Chapter I

The time has come for Hades to awaken with not just his horrific power, but with a new tactic to ensure the darkness's win. He has called upon the Gods and Goddesses who once had a common interest against anything light. Thanatos, the grateful God of Death; Pandora, Goddess of Destruction and Calamity; Pyrrhon Remorse, the greed for power alive again, and! The one and only Viridi, the pure hatred towards all humans on the Surface. Though, the two years Hades has been asleep, he's not yet aware of the changes across the sky.

After the war, Thanatos made haste to soul collecting. All those mortals who lost their lives during the era of war, has now been wandering endlessly in the much crowded world. To which such dead souls gave the skies a cloudy, grey feel that only worsened the war's aftermath. New said ruler of the skies, Lady Palutena gave power to Thanatos and agreed on peace if he continues to purify the world. With much apply, soul collecting became a hobby for the God and he resides happily in his Underhell Palace of The Dead.

Viridi remains unmoved to spare any human and plans on rebuilding her reset factories, her current state causing poor crops for the humans. Changing the Goddess's ways were the Light's Duo, Lady Palutena and Pit's number one priority. Since day one of Hades's death, Lady Palutena assembled her angel's new line of duty as, peacemaker. Viridi finds Pit recurring in all parts of day; there to remind her of his forever care for the mortals and that the Heavens resemble that of mortals themselves. Humans kill each other; Gods and Goddesses tear each other from existence, humans are bound by greed; Gods and Goddesses want power over each other; and finally Gods and Goddesses were once human as well. Throughout all the cries for peace, Viridi who had built a wall between Pit and Lady Palutena, ceased to break it down. She remained annoyed by the Goddess and angel's stupid remarks, she will not accept defeat and absolutely will not accept her feelings towards that angel of light. That wall between them will surely give out sooner or later.

As for the hero's counterpart with his usual independent self, Dark Pit broke off any connection of help from any God or Goddess. He voluntarily fights off any remaining forces of dark, where he believes that will train him for yet another rematch with Pit. He's sometimes seen relentlessly taking out monsters this way and that, and when not, he goes out to make fun of his fellow "friends" Pit and Viridi. He doesn't accept an alliance with the light or the nature, but prefers to work alone. Well kinda. Without such help from anyone, Dark Pit was basically no one; he couldn't fly or summon any weapon like he used to. And so, this where Pandora comes along.

The Amazon accepted her defeat and retired to something else that would entertain her endless spirit. Even with her power, she was grew bored and saw how alone she really was; Thanatos was happy with his souls, Viridi who was accompanied by Arlon and Phosphora, was never alone with Pit always bothering her. And that Pit also had someone by his side, Lady Palutena who always welcomes him home for dinner and cares for him as a mother would. Being given that knowledge, she then thought of the other angel. Pandora set off to find what she had once long ago created in the Mirror of Truth; her angel. Knowing how Dark Pit always is, the Goddess made a deal; if said angel comes along with her, she'll part her powers for said angel and also give said angel a home. And how is that possibly any different from Viridi or Lady Palutena's deal? Well when Dark Pit refused, Pandora insisted that she'll also teach him with her warrior knowledge before she died. And if it was to beat Pit in a battle, the dark angel gave in and sacrificed his pride to which he was adopted into the new home of the Amazon. At first resentful to the Goddess, they together resemble a family alike Lady Palutena and Pit's and live peacefully. With all Pandora's focus towards her angel, the mortal world bore less and less natural disasters.

Everyone was continuing their lives for the better, moving on and trying to forget the struggle the war created. Skies were calm until the day Hades first open his eyes once again. With his power slowly growing and his intentions unknown, how will the people of light fight back? How will humans take things into their own hands to fight for a battle no history could ever tell?

So it starts; a new day, a new war. This is Kid Icarus ll Ascend.

This is my reboot of Forbidden Love and I decided just to make it this grand story; this means the love aspect will no longer be the main focus but no worries, Dark Pit is still in favor.

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