Chapter 1 – Duncan's P.O.V.

I've never felt so much hated in my life.

In all honesty, I never really feel hate that much. It's kinda something that shifts to the back of mind in most situations. But the problem is, that Courtney's at the back of my mind, so I'd have to bring her to the front to put to the hate to the back, and I honestly think I'd just prefer to be hated.

It's been a pretty long time since I lost saw her, thinking about it. A month or so. She's probably panicking like the Princess would, I guess.

Usually, I'd have this whole consideration about where I am and what has generally happened, but I only know parts of it, and it never really adds up when I think about it. I'm on the outskirts of some town – I don't really see much, it's mostly just plains that run for miles and miles. How I got here, I have no clue. The land is so desolate and destroyed that I can't even tell where I am or how we ended up here. I remember a plane – maybe it wasn't, but I had a feeling it was a plane, you know, the feeling that you get when you're airborne. And I remember the older gang's brothers – they were David and Andrew, and I'm pretty sure David worked as a pilot and Andrew worked as security. I'm still mildly shocked that they were able to do that because you think at least someone might question why a 15 year old kid is carrying a large brown sack full of something that is unidentified.

Just tells you what security is like when your family works at the airport.

They really had planned this carefully.

I'd say I'd been here for a thousand years…but if Courtney was here, and we had seen each other lately, she'd probably end up screaming at me and saying that it's actually only been two weeks. Sometimes I wonder how we get along. Wait – we don't.

Yeah, I miss her. It's rather difficult not to, to be perfectly honest, when you're alone on a desolate plain. If I'm here for another month, I'll probably miss Harold, and if things come to that, I'll be in a mental asylum before I can call Courtney 'princess.'

I've had ideas on how to get out of here, but they all fail. Or I think they'll fail. I've thought about just trying to out-run them, but that doesn't really work, because there is more of them and I'd have nowhere to run to. I thought about shooting them with laser guns but then I found out that most places to not have laser guns to just be given out, which I guess is a decent point. And then I thought I could just kill them full on, but then the thought that I was only 13 resurfaced, so I kinda gave up on that.

If only Courtney were here. Courtney would probably know what to do. She's not really the strongest type (problem – if she was here I'd probably get kicked for that) but she seems to be pretty smart. In time, I'll probably get out of here. How long can they honestly hold me captive? They'll probably get pretty bored soon enough, anyway. And their food can't be too great anyway, and they'll probably give up sleeping in tents in another two weeks or so, and then I'll plan my escape. That's a lot easier.

I wonder what my parents would be doing. They rarely notice me, except from when I'm going somewhere important. They've probably just stuck up a flyer on one of those big 'missing' boards in their office and will leave it there until I'm found. They probably won't pay much attention to the case anyway. Apparently they had this really big case going on a few weeks ago about some kinda kid criminal that kept stealing from all these big stores like Apple and GameStop…oh. Yeah, I probably should have realised that's me.

I'm just going to pray that they don't find the PS4 or iPhone 6 hidden under my mattress. I really should have brought that iPhone with me, now thinking about it. They probably would have stolen it, but if they didn't see it, I could be playing QuizUp. Courtney's absolutely great at it, but I really suck at it. I can't get a single question right. It's maybe because I haven't watched any of the nerd film or read any of the books or actually bothered watching the sports with my dad for ages, and I can't really be bothered to do it now.

Or I could have played Candy Crus-uh – no! I don't play Candy Crush. It's really bad. I swear, I don't play Candy Crush. Honestly, Candy Crush is really bad.

Back to the point, I'll probably be outta here sooner rather than later. In time, some attention will probably draw to my case or something.

I'm just hoping that they pick my 'missing kid' case first, because there are literally thousands of them on that board. I bet half the kids are probably dead already. And if they don't pick my case up in the next year, or so, I'll probably be shot, starved to death or just murdered full stop.

So this is where I am. I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere, except I know that there is some large plain and very few trees, I know next to nothing apart from the fact I'm probably in a different country, and I don't really know what actually happened to Courtney and she doesn't really know what actually happened to me, except I was kidnapped and I'm somewhere on Earth.

She probably doesn't know that, actually. She might jump to extremes and claim I'm on Mrs or something to the police, while my parents look at her and laugh hysterically claiming their son hasn't left the house for ages and asking her how he could have possibly gotten to Mars without a rocket.

So, with no Courtney, no source of communication, and no decent people to talk to, I'm still here.