Chapter III
Roses Without Thorns

"He's definitely insulting me," a flame ignited in the Goddess of Nature. She paced back and forth with sharp steps, her arms crossed and her expression became increasingly irritated. "I mean just look!" Stopping, she pointed with two hands in the direction of the angel running around the plants of her garden. Arlon gazed towards the boy and saw him harmlessly playing with the forces of nature, where an Urgle teamed up with the angel to a game resembling human handball. A Pew Pew, target looking creature shot out little rock Trynamites where the team had to catch and dunk it into a Dibble Dob's water bag body across the garden. On the way, the team had to dodge Hugworms that crawled up from the ground like snakes and massive rolling Megontas. Arlon almost laughed as the angel did when a Boom Stomper fell onto a Mudrone in the middle of the game. Pit attempted to help the poor Boom Stomper but ended up getting squashed as it accidently turned over on top of him.

Arlon turned back to his mistress and took a sip of his tea before saying, "how so?"

"He- he's testing me somehow, or learning the secrets of my army!" She paced across the open hall again. As her rage grew so did the plants around her, vines stretched out and flowers bloomed. Her very existence reflected over her whole garden as well as the human world below. "What if another war breaks out, Arlon? We should bring down Palutena and Pit right now!" A flutter of autumn leaves circled her, first green but then burning into warm colors of reds and oranges and yellows.

"Try to be a bit more… serene, mistress." Arlon replied, setting down his tea cup. He then ordered Cragalanche to help lift the Boom Stomper off of the angel. He chuckled lightly, "I mean really, look at him." The two commanders of the nature could see Pit currently rolling around in his mud-soaked toga with a handful of other creatures. And he really was the one who saved the sky from Hades?

Pit stood up and tried to wipe off all the mud from his garments, he laughed and spoke in a very hazy voice, "woah that was close, what would've happen if I died there heheh...?" A nearby creature played the I'm finished tune. "Haha nice!" Pit laughed and high-fived the it's head.

This made Viridi face-palm. The idioticness was probably too much. "Time to end this," she sighed stressfully and then spoke with her unique authoritative voice, "Pit! Out, now."

"But you just let me in-"

"I don't care," she pinched in between her eyes. "Out, or else!"

There was a hint of smug in the angel's posture, "ha what're you going to do? Make me eat vegetables-?"

"Who do you take me for?" Viridi shook her head in confusion, "Goddess of Food?"

"Whatever that's not the point," he then smirked proudly, "Palutena and I have been eating healthy recently; broccoli and carrots are nothing to me."

You got to be kidding, "that's it," the Goddess shook her head and then summoned a creature of nature. "Dipple Dop! Use water bomb!"

That smirk instantly disappeared. "WHAT? VIRIDI!" He tumbled to dodge and ran to escape the mob of creatures attacking. He started to yell, "I am Pit, servant of the Goddess of Light and Ruler of Skyworld! Her wishes are at my command in order for peace to be withheld! Be prepared to meet the light-"

The Goddess of Nature started to bang her head against the trunk of a nearby tree. By then, Arlon remained in the background reading a book and drinking his tea, finding the back and forth routine to be old. The Forces of Nature also were used to the kid's little fights everyday or whenever the angel would visit. They're described as kids because that's exactly how they acted.

"-Just give it up already, treehugger!"

"Bald wings!" She retorted.

Pit dramatically gasped towards the touchy subject that should never be spoken. Reaching over to comfort the feathers that began to shrink behind his back, he frowned shamefully, "don't you mean, Hero of Skyworld?" He placed his hand below his chin, "yes, now that's a better title! The Mighty Angel! Great Winged Savior! Thee Kid Icarus!"

"Ha! Did you forget about Pit-stain?"

"Oh yeah?" Pit stomped a step closer, "what are you- LETTUCE?"

"That's the worse comeback I've ever heard!" Viridi turned around to her companion. "Arlon! Do something!"

"Now Mistress Viridi, why in the sky would I attack when I'm too busy defending?" He took another sip of his tea.

"Defending what?"

He glanced away, almost guilty and then mumbled more to himself, "perhaps the only peace that remains…"

A flash of light followed by a laugh alerted everyone in the garden. It was that familiar sly tone everyone knew, Thanatos especially knew that voice very well. Phosphora wasn't fully aware of Pit's presence yet, "hey Viridi, I finished transporting your package to-"

"What package!?" This made the little goddess noticeably nervous. It didn't help that Arlon nearly choked by snickering in the background. And as the goddess became red in the cheeks, the angel curiously stepped closer and closer to the lightning girl and maybe get some questions answered.

He smirked, "yeah… what package, Phosphora?"

In return the lightning girl flipped her hair, "oh I didn't know you were here this early."

The angel repeated, getting a little closer, "what package?"

"Well…" she glanced towards her mistress behind the angel, arms waving in the air and her head shaking way too fast. "It was strictly stated that none of the Forces of Light should know…"

"Interesting…" Pit shook his head slowly then whipped around to stare at the goddess who yelled she didn't know anything about packages.

Phosphora stood her ground, hands on her hips, "yeah sorry kid."

"How about we make a deal?" The angel suggested as Viridi cried.

"A deal?"

"Yup, how about… I get Lady Palutena's permission for the Lightning Chariot for you?"

"Deal." She smiled, "heheh I was going to tell you anyways because that's what I like about you- you always get my Viridi off guard!"

"I'll fire you!" The goddess threaten but too late.

Phosphora told, "so there was this small village out in the east that really needed to get their farm game up and Viridi told me to cause a storm over them, ya know for those thirsty crops. A light storm or whatever because Viridi told me not to damage anything. And then like this morning she told me to destroy a package of her miracle stuff over the village and now, tiny village has food." She winked before opening another portal, "I'm heading to Palutena's, see ya Viridi, see ya Arlon."

"You're a great storyteller, Phosph," called the angel after her. Pit then turned around for Viridi who hid behind her serene servant. The Forces of Nature jittered around close by, as if they were laughing along. Some even hid their face, embarrassed for their master. The angel smiled, "hey Viridiiii."


"Hehe-hey!" He laughed. "So you actually do care, huh?"

"Don't get me wrong, dweeb." Viridi crossed her arms, looking away. "Their village was an eyesore, no green at all, I had to do something. Not for them, alright? It was for me."

"Sure it was," Pit snickered as well as getting a pat on the back from his own goddess back home.


It was nighttime before Viridi was able to come out of her room, she continued to whine to her nature companion Arlon, for the other one was out having fun, totally oblivious of the trouble she caused. More and more leaves began to whirl around in the wind caused by the goddess of the garden. "Argh! That was humiliating!" She paced back and forth once again. "I need help, someone who can't tolerate that crazy angel anymore than I do." Her mind raced through the faces of the game. "I need someone who knows Pit's weaknesses more than himself… I need someone who is strong enough to push him back… I need… Dark Pit." She laughed mischievously, "hm-hm-hm perfect!"

"Mistress, you're determination is what charms me." He opened up his own portal and tipped his head towards her, "clean up your mess before you rest, I shall be here tomorrow as well as summon Phosphora." And he left.

It was then the goddess actually saw her destruction. Vines over grew to her left and her right with leaves abnormally big. There were trees split in half with patches of flowers growing within them. A sea of grass stood as tall as the goddess herself and the creatures were all around, floating this way and that. Above, the moon highlighted every detail and beauty she creature with the overwhelming emotion from that angel. And so, calming down to her regular temperature, the Goddess of Nature got to work.

She raised her arms, gathering enormous power, sparkles twinkled around her and her whole body glowed lightly. With a flick of her wrist, the goddess moved the grass like wind, she twirled making the leaves shrink down, she bowed making the flowers twist together. In control of all that's around her, she spoke and the creatures march to the steady heartbeat of her garden in the sky. Where they helped her tidy all the green; the grass was walkable, the trees were together, and the flowers back where they were suppose to be. The goddess smiled when all was done, she thanked her Forces of Nature and said goodnight.

Even though all was set into peace again, a monstrous cloud floated close by. With it's dark form merged with the others, It blended perfectly in with the rest of the night. But within that cloud watched a devil of evil, beside him followed that last of the Dark Forces. "That is the divine power of the Goddess of Nature. Too bad she's gone soft, helping humans? How could she even think of it?" Hades turned to his assistant. "Don't worry Yu, we'll get her think straight once again. We just have to be patient."

END/NEXT TIME: Viridi finds Dark Pit sleeping in one of her trees.

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Phosphora, the Lightning Girl - is a little of girl of a little family that owned a little library. She did not like the neverending texts and paper, and she was absolutely sick of the smell of ink. As a child, Phosphora often left home to find the excitement of life; she became the quickest of the quick as she ran from people yelling, "stop thief!" no one was able to keep up with her her godlike speed and she laughed. Even though Phosphora was content with her abilities, she was not content with herself; the girl was lonely and one night she watched the stormy skies. She liked the sound of the thunder, the boom was powerful and quick like herself. Her thievery did not stop and one raging night, she ran with a long, beautiful, blue stolen scarf in hand. And though the girl was faster than anyone, she could not outrun lightning; a bolt struck and she was never seen again.