Hey readers, don't worry I'm not leaving Lost Love and a lot to work on. I wanted to write a fanfiction that is slightly based from The Game Plan but with my twist to it. The interaction between a father and a daughter.


Peeta's P.O.V.

"So Peeta throughout your career; your successful career in our world, the entertainment world. For the past eight years, you have won three Emmy's and five Oscar's which is remarkable for anyone to reach that level. But yet, you reached that level at the age of twenty-eight years old. Throughout the many women that you have dated and May I say are stunning, you haven't settle down yet. Why is that?" Caesar Flickerman complained on my career jumping into not settling down. I looked at him with his hair in light blue powder and matching suit.

'Again?! When will they EVER stop asking me this question?' I thought in my mind being annoyed and did what I did best. Acting and which is what I'm going to do right now. "Thank you for saying that Caesar, that means a lot coming from you. I didn't expect getting those awards or to beat out Cato Cross or Marvel Wright; I just get into character and play the part that's all." A smile comes from my lips and I re-adjust myself to seat again. "Thank you on the women I dated and you're right they were all stunning. I haven't settled down because in the past I was in a relationship for eight years; with my girlfriend back then and I was seventeen years old at the time. We've known each other since we were in grade school and dated in high school then all of stunned in my mid-twenties, she didn't want to see me anymore." My voice begins to crack as I spoke about Katniss and cleared my voice. "I asked her why and she never answered, she took off and I never heard from her again. When I came to Hollywood to star in my first soap opera show; Wild Hearts I refused to date and I was broken heart. I've learned to forgive and forget then start to date again. Glimmer, my current girlfriend now is amazing and I love her but she understands that we're taking our relationship very slow and not rushing into anything to serious. Maybe when the time is right then I'll settle down." I answered the Television personality's question.

I can see his jaw dropped in shock on my answer and placed a hand on his heart then he spoke. "I'm so sorry to hear about that Mister Mellark and I'm sorry that I touched a subject that very sensitive to you." The light blue powder wig man apologized then putting his hands together.

"It's okay Caesar and call me Peeta. Mister Mellark was my father and I'm not that old yet!" I broke the ice with a small laugh and seeing Flickerman laughing a long with me.

"You got it Peeta. New subject. Do you remember your movie Bonding Matter?" He asked me. 'Of course I remember that movie, how can I forget it?' I nodded my head. "You played a character who's a parent that takes care and stands up for a son who has a heart defect. I felt the chemistry between John and Nate was strong, so powerful that has touched everyone's heart including parents around the world. The child that played your pretend son Nate better known as Brandon Vincent loves you like a second father. You seem so natural with children, would you like to have some kids of your own someday?" Caesar asked me as he still sat up straight in his chair.

"That scripted for Bonding Matter did touch me personally because I never expected it and looked around the City of Angles to hear from parents or single parent's point of view on having a child with a heart defect. I watched from their experience in order to understand their mind frame and I got emotional. No parent should suffer of seeing their child in pain and would give anything to trade places with them. Brandon's a loveable kid and he's like a son to me. Children seem to light up anyone's world with joy and wonder. I would love to have kids someday." I stated nothing but the truth.

The Television personality smiled and looked down at the piece of paper that's on his right side on a small table then quickly looking up. "I believe that's all the questions I have for today Peeta Mellark and we'll see you on the red carpet of the premier of Lost Love in two weeks. Have a great day." Flickerman said holding his hand out.

I leaned forward and shake his hand. "Thank you Caesar and I'll see you in two weeks. Have a great day too." I replied with a smile.

The camera man turned off the recorder with the two men standing up to their feet.

"Take care Peeta Mellark and thank you for doing this interview." The light blue powder wig replied with a smile.

"It's my pleasure, your welcome and take care Mister Flickerman." I still kept my smile on then walking away from the room.

"Great job my boy! Next you're going to promote your organization Stay Strong. Then you have a couple of appearances with Finnick Odair, Annie Cresta-Odair, Cashmere Calhoun & Gloss Calhoun, and Clove Rogers from Wild Hearts just Q & A panel. Tomorrow you're shooting a couple commercials from Stay Strong including different companies." Haymitch my manager said coming up to me going over my schedule for the next couple of days and leaving towards the hotel lobby.

"Thanks Haymitch and how many minutes before going to the Q & A panel?" I asked him as I was leading going outside and seeing a small limo pulling up to my feet.

"About thirty minutes why?" He asked standing beside me.

"I hope there's whisky and going to need it." I opened the limo door getting inside the vehicle reaching over to the small mini bar.

"You're not the only one who needs a drink." My manager said under his breath following behind me as he closed the car door behind him.

2 hours later…

"Hard to believe that we did Wild Hearts eight years ago man! We were just kids back then." Finnick laughs as he takes another tequila shot.

"We were only in our mid-twenties when we did the show. You know how much Lawrence, the director back then had to physically pull you away from Annie because YOU TWO kept on making out and giving each other lovey dovey looks when you two were supposed to act as siblings!" I yelled and laughed at the end as drink my bourbon with ice.

The red head woman and Finnick laughed together as they both cheered to each other before taking in two shots.

"It was love at first sight Mellark, what can you do? Shit happens." Goss replied shrugging his shoulders and taking a couple of bites of sips and salsa.

My blue eyes to look over seeing Cashmere drunk off her ass and falling flat on the ground. "At this point, the Odair's will have kids before Mellark here or anyone of us will." She laughs at the end of her sentence.

Anger rose from my heart I placed my glass on my glass coffee table and getting up from the sofa walking away.

"Oh come on Peeta, Cash is just kidding!" I can hear Clove yelling laughing a little bit.

'I can't believe she would say that.' I thought to myself as I walk to my bedroom going over to the right side of the nightstand and opening my draw. I take a seat on my bed then I grabbed a folded up and opening it, it's the last picture I have a Katniss and I together smiling at the camera. "I wish I can see you again Katniss." I said very softly and lightly ran my right hand over her face.

"Hey Bread boy." Finnick said knocking on bedroom door frame.

My ears perked up hearing my best friend calling me by my nickname and quickly putting the photo back into the nightstand draw. I got up from my bed clearing my throat and turning around to face him.

"You know that Cashmere didn't mean any of that; she's drunk and she's a mean drunk." My best friend of nine years said being serious and slightly sober up. "We all saw the interview with Caesar Flickerman and they should have known better to keep their mouth shuts for it. You had a set of balls to tell Flickerman including the world about your past relationship with Katniss. You know that I will never tell anyone about it; that I will take it to my grave." Finnick said being sensor and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Cashmere's a nice woman but give her some liquor and the bitch side comes out." I confessed the truth about my castmate and friend. "Thank you for keeping my secret man, that means a lot. I just hope she sees this." I nodded my head and held my head up high.

"Anytime and what are friends for?" Finnick said with a small smile then looked down at his watch on his wrist and I grabbed my phone to check out the time seeing it's eight o'clock. "We should probably get going and we all have a long day tomorrow including the next couple of weeks. Night bro." He said walking backwards still facing me then turning his body away walking back to the living room. "AY, COME PEOPLE LET'S GO! TIME TO CALL IT A NIGHT!" Finnick yelled to get everyone out of my penthouse.

"WHAT?" "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" My friend's yelled being disappointed putting their glasses on my coffee table.

I smirked to myself and laughed a little shaking off my anger before going back into my living room.

"FIN'S RIGHT EVERYBODY! OUR MANAGERS WILL KILL US IF WE ALL HAVE HANGOVERS TILL SIX IN THE MORNING!" Annie yelled clapped her hands together getting everyone's attention by getting off my couches, getting on their feet, and leaving towards my front door.

"Thank you, Finnick and Annie; owe you guy's big time. They're right and I'll see you guys in a couple of days." I waved to my friends and seeing District's four love birds from Dallas, Texas leaving my penthouse.

I sighted out loud and placed my hands on the back of my head then walking over to the living room to start picking cups and small plates in my hands and walking over to the kitchen heading over to the sink. I turned on the left faucet and grabbing a sponge already in soap then start scrubbing them.

Five minutes later…

I wiped down the coffee table making sure it's perfect to my standards. My penthouse phone rings and walking over to my bookshelf that held my awards and photos from previous works. I walk to the left side of the wall and answering it. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hello Mister Mellark, I'm so sorry for bothering you at this time but there's someone here to see you." Eddie at the front desk said being professional and apologetic.

"It's okay Eddie; don't worry about it. Um, who's the person?" I asked wanting to know.

"Her name's Lily Everdeen, that's what she told me. Should I send her up?" Eddie asked.

'Lily? I don't know anyone name Lilly, who's this girl?' I mentally asked myself and shaking my head up.

"Mister Mellark, are you still there?" I can hear Eddie's voice addressing my name.

"Yeah, yes. I'm still here and send her up." I hanged up the house phone and paced back and forth trying to figure out whose Lilly Everdeen? It can't be Mrs. Everdeen and they don't have extended family members.

The doorbell rings. I quickly walked over to the front door and opening it. I turn to the left then right. 'I guess she took off?' I shrugged my shoulders lightly closing the front door.

"Hey, don't close the door!" A voice said raising her voice.

I open the door and looking down at a little girl who appears about eight years old with brown hair in one braid and looking up at me with sliver eyes. The brunette little girl is dressed in a dark green jacket with jeans and black boots. She held right hand on the backpack strap front of her black and orange backpack. The other hand is holding up a small long black bag by her feet.

"Are you selling Girl Scout cookies little girl? Here I'll take chocolate mint." I replied bending down to her eye level and getting out my wallet.

"I'm not selling any Girl Scout cookies. I'm looking for my father." She said being serious.

I placed my wallet back into my back pocket and still kept my eyes on her. 'She looks just like, no, she can't?' "Where is he? I can help you find him for you." I said being sensor wanting to help this little find her father.

"He's actually standing right in front of me. Hello, we have never met before. My name is Lilly Everdeen and I'm your daughter. Katniss Everdeen is my mother." The brunette little girl slings her backpack forward opening a long envelop holding it up to me. "Here's my birth certificate if you don't believe me." Lily's sliver eyes still looks at me and she's a spitting image of Katniss.

So… what do you guys think so far? I know I should have used Willow for their daughter's name but I wanted to break free of it by using a different name but still using flower based names. Told you I put my twist into this story and tell me what you think of this chapter. If this story gets reviews and followers then I'll write chapter two.

Again I haven't forgot about Lost Love and still working on chapter twelve.