." he groaned.

"Yep, so I'm the one who's making the right decision." Then Nemona turned to Florian and Juliana. "Heheh, I hope to see you 2 cuties at The Academy."

'Is she flirting?' Thought Florian, Juliana, and Clavell as she walked away.

"Excuse her, she's...excitable." Clavell said. "But I guess I should just go through with her decision. So choose amongst yourselves who you should have, and I'll meet you at the Academy." Then he walked away.

Florian and Juliana stared lovingly at each other before staring lovingly at Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.


Yui: Welp, we did it. We finally covered every region and their starters. You know what this means

Trahzo: No...

Yui: It means we're never gonna do anymore starters after th-

Suddenly someone bursts in!

Alear from Fire Emblem Engage: Guys! Guys! Did you hear about the next Pokemon Games?!

Yui: Sonuva bi-

To be continued!