Jak's back for a lot of talking, inner darkness, and even more talking.

3.01 – (2.11 continuation)

"Jak, pal, you don't have to do this." pleaded the small Ottsell, "Isolating yourself with crazy monks for weeks on end can't be healthy. You saw them right, covered in paint like that? I'm sure they have lead poisoning. Why else would they come in a hospital with their mounts?"

The speech was quickly evolving into one of those improvised Daxter-trademarked ones, with the gestures and weird faces.

"Come on Jak, don't you think you've suffered enough already? You had… what, seven broken bones, dark eco overdose and a mild indigestion not three days ago? Oh, wait, there was no indigestion, because you didn't eat anything for two weeks before that! Seriously Jak, Haven city's safe now, you made sure of it. You should stay in town now... enjoy the weather, watch a couple of races at the stadium, spend quality time with Ashley and a few bottles you looted at the fatass' bar."

"We already talked about this, Dax. The city may be safe, but I'm not. I'm a walking disaster waiting to happen. And if I have to blow, I'd rather not be inside the walls. I know this, you know this, and Ashley knows this." growled the Anchor.


The ottsell's voice sounded sad enough to make cruel evil masterminds cry.

His friend didn't react, at all.

"I made up my mind Dax. I need an outlet, a focus for all this built up rage, and I'll only find it there. I'm going, that's final."

"Can I come with you then? You'll need the company. I protect you from the monks, and you handle their damn lizards. What do you think?"

"Absolutely not. You can barely leave your bed, Dax. You're staying right here, and if I hear from Tess that you set even one foot outside of the infirmary, I'm dragging you back in myself."

"But to do that, you would have to come back… mmh, not a bad plan."


"Fine, fine. Just… go. And get better."

Jak smiled warmly at his best friend.

"I will."

Five minutes after joining Seem and the other monks, the Looper had dumped his gun, armor, and pretty much every other earthly possessions he had.

He was then offered one of their characteristic hooded grey suit, before being baptized by Seem. He was properly renamed Mar, as his father had intended, and guided through the Temple's bowels.

He was about to meet the Oracle.

"You stand before us once again, Mar. And once again, your soul is troubled." proclaimed the giant gleaming precursor statue.

Jak could only sigh.

"Can you drop the voice-tempering, please? Seriously Prof, it's annoying."

"Oh, huh, sure. Is this better?" asked the Ottsel, his voice loosing many decibels and the added echo.

The looper smiled.

He could practically see the blush on the guy's face. Yes, despite the fur. He had gotten quiet experimented with Daxter's own ottsel state.

"Much better."

"Now, tell me Mar, what happened to you?"

"I'm… losing control. The equilibrium between light and dark eco in me was fragile at best when I brought Errol down, but…"

"Something caused your dark side to grow stronger."


Kira, dead. Daxter, reduced to a broken form. The anger, entirely focused toward Praxis, Errol, the Dark Ones…

The looper blinked, quickly banishing the dark images that kept assaulting his mind.

"Is there anything you can do?"

A hushed and animated discussion could soon be heard between the three precursors hidden in the planet's core. Prof returned minutes later, in a hurry apparently as he grabbed the microphone improperly, making the statue screech horribly.

"Sorry about that… Well, I'm sorry Mar, but we won't be able to gift you any more light powers, as your body wouldn't be able to handle it."

"I thought as much, yes."

"Still, you can learn on your own through meditation and practice, and nothing prevents us from offering you advices. It wouldn't do to have an unstable Anchor for our universe now, would it?"

"It wouldn't, no. Thank you."

"No Mar, we should be thanking you."

Dumby and Surfer expressed their agreement in the background.

"Okay, that's enough of that. Emotional babble always gives me the creeps, even more when it's done by furry little orange creatures, so can we just get to it?"

"I suppose we can." said the ottsel as a ray of light eco suddenly descended from the ceiling, bathing the platform in a holy glow.

"Seat in the light, Mar, and focus on your feelings. The anger, the pain, let them be washed away. Recall the feeling of your light side…"

Jak opened his eyes to the smiling face of his best friend.

A human face.

"Hey Jak, what would you say if I was to tell you that the fisherman is out of town and his boat is left unsupervised with a full engine?"

The looper closed his eyes and exhaled slowly, feeling the dark eco inside of him. It was right under his skin, raw, corrupting, powerful… so powerful. And ready to lash out… yet stopped by the calming flowing feeling of the light eco, keeping it leashed, fully at his command.

Jak wasn't able to talk yet… well, he could, but Daxter would freak out. So he merely smiled and nodded, the meaning behind his inviting gesture clear enough for his friend.

"You're asking if I fancy a little trip to Misty Island? Jak, how can you. We would need to borrow that boat, which would be extremely reckless, and completely ignore Greeny's explicit orders, which could potentially get us both in big troubles…"

Matching grins were soon worn by the two friends.

"I'm driving."


Jak Awoke in the middle of a heated conversation, one he'd heard dozens of time already.

"Are you gonna keep yapping or are you gonna help me out of this mess?"

Great, he was back in Sandover Village, and Greenie and Daxter were at it again.

"I'm gonna keep yapping –" replied the sage."– because in my professional opinion, a change is an improvement."

The Anchor almost snorted at the absurdity of this statement. The Loops provided change, and they could make things better. They also could also make things much, much worst…

"And besides, I couldn't help you if I wanted to."


Jak rubbed his hurting ears. He really had to explain the concept of diurnal din to his furred friend.

"There's only one person who has studied dark eco long enough to have a chance to return you to your previous form. Gol Acheron, the sage."

This time, Jak did snort.

As if the crazy nutcase could do anything about a human-to-Precursor conversion triggered at the molecular level.

He wouldn't even trust him to lace his shoes without his sister… and come to think of it, Gol was only wearing strips of cloth around his feet and legs. Mmh, maybe he'd given too much credit to Maya.

"But he lives far to the north. Far, far to the north. Nobody has spoken to him in ages."

"And we don't need to."

The old sage and the ottsell turned as one to the young boy, startled by his voice. Jak wasn't mute in this loop, but he was extremely quiet and they had not expected him to speak up.

"ARE YOU CRAZY? I'm small, fuzzy, and some parts of me are getting scratchy. We need this guy!"

"Daxter, please, let Jak explains himself. Now my boy, what did you mean by 'we don't need to'?"

"This Gol Akeron studied dark eco, and Daxter got turned into… well, let's call it an ottsell, by dark eco. He doesn't need further exposure."

"That may be correct, but Gol would still have a deeper knowledge of the effects of dark eco, and he might know of a cure."

"We don't need to understand dark eco, as we already know what Dax needs. You taught me yourself that eco is all about balance. What one type of eco do, another can undo."

"Green eco is powerful Jak, but it won't be enough to counter such a transformation."

The Anchor smirked.

"I wasn't talking about green eco."

Daxter scratched his head in confusion, while Samos' eyes almost bulged out of his head.

"You don't mean… light eco? Jak, it is a bedtime story, a myth and…"

"And again, you taught me that stories and myths had to come from somewhere, Master Samos."

The old man sighed.

"You're right… light eco might be what we need."

Daxter perked up at that.

"But how would you find it? Even if it does exist, its secrets have been lost."

"We have a Precursor's statue just outside the village, and they were supposedly masters of all ecos. I say we go there and ask."

"Those statues are not really sentient Jak." tried to explain Samos.

"Says who? For all we know, there might be tiny little precursors playing with controllers somewhere."

Daxter laughed at that.

"Ha, what are the chances?"

"About the same as you being a Precursor." said the Anchor, knowing smile on his lips.

Jak sat next to the Precursor statue for over half an hour, talking to the giant idol. He explained the loops to the Precursors, and the plan he had designed for this one. The three ottsells agreed to help immediately. They gave the Anchor what he would need, and sent him on his way back to his friends.

The boy landed gracefully in a roll and was standing in seconds.

He wasn't standing anymore when Daxter tackled him and began to shake him violently.

"You got something? Jak, tell me you got something!"

"I do Dax, calm down."

"I KNEW IT! I'll stay like this for life and… wait, you do?"

The Anchor smiled and threw something at Samos, who caught it on instinct. When he saw what he had in his hand, he dropped to the ground, unable to maintain his levitation.

"Canister of light eco, courtesy of the Precursors. Don't go wasting it, it's the only free sample. They'll charge you in Precursor eggs if you need more of the stuff."

The shocked sage was alternatively looking at the vial of eco, and at the huge smile on the boy's face. He didn't know how to react. On the contrary, the ottsell knew exactly what he wanted to do.

"THIS. IS. AWESOOOOOME! You're a genius Jak, now I can change back."

"Huh… not exactly."

"W… what do you mean? We have the light stuff now, right?"

"We do, but the statue explained a few things to me, and it's not gonna work."

The ottsell froze on the spot.

"Light eco can only reverse dark eco cursed influence, and your ottsell transformation isn't anything like that. You could have fell into green, blue, yellow, red, or even light eco, and it would have happened anyway."

"You're telling me that I'm stuck as a fuzzy ottsell for the rest of my life?"

"No, you're stuck as a fuzzy Precursor for the rest of your life." replied Jak, handing over what looked like a small copper disk.

"What are you talking –"

Daxter never got to finish his sentence, as the disk activated and projected a hologram of three ottsell in robes, waving and smiling at the camera.

"Hello Daxter." boomed Prof's voice, coming from the device. "I'm sorry that we have to meet on a conference call, but we're in the planet's core at the moment, and we will need a couple of hours before we can join the surface."

Jak discreetly took a picture.

The look on Daxter's face was just priceless.

"Anyway, as Mar… I'm sorry, Jak, already explained, your contact with eco turned you into one of us. Being a Precursor unlocks many abilities in you, abilities that you'll need to control. Now, if you are willing to learn, we can teach you what you need to know."

Daxter hadn't moved a single muscle.

Samos had, but it was only his eyebrow, that was twitching furiously.

Jak took another picture.

"So tell me, Daxter, are you willing to learn?"

The response to that question was loud enough to deafen Sandover…

Yes, the entire village.


The Red Wings, Baron's airship fleet, was just returning from a dubiously crucial mission.

They had invaded the town of Mysidia, slain many of its inhabitants, and stolen a national treasure, the water crystal, from its resting place.

Captain Harvey, leader of the Red Wings, was puzzled. Like his men, he couldn't understand why their king had made them undergo such an operation. Why make a hostile move on innocents civilians? The king couldn't seriously expect this to go unpunished by other countries? And what was the crystal for?

Suspicion arose in the young general, as he stood, unmoving, watching the passing clouds from his flying vessel.

That's when Jak Awoke.

"What the…"

The Anchor took a few seconds to register that he wasn't in Sandover, nor in Haven City.

It could only mean one thing.

"Fused loop." he sighed.

He had almost started to believe that his Admin had joked about them.

He turned to a nearby soldier and was about to call for him when he received his in-loop memories, and they made him growled.

"Great, I just murdered civilians… and I'm corrupted by darkness."

He hoped there was a way to get rid of it, or he would be going all Light Jak on the loop.

But that would have to wait. Something was definitely wrong with the king, and figuring out what was top priority.

Now, what to do about this crystal?

An incendiary bomb, that damn signet was an incendiary bomb.

He had played with explosives for years now, he should have been able to recognize it at first glance… or by smell, in this case.

But he hadn't, and more innocents had died.

That was it, the king was either completely mad or manipulated by someone else, he had to be stopped. But before that…

Jak grabbed the wounded girl in his arms and took off toward the nearest town.

Saving her was more important.

Okay, that loop was just ridiculous.

Guards sent after Rydia, the young summoner, hadn't questioned theirs orders. He knew those men, he had trained them, or his unawake self had… why weren't they reacting? You didn't have to be a genius to understand that something was wrong with killing a young girl whose only fault had been to defend her home against her mother's murderers. Jak had been forced to take them down, though he'd done so with clenched jaws and a sour taste in his throat.

Things had gotten even worst when Rosa, supposedly his love interest for the loop, had contracted Sand Fever. The search for the cure to this disease had led them to the city of Damcyan, where they'd witnessed the theft of the fire crystal by the Red Wings' new Commander, a man named Golbez.

Edward, new king of Damcyan, had joined their party and helped them retrieve the Sand Pearl, in the Antillon's Den.

Rosa cured, they'd all traveled to Fabul, hoping to prevent Baron from obtaining yet another crystal.

They'd failed, badly. Kain had left with the air crystal, and Golbez had kidnapped Rosa.

Jak and his remaining allies had then attempted to travel to Baron, where they would have sneaked into the city.

It wasn't meant to be, as their boat had been attacked by Leviathan. Jak had ended up shipwrecked on a beach, alone, Rydia, Edward and Yang blown away by the waves.

He'd finally managed to reach a city a little over an hour ago, only to discovered that it was Mysidia, the town he'd stolen the water crystal from. The inhabitants were rather… bitter.

The Anchor wanted to curse, but he couldn't do that, given the state he was in. He puked once again, emptying his bowel of the nauseous feeling induced by the succession of poison, frog and pig spells.

That loop was getting on his nerves.

Jak dropped his sword and fell face first on the ground.

Facing his inner darkness wasn't a pleasant experience. Especially with said inner darkness adapting to his looper's status and gaining additional traits from his original dark persona.

But he'd prevailed, and he'd managed to cleanse his soul of yet another evil. He only hoped that other fused loops wouldn't sent him on other purifying experiences, he didn't know if he could stand this kind of thing for long.

The new Paladin sighed loudly.

Who was he kidding, of course the loops would screw with him…

Damn tree.

Jak eyed the Lunar Whale with suspicion. The thing disturbingly reminded him of an oversized rift ride. It looked nothing the same, but he had the same gut feeling when he looked at it. Something bad awaited them on the moon.

Yes, he was about to take a ship to the moon.

He really wanted to sigh, but the others had complained that he was doing it way too frequently.

So, if he had understood correctly, Zeromus had been the hatred born from Zemus, who had possessed his in-loop brother Theodor, who had himself controlled a large number of other persons, including members of his own party…

There had to be a limit to the number of successive mind controls, right?

Anyway, this threat was gone for good now, and the world was finally at peace.

But for how long?

Probably not that much, with what he was about to do.

"Hey Jak, Cid said you asked for me." said cheerily the white mage, entering the royal quarters.

"Rosa, we… we need to talk."

Her face fell.

The looper began to explain that he couldn't be with her, that he loved another woman… and the loop ended abruptly.

The teary face of Rosa Joanna Farrell was his last conscious memory.


Jak Awoke to an argument he knew by heart by now.

"Are you gonna keep yapping or are you gonna help me out of this mess?"

Once again, the loops had placed him in Sandover Village, more precisely in the green sage's hut, right when Daxter and him had returned from Misty Island.

"I'm gonna keep yapping –" said Samos."– because in my professional opinion, a change is an improvement. And besides, I couldn't help you if I wanted to."


"I'm sorry Daxter, but there's only one person who has studied dark eco long enough to have a chance to –"

"I told you already, I never touched any dark eco!"

That startled the Anchor, and he quickly checked his in-loop memory.

Okay, that was new.

"Don't lie to me, Daxter." growled the sage, pointing an accusing finger at the ottsell.

"He's telling the truth, Master Samos. Green eco from your collectors on the beach caused this."

"Jak, you know as well as I do that only dark eco can have this kind of mutating effects."

"I can assure you that this could have happened with any eco."

"My boy, what you're saying ain't possible. Blue, green, yellow, red eco, they simply can't caused something like this."

"You're wrong, and I can prove it."

Samos' eyes narrowed.

"You can?" he asked, suspicion tainting his words.



Jak closed his blue eyes… and opened them white.

Daxter fell to the floor, mouth wide open. Samos grabbed his chest to avoid a heart attack. Kiera, alerted by the racket they'd been making, entered at this exact moment. She gasped when she saw Light Jak smiling sadly at her, before releasing his transformation.

Jak staggered slightly, the eco that flooded his system moments ago disappearing. It left him feeling kinda hollow.

"That was my light persona. It was created by light eco, and should be proof enough that dark eco isn't always responsible for weird mutations."

"But, Jak… when did you...?"

"Came into contact with light eco? I haven't, not yet anyway. But I will, several times actually. I will get a first taste of it when I'll face Gol and Maya Acheron, which shall be soon enough. The rest will be granted to me by the Precursors to counter-balance my dark persona."

Weird revelations, cue gasps.

"Your dark..."

"Yes, big bad horned me, always on a dark eco high and great at breaking things. Heard of him?"

Samos had to lower himself to the ground, or he would probably have fell.

"But, it hasn't happened yet." he whispered, frown on his face. "For you to know of it, and to have encountered yet not encountered light eco at the same time… Jak, you time-traveled."

And that caused another round of gasps

"Technically, I'm looping."


"Well, there's this big tree that's kinda like the devices built by the blue sage and… you know what, it's way too complicated and it's gonna take a while, so… better if we get that out of the way first."

Jak turned to the ottsell and knelled before him.

"Dax, eco is a strange thing. It is energy, change, life and death… but the strangest thing about eco, any eco, is that it also is a direct link to its last masters. It carries their biological signature."

Samos, sage and master of the green eco, began to swore mutely.

Jak just smiled and ruffled the ottsell's fur.

"Congratulation Dax, you're a Precursor."

Samos swore louder.

Jak grinned and added another cross in his 'I got Greeny mad' mental notepad.

Now, if Daxter reacted like he usually did…


The old sage pushed his daughter aside and exited the house. Then he could be heard cursing

the heavens, damn furred Precursors, and idiotic time-traveling apprentices who couldn't keep their stupid mouth shut when they needed to.

And that was another cross.


Jak, sole looper of the Precursors' Loops, had experience two fused loops so far.

In the first one, he had been a Dark Knight, commander of the Red Wings of Baron. He'd faced numerous monsters, freed himself of the darkness to be reborn as a holy Paladin, and saved the world from possible total annihilation at the hand of a mad man from the moon. He'd also made a woman cry, but that was a story for another day.

His second fused loop had been just as eventful, and even more time-consuming. For several years, he'd been a ninja from Konoha, ostracized by the village inhabitants for the giant ottsell demon sealed in his gut. He'd come close to dying several times over, and he'd been extremely relieved when the loop had ended and let him return to his own branch.

There was a common point between those two loops, aside from the ability he'd gained to use spells and chakra. Those loops had taken him in another branch, it had been a full-immersion experience.

He was about to discover what happened when two branches collided.

Jak blinked Awake.

The feeling of being hungover that came with every Awakening assaulted him instantly.

"Today's the big day, Jak."

Okay, his head still hurt, but that was Samos' voice, and it was a good news. He was either in Sandover or in Haven City.

"I hope you are prepared… for whatever happens."

Oh, he knew that speech.

"I think I've figured out most of this machine. It interacts with that large Precursor Ring and –"

Yep, that was Kiera, nerding about the rift ride.

"– hope we didn't break anything moving it here."

"Hey, we did all the heavy lifting… Well, Jak did."

And here was his favorite ottsel.

Blocking their voices, the Anchor sat in the ride and began to sort through his in-loop memories… nothing weird there. Either it was baseline, or whatever variations had happened only concerned Haven City.

Good, he would get to do something he'd thought about for quite some time now.

Torn and Ashlyn had tried to recruit him after Praxis' demise a few loops ago. At the time, he'd refused and joined his father in Spargus. Then he'd had this loop in the Elemental Nations, that one where he'd looped as his younger self, three where he'd awoke after his escape from Parxis' prison, and even one where he'd been female and replaced Onin, using his looper's knowledge to guide his unawake self.

But this new loop was the perfect opportunity for this, and he would happily seize it. He would join the Krimzon Guard and get to Praxis from the inside. He could already picture his face when one of his own guard would put a gun to the tyrant's head.

Jak stopped smirking when he heard a strange background noise and Samos' panicked voice.

"Daxter, what did you do?"

"Nothing, I just… pressed a couple of buttons?" tried the ottsell.

"Hey, look at the gate."

Jak listened to Kiera… and immediately regretted it.

That wasn't the Rift Gate. Not the one he was used to anyway.

This one was made of a clearer, leaner metal. The symbols on it were far more numerous than the ones on the original, and they were definitely not Precursor in origin.

The Anchor watched, fascination and dread pooling in his gut. The inner ring of this strange gate was producing a grinding sound as it moved around, stopping from time to time on an apparently random position. Only at the seven halt did the ring go entirely still. Seconds later, a great 'Kawoosh!' was heard, as a blast of blue energy escaped the gate before settling down as a watery veil.

Jak had no idea what was this thing, nor what was behind that door, but he wasn't one to take unnecessary risks when faced with an unknown element.

He immediately created a dozen of shadow clones.

Ignoring the surprised exclamations from his friend, he cast Protect and Shell on them, and a clone prepared for an emergency Teleport. The original faced the door with a Libra and a Darkness at the ready, other clones stepping aside, preparing their own spells or readying themselves to go through hand signs at the slightest hint of a threat.

They didn't have to wait for long, as something came out of the gate. It was a small metal case, slowly advancing on tiny wheels while buzzing slightly.

"Huh… hello."

The voice startled Jak and he almost fried the thing on the spot.

Whoever was on the other side apparently saw it, because the voice apologized.

"I'm sorry if I surprised you, it was never my intention."

The man sounded honest enough.

Jak decided to ask the most important question at the moment, and keep the thousands of other important questions for later.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Daniel Jackson, archeologist. I'm talking to you…"


A strangled cursed was heard in the background, coming from Daniel's end.

"Jak, nice to meet you. As I was saying, I'm talking to you through this device, from a planet called Earth."

After meeting the Precursors and their dark counterparts, he firmly believed in life on other worlds.

He'd just never expected to see any on his doorstep… literally.

"Your communicator can reach us from another planet?"

"The M.A.L.P. – that's the communicator – can't, but the stone ring before you can, Jak. It is what we call a Stargate, and can create an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a stable vortex of energy. With the right address, the right combination of symbols, you can connect two gates together, which allows near instantaneous travel through space."

How could an archeologist have access to something akin to a Rift Gate?

"Fascinating." said Samos.

The old sage was still lost in this inexplicable situation, but he had at least regained his scientific drive.

His daughter was in the same state, with eyes now shining at the prospect of other worlds.

Daxter was just silently mouthing "What the heck is happening?" at him.

The Anchor ignored the ottsell and turned back to the strange metal complexion, a part of which had started to move again.

"You're not alone. I'm really sorry for ignoring your friends, I should have looked around before and… oh boy."

Daniel suddenly sounded worried and hopeful at the same time.

"Jak, are you, by any chance, feeling loopy? Because if not, you have one hell of a family."

Well, that was a surprise, Daniel had apparently recognized his clones for what they were.

Jak smiled.

He was meeting his first looper.

"I was feeling loopy, yes, but I'm well Anchored now."

"And your friends?"

Jak sighed.

"Not looping yet, it's just me."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I'm just a looper myself, but I know that Anchors are having it hard."

"I confirm." said a deep and kind voice in the background. "General Georges Hammond, nice to meet you Jak."

"Me too, sir."

"No need for this, you're not one of my men, Jak. Now, Daniel's team is ready to go through the Stargate. Is that fine with you, or do you need more time on your end to set things straight?"

"Well, I could use an hour to explain how I cloned myself."

"Then we will close the gate for now."

"We will call you back." said Daniel. "Remember to stay away from the gate when it activates, the unstable vortex disintegrate everything at the molecular level."

Ouch, that would probably hurt.

"I'll keep that in mind, thanks Daniel."

"You're welcome. I'll see you in an hour, Jak."

The voices coming from the M.A.L.P. went silent, and the shimmering gate closed moments later.

The local Anchor turned around, only to meet three questioning looks, awe and a good dose of fear – he really didn't want to know of what… or who – mixed in them.

His head was hurting already.

"This is going to take a while."


Spargus was like the desert. It was scorching hot in the day and freezing cold at night. Rough on the surface, and harsh underneath. You had to be exceptionally strong-willed or downright crazy to even conceive living there.

Jak was both.

"Hey dad, I kinda sorta rammed the car into a sand dune. It's totally wrecked, truly sorry about that. Love you dad, bye dad."

The twelve years old Anchor, determined to enjoy this variant at its fullest, ran away from the throne room. He had other places to be and other things to do.

A weird silence fell unto the bemused assembly of visiting monks he'd left in his wake.

"Are you sure he's not adopted?" finally joked a guard, smirking at his king.

Damas considered reprimanding the man… and shook his head, sighing slowly.

"If only..."

3.01 - It's all about balance.

3.02 - The furry sages will teach Daxter their art when he starts looping, but nothing is stopping Jak from taking notes already.

3.03 - If you hadn't gotten it already, yes, the light/dark thing will be a recurring theme. Also, Jak will definitely meet the looping Rosa someday.

3.04 - Dax touchs eco, Dax turns into a Precursor. Simple, right?

3.05 - With that massive Precursor gate, that fused loop was a given.

3.06 - A young Jak, running around Spargus, breaking things... poor Damas.