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She falls when he fires the third shot (maybe it was the third, he wasn't counting). He doesn't think anything of it, because all he can think about is the need to be utterly certain that Tyson is dead. He is also thinking about the fact that he is not very likely to get this small comfort.

He stares down at the foam gathering in the water in silence. He turns his head to look at Kate, but she isn't there like he expected her to be. (He'll realize later how strange it is not to be at her side.) He turns around to look behind him, and is met with the only thing more horrifying than the return of Jerry Tyson.


On the ground.


He runs to her, ignoring the painful crack of his knees against the concrete as he falls next to her. She's gasping for breath, curling slightly over the weeping wound in her side. He calls 911 and says something incoherent before he tosses his phone to the side. He presses her shoulders gently into the ground, stopping her feeble attempt at applying pressure by holding his jacket to her side with so much force it could bruise.

"Tyson got a shot off," she slurs.

Gone are the panicked eyes from that sunny day that still haunts his dreams. Here with only the faint light of the moon, she is calm, drugged and complaisant; accepting.

"Kate," he chokes. "Please."

"Shhhhh…" she trails off. Her eyes are half closed and blinking. If he didn't know better, she'd look like she was falling asleep.

This is much different from last time. Everything is quiet and calm around them, while everything in his head is loud and turbulent.

She closes her eyes. "I don't know if…"

For all his supposed talent with words, the only ones he can muster are Kate and no.

She looks up at him; her eyes shining with love, but spilling over with pain too great for her sluggish body to react to.

He hears the ambulance approaching, every loud blare of the siren causing hope to kindle in his chest, but it won't quite flare to life. Not when she looks like she could slip away any minute.

"Stay with me, Kate. Help is coming, alright?"

He's panicking and touching her too-white face, hoping the sensation will keep her awake for just one more minute.

"I love you," she whispers as the ambulance approaches. He turns to beckon the paramedics, and when he turns back, she is still.

She wakes to the comforting weight of a head on her shoulder and a warm hand encompassing her own.

She rests her head on top of Castle's and uses her other hand to wrap it around his wrist. He stirs, sitting up and drinking her in with tired eyes.

"Hi," she says.

"Hi," he replies in a raspy voice.

She moves a heavy palm to his face and he covers it with his own, leaning gratefully into her touch. She feels wetness moisten her thumb and she wipes it away before guiding his forehead to hers.

"It'll be okay."

Coup de feu- gunshot

Author's Note: Hello! This prompt somehow woke the inspiration beast, so here is the result. It may be a train wreck, or maybe not. Reviews and constructive criticism are much appreciated, and I would love prompts as well. Thanks for all the support for my last stories, I am very grateful.

In other news, I am not a doctor. I assumed (based on where Tyson held the gun in the episode) that Kate would have gotten shot in the kidney. I did some research on what that kind of wound would entail, but not enough to be completely sure. From what I read, kidney shots are very painful and they kill a person slowly, so I assumed she would have some time before she passed out? I'm also not entirely sure that she could survive that particular wound. Anyway, I am admittedly not too knowledgeable of the effects of gunshot wounds. All spelling/grammar/etc. errors are mine.

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