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And then there was torture of fictional characters.

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Yukio pointed at the slowly disintegrating landscape and Angel began to panic.

"Come with me, I can try to figure out what's going on." She said and the two went into the dorm building. Meanwhile, any NPC that tried to leave the building it was in got ripped apart by the unknown cause. Angel and Yukio went into her room and she got on her computer. She pulled out the Angel Player program and she quickly analyzed the data for glitches. She faintly gasped.

"What is it?" Yukio asked.

"Someone who isn't supposed to be here is and now the world is literally ripping itself apart to find the intruder." Angel said and Yukio got angry at himself on the inside.

"Is there anything we can do to stop it?" He asked.

"No, right now the world is deleting all of the NPCs to try to solve the problem, but the only way to appears to be to get rid of the bug in the system."

Mephisto warned me about this, I should've never come here!

But still…I might be able to save Rin…

Yukio thought before remembering a crucial detail.

"I can only keep the door open for three days."

He only had two left and Rin still couldn't remember anything.

Would he succeed or just destroy the universe trying?


The SSR were having an emergency meeting due to the strange occurrences going on.

"So, apparently whenever an NPC leaves a building it gets ripped apart and the world is starting to come apart at the edges?" Yuri asked.

"Looks like it, do you think Angel did this, or maybe it was that one weird guy who passed through everything?" Hinita said.

"I don't think that even Angel could cause something this big, so the question is, who did?"

"How about a bigger question, when will it get here and what happens then?"

"Well, at the current rate of the land's destruction it looks like it'll be here in two or three days tops. When it gets here, I'm not sure, but it can't be good." After a few minutes of theories and silence, a faint knock was heard.

"Excuse me, can I come in?" A familiar voice asked.

"It's Angel!" Yuri quietly said. "Why are you here?" She asked louder.

"I'm here to talk to you about something that's been happening today." She said. Otonashi looked through a small hole in the door.

"She's not armed and is with that mysterious newcomer." He said. After much thought, Yuri gave her reply.

"Let them in, but be careful." Hinita and Otonashi pulled out handguns and slowly opened the door, after disengaging the traps of course. Angel and Yukio walked in.

"Thank you." Angel said. Yuri ignored her.

"Did you two find anything?"

"Yes, someone that isn't supposed to be here is and it's ripping the world apart."

"How could someone who isn't supposed to be her get here?"

"I'm not sure, but the system is going through various programs to attempt to get rid of the virus. First, it's destroying all NPCs and slowly destroying the land."

"What happens when the destruction reaches us?" Hinita asked.

"I don't know, but we'll probably get ripped apart as well." At that the room was filled with silence.

"Angel, I would like to call a temporary truce until this problem had passed." Yuri said and held her hand out for the other girl to take. Angel first looked at the hand and then at Yuri. She walked up to her and silently shook hands. Yuri smiled. "Well, now that's out of the way-"She was cut off when a large blue crack began forming on the floor. Someone new walked in on the chaos.

"Yuri, why is the door open-"Rin paused in the doorway, trying to process what exactly was going on. "Is now a bad time?" The half-demon asked.

"Run!" Yukio shouted and they evacuated the room only to find that the entire building was falling apart.

"Guard skill: hand sonic." Angel said in a distorted voice. A blue blade shot out of her hand and she broke the floor beneath the group in an attempt to get out of the building before anyone 'died' and got lost in the rubble. The group successfully evacuated the building right as it fell down. Rin turned to face his brother.

"That was a close one, eh Yukio?" He said with that same silly grin he always had when he was alive. Sadly, it didn't last. His grin melted into a frown. "What am I saying?" He asked himself. "I don't know you that well, right? I think we're brothers, but I could be wrong." Yukio couldn't take it anymore.

"But you're not wrong! We are brothers and we do know each other very well! I had to watch you die right before my eyes and I couldn't take it! Please Rin, just remember!" Yukio pleaded.

"I'm sorry, but I don't." Yukio sighed in defeat.

"I guess there's only one thing to do." He said.

I hope this works…

Yukio closed his eyes and focused on summoning his flames. After the battle with Satan a few months back he began to train with his flames, but he still was worse than Rin at using them. After a few seconds he managed to summon the blue flames and surround both him and Rin with them.

"Can you remember now?" He asked. Rin fell to the ground and was on all fours. His eyes were wide open in confusion and shock as the memories flooded back. The flames disappeared and Yukio looked at his brother. "Are you okay Rin?" But Rin never got a chance to answer.

"Demons!" Someone yelled.

"Hinita?" Otonashi said in a confused tone.

"Those two aren't human! Those are the blue flames of Satan!" Hinita yelled while point at Rin and Yukio.

"Satan?" Yuri asked.

"So you didn't tell them? Remember what happened last time?" Yukio asked his brother who was still freaking out a bit.

"No, I didn't remember, I had amnesia!" Rin responded.

"What's going on?" Otonashi asked Yuri. She shrugged her shoulders.

"They're Satan spawn, that's what!"

I'm evil. I know.

Rin: So, no more amnsia…yah…

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Yuri: So…what exactly is going on?

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