Jack walks up to the library with a lot of emotions. The biggest at the moment was disgust. Libraries always have and always will be boring and quiet. And Jack don't do quiet, but he has to due to his friend (total bookworm)Rapunzel's request of improving his grades. She says he'll get held back and she'll be lonely without him. And Rapunzal sad was scary, he has to say. That girl was always beaming. He doesn't think his grades are that bad...B,C,C,D,C,C. He takes that back: they aren't super bad.

When he walks in there's a desk and a huge amount of book shelfs behind it. This is one of those grand-like libraries with really big and tall everything. The woman (if she could be called that) at the desk was more tall than big, and most certainly young. She looked about 15, his age. Since when did kids his age work at libraries? Instead of voiceing his thoughts he asked where their history section was. "go right twice then up the stairs"His worst subject was History so he mine as well try and make it as evenly bad as the other subjects. Her turned right once and found himself in a supriseingly small hallway. He takes another right at the end and finds an old, bronze, spiral staircase. Instead of walking up the stairs like a normal person would, our 'cool' friend runs up the stairs.

At the top he almost trips over his own feet. Why did Jack almost trip? A boy, that's why. He's never been open with his slight attraction to boys but now he couldn't deny it. His. jaw. dropped. Across the small path next to the balcony was a boy sitting at a table. He could see fluffy brown hair, and medium built muscles. Instead of keeping calm and collected like he usually does (even when its a boy) he ran behind a bookshelf.

He had absolutely no chance if he didn't learn his name ,so he came up with a plan(which took forever because he had to make it look real and that's not always easy). After almost no debate about taking a hit on his pride he had a plan.

1. He would walk out from nearby

2. Once next to the table, trip over own feet

3. Hopefully he'll help him up and they'll introduce each other

Just as he's about to act out his plan the library clock chimed. 'Darn it! Stupid curfew' He decided to come back tomorrow earlier if he can. His father Dmitri "north" , was strict about curfew. He was on of the people who wants to protect his children forever. Emma, his sister, would want to help make the toys for their dads toy store so he'd have to head home now.

Before he leaves, he looks behind him at the boy and sees him staring straight at him! He quickly walks down the stairs head down. Jack wasn't sure how much of himself the boy saw but he had finally saw his eyes. And not only were they striking, but they were a beautiful green.

He walks out the library and doesn't notice Rapunzel until she yelled his name. He turns around. She almost asks "What's wrong?" But before she can, on his pale complexion, she sees a blush. She now tries to look very casual as she asks instead "Meet anyone cool while you were in there?"

Jack looks at the 2nd floor window about to respond but the boy was in the window staring at him again. So, he turns around blushing even more now and doesn't look up. Rapunzel notices this and looks to the window quick. Sadly for her, she only sees a receding shadow. She was hoping to see at least which gender it was. Jack never told her but she found out quick. By the time she turns around to try and pry it out of him ,he had already run down the street.

Oh well, he cant run away at school tomarrow.