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Chapter 1: Happenings at Ollivanders

Sirius Black wasn't the only innocent to be shackled in Azkaban. No, we could hardly flatter the Ministry of the 90's to have been competent enough to only let a mistake like that happen once. Nobody really knows how many of the tormented, broken souls were innocent, but it was certain that the man huddled in Cell 16A was. The blank, black eyes staring out at nothing as echoes of his past played like a frightening pantomime through his mind were grimly resolute – yes, this was a man who had learned very early on that life was anything but fair.

There is a cruel and rarely used spell called the "Memoria Evanui". It causes the victim to lose his memory – similar to the Muggle affliction of amnesia. The dissolving memories are like omnipresent itches the victim is unable to scratch. The caster can target specifically what the target forgets and what they don't – and these memories always remain in the person's mind, jus tantalisingly out of reach. Occasionally, the most tempting memories nearly surface, frustratingly out of reach. It slowly drives the person insane.

The worst part about being in Azkaban was being unable to remember why. He had been there for the good part of a decade, and everything before his fake death was an unreachable void. Only one thought kept him from slipping into the mercies of insanity. One thought. You protected them. You did it. You must have, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

No, I'm sure it wasn't the most cheerful existence.


Snow fluttered from the silvery grey clouds nestled about the well-worn cobblestones of Diagon Alley, as the shoppers down below bustled in a swirling mass of cloaks. Customers trickled through the many curious shops lining the street, hurriedly pushing and shoving in the annual back-to-school rush that arrived every late August. Flickers of conversations wafted through the breeze – gossiping, and of course commenting on the uncommonly cold weather.

Scorpius Malfoy scowled at the leaden skies – it had been disgustingly cold for the past few days, which was rare for late summer, even if it was nipping the heels of autumn. It really should be illegal for it to snow in August, he thought fiercely as he wrapped his thick cloak closer to his pale arms. He felt an arm wrap around his shoulders and give him a slight squeeze. He looked up and smiled at his mother, Astoria.

"It's just a little bit chilly," he said, giving an exaggerated shiver.

Astoria regarded him wryly.

"I'm sure you'll survive son."

Scorpius groaned. Astoria simply arched a manicured eyebrow.

"I doubt your Father and I spent 25 galleons to listen to you complain about being cold."

"Yeah, whatever," Scorpius muttered with all the attitude of a Malfoy who was nearly eleven. "It still shouldn't be snowing in bloody August."

"Language, brother!" Capricorn – who was in third year, but felt practically twenty-five – sauntered towards them, hands clasped to his ears. His face wore a comical mask of affront, and he leaned towards Scorpius's ear.

"The ladies like a lad who doesn't swear," he said in a conspiratorial stage whisper.

"I finally understand why you'll never marry – I thought it was just your looks," Scorpius retorted.

"That was harsh," Capricorn attempted to look hurt.

Astoria had joined Draco a few paces ahead of the boys, her dark head contrasting next to his platinum blond as they strode purposefully through the conveniently parting crowds. Being a Malfoy had to have some advantages.

"Boys, keep up!" Draco called, giving his wand an impatient tap on his palm.

"Coming Father," Capricorn responded stiffly, before swatting Scorpius's rear. "Keep up slow-poke," he teased, jogging ahead.

Scorpius followed.

"Now, Capricorn go with your mother to the Apothecary to get the last of your school supplies – Scorpius and I will get a wand, and then we can all meet at Florian's for ice-cream at one o'clock."

"Sounds good darling," Astoria took her eldest son's hand (much to his embarrassment), and with a crack they were gone. Scorpius winced in appreciation – Cap hated Side-Along Apparation.

"Come, Scorpius," Draco began again to make his way through the crowded streets, "We have much to do."

Scorpius followed wordlessly, giving the Quidditch store a languid look as they passed, which Draco chose to ignore.

"Where am I getting my wand from?" Scorpius fidgeted with the cuff of his robe.

"Ollivanders." Draco said the word like it was a disgusting swear word. "Don't listen to anything the man says, Scorpius. The man's a good wand maker – one of the best – but he's barmy as you like."

Scorpius gave a little smirk and nodded. His father stopped in front of a dingy shop door, and a shiver of apprehension trickled through Scorpius as he wondered about his wand. Scorpius looked at the door; he could just make out the word 'Ollivanders' written in ancient paint. Draco took a deep breath as if steeling his nerves before pushing the door open.

Odd, Scorpius thought.

A small bell tinkled as they stepped into the shop, and a very old man approached the front counter. His large eyes gleamed unnervingly in the dim light of the shop, and as he caught sight of Scorpius's father he uttered a chocked cry.

"Malfoy," he said sourly.

Scorpius felt his father's iron grip on his shoulders.

"Scorpius here is getting a wand," Draco said lightly, pushing Scorpius slightly towards the man.

"Ah," the man said shortly. He turned to Scorpius, and suddenly his whole tone changed. His voice grew rhythmical and distant, his voice lowered and his eyes got a faraway look in them as he spoke.

"I remember when your father came in here to get his first wand. I remember every wand I've ever sold. Why, I remember Harry Potter getting his wand a few minutes after your father… yes, now THAT was a wand…" Ollivanders voice grew distant as he wandered to the back of the shop, searching for a box. Scorpius turned to his father.

"Who's Harry Potter?" he asked curiously. Draco moistened his lips.

"Nobody you need to worry about. Just an Auror that helped me with some Ministry work once."

Ollivander emerged from his web of boxes, holding one out to Scorpius.

"Here, try this wand," Ollivander offered. "Just give her a little wave!"

Scorpius picked it up instantly and gave it a dramatic flourish. The tip immediately burst into flames, and Ollivander doused them with a cry of shock. Scorpius jumped back as the billowing smoke stung his eyes.

"No… definitely not that one," Ollivander hastily snatched the wand from Scorpius's hand. He produced a different wand; Scorpius picked it up gingerly this time. Nothing happened.

"Put a little spirit into it," Ollivander encouraged doubtfully. Scorpius waved it again, and a small puff of wind caused the candle on the front counter to flicker.

"No," Ollivander snatched the wand again. Wand after wand was rejected, until finally Ollivander returned with a smooth, obsidian black wand. Scorpius picked it up, and was immediately engulfed by warm, red light. Ollivander muttered in surprise and curiosity, but Scorpius wasn't listening.

"There you go Master Malfoy," Ollivander said to Scorpius, "Twelve inches, phoenix feather, hawthorn wood – like you father - …" Ollivander stopped and regarded Scorpius shrewdly. Scorpius struggled to keep his face cool as he locked eyes with the wand maker.

"Unyielding," Ollivander finished. "This wand could cast a nasty hex if you wanted it to, Master Malfoy. Very nasty indeed."

"Cool," was Scorpius's eleven year old response as he looked at his new wand, swishing it experimentally. Draco looked deep in thought.

"Mr Malfoy," Draco looked up to meet Ollivander's eternally piercing gaze. "I think you know who else had an unyielding wand, yes?"

Draco shook his head in confusing, his eyebrow twitching upward.

"Never mind, then. I'll be interested to see what your son does,"

"As will I," Draco returned stiffy. "As long as he's happy, I am."

Scorpius smiled.

Suddenly, the shop bell tinkled and another father and son entered. Scorpius gave them a customary glance before turning back to his precious new wand. Draco took out his purse and paid for the wand, before turning around to leave.

He stopped. Scorpius felt father grip his shoulder. He was staring at the two people that had just entered the shop. The man had round glasses and messy, jet black hair - the small boy beside him shared the man's brilliant green eyes. The man and his father both stiffened upon eye contact.

"Malfoy," the man said cautiously.

Draco glanced at Scorpius.

"Hello," was his frosty reply. Ollivander chose that moment to interrupt (probably to prevent his store from blowing up).

"Ah, Albus – are we here to get our wand?"

The skinny child nodded and gave a cute, childish beam. Scorpius repressed the impulse to gag. Ollivander guided Albus to the back of his shop, muttering about Merlin knows what.

"What are you doing here?" The man was speaking to his father again.

"Scorpius here just got his wand."

The grip on his shoulder had tightened.

The man's green eyes flashed with some strange emotion, and he was about to reply when he remembered there were children present.

"Surely Scorpius isn't going to Durmstrang?" was his reply instead.

Scorpius was offended – Durmstrang?! His father had told about there – it was the school Grandpa Lucius had wanted him to go to. Not that his parents did anything Grandpa Lucius wanted; they hadn't been in contact for a long time.

"Sir, I wouldn't go near that place. It's crawling with pureblood fanatics," Scorpius said, curling his lip. The man looked at him in open surprise.

"He's going to Hogwarts," Draco affirmed through tight lips.

CRASH – the sound came from the back of the shop where Ollivander and Albus were. Draco lip twitched upward.

"Now if you'll excuse us, we have lots of shopping to do and I think your son needs you," Draco gestured for Scorpius to follow. Scorpius gave the mysterious man a final look – he was regarding him curiously – before opening the shop door with a tinkle. Someone else burst into the shop, colliding with Scorpius and falling to the ground. He swore loudly and Draco's eyes shot to the ceiling at the word. Scorpius laughed and held out his hand, silently helping him back onto his feet. The stranger gave him a thin smile.

"Teddy," he said, sticking out his hand. He looked no older than nineteen, with a deep voice and striking turquoise hair. Scorpius shook hands hesitantly.

"Sorry about bumping into you – I should have looked where I was going," Teddy apologised.

"S'ok. I'm Malfoy. Scorpius Malfoy," he replied. Teddy's mouth twitched upward, betraying a smile. He was laughing at his name! Scorpius glared. It wasn't his fault he'd been given such a strange name.

"Think my name's funny, do you?" he snapped, instantly wishing he hadn't sounded so harsh. Teddy shrugged, but didn't reply.

"SCORPIUS!" his father yelled across the shop, impatiently gesturing for them to leave. Scorpius turned and left. The last thing he heard before he'd been engulfed by the icy cold of outside was the man with green eyes telling Teddy he 'had no idea what to make of the Malfoy boy'.

"Are we going for ice-cream now?" Scorpius asked eagerly. Draco smirked.

"You'd think it was a little too cold for ice-cream, wouldn't you?"

"It's never too cold for ice-cream," Scorpius re-assured his father.

"Well then, it will be faster if we Apparate," Father offered his arm. Scorpius took it and braced himself for the all-too familiar sensation of Side-Along Apparation. After the rather unpleasant feeling of being squeezed like a lemon, Scorpius and his father arrived at Florian Fortescue's.

Draco caught his breath and adjusted his robes before entering the shop. They had arrived before Mother and Cap. It was surprisingly empty for Florian's. Then again, it was snowing outside at the moment, so perhaps it wasn't so surprising after all. Scorpius was inspecting the immense range of flavours when in glided the rest of his family. Dipp and Pipp, their twin house elves, came in after them, arms bursting with groceries. When Scorpius was four, the two elves had come to Malfoy Manor looking for work, and the family had been all too happy to oblige.

"Well, did you get a wand? Or was there and accident, and you're really a Squib?" Capricorn sniggered, making Scorpius roll his eyes. Flicking out his wand, he whispered 'Flipendo'. He'd been waiting for this moment for ages; practicing the jinx on his father's wand for hours until it was perfect.

Capricorn lurched backwards and sprawled on the floor in a decidedly undignified way.

"Mother!" Capricorn whined, rubbing his backside.

"I think you were the accident," Scorpius countered with an impish grin. Unfortunately for him, that was the moment Astoria had decided to join her son's conversation, and she was livid.

"Scorpius Malfoy, I am ashamed that my son is saying things like that," she hissed. "Really boys, sometimes this teasing goes too far. Just be kind to each other."

The brothers attempted to look repentant.

"Yes, Mother," they echoed in unison. Astoria spun to look directly at Scorpius.

"And you, young man. Using magic outside of Hogwarts like that… do you want to get expelled before you even arrive?!"

Draco came to his son's rescue with a smirk.

"Astoria, darling, seeing as Scorpius isn't eleven yet, the Ministry can't legally prosecute him for anything. No Underage Laws for him to worry about until he goes to Hogwarts in a month."

Scorpius grinned in anticipation – ah, good times were ahead. At that, he returned to perusing the ice-cream flavours. He was deciding between Chocolate Frog Decadence, Peppermint Frost and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean flavour when the shop door opened and three familiar figures entered. Scorpius smiled as two of his best friends entered.

"SCORPIUS!" one called, her voice echoing around the shop.

"MALFOY!" the other finished. It was the Vranovski twins, Holly and Koko. Even their mother swore they were identical, but Scorpius immediately identified who was who.

"Holly, Koko," he gave a dramatic bow. Their mother was a stickler for what she fondly referred to as 'old-fashioned manners' and what everybody born in the more recent three centuries referred to as 'pureblood customs that should have died when Merlin did'. That being said, one crossed Mrs Vranovski once and once only; she was a force to be reckoned with. It was still legend what had happened to her third husband, and that had been years ago.

And so, Scorpius bowed to the three of them.

"Ms. Vranovski, it's been too long," he said smoothly, offering his hand, which she disdainfully shook. Her hands were clammy and cold with sweat, and Scorpius surreptitiously wiped it on the back of his robes.

"I do hope the weather hasn't been too disagreeable for you," he said in a detached voice, trailing off into small talk. The twins watched in lazy amusement, whilst Scorpius tried to secretly signal to Astoria for help. The twins had dirty blonde hair, sharp, bony faces that they had inherited from their mother, piercing blue eyes and had, much to the dismay of Scorpius, grown a few inches taller than him since last time they'd met. Unlike their usual attire, they were wearing prim and proper lacy pink robes. They'd probably been forced to by their mother. The only surviving sign of their rebellious nature could be seen in the partially concealed Muggle converse shoes they wore – what had their mother said about that? Scorpius decided he didn't want to know. The twins appeared to be telepathically speaking. Probably plotting to steal something.

Scorpius realised that he had been making small talk with Ms Vranovski that whole time, yet remembered nothing of what he had said.

"Ah, Sapphire, I missed you at the ball last week!" his mother had mercifully come to his rescue, and Scorpius immediately stole away with the twins.

"You guys getting ice-cream?" he asked.

"No!" said Koko sarcastically.

"We just came to have a chat with any Gryffindor's that came by," Holly snorted. Scorpius rolled his eyes.

"What flavours are you getting?" Scorpius said casually, fishing for ideas.

"What are you getting?" was the twin's simultaneous reply.

"Uh… Peppermint Frost… and… Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean," Scorpius decided, loud enough for his father to hear. Draco gave a slight nod and took out his purse.

"Ma, I'd like an Elderberry Burst and Chocolate Frog Decadence please!" Koko called.

"Same!" called Holly. The three of them sat at one of the tables, and Draco arrived with Scorpius's ice-cream. Capricorn had elected to sit with the adults. Well, good on him, Scorpius thought moodily. Draco arrived with his ice-cream.

"Thanks, Father!" Scorpius picked up his spoon and ate a generous scoop of Bertie Bott's. A dangerous move. He moved the ice-cream experimentally around his mouth, keenly aware of the twins watching in amusement, a slightly predatory glint in their eyes. They'd obviously had this experience before. He tasted lime jelly, oyster sauce, grass and other things he didn't really want to think about. Not a very good combination. He forced himself to keep his face deadpan – refusing to spit it out.

Ms Vranovski approached with the twin's ice-creams, which they dug into with relish, making it very obvious how utterly delicious their ice-creams were.

"Mmm…" they teased, smirking at him. Dammit. Scorpius tried to salvage some of the peppermint that hadn't been touching the Bertie Bott's – he wasn't brave enough to tempt fate with another mouthful. Capricorn approached with his marzipan fondant ice-cream (which Scorpius found disgustingly saccharine). Oh, so now he decides to join the 'kids table', huh?

"Scorpius, we have to go soon," Capricorn said in a pompous voice. The table was tangibly silent until he left – Cap had that effect on people.

"So, what houses do you think you'll be sorted into?" Holly asked, putting her spoon in her empty cup. How did she eat so fast?

"Slytherin, obviously," Scorpius was surprised she'd even asked. "You guys?"

"Slytherin," the twins said in unison.

"I mean, what other options are there?" Holly said.

"Hufflepuff – no thanks," Scorpius snorted.

"Yeah… who wants to be in the leftover house?" Koko agreed.

"And then there's Ravenclaw," Holly smirked. "As much as I'd love to be a nerd with no social status, I think I'll give it a pass."

"Yeah, and Gryffindor? Not only would mother disinherit, and then murder me, but who wants to be on the losing side of Quidditch?" Koko laughed mirthlessly.

"Yeah, ever since Potter and all of the Weasley's left, Gryffindor has hardly won a single match," Holly rolled her eyes. "Gryffindor peasants."

Scorpius felt his stomach give a little lurch. There was that name again. Potter. He felt like he was being left out of some huge inside joke.

"Yeah, who was Potter again?" Scorpius hoped to casually drop in the question. That hope was immediately shattered. Koko chocked on her remaining ice-cream, and Holly just stared at him as if he'd grown an extra nose or something, wordlessly shaking her head.

"Merlin, you're a sheltered child," Holly said, still shaking her head.

"Has your father seriously never told you?" Koko had recovered from her near death from ice-cream experience. Scorpius shrugged like he didn't really care.

"Oh, a bit here and there," he lied. Holly and Koko looked at each other and began sputtering titbits of information.

"He's the Boy Who Lived!"

"He went to school with your father."

"He killed You-Know-Who!"

"Haven't you even gotten his chocolate frog card before?" the twins said incredulously. He had a chocolate frog card?

"No, it's one I've been wanting for my collection," Scorpius looked sideways.

"Right," Koko sounded unconvinced.

"Look, I got one today. Harry Potter – just read it," Holly offered the cards towards Scorpius. He snatched at it greedily, curiosity burning within him.

"Harry Potter," he read aloud. "Mr Potter, also known as the Boy Who Lived due to being the only known person in history to survive the Killing Curse, became famous after his first defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in 1981. Although his most well-known achievement was the defeat of You-Know-Who in 1998, some of Mr Potter's lesser known achievements include being the youngest ever competitor in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, uncovering the long-forgotten Chamber of Secrets, being a fluent Parseltongue and becoming the youngest Seeker Hogwarts had seen in over a century. In more recent years he had revolutionised the Ministry, particularly in the Auror department, and is the youngest Head Auror to be appointed by the Ministry. Potter is married to Ginerva Weasley, and currently has three children: James, Albus and Lily."

That was the longest chocolate frog card Scorpius had ever read. He moistened his lips as he saw the picture on the card; realisation crashed down on him in waves. The picture was of a wiry man with messy black hair, electric eyes and a very curious scar. It was the man from the shop. Potter… currently has three children: James, Albus and Lily. Albus.

"Oh!" was all Scorpius said. "I think… I think I met him today at Ollivanders."

The expression on the twin's face was utterly priceless.

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