Hey guys! So this will be my first ever Fairy Tail fic, but I do have a few other pics under my belt already. I want to thank cruzcartoon for giving me the idea for this fic. This story will follow cannon events, but with my own spin on them. In this fic Natsu will have both Fire and Lightning Dragon Slayer magic. The pairing in this fic will Natsu x Lucy x Erza x Wendy, with a possible side pairing Gajeevy. Before I get any messages complaining about Wendy being too young, she'll be 16 when she enters the relationship with Natsu. So Wendy will be slightly older than her cannon self. But she'll look pretty much the same, just taller. I'm also open to the idea of adding one, emphasis on one, more girl. Who the girl is, and if you even want one will be up to you guys. So with that out of the way let's get to the fic.




Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima does.

Natsu (10 years old)

Wendy (8 years old)

Jellal (12 years old)

Erza (11 years old)

Lucy (10 years old)

(July 12th, X777)

"IGNEEL! WHERE ARE YOU?!" A young pink-haired boy yelled as he walked through the forest. "Where did you go?"

Natsu Dragneel gripped his scarf protectively as he leaned against a tree to catch his breath. He slowly sank to the ground, and buried his head into his knees.

"Igneel," Natsu whispered, as tears built in the corners of his eyes. "Why did you leave me?"

"D-Did he abandon me? Did he not love me?" Natsu thought as tears fell from his eyes.

The young boy had been looking for his father for almost five days now. He had awoken one day to find that Igneel was gone without a trace. Natsu immediately started searching for the fire dragon all across Fiore. The dragon slayer had covered miles of ground, but hadn't found a single clue as to where Igneel could be.

"Why would he leave without telling me? Maybe something happened to him?" Natsu thought as he wiped away his tears. He stood up and adjusted his scarf, which was made of dragon scales. "I have to find Igneel. I will find you father."

Natsu picked a direction and started his search once again. He scoured the forest for a single clue that could possibly point him towards where Igneel might be. But after searching for hours, Natsu came up empty handed.

"Damnit!" Natsu exclaimed as he punched a tree. "Why can't I find anything?!"

Natsu sighed and sank to the ground. He looked around and noticed that it was getting late.

"Well I better make a fire, and try to find some food."

Quickly gathering some sticks, Natsu made a small pile. Using his fire dragon slayer magic, Natsu formed a small flame in his hand and tossed into the pile of sticks. The sticks burst into flames, earning a small grin from Natsu. After searching around, Natsu managed to find a handful of nuts and berries. He looked at the various nuts and berries in his hand and sighed.

"Well I guess this is dinner," Natsu said as he popped a berry into his mouth.

Immediately Natsu's lips puckered, and his eyes began to water. He quickly spit the berry out and started coughing.

"What the hell! That thing was super sour!" Natsu yelled as he tried desperately to forget the awful taste. "Wait! Didn't Igneel warn me about poisonous berries? He told me how to tell the difference between good berries and poisonous ones. The poisonous berries will have a distinct and nasty smell compared to the normal berries."

Using his enhanced sense of smell. Natsu separated the normal berries from the poisonous ones. After he separated the berries, Natsu popped another one into his mouth.

"Ugh, they're still really sour," Natsu said as he forced the berry down. "But they're all I've got to eat, so bottoms up."

After successfully forcing the berries and nuts down, Natsu sat staring into the small fire in front of him.

"Igneel," Natsu whispered as he gazed into the bright flames. His eyelids drooping as sleep started to overtake him.

But just before he could fall asleep, Natsu heard a scream echo out through the forest. He was instantly on his feet, and sprinting towards where he had heard the scream. The dragon slayer soon found himself in a small clearing. Natsu spotted several people on the other side of the clearing. There was a small blue-haired girl, who looked a few years younger than him. Then there was a blue-haired boy with a red tattoo around his right eye. The boy was standing in front of the girl protectively as four men stalked towards them.

"Come on little boy," One of the men said as he stepped forward. "Hand over everything you've got!"

"And I said no." The boy said as he pulled a staff off his back. "Come any closer and I will be forced to retaliate."

"Jellal don't! Just give them what they want." The little girl said with a scared look in her eyes.

"Yeah, you should listen to your little friend there." The lead thug said as he took another step forward. "Now are you gonna hand over your stuff," The man said as he pulled out a sword. "Or are we gonna have to take it?"

Jellal looked at the four approaching bandits, and took a fighting stance.

"You're gonna have to take it off my lifeless body," Jellal said as he turned to face the small girl. "Wendy run, and get out of here."

"No! Jellal I won't abandon you!" Wendy said as tears formed in her eyes.

"Wendy!" Jellal yelled, startling the girl. "Please go, I can't let these men hurt you."

"But," Wendy tried to argue but Jellal cut her off.

"You want to find Grandeeney, right?" Jellal said, making Wendy's eyes widen. "Then get out of here and keep searching for her. I'll take care of these guys."

Wendy looked torn as she shifted her gaze to the forest behind her. After a few moments she nodded and ran off into the forest.

"Aww how sweet." One of the thugs said with a wicked grin. "Save the little girl, while you sacrifice yourself."

"Let's kill this kid quick, then go after the girl." Another thug said with an evil smirk.

"You won't lay a finger on Wendy," Jellal growled out as he glared at the bandits.

"Enough talk," The lead bandit said as he charged forward. "Time for you to die."

The lead bandit swung his sword at Jellal, but the boy quickly ducked underneath the sword. Jellal swung his staff hard in the man's knee. A sickening crack was heard, as the man's knee shattered.

"AHHH! You little shit!" The lead bandit roared as he fell to the ground. He turned his head to see the other men standing around. "What are you all waiting for?! Kill this bastard!"

Hearing this the other men all charged Jellal at once. Not liking the odds, Natsu decided to finally make his presence know.

"Fire Dragon's Roar"

Jellal turned to see a stream of fire fly past him, and hit one of the bandits square in the chest. The bandit went flying back, charred and knocked out. Everyone was shocked to see a small pink-haired boy wiping excess flames from his mouth.

"Who are you?" Jellal asked as Natsu walked up next to him.

"I'll tell you after we beat these assholes." Natsu said with a grin as he punched his fists together, engulfing them both in flames. "I'm all fired up."

"Shit that kid is a mage," One of the bandits said as he took a step back.

"What are you afraid of?! He's a little kid!" The lead bandit roared as he stood up on wobbly legs.

A tick mark formed on Natsu's head at that comment.

"I'm not just some little kid!" Natsu yelled as he charged forward, flames licking his hands. "I'm a dragon slayer!"

Jellal went wide eyed when he heard this.

"He's a dragon slayer too, just like Wendy." Jellal thought as he watched Natsu dodge a sword swing.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist," Natsu said as he sent a flaming uppercut into one of the bandit's jaw.

"HEY!" Natsu exclaimed as he turned to face Jellal, all the while still dodging attacks. "Are you just gonna stand around, or are you gonna help me?!"

This snapped Jellal out of his trance, and he joined Natsu in the fray. They both ran towards the last bandit who could still fight.

"You little bastards!" The man yelled as he charged Natsu and Jellal.

The bandit swung his sword wildly as he tried to hit Jellal and Natsu. On one swipe Natsu ducked underneath, while Jellal rolled to the left.

"Fire Dragon's Claw," Natsu yelled as he slammed a flaming foot into the bandit's right side.

At the same time Jellal recovered from his roll, and swung his staff. His blow struck the bandit in the left side of his head. Caught between both attacks, the bandit was instantly knocked out. Both Natsu and Jellal stood panting over the unconscious thug.

"Not...bad...for a little kid," Jellal said with a small grin.

"You...weren't too bad...yourself," Natsu said with a massive grin of his own.

"You gonna tell me who you are now?" Jellal asked as he eyed Natsu up and down.

"Oh! I'm," But Natsu was cut off by the sound of a gun cocking behind them.

Both boys spun around to see the bandit leader pointing a magic gun at them.

"You little shits!" The leader yelled as he aimed his weapon at Jellal. "I'm gonna kill you both here and now."

The man pulled the trigger, and timed seemed to slow for Natsu. He looked at Jellal who was staring the bandit leader wide eyed. Coming to a decision, Natsu quickly shoved Jellal out of the bullets way. The bullet missed Jellal, but hit Natsu in the shoulder.

"Ha! How noble of you boy!" The leader laughed, as Natsu clutched his bleeding shoulder.

The dragon slayer tried to stand, but immense pain shot through his shoulder as soon as it moved.

"Time to finish you off. Then I can kill that blue-haired bastard next." The leader said as he pointed his pistol at Natsu.

"Don't take your eyes off your opponents!"

The bandit leader turned his head to see Jellal charging at him. Before the man could react, Jellal struck him in the stomach with his staff.

"Pinkie finish him off!" Jellal exclaimed as the bandit leader raised his pistol to aim at Jellal.

"Way ahead of you, and don't call me pinkie!" Natsu yelled as he sucked in a large breath of air. "Fire Dragon's Roar."

The bandit leader turned to see a wall of fire heading straight at him. When the leader tried to dodge the fire, he fell to his knees as searing pain shot through his leg. The man could only cringe as his body was engulfed in the flames. When the flames finally died down, the bandit leader was rendered unconscious.

"Thanks for the save back there." Jellal said as he walked up to Natsu. "Are you alright?"

"Ah, I'll be fine," Natsu said with a grin. But a sudden wave of pain made him grunt and grasp his shoulder.

"I need to get you some help," Jellal said as he helped support Natsu. "There's a town not too far from here. Maybe they'll have a doctor."

But right before Jellal started to carry Natsu off, Wendy burst out of the nearby bushes.

"Jellal you're okay," The little girl said as she hugged Jellal's legs.

"Wendy?! I thought I told you to get out of here." Jellal said, as Wendy looked at her feet.

"I couldn't abandon you Jellal. So I hid in the bushes and watched," Wendy confessed as she shuffled from foot to foot.

"AH!" Natsu exclaimed as pain shot through his shoulder.

"Wendy we'll discuss this later, but right now we need to get this guy to a doctor." Jellal said as he started to walk Natsu through the forest.

"Wait, he's injured?" Wendy asked as she ran up next to Jellal.

"Yeah, he pushed me out of the way and took a bullet in the shoulder." Jellal explained, but he was surprised when Wendy ran in front of him.

"Let me heal him then." Wendy said with a determined look.

"No, Wendy it's too dangerous for you." Jellal said as he continued to walk past Wendy.

"Please," Wendy said as she grabbed the back of Jellal's shirt. "He saved you, now let me help him."

Jellal looked at Wendy, and saw the fierce determination in her eyes. He knew that she wouldn't back down from this.

"Alright," Jellal said with a sigh, as he set Natsu down onto the ground.

"Thank you Jellal," Wendy cheered as she kneeled next to Natsu.

Wendy's hands started to glow green as she healed Natsu's wound. But within minutes Wendy was sweating and breathing heavily.

"Wendy you should take a break. You stopped the blood flow. We should be able to get him to a doctor now." Jellal said as he put a hand on Wendy's shoulder.

"No, I can do it," Wendy said as she closed her eyes in concentration. Her breathing became ragged as sweat dripped off her forehead. "I'm almost done."

Jellal watched as the wound on Natsu's shoulder slowly started to close. As soon as the wound fully closed, Wendy let out a shaky breath.

"Done. See I told you I could do it," Wendy said with a smile, before she fell over unconscious.

"Wendy!" Jellal yelled as he reached out to grab Wendy. But he was surprised when Natsu sat up and caught her.

"Thank you," Natsu whispered as he hugged Wendy.

Even though she was unconscious Wendy smiled, and snuggled closer to Natsu.

"Let's set up a camp. You can stay with us tonight," Jellal said as he started to take things out of his bag.

Natsu gently picked Wendy up, and leaned her against a tree. He then went and started to help Jellal set up camp.

"So who are you?" Jellal asked as he unrolled sleeping bags.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel," Natsu said with a toothy grin. "The fire dragon slayer."

"So you're a dragon slayer," Jellal said as he pointed to Wendy. "She's one too."

"What?!" Natsu yelled completely shocked. "That little girl is a dragon slayer?"

"Yes, she's the sky dragon slayer. That magic she used to heal you earlier was sky magic." Jellal said making Natsu's eyes widen.

Natsu turned to look at Wendy with wide eyes.

"Another one just like me," Natsu whispered. "Maybe she'll know something?"

"Hey you gonna keep talking to yourself?" Jellal called out. "Come help me start this fire."

"Oh," Natsu said as he walked over and flicked a small flame into the bundle of wood.

"I told you who I was, now tell me who you two are." Natsu said as both boys plopped down next to the fire.

"I'm Jellal Fernandes, and that's Wendy Marvel." Jellal said as he stole a quick glance at Wendy.

"So do you use magic?" Natsu asked earning a glare from Jellal.

"That is none of your concern," Jellal said as he continued to glare at Natsu.

"Whatever, I don't care if you use magic or not." Natsu said as he crossed his arms and stared into the fire.

Both Natsu and Jellal sat around the fire for seemed like hours. Neither boy saying a word as they stared into the flames. They were both surprised when Wendy walked up rubbing her head.

"What happened," Wendy asked as she sat between Natsu and Jellal.

"You fell unconscious when you finished healing him," Jellal explained as Wendy turned to look at Natsu.

"So who are you?" Wendy said with a smile.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel," Natsu said returning the smile. "And Jellal told me something pretty cool about you."

"Oh, what?" Wendy asked in a confused tone.

"He told me you're a dragon slayer," Natsu said making Wendy's eyes widen.

"Yeah I'm the sky dragon slayer," Wendy said earning a grin from Natsu.

"Well Wendy you're looking at the fire dragon slayer," Natsu said as he produced at small flame in his hand.

"Y-You're a dragon slayer t-too?" Wendy asked as she scooted closer to Natsu.

"Yep!" Natsu said with a toothy grin.

Instantly Natsu was tackled to the ground. He looked to see Wendy hovering over him, tears in her eyes.

"I can't believe I found another dragon slayer," Wendy said as she hugged Natsu.

"O-Okay calm down," Natsu said as he awkwardly patted Wendy's back.

"Have you seen or heard anything about Grandeeney?" Wendy asked with hopeful eyes.

"Grandeeney?" Natsu repeated with a confused look on his face.

"My dragon. She disappeared five days ago, and I've been searching for her ever since." Wendy said as fresh tears built up in her eyes. "I don't why she left, or where she went to. I haven't found a single clue about where she might be."

"You're dragon is missing too," Natsu said in a shocked tone. "My dragon, Igneel, went missing five days ago too. I've been looking for him for days"

"Your dragon is missing too," Wendy breathed out. "That can't be a coincidence."

Jellal watched as Natsu and Wendy bounced ideas and theories off each other. He smiled as both dragon slayers started to connect.

"Looks like you've found a new friend Wendy," Jellal thought as Wendy and Natsu both hugged each other again.

"Well you two it's getting late," Jellal said as he stood up. "We better get to sleep soon so you two can continue your searches."

"He's right," Natsu said as he released Wendy from the hug.

"Yeah," Wendy said as she walked towards her sleeping bag.

But when Natsu walked towards where the sleeping bags were, he spotted a problem. There were only two sleeping bags.

"Uh where am I sleeping?" Natsu asked as he watched Wendy crawl into her sleeping bag.

"Here," Jellal said as he tossed Natsu a blanket and pillow.

"Gee thanks," Natsu said sarcastically as he laid down near Wendy.

Wendy watched as Natsu grumbled to himself, as he laid down on the hard ground.

"Uh Natsu?" Wendy said shyly.

"Yeah Wendy," Natsu said as he turned to face the young girl.

"Y-You can share with me." Wendy said as she scooted back, making more room for Natsu.

"Are you sure Wendy?" Natsu asked as he sat up.

"Yeah it's fine," Wendy replied as her cheeks turned red in embarassment.

"Okay thanks Wendy," Natsu said as he crawled into the bag next to Wendy. "Goodnight Wendy."

"Goodnight Natsu, Jellal." Wendy said as she closed her eyes.

Natsu was surprised when he felt Wendy snuggle up closer to him.

"So warm," Wendy thought as she drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face.

The next day Natsu, Wendy, and Jellal made their way through the forest. They eventually found themselves on a main trail.

"Well I guess this is where we head our separate ways," Jellal said, earning a frown from Wendy.

"Are you sure you have to leave us Natsu?" Wendy asked in a sad tone.

"Yeah I gotta look for Igneel, and you have to look for Grandeeney." Natsu said with a toothy grin. "But don't worry we'll see each other again some day."

"You promise," Wendy said with a hopeful look.

"Of course, and I always keep my promises." Natsu said, as Wendy ran up and hugged him.

"I'm gonna miss you Natsu," Natsu said as tears formed in her eyes.

"I'll miss you too Wendy," Natsu said as he hugged the young girl. "And I guess I'll miss you too Jellal."

"Tch, whatever." Jellal said as he turned his head. But he couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. He was gonna miss the fire dragon slayer as well.

Wendy released Natsu from the hug, and he smiled down at the small dragon slayer.

"If I hear anything about Grandeeney or Igneel I'll let you know." Natsu said as he patted Wendy's head.

"Thanks, and I'll do the same for you." Wendy said with a smile.

"Well I'm off," Natsu said as he started to walk down the path. "I'm sure we'll see each other again someday."

"Goodbye Natsu!" Wendy called out as she waved at Natsu.

"See you around pinkie!" Jellal said with a smirk on his face.

Jellal quickly ducked as a fireball flew over his head.

"What did I say about calling me pinkie!" Natsu exclaimed as he glared at Jellal.

"I thought you were leaving," Jellal said with a grin as he stood back up.

"Yeah I'm leaving to get away from your annoying ass!" Natsu yelled as he turned to leave again. "You're cool though Wendy."

"That guy," Jellal said with a smile as he watched Natsu walk off in the opposite direction. "Come on Wendy let's go."

"Okay," Wendy said as she followed after Jellal. But she took one last glance at Natsu's retreating form. His words echoing in her head.

"We'll see each other again someday. I always keep my promises."

Wendy smiled as she walked behind Jellal.

"I can't wait until we meet again Natsu," Wendy thought as she sped up to walk next to Jellal.

(July 16th, X777)

After another four days of searching, Natsu was still empty handed. His search had taken him out of the forest, and into the surrounding mountains. As Natsu climbed a particular slope, he felt the air start to crackle with electricity. His hair stood up, and he could feel the static electricity in the air. Then the smell hit him. It wasn't quite Igneel's scent, but it was close to it. Whatever was ahead was definitely a dragon.

When Natsu climbed over the crest of the slope he saw it. There near a large cave was a massive dragon. It's body was covered in constantly flowing electricity. The dragon wasn't quite Igneel's size, but it was still towered over Natsu.

Natsu stared at the dragon in awe. Finally after over a week of searching, he had found something. Building up his courage, Natsu approached the dragon. As Natsu drew closer the dragon slowly turned its head towards the small boy.

"Hmm a child?" The dragon said as it sniffed the air. "And you have the scent of a dragon slayer. Are you here to kill me boy?"

"N-No," Natsu said sheepishly as he stopped in front of the dragon. "I just wanted to ask you some questions."

"Oh? What could a child like you possibly want to ask me?" The dragon said as it lowered its head to Natsu's level.

"D-Do you know where my father is?" Natsu asked, earning a grunt from the lightning dragon.

"And who might your father be?" The dragon asked with its face inches from Natsu's


The dragon gasped and stared at Natsu wide eyed.

"You were raised by Igneel, the king of the fire dragons?" The dragon asked in a shocked tone.

"Yes, now do you know where Igneel might be?" Natsu asked with a hopeful look.

The dragon sighed when he saw Natsu's hopeful face. He knew where Igneel was, but he couldn't tell the boy where Igneel truly was.

"I'm sorry child, but I don't know where Igneel is." The dragon said, causing Natsu's hopeful look to drop.

"Oh, okay then," Natsu said as he turned to leave. "I'm sorry for bothering you."

"Wait boy!" The dragon called out, stopping Natsu in his tracks.

"What?" Natsu asked as he turned to face the dragon.

"My name is Valinor, and I am the king of the lightning dragons," Valinor said, making Natsu's eyes widen. "And I have a proposition for you."

"Proposition?" Natsu repeated with a confused look on his face.

"Yes, a proposal or request," Valinor explained.

"Okay I'm listening." Natsu said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Valinor leaned forward and grinned at Natsu.

"How would you like to learn lightning dragon slayer magic?" Valinor said with a grin as he watched Natsu's face.

"W-What?" Natsu replied in complete shock.

"Do wish to learn lightning dragon slayer magic? I'm sure it will help you on your quest to find Igneel. But be warned, I won't go easy on you during your training. So what do you say boy, are you up to the challenge?" Valinor said, as a look determination spread across Natsu's face.

"Natsu Dragneel never backs down from a challenge!" Natsu exclaimed as he pounded a fist to his chest. "I'll take you up on your offer, and I'll master lightning dragon slayer magic."

"Very well then Natsu. Follow me, and let's get started." Valinor said as he walked back into his cave.

"I'm all fired up!" Natsu yelled as he chased after Valinor.

(October 16th X777)

After three months of intense training, Natsu had managed to master lightning dragon slayer magic. He was now able to use his fire and lightning magic interchangeably. But he wasn't able to figure out how to combine them yet. During these three months Natsu and Valinor became rather close. Valinor had become a sort of older bother to Natsu. They had their spats and fights, but they would always work past them. For three months Natsu was almost inseparable from Valinor, rarely leaving the dragons side. But that all changed when Natsu awoke on October 16th X777.

The first thing Natsu noticed when he awoke was the lack of static electricity in the air. Then there was no sign of Valinor's scent. Natsu shot up to find that the dragon was no longer in the cave with him.

"No, no, no, no!" Natsu repeated as he bolted onto his feet.

He was instantly searching around the cave for Valinor. But he came up empty handed, it was just like Igneel.

"Not again," Natsu said as he fell to his knees. "Why did this have to happen again?"

Natsu held up both hands. One sparking with electricity, and the other engulfed in flames.

"Where did you both go?" Natsu whispered as tears built up in his eyes.

Natsu suddenly stood up and quickly wiped his eyes.

"No I won't cry!" Natsu said as he started to make his way down the mountain. "Valinor taught me his magic so I could be stronger. I'm gonna find you both, I'll never give up on either of you."

"Father, big brother I will find you both!" Natsu thought as he made his way towards the nearest town.

After almost two hours, Natsu found himself in a village near the mountains. Natsu walked through the village looking for a shop to buy supplies. He took out a small bag where he kept his money and looked inside.

"Shit!" Natsu said to himself as he spotted the handful of jewels in his bag. "I need to find away to get some more money. How the hell am I gonna do that?"

Natsu sighed and leaned against a building. Natsu tried to think of possible ways to make money, but two men walking past him caught his attention.

"Did you hear about what some Fairy Tail mages did?" One of the men asked the other.

"Yeah, I heard about that. They destroyed half a town trying to take out a couple dark mages!" The other man replied in an excited tone.

"Then they went on to wipe out the guild the dark mages came from." The first man said with a laugh.

"No wonder they're the strongest guild in Fiore. No one can stop Fairy Tail." The second man said with a grin.

"A guild huh? That would be a great way to earn money, and if I'm gonna join a guild why not go for the best?" Natsu thought as he pushed himself off the building.

"Hey old man!" Natsu called out to the two men.

"Huh?" The first man said as he turned around. "What do you want brat?"

"Where is the Fairy Tail guild located?" Natsu asked with a smirk.

"It's in Magnolia due north of here," The second man said as he pointed to the mountains ahead. "It's a couple miles past those mountains. By foot it's about a weeks travel."

"Thanks old man!" Natsu said as he ran past both men.

"Why did you want to know kid?!" The second man called out.

"I'm going to become a Fairy Tail mage!" Natsu called out with a grin.

The two men stood dumbfounded as they watched Natsu sprint in the direction of Magnolia.

(October 18th X777)

After two days of walking Natsu had neared the mountains that would lead him towards Magnolia. But the pink-haired dragon slayer had no idea how to get over the mountains safely. As Natsu approached the mountains he spotted a large manor in the distance. Deciding that asking for would be a good idea, Natsu approached the large house. Natsu was blown away at the size of the house, and the grounds surrounding the manor.

Natsu walked up to the door and knocked a few times. After a few moments a woman in a maid's outfit answered the door.

"Oh! What can I do for you young man?" The woman asked as she looked down at Natsu.

"I was wondering if you knew a way through the mountains over there. I'm on my way to Magnolia." Natsu said as he pointed to the mountains behind him.

"Well there should be a path that leads straight through the mountains. I can fetch a map for you." The maid explained, earning a toothy grin from Natsu.

"Thanks that would be a big help!" Natsu said as the maid went to fetch the map.

A few minutes later the woman returned, and handed Natsu a map of the surrounding area.

"Here you go young man," The maid said in a pleasant tone.

"Thank you!" Natsu said just as his stomach growled loudly. "Uh would it be too much trouble to ask for something to eat?"

The maid looked at Natsu who was smiling, and rubbing the back of his in embarassment. She couldn't possibly just push this hungry kid away.

"Alright," The maid said as she opened the door for Natsu to enter. "But after you eat you have to leave."

"Sure thing," Natsu said as he stepped into the large home.

The maid led Natsu into a large dinning room. She told him to sit at the table, while she mad him something to eat.

As Natsu sat at the table, his eyes wandered the room. The table was massive, and could easily seat 60 people. There were pictures and paintings lining the walls, and elaborate decorations adorned the table. But when Natsu turned his head towards the doorway leading into the dinning room, he spotted someone poking their head through. It was a blonde-haired girl. She had big brown eyes, and looked to be about his age.

"Hi!" Natsu said excitedly as he waved at the girl.

"Who are you?" The girl asked as she stepped into the dinning room.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel," The pink-haired boy said with a massive grin. Natsu stuck out his hand for her to shake. "Who are you?"

The girl eyed Natsu before she shook his hand.

"I'm Lucy Heartfilia," Lucy said with a small smile as she sat next to Natsu. "So what are you doing out here?"

"I'm heading to Magnolia," Natsu said with a smile. "I'm gonna join Fairy Tail, and become a guild mage!"

Lucy looked at Natsu wide-eyed. An image of the Fairy Tail mage that had saved her flashed into her mind.

"Hey are you alright?" Natsu asked his face inches from Lucy's.

"U-Uh I'm f-fine," Lucy stuttered out as her face turned beat read.

"You're weird," Natsu said as he sat back in his seat. This made a frown spread across Lucy's face. "But you're pretty too."

Lucy's face turned even redder at Natsu's comment.

"W-What?" Lucy squeaked out, her face bright red in embarassment.

"I said you're pretty," Natsu said as he got a confused look on his face. "Was I not supposed to say that."

"N-No it's okay. Thank you for the compliment." Lucy said with a small smile.

"Sure thing," Natsu said with a grin.

Both children never noticed the maid standing in the door way. She watched the two children talk and laugh with a smile on her face.

"Looks like you've made your first real friend Lucy-sama," The maid thought with a smile on her face.

"Here you go young man," The maid said as she handed a plate of food to Natsu. "Oh Lucy-sama it's so nice to see you greeting our guest."

Lucy just blushed, while Natsu dug into his food. After eating Natsu stood at the manor's front door ready to leave.

"Well I'm off again," Natsu said as he opened the door. "It was nice meeting you Lucy!"

"It was nice meeting you too Natsu. Maybe we'll see each other again some day." Lucy said with a smile and a small blush.

"Of course we'll see each other again!" Natsu said with a grin. "You ever want to find me just head to Fairy Tail!"

With that Natsu ran out the door, map in hand, on his way towards the mountains.

"Fairy Tail, huh?" Lucy thought as she watched Natsu run off.

Later that night Lucy was in the bath with a very annoyed Aquarius.

"What did I say about summoning while you bathe brat." Aquarius said with a tic mark on her head. "I'm not some bath toy."

"No I just wanted to talk with you." Lucy said as she looked into the water.

"Oh, what did you want to talk about?" Aquarius asked in an annoyed tone.

"Well I met a boy today," Lucy said as her face turned red again.

This got Aquarius' attention. The celestial spirit smirked and leaned closer to Lucy.

"Go on, tell me everything about him." Aquarius said with an evil smirk. Already the celestial spirit was thinking of ways to tease the poor girl.

(October 20th X777)

"Finally I'm past those damn mountains!" Natsu exclaimed as he walked through the forest.

The pink-haired dragon slayer then pulled out his map.

"Okay it looks like I'm about another days travel from Magnolia." Natsu said just as his stomach started to growl. "Ugh I'm starving!"

Just then the smell of cooking meat flooded Natsu's nose.

"FOOD!" Natsu exclaimed as he started to sprint towards where the smell was coming from.

He eventually found a small fire with some meat roasting over it. Natsu's mouth watered as he inched towards the fire.

"I'll just eat this real quick then leave before anyone notices." Natsu thought as he picked up one of the pieces of meat.

But right before he could take a bite, Natsu felt a cold blade press against his throat.

"If you want to live, you'll put that down." A feminine voice said from behind him.

"O-Okay," Natsu said as put the meat back.

"Now leave," The person said harshly as they pushed Natsu away.

"Wait, please I'm starving," Natsu said as he turned around.

But what Natsu saw made him stop dead in his tracks. Standing with a small sword pointed at him, was a girl with beautiful scarlet red hair. She was wearing a tattered light blue dress, and she had an eye patch over her right eye.

"Maybe we started off on the wrong foot," Natsu said as he held out his hand. "I'm Natsu Dragneel!"

The girl looked at Natsu suspiciously before her sword suddenly disappeared into thin air. She then reached out and shook Natsu's hand.

"I'm Erza Scarlet," The red-head said as she released Natsu's hand.

"Was that magic you just used?" Natsu asked in a shocked tone.

"Yeah it's called re-equip magic. It allows me to change weapons and armor on the fly." Erza said as she held out her hand, her sword suddenly reappearing in her grasp.

"That's so cool!" Natsu exclaimed as he held out his hands. "I'm a mage too."

Suddenly Natsu's hand where engulfed in flames. Then the flames died down, and were replaced with electricity.

"What type of magic is that?" Erza asked, earning a grin from Natsu.

"It's fire and lightning dragon slayer magic!" Natsu replied.

"That's impressive," Erza said as she sat next to the fire. "So what are you doing out here?"

"I'm heading to Magnolia, and I'm gonna join Fairy Tail." Natsu said as he sat across from Erza.

"Really, I'm heading there too." Erza said, making Natsu go wide-eyed.

"Then we should totally go together!" Natsu exclaimed with a massive smile.

Erza couldn't help the small smile that spread across her face.

"Alright I guess we can head there together." Erza said earning a cheer from Natsu.

"Sweet we're gonna be great friends, I can already tell!" Just then Natsu's stomach growled again.

Natsu's face turned red in embarassment.

"Uh do you think I could have some of your food?" Natsu asked nervously.

"Sure thing," Erza said as he handed Natsu a piece of meat.

"You're an angel Erza!" Natsu yelled as he took a massive bite out of his food.

Erza simply blushed at Natsu's word, and started to eat her own food.

"So," Natsu said breaking the silence. "What happened to your right eye?"

Erza visibly flinched at Natsu's question.

"I don't want to talk about it." Erza replied in a sad tone.

"Alright," Natsu said in a confused tone. "If you do ever want to talk about it I'm all ears."

Erza looked up at Natsu's smiling face, and her mood brightened slightly.

"Thanks Natsu, I may take you up on that offer some day." Erza said with a small smile.

Soon after eating, Natsu and Erza were back on the path towards Magnolia. Natsu was right, Erza and him became friends rather quickly. Erza liked Natsu's hyper and carefree attitude, while Natsu liked Erza's stern but loving attitude.

After another day of travel, the duo had finally made it to Magnolia. Asking around they eventually found themselves in front of the Fairy Tail guild hall.

"We're here," Natsu said as he stared at the building in wonder.

"Yeah," Erza breathed out.

"Well it's now or never," Natsu said as he put his hands on the door. "Wanna do it at the same time?"

"Sure," Erza said with a smile as she place her hands on the door as well.

"3, 2, 1, push!" Natsu said as Erza and him started to push the door open.

They both pushed the door open, and were instantly meet with the loud sounds of the guild hall. Laughter, arguments, and fights echoed throughout the guild. But everything stopped as soon as the doors opened. Everyone in the guild turned to look at who had just walked into the room. Silence filled the room as Natsu and Erza stood awkwardly near the doorway.

"Oh what do we have here?" A short man asked as he walked up to Natsu and Erza.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel and this is Erza Scarlet," Natsu said with a toothy grin. "And we're here to join this guild."

"Well son my name is Makarov, and I'm the master of this guild," Makarov said with a smile. "So I welcome you to Fairy Tail my children!"

The entire guild let out a cheer as Natsu and Erza were lead to get their guild marks. They both could tell they were gonna love it here.

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