I open the door and, thankfully, they wait to throw anything at me until the door is completely closed. When that happens, Hothorne has me pinned to the door and mom is behind him, "What was that all about?"

She sounds calm, too calm, "Just a project that needed to get done so we don't have to deal with each other longer than necessary."

She walks over and runs her nails down my cheek, "You slimy, lying whore," she says, "You were selling yourself to them."

"No, I swear to it," if she's calm, it's best not to test the waters and just to keep calm.

"Whores always swear they don't," she chuckles, "I'm heading out. Have a good night you two."

Hothorne drops me and I scurry away from the door, I didn't notice the form fitting party dress, but it's best not to argue.

She leaves and Hothorne gives me a look I know all too well. I run like a madman to my room so I can lock the door, but, unfortunately, he makes it in time to prop the door open with his shoe.

"Please, Hothorne, I beg you, please!"

I can hear him grinning and it is not any of the good ones, "You like it. Don't deny it, slut."

All my weight is on the door, but he's bigger than me. He pushes all his weight and I fall to the ground.

"No! Hothorne, for Merlin's sake, please don't!"

That evil grin is in full force.

I want to cry.

I won't.

I want to run.

I can't.

I want to die.

The idea of my mate keeps me from doing so.


He pulls me by the hair and throws me onto the bed, "You brought this upon yourself," he straddles me as I thrash about, pinning my hands above my head with his left hand, alone, "You know you deserve to be punished," he slaps me, "I wouldn't have to do this if you weren't such a lowlife, slimy, whore, evil Slytherin," he starts ripping my clothes off, his as well.

I can feel his hard, I feel like I'm going to be sick.

He's my brother.

He's going to have a mate.

I feel him taking off my pants and panties. I feel my head spinning.

He's taking his pants and boxers off. I'm going to throw up.

He positions himself and penetrates me. Hard. I cry out.

It's raw. He's grunting. I'm trying so, so hard not to cry or scream or move. The more I do those three things, the longer it lasts. I turn my head to the side and just look out my window, dreaming for escape, for someone to save me. Fairytales.

There are no 'Knights in Shining Armor'. There is only the escape of the mind and when I am finally able to leave.

I can still feel him inside me, grunting and, after what feels like an eternity, he ejaculates inside me, "If you weren't such a slut I wouldn't have to do this to you," he says with an after sex voice.

He leaves my room and slams the door shut. I hear his door slam not two minutes later.

"I'm not a slut," I say with a quiet voice, tears making trails along my cheeks, "You took it, you asshole. You took it. I'm tainted because of you, no one else. My mate won't want me. I'm too broken, too dirty, too tainted, too... Pathetic."

This is the darkest secret I have, the only one that not even my closest friends know about. The only one who knows of this is the one person who no one would think would care, Tom Riddle or, as the rest of the world knows him, Voldemort. Tom is a sweet man, only cruel when he needs to be. He has given me the confidence and the reassurance of my mate wanting me. He has become a father figure to me. I believe in what he actually stands for, he wants change for the benefit of both worlds, not what the 'light' side says he stands for.

The pain is intense, I can barely move my lower half. I pull out the potion, that Tom made for me, from my nightstand and drink it. A few moments later I can move without any pain. I go to the bathroom quietly, stopping by Hothorne's room to hear his deep snoring, to clean myself up.

It feels like needles as I'm cleaning up, but it is better than the alternative.

I make it back to my room, contemplating leaving and staying the night in the woods, whether or not to wake Hothorne up in the morning.

I want to die right now.

I want to text or call my friends and whine and cry, but I don't think they would appreciate it. Let them live in their blissful reality that my life is only bad to the point where I am neglected at some level.

Ha, I wish I was neglected the way they think I am.

Just a bit longer and I'll be out of this fucking place. I curl up on my bed, facing the door, a knife in my hand. I desperately want to have my wand, but no.

I hear my window open slowly and a light thump. I sit-up and turn quickly, knife held tightly and pointed at the intruder.

What I saw I almost couldn't comprehend. It was a boy in a purple costume with a question mark on his head, an 'M' on his chest and his face is covered by a hood. I wanted to laugh, "Who the fuck are you?" my voice is shaky, a sign of weakness. Pathetic.

"My name is Mysterion," his voice is horse, for identity bull shit.

"Why the fuck are you here?" my confidence is growing, an unknown person in my room could be much, much worse than what I normally go through.

"I'm the protector of this town and I need to know if you and your family are a threat."

This makes my blood boil, but I guess he has a point, "No, we're not," I state, "Now get the fuck out of my room, before I do something you'll regret."

"That is where you are wrong."

The feeling I'm getting from him is calming, I feel whole, "How so?"

"I can't die."

"Who said anything about killing you?" I ask, sweetly.

He hums, his voice is hoarse. Might I ask as to your true identity? No, I will not ask. If the butterflies in my stomach indicate anything it is one of the McCormick boys, "What else could you mean?"

I've been trained by the best. Bellatrix, Severus, the Weasley twins and their two eldest brothers, Lucius, Narcissa, and Tom himself, "Why don't you run along home, kid? You will surly get killed breaking into someone's home. Even if you claim you can't die."

"I just want to know what the fuck happened to your face," he says.

"Don't worry about trivial things," Why are people concerned? It doesn't involve them, "Why not run along home and stop playing superhero?"

"This town needs a protector."

"You need to learn that not everyone or everything can, or should, be protected."

He gives me a stern look, but says nothing. I hear Hothorne yell insults, he's dreaming, but I jump none the less, "Does he frighten you?"

"No, my brother is just very vocal in his sleep."

"You no good little whore!"

"He sounds very loving and caring," sarcasm lacing his voice.

"No one's going to want you after what has transpired between us!" Laughing follows.

My heart drops, I freeze, "What is he talking about?"

"Nothing," I say calmly, "Please leave."

He just hums again, "I am always watching and will protect the weak."

"May I inquire your true identity?" What he said disturbed me on some level.

"No, but you do know me," and with that he went out the window.

How odd. Hothorne keeps yelling and laughing, then he yells something that I had hoped he would never... "Oh, I popped your cherry, took away the most precious thing you have, sorry, had! Now NOT A SOUL will want you!" he just keeps laughing.

Fuck it. I can't do it. Merlin, please, let them have mercy on me when it comes time to punish me tomorrow."

I climb out of bed and pack a bag. Clothes for tomorrow and toiletries are packed. His voice brings back the nightmares that haunt me. I take one more look around my room and find my book bag.

His demonic laugh fills the air, how is he a Gryffindore?

I should be a bloody Hufflepuff, being as pathetic as I am.

I grab my phone and jump out my window, the landing hurt a bit, but I'm okay. I walk around and make it to Starks Pond. I climb a pine tree, as high as I can and settle on a very sturdy branch.

My phone is in my hand, looking through the contacts to find the man I consider to be my father.

I will not call nor text. People don't need to hear me complain. A text appears, from Craig? 'You're probably asleep right now, but just know, if you ever need to talk my friends and I are here to listen.'

I reread it several times. He only says this so HE feels like he is of some help, to keep himself from feeling anything negative because he did, in fact, offer.

I don't reply.

I decide to get ahold of Blaise, 'Hey, just wanted to see how you are doing as a muggle. I bet you're asleep, but just thought I'd get ahold of you.'

I look at the time and it's midnight. Clouds cover portions of the moon, but the light still shines bright, "At least the moon is my companion, my friend."

I sigh, and set my alarm for five. I close my eyes and fall into a rather uncomfortable sleep.

I awake to the sound of my alarm, I changed the sound to birds chirping as not to startle the animals anymore than I already have.

I climb down from my wooden sanctuary and strip naked, then remembering that I didn't pack a towel, fuck. I can't care about that, I have to take what I can get, so I'll have to dry using my dirty clothes.

I climb into the pond, the cold water making me shiver, but it makes no difference. I wade further into the water, and dive in when it reaches just above my waist. The water seems to become warmer as my body adjusts to its temperature. I get out of the water to retrieve my shampoo and body wash, thankful that I make it myself. I dive back in to rinse off the bubbles that cover my body. I come out again, cursing the fact that I don't have a fucking towel.

"I think I understand now the importance of bringing a towel."

"Did someone forget a towel?" I turn sharply to see a TALKING towel.

"Um, yes," I'm confused, I sense no magic, "and you are?"

"Towelie," he says, "Wanna get high?"

"Um, may I use you as a towel first?"

He allows me to and I get dressed, it's only a quarter to six and I'm smoking with a towel. He must be a muggle invention. How odd.

"You new in town?"


"Why are you out here and not in a warm bed?"

"Personal reasons."

"Come on, you can tell Towelie."

I sigh, "My brother said some things that I couldn't stand to listen to, so I left."

We each smoke some more, but the topic is dropped. It's six-thirty when we finally decide to part. I have to sober up before school anyway. I walk to Tweak Bros. and get a strong dark roast. I make it to school early and relax against a tree, I get a call at a quarter after seven, it's my home phone, I send it straight to voice mail, I know what the damn 'conversation' will be about.

Once the phone shows that I have a new message I listen to it. I'm getting bitched out again, but I was locked out of my house, how can I wake him up if I'm not there? I am still fearful, but why do I need to be his keeper? I'm not his mate.

The boys show up and we talk about last night, a topic I do NOT wish to revisit, but they insist.

"Can one of you tell me who the fuck this Mysterion guy is?"

"No one knows who he is," Craig says, "Why do you ask?"

"He broke into my bloody room!"

"That sucks," Kenny says.

"Where's your brother?" Kevin asks.

"Nikole!" Speak of the devil and he shall appear, "You little bitch, get your sorry ass over here!" I don't want to move, "You piece of shit! Did I stutter? Get over here!"

"I-I have to go," I say. I turn and face my doom. Everyone is watching, even the teachers, who aren't even trying to stop what will, inevitably, occur.

I put on the mask, I'm a Slytherin after all, we do not look fearful in front of our peers.

My mother is there, I didn't even notice her until now.

I reach my brother, he's seething, once I am close enough he punches me in the same eye he did yesterday. I'm going to be blind in that eye, at least, until my inheritance. I fall to the ground, where he kicks me in the stomach and ribs and then spits on me. He drops down and whispers in my ear, "Just wait 'til tonight. Mom's going out again."

He walks away and my mother drives away. He walks inside the building and everyone starts whispering. I pick myself up and perform the 'perfected' Malfoy sneer. I walk to the bathroom to look at my abdomen, large fucking bruises are definitely in my future.

I go about my day the same I would at Hogwarts, but I go to the library to be productive. I head to choir and everyone is looking at me, I get into place and everyone starts laughing at me, even the three boys who I thought I was building a relationship with. Everyone has been laughing at me all day, but that's alright.

"Did you see the video of your beating?" one girl asks.

"It's gone viral."

"Several thousand have seen it!"

I keep up my mask, "And you all think I give a bloody fuck about that? I have better things to do or worry about than some stupid video."

The bell finally rings and I head to the local library alone, even with Craig, his buddies and the McCormick's trying to stop me. It's a blizzard out. The more these people laugh, the more I have to hold back my magic, the worse the blizzard gets.

On my way, my phone rings, "Hello?" I growl, not caring who is on the other end.

"Calm down, Nikky, how are doing since this morning?"

"I'm fine, Dray, really. I just hate that everyone is laughing because I didn't fight back," I growl, "How'd you find out?"

"Muggle device called 'YouTube'," he says, "If they knew why you didn't then they wouldn't be laughing."


"Hey, the gang and I are coming to visit you to help celebrate your birthday."

I can't help but to smile, "You guys are the best."

"We know."

"You smug, little, rich bastard," I laugh, "Merlin, I miss you guys."

"Miss you too, hey, I got muggle homework to do,"-"Me too,"-"Talk to you soon."

"Alright, see ya," -Click-

The snow is still strong, but I make it to my destination. I wrote a note and put it on the front door that I was going to the library after school to try and finish a majority of my school work.

I look for my books and found them all. I'm one of the few people, who don't work here, that are in this facility. Books about the 'Dark Ages,' 'Hypathia,' 'Archimedes,' 'Jane Austen,' 'Henry Purcell,' 'Leonardo Da Vinci,' and 'Babe Ruth'.

I spent the rest of my day reading and taking notes, thankful that it is quiet here. No one enters the building, but I do have several messages in both forms. Thankfully, I did set my phone to vibrate and left it in my bag. I know the only things I have had today is coffee, water and a granola bar from a vending machine, but that's okay. My notes for three out of the seven are done and their books are put back, I'm now on Ms. Jane Austen. I look at the clock, school ended at two and it is five, an hour per topic I should have the basics done by nine.

I take a break after Purcell, only fifteen minutes, but enough for my eyes to relax. I'm a speed reader and, yet, remember everything I've read and the images within them as well. My hand writing is like chicken scratch when I write while reading, but I always rewrite them.

I go to the restroom and come back to start on Da Vinci. The library closes at eleven so I have plenty of time. I finish at nine, but rewrite and add on to my notes. I'm out the door of the library at a quarter after ten and I head back to my hell.

I walk to my front door to find a note on it, 'You weren't home by ten, so you are locked out. Have fun sleeping outside, whore. -Your Mother'

I tried the door, just in case and, indeed, it was locked.

I am happy the twins taught me how to pick a lock. I never go anywhere without a few hairpins. I get in and head to my room, I can hear Hothorne's snores from his room and I walk to my mother's door, nothing. Oh, right, she was going out tonight. I locked the front door after coming in, just in case she comes home.

I pack another bag without a light, with more clothes than last night, but I wait until midnight to take a shower. I get out and clean it to make it seem like nothing happened. I'm getting dressed in the dark when I hear the door unlock and a drunk voice rings through the air. Footsteps, that are incredibly loud, make their way up the steps and make their way to my mother's door, where I hear a collapse on her bed.

I make my way out my window, again. I make it back to 'my' tree and head to 'bed.'

School the next day was horrible. Apparently, Hothorne told everyone that I was locked out and sold myself for a place to stay the night.

Great here comes my 'partner,' Craig, "Hey."

I just nod and the teacher walks in, "I want a progress report on who has started their project and proof," she starts.

"Oh shit," could be heard all across the room.

I pull out the folder that I placed my notes in and set the ones for this class on the table, "You did all this?"

"Yeah, at the library, I was there until after ten taking all the notes I could just in case this happened," I growl.

"I'm sorry I didn't show, but the weather sucked."

"It calmed down after four," I tell him, "You could have shown up then."

"I thought you went home, so I hung out with my friends."

I roll my eyes, "Whatever, I don't care. I'll do the work and you can just SAY you helped."

That shut him up, right before the teacher got to us, "Do you two have YOUR work?"

"Yes, ma'am," I say, "Here is the start of our work, it's not much but we spent quite some time working on it."

"You two get ten bonus points for having your project started."

The day passed on in the same way, I was one of the only people to have it started. It came time for lunch again and I was in the library taking more notes. The librarian sets a Coke in front of me, I give her an odd look, and she walks away, "O-Kay?"

I get back to my new routine.

I head to choir and get tripped on my way in. I don't go down, not all the way, I land on one knee and my other foot is planted firmly on the ground. I get up and head to my spot, everyone's laughing. I can feel my magic on my fingertips, I hope no one touches my hands.

We start the music after attendance and checking on our project progress. I close off my sense of the people around me and focus on the music and our director. I have the easiest part, I'm the only one who was put there, so I don't have to worry about blending with other first sopranos. When class is over, the sun is out and everyone is talking about how wonderful it is.

I make my way to the exit when someone calls my name, I turn and see Kenny. I do NOT want to talk to him, not when he was laughing at me too. I turn back around and walk a bit faster, but I get stopped when a hand gets ahold of my arm, stopping and turning me, "Can we talk?"

"What's there to talk about?" I demand getting free of his grip.

I didn't notice Kevin and Craig there too, "Everyone look! She's about to get her ass kicked again!" Everyone starts laughing and getting their phones out.

"Nikole, come on, let's-"

"Shut up and leave me alone," I growl, "Why don't you befriend Hothorne and leave me to my own devices! Everyone else has!"

I detest these muggles, I just want to go home. Kevin and Craig grab both my arms and start pulling me with them. Everyone is laughing. I get pushed into Craig's car and we get to his house.

I try to make a break for it, but I can't open the door, the McCormick brothers are in front of my door when Craig finally unlocks this fucking muggle invention. They stop me from running, I tried.

These two are strong and I get dragged into the house, up the stairs and into his room. I haven't stopped thrashing or trying to get out of this fucking room, "What's wrong with you?"

"Leave me alone!" I growl.

"Relax, doll. We just want to talk," Kevin says with his hands held up in a submissive position.

I take a deep breath and my magic is flowing through my whole body, I need to relax, but I'm scared, "Wh-What about?"

"What the fuck was that about, this morning, I mean?"

I remain silent, my phone alerts me of a text, but I don't look, "Come on, you can tell us," Craig says.

"No, I can't," I reply.

"You can trust us," Kevin says.

'Trust them,' that voice says, 'They can help.'

"I don't think I can," I say, "I'm sorry."

"What can we do to make you trust us?" Craig asks.

No one has ever asked me that, I only trust those in Slytherin and a few from other houses, I am rather confused, "You know, no one has ever asked me something like that before."

Kevin gets up and starts walking towards me, "Then how did your friends back home gain your trust?" My back is, literally, against the wall, he puts both hands on either side of me, blocking my only two escape routes. He's so close to me, I can feel his breath on my face, I turn my head away, he slams one of his hands above my head, "Answer me!"

I can feel tears falling from my eyes, and a whimper escapes my throat. Memories of Hothorne and his buddies...

Kevin backs away like I'm the plague, "What the fuck?"

'They won't hurt you,' that fucking voice is driving me insane, 'Trust them.'

I feel myself slipping to the ground, well, getting led to it I guess, "Just once, take a chance and trust us."

I can't face them, but Kenny's body is cool, "You won't want me around."

"We will," he says after a moment.

I might as well, I have nothing to lose, "I was r-r-r... I can't say it," I put my head on the door, why can't I say it? Why can't I tell them? I could tell Tom.

"I think I know what you were going to say," it's Craig.

"What?" Kevin asks.

"Think about it McCormick," he starts, "Her brother is controlling and beats her, she is terrified of him, she doesn't trust anyone and is ready to run at a moments notice. Connect the dots," no one says anything, he gives a heavy sigh, "Rape."

I stiffen at the one word I have only been able to say to one person. That one word haunts me, kills me, destroys me.

I feel arms tighten around me, I feel safe. Kenny's body stiffens and pulls me so very close, "I- He- That's not true! It can't be true!"

I try to wiggle away from him, what he said hurt.

I feel empty.

What he said shouldn't mean this much to me.

What's wrong with me?