No-one knows what caused the initial problem with Yggdrasil, the World Tree. All that is known is that at some point in the multiverse's "past", Yggdrasil was damaged. In order to stablize the various universes, the gods (or Admins) put them into a "safe-mode" of sorts, where time is looped during an important portion of the universes time-line.

Originally, seven universes were started looping by the Admins: Ranma 1/2, Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, and Slayers. Other universes followed afterwards.

And now, long after the event known as 'The Crash', and long after The Doctor's own Awakening, it's Jak & Daxters' universe that's entering the Infinite Time Loops.



He had forgiven much... probably more than reasonable. But that was too much. Ripping him from his time for him to grow away from the nightmare it was (or will be) was one thing. Playing god a second time and bringing him back again was just too cruel.

Rushing into the old sage's hut, he pointed an accusing at him, his eyes glaring daggers.

"Undo it."


"Don't 'Jak' me. I don't know how you managed that but you'd better stop it before I loose patience and he comes out for a talk."

"You… can talk... and... who's that he?"

"Don't play dumb with me, I'm not in the mood."

"Jak, why don't you calm down so we can figure out..."

"NO! Jak's done listening to old geezer telling him to calm down when cosmic threats are running around and that same old geezer is messing with his life. I'm done with Gol, done with Kor, done with Praxis, Veger, Errol … I'm even done with Torn, Ashlyn, Kira, Abriville and most of all, I'm done with you … I'm done with it all."

The green sage's calm figure turned into a pained expression. So that was it. The boy somehow remembered where... when he was from.

"Jak, you've got to understand... I didn't have a choice. If I hadn't brought you here, in Sandhaven, your life would have been one of constant danger, constant fear of being caught. You had to live a happy youth, away from Abriville's misery. I had to be sure that you were ready for the challenges you'd have to face."

"But what forced you to make me go through it AGAIN?" cut abruptly the young boy, ending in a scream.

Puzzled, Samos could only mumbled. "What do you mean 'again'?"

But Jak was way too pissed off to hear it, or even stop now.

"I had forgiven you and you just had to stab me in the back, using that damn time device. You ruined it all!"

Jak's eyes started to swing madly and his hair were slowly turning white, his skin taking an ashy tone and his voice twisted by anger.

"Kor was down… Errol and his little friends were down… I was at last back home… and you hahaha … you brought me back for the second time… for Precursor know what motive… hahahaha… expecting me to help you."

At that, Jak started to cackle evilly. Two horns pierced his skin and crowned his head, like a dark regalia, while his eyes's sclera turned black. His dark persona was slowly taking over, the phenomenon appearing even more horrid on such a small body.

"What was the point? Why endure all of this if it was just an entertainment, a way to amuse you? ANSWER ME!" he growled more that he yelled, claws at the ready and sharp fangs menacingly bared at the old sage.

"Jak, you're not yourself. You've been poisoned by dark eco."

"I WAS TORTURED. I screamed and begged while you were busy meditating in your cell, not ten feet away from the chair!"

"The old me couldn't do anything, it was meant to happen this way. I'm sorry Jak. But listen, I…"

"No, you listen. You send me back to Spargus this instant, or I may loose what little control I have left and rip you apart before feeding you to your plant."

Confusion spread across the sage's face.

"Spargus?" he asked in a small and perplexed voice. "What's Spargus?"

Stunned, Jak couldn't formulate an immediate answer. The old weed didn't know of Spargus? It was impossible. But seeing Samos's expression, he could almost believe it.

Confused, his anger slowly drifting away, the young boy stammered an answer. "My … my father's city …"

By talking of his now deceased parent, sadness took him over and the anger backed off, alongside his dark persona.

"My city." he added in a whisper.

Silence seemed to drag on forever, before Samos gathered enough courage to break it.

"Jak." started the quite shaken sage, "I'm sorry for what I did to you, but I'm afraid that there's more at work here. Your dark self shouldn't exist yet and that Spargus you're talking about, your father... it looks like you've lived more than what your future self had the last time I saw him, by the Metalheads nest. Boy, if you're as you said 'back again', then something's going on."

The word echoed around the room, taking their time to reach the once again young warrior. Coming to his senses after his rage- and sadness-induced mental breakdowns, Jak studied the sage's feature, trying to see a sign of lie and deception.

Nothing, nothing at all.

Hope, shame and a total lack on understanding flooded him. "So… you didn't…"

His only answer was a shacked head.

Jumping across such distances should have been hard for such a young boy, but the wings flashing away as he landed were telling otherwise.

Regaining his balance, the boy smiled softly. He was very grateful that his light-eco self had followed him, even if the dark one had done it too. At least, it was allowing him to keep the fragile stability he had managed to regain after so many torments and hardships. Dismissing the headaches awakening on both his light and dark-persona calls, he walked up to the sculpture.

"Greetings, young one." loudly beamed the copper-like giant statue.

"Yeah, hi." replied nonchalantly said boy.

"Tell me, why do you seek the wisdom of the great precursors?"

The answer was another question.

"Who's talking? Prof, Cool-boy or Dumby?"

"Hrm. We... don't know what you're talking about."

"Prof then," smirked Jak, "you're still a terrible liar. Okay you fuzzballs, there's something wrong with time and Samos's not responsible. That leaves you and the dark ones. Which of you was it?"

"... So you're the epicenter." stated the sculpture.

"What do you mean?"

"We felt that Time had been broken somehow, revolving around someone. It seems to be you, Mar."

The heir to his own house (don't ask, it's that weird) was taken by surprise. "So that's not one of you're doing?" he asked.

"It is not, but neither is it one of the dark Precursors. Time-rifts are light-inclined subjects, forever out of their grasp."

"Then what caused it?"

Silence stretched for a few second, before the heavy verdict was let out.

"... We don't know."

"That would be me." announced suddenly an unknown yet serene voice.

Turning around more quickly than his young body should have allowed, adopting a defensive stance, Jak came face to face with … a weird old man dressed in an ostentatious and glinting suit. Red and white where clashing on the fabric, emphasizing the gold of the crown on his head … head with a way too pale skin and no-pointed ears. The view was so foreign that the fearsome and fearless warrior … stepped back, dazed.

The man was slowly turning his well-combed mustache around one of his sharpened nails, smiling mischievously while eying Jak's reaction.

The old ottsel playing with his 'glorious machine' seemed to grow tired of this tension as the statue suddenly asked "Who are you, tiny man?"

"I'm known as Lingbao Tianzun, second of the Three Pure One, Lord of the Way, leader of the True Men, keeper of the times and judge of both Yin and Yang. Be at ease, tiny furry creature, I'm not a menace." smiled the now identified deity.

"You said that was your doing." grimly said Jak, his thoughts running wild.


"Why would you do such a thing?"

"Because I … we, need you. Among others. Now come, I'll explain everything."

Jak's glare intensified.

"Lead the way." he spitted.

The admin walked toward the cliff and … stepped on emptiness, calmly heading toward the plage. Reaching a yacow, he patted it softly before smiling at Jak, still frozen on the spot by the Precursor statue.

The god, amused, thought of his two brothers which were probably still worrying for nothing on their terminals. Yes, this universe was coming along nicely.

"So that's what happened." thoughtfully said the green sage.

"If what this so-called god said is true." answer Jak.

"A divine tree... what a wonder. And I won't remember anything?"

"Not by next loop, no. But you will, eventually. The closer I am to someone, the higher the chance of him or her looping too."

Dreadful realization fell on Samos.

"That means Daxter will follow you soon."

The young hero scratched his head.

"I hope so, it's weird to keep things from him."

His gaze went out the window and he stared at the sky, as if seeing his joyful future best-friend in all his orange glory.

Samos got him out of his daze by asking "Now then, what will you do Jak?"

The young warrior though it through for a few seconds.

"Well, I'm thirteen again so we should have almost three years before Gol and Maya start their crusade. It sure would be helpful if the sages' portal network was fully active by that time, don't you think?"

Samos frowned. "You'll go? Just like that? And alone too?"

"You think I need someone to babysit me?"

"That's not what I mean and you know it." he scolded his young protege. "What about Daxter and Kiera? What will you tell them?"

"I won't. You will."


"I'm your student. You're the one teaching me eco manipulation, right? Just tell them that I'm on a travel for my eco-channeling classes, that you want me to study other ecos under the other sages."

"I see... but how do you think they'll take the news of your departure?"

Ho, he wasn't really worried about the little pest, for weeds where hard to get rid of after all. But his daughter would be desolated to see her childhood crush run away from her.

"They're resourceful, they'll manage."

"But you won't have a zoomer and even that flut flut you told me about. How will you travel without them?"

"I'll fly by myself." stated the darkness' and light' chosen-one. The "Duh!" went unsaid but it was clear in his eyes.

The green sage sighted.

"There's no stopping you right?


"When will you depart then?"

Jak's face hardened

"Tomorrow, at dawn."

"Jak, boy. Why are you so late?"

"Sorry uncle, 'was meeting Samos."

The balding middle-aged man wasn't his real uncle, but he had act as such since Jak's arrival in Sandover. He just had to tell him he was departing or the man would have worried and followed after him to the end of the earth. He was just that cool of an adventurer.

"Really? And what did the old greeny wanted?"

"He's sending me on an errand out of the village." chirped happily the young yet fearsome warrior.

"What? Aren't you a little to young for that?"

"Uncle, I'm fourteen. Besides, it's for my eco formation."

"Oh, you should have said so. Well, what's that errand of yours for?"

"I'm to meet the blue sage, in Rock Village, and study under him."

"On the other side of the Fire Canyon? That's madness!"

"Uncle, I'm going through the portal. There's nothing to worry about."

Jak felt bad lying to his uncle, but a white lie was necessary every once in a while.

Said man's jaw tightened, before relaxing slowly.

"For how long?"

"Three years or so."

"And you're leaving..."


He sighted.

"Thought so. My boy, I'm afraid my awesome story-telling skills have made an adventurer of you."

"Oh, you have no idea." thought the adult turned child.

"I can't wait to see how great of a man you'll become. Now go to bed, you're way past your curfew."

"So Jak, here we are."

The young boy was standing near, wearing a leather armor strangely imitating the plated-one he had... would get as Mar in Spargus.

In front of him, the Fire Canyon was but molten rocks and lava.

"You're sure you'll be alright?"

"Don't worry Samos, I'll be fine." answered the kid. "Will you be?" he asked, smirking.

"Hey, I may be old but I'm still the green sage. Don't count me out just yet."

"Then what of those collectors on the beach?"

"I'll clean them. Maybe even train Kiera and that little redhead snot-brat to handle green eco along the way."

"And the Forbidden Jungle?"

"I'll have the fisher help me reach that dark seed your mentioned and I'll purify it."

"Think he'll also help you with Mist Island's inhabitants?" continued the youngster, everlasting smile still shining in the morning sun.

"Don't push boy, before I change my mind and show you why I'm an Eco Master." he warned his apprentice before shoving a small backpack in his hands.

"Now off you go." he carried on, "Good luck in your travels and do come back once in a while."

The young boy adjusted the bag on his shoulder before facing the raging inferno. Taking a deep breath, he suddenly turned into a white blur. His skin, clothes and eyes started emitting a vibrant light as two ghastly wings sprouted out of his back.

The light embodiment nodded lightly.

And like that, he took off.

The water-like sound of the portal reverberated around the green sage's hut as the traveler took in his new surroundings.

"So boy, how did it go?" Samos impatiently asked his visitor.

"Fine." replied Jak, "He wasn't that hard to convinced."

"And what of our old … difference of opinion?"

"Your run-in over a stupid matter that escalated into an all-out war you mean? Don't worry, he'll get over it. After all, he has no choice now."

"Tell me boy, why did the crazy old sap-puddle sent his pupil all the way through the Lava Tube to find the greeeeeat yellow sage?"

"Like I told the others, I'm..."

"The others? You've gone to the other sages?"

"I did, you're the last one."


"As I was trying to say, I'm here to study eco, yellow eco that is, and reestablish the portal network."

"The network? Why would the old fool want that?"

"Samos sent me for that, I don't know much more myself."

"The rotten root is making you risk your life and doesn't explain why?"

The young boy sighted heavily.

"That's pure master Samos."

The yellow sage was tempted to open his big mouth and let out a flow of insanities directed towards his foolish and green colleague. Really, he was. In fact, he would have, if it wasn't for the young lad next to him. Or the fact that said youngster had suddenly stumbled, convulsed, and been engulfed in a bright halo. When it faded out, the young boy was there, silent and unmoving, his body entirely made out of pure white light. In a clear, ringing voice, he spoke.

"A threat is coming, rising in the darkness, but here you are, storming against the other sages for a matter long past its time. Beware yellow sage, for your grudge will only bring doom to the world. Push your quarrels away and unite with the others to protect that boy from the evil lying in wait for him, for he will one day protect you all from yourselves.Fail and you'll risk seeing it all go down in black eco flames."

And the boy went back to normal, just as fast as he had changed in the first place.

"Nhg... damn headaches."


"Yeah, sorry about that. Just a 'temporary blackout', that's what Master Samos said."

"No it's... it's okay."

"So, where's the portal?"

Baffled, the sage pointed his staff to a side of his hut where a dusty sheet was covering the network' gate.


Jak walked to the dormant machine, removed the blanket in a swift motion and with a bip, got it out of it's slumber.

At that moment, even as he was eying him closely and really wanted to, the yellow sage couldn't see anything else in greeny' student that the genuine thirteen-year-old boy he was supposed to be. But after such a demonstration of power... his instincts were yelling at him to jump in that portal and ask the green freak in which hell he had found the brat.

Internally, said boy was cackling. His light-self may be mute, but Precursors knew their stuff when it was coming to voice-tempering and recording devices. He could feel the yellow sage's glare on him, the questions in his head... and he knew that he wouldn't ask any of them.

The great Precursor voice, it worked every single time.

Twin purple lights burst into existence and soon, the dark eco sage' raspy voice echoed. "Continue your search for artifacts and eco." Slight pause, for him to catch his breath. Hey, it takes a lot to talk like that. "If the locals possess precursor items, you know what to do."

The war-painted woman floating by his side in full precursor regalia continued with a much more healthy voice. Seriously, that dude had to smoke ten packets a day since his childhood.

"Deal harshly with anybody who strays from the village." she said, "We will attack it, in due time."

Sadly for those two cosplayers, the attack never came. Not theirs at least. In it's place, they got four eco sages rampaging through the lurkers' ranks. Eco bolts, electric charges, rage-enfused fists and vines quickly incapacitated the primal pseudo-army.

The two floating individuals produced black tendrils, prepared to launch them at the impudent fools who dared to threaten their plans. Sadly, they hadn't expected their own powers to rush out of their grasp to a lone figure. No, not a simple figure but lone boy, a child no older than fifteen holding some junk part bigger than him. A glowing child.

Light Jak add calmly walked-in on the scene under Flash Freeze effects, carrying his burden.

Pushing aside the sensation of the eco filling his own dark pools, he threw the Precursor robot' head he got earlier.

Silence followed.

Finally blinking, Maia Acheron mused "How is it possible?"

Her mad brother Gol simply stepped... huh, floated back shouting at the top of his corrupted lungs.


Light Jak smiled back.

1.01 - Dear Jak, welcome to the Multiverse. Don't forget to let your sanity by the door, you won't need it in there.

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