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"Jeremy, there is no such thing as ghosts."

"Your mother's right, son. Maybe next time you shouldn't stay up so late."

It had been a week since Jeremy had met Danny. At first, he couldn't wait to tell his friends and family about the ghost boy. But no one believed him! His parents grounded him for staying up so late and told him that his friend had been a dream. Mr. Davis, his teacher, had told him that he was hallucinating... whatever that meant. His classmates just said he was crazy. The friends he had had distanced themselves from him (most likely because their parents had thought he was crazy, too). He was a alone, for the first time in his week of kindergarten.

"Mom! Dad! I know what I saw, and I saw a ghost. He was really nice- even said we'd meet again!" And he was not going to forget that either. He really wanted to see Danny again, especially since most of his class was now scared to go near him.

"I'm telling you he's real!"

"Flying people aren't real. My mommy said so." Shelby argued. Jeremy was getting tired of his classmate's habit of disagreeing with everything, but Jeremy's mother had once told him you can't deny the truth, so the five-year-old didn't understand why everyone was denying the truth that Danny was real. He'd seen the older boy with his own eyes: of course he was real!

"Look, baby," Jack, the oldest kid in the kindergarten at the age of six, patronized. "You have fun with your imaginary friend. We all know you need one."

"Hey!" Shelby turned to the older boy. "I have an imaginary friend too..."

"There's nothing wrong with imaginary friends..." Jack placated. "You are just a little girl."

"I am not a little girl!" And with that, Jack got socked in the stomach. Doubling over, the boy started wailing for the teacher.

"...Danny Phantom isn't an imaginary friend..."

"Whatever," Shelby scoffed, obviously not believing. "Let's just leave before the teacher comes over."

After running away in the opposite direction of Shelby, it wasn't long before Jeremy found himself alone. Sitting down and hugging his legs in an attempt to calm down, he mumbled a few stronger-than-they-seemed words.

"I wish they could all see Danny and know I wasn't lying."

Burying his head into his knees, Jeremy was startled when a voice answered back.

"Your wish is my comman-"

"Not again, Desiree!"

Suddenly there was green plasma shooting through the ghost's- he just knew it!- stomach.

If Jeremy knew the meaning of irony, he would've said it was ironic. That by stopping the wishing ghost, Danny had made his wish come true. And he had- everyone on the playground, from Jack still crying on the ground to Shelby all the way over on the far swing set, was looking on as the two ghosts engaged in battle.

Bam! Desiree took a punch to the gut. Pow! Danny Phantom found himself stomach down on the ground. Wammo! Danny was back up and Desiree had taken a wall to the back. Sshlip! Desiree was being sucked into a soup thermos, one of the ones Jeremy's older sister took to school a lot.

That's when Danny turned back, back to the shocked students and even more shocked teachers. Before anyone knew what was happening, Jeremy was running up to the standing- now with two legs instead of a tail- ghost and hugged him around the waist.

It'd been a busy week for Danny, fighting Desiree for the first, second, and now the third times. Barely getting any sleep because anytime he did Technus or Skulker or some random little ghost decided to attack. Not having any free time because he spent most of his afternoon in detention for falling asleep in class and most of his evening getting through as much homework as he could before either a ghost attacked or he passed out.

It had been a long week, but somehow that all seemed forgotten when Jeremy hugged him. He forgot his exhaustion in that moment. In that moment all he knew was that he'd probably just saved this kid's life- Desiree could be dangerous if your wish was vague enough- that Jeremy was safe. Maybe he didn't know the five year old very well, but somehow, it just made it all worth it, to know that his sacrifices were benefiting someone.

He was helping someone.

"So he is real."

"I told you so!"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Maybe you're not a complete baby."


"Still can't believe how hard she punches. My head still hurts!"

"Believe it. I'm planning on going into boxing."

"That's cool I guess. When did you get here?"

"Just now, really. You know, I have a pool at my house."

"And I have a swimsuit."

"Me too!"

"You guys should come over and swim sometime."


"I like swimming."

Danny smiled to himself as he invisibly watched the three kids walking out of school together, then flew off towards his own school.

He had to meet up with Sam and Tucker- the two of whom had been covering for him- for detention, after all.

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