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(Two Days Later, Hargeon Town)

"Ugh I'm never riding on a train ever again." Natsu groaned out, as he laid on the floor of the train. His face was green as his motion sickness started to overwhelm him.

"You say that every time we're on a train, Natsu." Happy said, as he stood over the sick dragon slayer. The blue cat sighed, and put his paws on his hips. "If Erza were here, she would have been able help with this."

"Ugh is that guy gonna be ok?" The conductor asked, as he scratched his head.

"Aye!" Happy replied with a smile, as he turned to face the conductor. "This happens to Natsu all the time. Just give him a minute."

After a few moments Natsu managed to drag himself up, and lean out the train's window.

"AH! Fresh air!" Natsu exclaimed, as he inhaled deeply.

"Come on Natsu!" Happy cheered, as he stepped off the train. "If that tip was correct than the Salamander should be in this town."

"Give me five minutes Happy." Natsu groaned out, as he suddenly dry heaved. "I think I might actually barf."

Suddenly the train started to move again, with Natsu still on it.

"W-What the hell is going on?!" Natsu screamed, as surge of motion sickness hit him. "Happy! Get me off this fucking thing!"

Happy just stood by and watched the train depart.

"Welp would you look at that, the train's already departing." Happy said, as Natsu started to disappear off into the distance. "Bye Natsu!"

"You little piece of HMPH!" Natsu suddenly clamped his hands over his mouth, as he felt a surge bile coming up. With a grimace Natsu managed to keep his breakfast down. "I'm seriously gonna kill that stupid cat."

In the middle of town a young blonde woman was in Hargeon's only magic shop.

"WHAT! How can this be the only magic shop in town?!" Lucy exclaimed, as she put her hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry miss, but this town is known for its fishing not magic." The shopkeeper said, as he raised his hands defensively. "Hardly anyone in town can use magic, so I opened this shop to help traveling mages."

"Damnit," Lucy sighed, as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "I think I'm wasting my time in here."

"Wait miss don't leave just yet! I just got a bunch of new items recently!" The shopkeeper exclaimed, trying to keep Lucy from leaving.

With a sigh Lucy began to browse around the small shop.

"What about this one?" The shopkeeper asked, as he took out a small device. "It's called Colors magic, and depending on your mood it allows you to change the color of your clothes. It's very popular with girls."

To demonstrate the shopkeeper swiped his finger across the lacrima on the device. Suddenly his clothes changed from yellow to purple.

"I already have one of those." Lucy said, not even paying attention to the shopkeeper. "I'm looking for strong Celestial Spirit gate keys."

"Gate keys?" The shopkeeper said, as he scratched his head. "Those are pretty rare."

Suddenly Lucy spotted a small box tucked away off to the side.

"The White Doggy!" Lucy exclaimed, as she snatched the gate key.

"Uh, that one's not very strong." The shopkeeper said, as Lucy placed the key on the counter.

"I don't care, I've actually been looking for this one for a while now." Lucy said with a smile. "Now how much is it?"

"That will be 20,000 jewels." The shopkeeper said, as he held up two fingers.

Lucy chocked on her own breath when she heard that price. But she kept her cool, and continued to smile.

"I wonder how much this key is?" Lucy asked, as she tapped a finger to her chin.

"Uh, I said it will be 20,000 jewels," The shopkeeper repeated.

Suddenly Lucy sat up on the counter. Her blouse was unzipped slightly, showing a very generous amount of her cleavage.

"I wonder how much it really is?" Lucy asked in a sultry tone. "You wonderful old man."

Two minutes later Lucy stormed out of the shop.

"That old prick only knocked off a 1000 jewels," Lucy huffed. Lucy looked down at her large breasts and sighed. "What the hell are these things good for, if they can't even get me some free stuff every now and then."

Suddenly Lucy kicked a nearby sign.

"Is my sex appeal really only worth 1000 jewels!" Lucy exclaimed, as she kicked the sign across the street.

As Lucy huffed in annoyance a crowd of girls ran past her. Lucy watched where the girls were heading, and saw a large crowd of cheering girls.

"What the hell is going on over there?" Lucy asked herself, as another group of girls ran by.

"Did you hear a famous mage is in town?" One of the girls asked.

"Yeah I heard I heard it's Salamander-sama." Another girl replied with hearts in her eyes.

"Salamander?" Lucy whispered, as her eyes suddenly went wide. "They say he can use fire magic that can't be bought in stores. I have to get a glimpse of him!"

Lucy quickly ran over, and started making her way through the crowd. When she finally saw the man in the center of the crowd, her heart started to beat erratically.

"Why is my heart beating so fast?" Lucy thought, as she clutched a hand over her racing heart.

Just as Lucy entered the crowd, Natsu and Happy came walking down the other side of the road.

"I can't believe I had to ride that train twice!" Natsu exclaimed, as he turned his head to glare at Happy. "No thanks to you!"

"It's not my fault you're terrible with transportation." Happy said with a shrug. "Anyways I'm hungry."

"Well we have no money." Natsu said with a frown. "Hey Happy, they meant Igneel when they were talking about this Salamander, right?"

"Yep, Igneel is the only thing that comes to mind when I think of Salamanders." Happy replied with a smile.

"That's what I thought to buddy," Natsu said as he patted Happy's head. "I've finally found him! I feel so much better now!"

"Aye!" Happy said, as he raised his paw.

Suddenly Natsu spotted a large crowd gathered across the street. But that's not really caught his attention. Natsu inhaled deeply, catching a familiar scent in the air.

"No way," Natsu whispered as he started walking towards the crowd.

"What is it Natsu?" Happy asked, as he followed behind Natsu.

"I smell someone." Natsu said as he started to push his way through the crowd.

"Who?" Happy asked, as he tried to make his way through the crowd of cheering girls.

"Lucy," Natsu replied, as he neared the center of the crowd. "It's been so long since I've seen her."

Lucy slowly stepped forward. She was barely able to control herself, as she approached the Salamander.

"What's happened to me?!" Lucy thought, as the Salamander turned his gaze to her. Lucy's heart practically jumped out of her chest when their eyes met. "Is it because he's a famous mage? Is that why my heart is beating so fast? Could this be love at first sight?"

"LUCY!" Natsu cheered, as he pushed himself into the center of the crowd.

But the person Natsu saw definitely wasn't Lucy. It was just some random guy.

"Who the hell are you?" Natsu asked with a deadpanned expression.

Lucy's eyes widened when she saw the pink-haired man step in front of her. Suddenly her heart started to beat even faster than before.

"Pink hair and a dragon scale scarf." Lucy thought, as tears of happiness built up in her eyes. "Natsu I can't believe it's really you!"

"Maybe you might know me as Salamander?" The man asked Natsu, as he flipped his hair.

"Nope doesn't ring a bell." Natsu replied, as he immediately dismissed the man.

The dragon slayer's eyes scanned through the rest of the crowd. Then he saw her, standing just a few feet away from him. Natsu's eyes widened when he spotted Lucy. She had certainly changed from when he last saw her. Her blonde hair now reached to just below her shoulders, and she had a blue bow tied into it. Her chocolate brown eyes were still as warm and inviting as ever. She was wearing a blue and white blouse, which struggled to hold in her large breasts, and a criminally short skirt with a pair of black boots that went up to the top of her calfs. Natsu also spotted a whip and a set of keys attached to her hips.

Now Natsu isn't as oblivious to girls as he lets on. He could admire a beautiful a girl, and he definitely caught himself gazing at Erza and Mira quite often. So Natsu could say for sure that Lucy had grown up to be a stunning girl.

"LuAH!" Natsu was cut off when he received a fierce kick to his jaw.

"Don't be so rude!"

"Salamander-sama is an amazing mage, so show him some respect!"

"Apologize right now you bastard!"

A group of fangirls had gathered around Natsu, and were taking turns beating him.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Natsu yelled in anger, he could feel the flames building up inside him.

"Alright girls that's enough." Salamander said, as he waved the girls off. "He didn't mean to be rude."

"AW! He's so kind!" All girls said in unison.

Lucy glared at the Salamander, as he scribbled something on a board.

"Here's my autograph," The Salamander said, as he handed Natsu the board. "You can show it to all of your friends."

"I don't want that shit!" Natsu said, as he pushed the autograph out of his face.

Suddenly Natsu felt himself flying through the air, as he was throw out of the crowd.

"I certainly appreciate your awesome welcome ladies." Salamander said, as a cloud of pink flames formed underneath him. "Well if you'll excuse me, I have some errands to run at the port."

So with a snap of his fingers Salamander was flying off. But he yelled something before he was out of earshot.

"I'm having a party on my ship tonight, you're all welcome to drop by." The Salamander said, as he disappeared off into the distance.

Natsu groaned as he sat up.

"I guess that wasn't Igneel." Happy said in a sad tone.

"You think?" Natsu said sarcastically as he stood up. "What a prick."


Natsu spun around to see Lucy standing there smiling at him.

"Lucy!" Natsu exclaimed, as he pulled Lucy in for a tight hug. "I missed you Lucy."

"I-I missed you too N-Natsu." Lucy stuttered out, as her face flushed bright red.

"Man so much has happened since I last saw you!" Natsu said with a smile, as he released Lucy.

"Well you want to get something to eat, and catch up." Lucy suggested, as she gestured to a nearby restaurant.

"You're an angel Lucy!" Natsu said, as he bowed before Lucy. "Me and Happy are starving."

"Happy?" Lucy asked with a confused look.

"I'm down here."

Lucy looked down at her feet to see a blue cat staring up at her.

"AH! A TALKING CAT!" Lucy screamed as she suddenly jumped back.

"Man, you were right Natsu, she is weird." Happy said, as he turned to face Natsu.

"HEY! I'm not weird you stupid cat!" Lucy yelled, as her face turned red in embarassment.

"Come on Happy stop embarrassing Lucy, she is buying us something to eat after all." Natsu said, earning a cheer from Happy.

"You're the best Lucy!" Happy cheered, as he jumped for joy.

"Oh now you're nice to me," Lucy said with a sigh, but then something that Natsu had said hit her. "WAIT! I'M BUYING?!"

"Well we kinda don't have any money on us." Natsu said with a sheepish smile, as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Fine I'll pay," Lucy said with a huff. "But you two owe me."

"Sure thing Lucy!" Natsu said with a grin, as he followed Lucy into the restaurant.

(10 Minutes Later)

"No way, you know Titania?!" Lucy exclaimed, as Natsu took a huge bite of his food.

"Titania?" Natsu said with a confused look on his face. "Oh! You mean Erza. Yeah I know Erza, she's one of my best friends. We actually joined Fairy Tail together."

"Wow that's amazing," Lucy said, as she stared at Natsu in awe. "Do you know Mirajane as well?"

"Mira?" Natsu said with grin. "Of course I know Mira, she one of my best friends too."

"No way!" Lucy exclaimed, as she dug through her bag. After rifling around, she eventually pulled out a magazine. "She's so beautiful."

Natsu leaned over and saw what Lucy was looking at. It was an issue of the Weekly Sorcerer with some pictures of Mira in a bikini.

"Ugh, I wish she would stop doing those stupid photoshoots." Natsu groaned out, as he sat back into his seat.

"Why?" Lucy asked, as she raised a blonde eyebrow.

"She only does those photoshoots as a distraction." Natsu replied, as he took a gulp of his drink.

"What do mean a distraction?" Lucy asked, now completely intrigued.

Natsu sighed and put his drink down.

"Mira's little sister, Lisanna, died two years ago." Natsu explained, as his eyes got a far away look. "Mira hasn't really been the same since then. She stopped being a mage, and now she works as a bartender at the guild. I know she does those photoshoots to help distract her, so that she doesn't think about Lisanna. Mira puts on a brave face, but I know Lisanna's death still haunts her. But I think she's been getting over it little by little. Me and Erza try our best to make her happy. I just never want her to be sad like that ever again."

Lucy sat dumbfounded by what she had just heard. She had no idea that something that tragic had happened. Lucy looked at Natsu, and she was surprised to see that his hands were balled into fists. She was starting to get worried when the temperature started to rise around them.

"Oh no it's happening again." Happy said, as he immediately jumped up onto the table.

"What's happening?" Lucy asked, as sweat started to form on her brow.

"This happens whenever Natsu starts to think about Lisanna. She was like a sister to him, so her death hit him really hard. I don't know what we should do, usually Erza or Mira snaps him out of it when he's like this." Happy said, as he slowly backed away from the dragon slayer.

Lucy reached out to touch Natsu. But as soon as her hand touched his shoulder, she reeled her hand back. His skin felt like a mix of searing fire and static electricity.

"Happy what would Erza or Mira do when he gets like this?" Lucy asked, as the other restaurant patrons started to feel the heat as well.

"They would lay his head against their laps, and gently stroke his hair," Happy explained. "But you should be careful Lucy, only Erza and Mira were able to do that. If anyone else tried it wouldn't work."

"Well I have to try," Lucy said, as she stood up and moved over to Natsu's side. She sat next to the dragon slayer, and gently laid his head onto her lap. She hissed when she felt his burning skin against her thighs. When she ran her fingers through his hair, Lucy felt small jolts of electricity nip her fingers. After a few moments of this the temperature dropped back to normal, and Natsu seemed to calm down.

"Wow," Happy said as he stared at Lucy. "I've only seen Erza and Mira be able to do that."

"Well I guess I just have the magic touch." Lucy said with a smile.

Suddenly Natsu groaned and sat up. He turned his head to Happy and sighed.

"It happened again didn't it?" Natsu asked the blue cat.

"Yeah, but Lucy helped you." Happy said, as he pointed at Lucy.

Natsu turned his head to see Lucy smiling at him.

"You did that?" Natsu asked, earning a nod from Lucy. "Wow, thanks Lucy."

"Oh, it was no problem Natsu." Lucy said, as she waved her hands dismissively.

Natsu smiled at Lucy, but then he spotted red marks on her hands and thighs.

"Aw shit I'm sorry Lucy." Natsu said with a guilty look on his face.

"What are you," Lucy followed Natsu's gaze. She noticed that where Natsu's head had been was now bright red. Then she looked at her hands, and saw that they were red as well. "Don't worry about it Natsu, I've been through worse. Anyways I should be thanking you."

"Thank me for what?" Natsu asked, as he looked up at Lucy and raised an eyebrow.

"For freeing me from that Salamander bastard earlier." Lucy explained with a look of disgust. "He was using Charm magic, and it was drawing me towards him. It's magic used to capture other people's hearts. That's why all those girls were following him. So it was banned several years ago. But thanks to you guys, I broke out of the spell."

"I see," Natsu said as Lucy moved back to her side of the booth.

"Did I mention that I'm a mage too?" Lucy asked, as she sat down.

"No," Natsu said, as he started to eat his food again. "But I kinda assumed you were one, because I noticed those keys and that whip on your hip."

"Yep I'm a celestial spirit mage!" Lucy said with a big smile.

"I've never met a celestial spirit mage, so that's pretty cool." Natsu said, as Lucy showed Natsu her keys.

"Yeah each of these keys summon a spirit from the celestial spirit world," Lucy explained, as she grabbed a gold key. "But these gold keys summon one of the twelve Zodiac celestial spirits. They're super rare, because there are only twelve keys. I've got three of them, but I've been looking all over for the other ones."

"That's really cool Lucy." Natsu said with a smile, as Lucy put her keys back onto her hip.

"So what are you doing in Hargeon anyway?" Lucy asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"We're searching for Igneel." Happy quickly answered, in between bites of fish.

"Igneel?" Lucy asked with a confused look.

"I had heard a rumor that Salamander was coming to this town, so we came, but it was the wrong person." Natsu said with a sigh.

"This Salamander didn't look anything like a Salamander." Happy chimed in, as he picked up another piece of fish.

"Damnit, I thought it was really gonna be him this time." Natsu said with a sad look.

"What? How can a human look like a salamander?" Lucy asked, making both Natsu and Happy turn to face her.

"Hrmm? Igneel isn't a human." Natsu replied, making Lucy's eyes widen. "He's a real dragon."

"There is no way a dragon would be in a town like this!" Lucy exclaimed.

Natsu and Happy were about to argue, but they stopped when the realization hit them.

"Don't tell me you just thought of that!" Lucy yelled.

Both Natsu and Happy's heads slammed onto the table.

"We're so stupid Happy," Natsu groaned out.


"Jeez," Lucy said as she put some money on the table. "Well let's get going."

"Going?" Natsu asked, as he raised his head off the table.

"You're a Fairy Tail mage, right? That's where I was heading, so I want you to take me there." Lucy said, earning a grin from Natsu.

"Sure thing Lucy," Natsu said as he stood up. "But first I gotta take a leak."

"Ugh I don't need to know that!" Lucy exclaimed disgust evident on her face.

"Just wait outside, and we'll head to Fairy Tail when I'm done." Natsu said, as he walked into the bathroom.

"Come on Happy." Lucy said as she walked past the blue cat.

"I'll be out in a sec Lucy I'm not done with this fish yet." Happy said, as his mouth started to water.

"Stupid cat," Lucy mumbled as she walked out of the restaurant.

Lucy sat down on a bench just outside the restaurant, and waited for Natsu. As Lucy waited, she pulled out her issue of the Weekly Sorcerer again.

"Oh, Fairy Tail caused trouble again," Lucy said as she flipped through the pages. "They took out the Devon Thief Family, but they also destroyed several other homes. HAHA! That's hilarious."

As Lucy flipped through the pages her mind began to wander.

"I wonder how I get into Fairy Tail anyways. Do I have to learn some strong magic, or maybe take a test." Lucy sighed, as she put the magazine back into her bag. "All I know is that I'm gonna join Fairy Tail. It's the best guild ever, plus Natsu will be there." Lucy said the last part quietly to herself.

"So you want to join Fairy Tail?"

Lucy jumped out of her seat at the sudden voice. She turned to see Salamander in the bushes.

"What do you want?" Lucy asked harshly.

"I've been looking all over for you. I wanted to invite a beautiful lady like you to my party later." Salamander said with a wink

"Tch I'll pass," Lucy said as she turned her head. "And FYI your stupid Charm magic won't work on me anymore. As long I know about it, that stupid magic won't work."

"Hm, I knew you were a mage." Salamander said as he rubbed his chin. "I could tell as soon as our eyes met. I would love it if you came to my party."

"Piss off," Lucy spat. "Like I would hang out with a jerk like you. You're not even close to a popular mage."

Lucy started to walk back towards the restaurant, but Salamander called out to her.

"Wait! You want to join Fairy Tail, right?" Salamander asked, as he reached out towards Lucy. "I can talk to the master for you, and get you in."

"No thanks, someone else from Fairy Tail is already taking me there." Lucy said with a smirk.

"W-What!?" Salamander exclaimed with a worried look. "Then I defiantly can't let you get away."

"What are you going on about?" Lucy asked, as she laid a hand on her keys.

Before Lucy could react, Salamander raised his fist. One of his rings started to glow brightly. Immediately Lucy started to feel faint, and seconds later she fell over unconscious.

"You should have just came to the party." Salamander said with a smirk, as he slung Lucy over his shoulder.

Moments later both Salamander and Lucy were flying towards his ship on a trail of pink fire.

Just as Lucy and Salamander were out of sight, Natsu and Happy walked out of the restaurant.

"Man I ate a lot." Natsu said as he patted his belly.

Natsu scanned the area outside the restaurant, but he didn't see Lucy anywhere.

"Where could Lucy be?" Natsu asked, as a familiar scent hit his nose. The dragon slayer followed the scent, and came to the bench Lucy had been sitting on. "She was here, and recently too." Then another scent hit Natsu's nose. "Ugh, so was that Salamander freak."

"Natsu, you don't think that Salamander guy did something to Lucy?" Happy suggested with a worried look.

"If he did I'm gonna kick his ass." Natsu said as he punched his palm, causing electricity to spark to life in his hand. "I can still faintly pick up their scent."

Natsu followed the scent until her came to a ridge overlooking the town.

"Hey Natsu didn't Salamander say that he was having a party on his ship tonight?" Happy asked, as he pointed to a docked ship.

"Ugh, I'm getting sick just looking at that thing." Natsu groaned, as he turned a little green.

"You're hopeless Natsu." Happy said with a sigh. "But Lucy is probably on that ship."

It was then that Natsu overheard a group of girls talking nearby.

"Did you hear that mage Salamander is having a party on his ship tonight?" One of the girls asked.

"Yeah I heard he's from the famous Fairy Tail guild." Another girl replied.

Natsu shot to his feet when he heard this. Anger was evident in his eyes, as he glared at the ship that was setting sail.

"So that bastard has the nerve to call himself a Fairy Tail mage!" Natsu exclaimed as rage filled his body. "And he has the balls to kidnap Lucy."

Electricity start to spark off Natsu's body, startling the group of nearby girls.

"Happy let's go, we have a Salamander to fry."

"Aye sir!" Happy exclaimed, as he picked Natsu up and started flying towards the ship.

Lucy awoke with a splitting headache. She quickly recognized that she was on a ship. Turning her head, Lucy saw that she was in a what appeared to be a large cage. When she sat up, she saw Salamander smirking at her.

"Where am I?!" Lucy screamed at the man in front of her.

"Oh my dear you are on my slave ship." Salamander said in a dark tone.

"Let me go you bastard! Don't make me hurt you!" Lucy yelled, as she reached for her keys. But when she grabbed for Tauros' key, she grabbed air. She looked down, and went wide eyed when she saw that all her keys were gone.

"Looking for these?" Salamander asked, as he twirled Lucy's keys around his index finger.

"Give those back!" Lucy exclaimed, as she reached an arm through the bars of her cage.

"Where you're going you won't be needing these." Salamander said, as he tossed Lucy's keys out of the open window.

"NO!" Lucy screamed as she felt tears build up in her eyes.

"Now be a good little girl and let me brand you." Salamander said with a wicked grin. "This might burn a little, but you'll be fine."

"You son of a bitch," Lucy whispered as tears streamed down her face. "You're the worst mage ever, you're scum."

Just before Salamander could reply, a bolt of lightning hit the ship. Immediately all the lights on the ship went out at the same time.

"What the hell just happened?!" Salamander roared as several of his goons ran into the room.

"The ship was struck by lightning sir, and it caused the power to go out." One of the goons answered.

"How can there be lightning? It's a perfectly clear night!" Salamander exclaimed, just as the ceiling above him exploded.

Salamander and his goons managed to jump out of the way just as Natsu landed in front of Lucy's cage.

"Natsu! You came to save me!" Lucy said with a smile, as she wiped away her tears.

"Oh, it's that brat from earlier." Salamander said in a bored tone.

Natsu turned to face Lucy, as a smile spread across his face.

"Lucy I'm here to HMPH!" Natsu suddenly collapsed to the ground with swirls in his eyes. "Nope, I can't do it."

"AH! THAT'S SO LAME MAN!" Lucy yelled at Natsu, who was barely supporting himself against the wall.

"Where the hell did this kid even come from?" Salamander asked, as he looked through the hole in the ceiling.

Suddenly Salamander felt something fly past him. He looked down, and saw that the keys to the cage were gone. When he looked back up he saw a blue cat with wings releasing his prisoner.

"Happy, when did you get wings?" Lucy asked, as Happy wrapped his tail around Lucy's waist.

"No time to explain now." Happy said as he started to fly off.

"What about Natsu!?" Lucy yelled over the rushing wind.

"I can't carry two people at once." Happy simply replied.

"Don't let that girl get away. We can't have her reporting this to the council!" Salamander exclaimed, as he fired a stream of pink flames at Happy and Lucy.

The rest of Salamander's goon grabbed guns, and started shooting at the flying cat.

"Uh, Lucy I'm gonna need you to stay calm." Happy said in a nervous tone.

"Why?" Lucy asked, as she looked up at the flying cat.

"My transformation magic just ran out." Just then Happy's wings disappeared.

"You shitty cat!" Lucy screamed as she plummeted into the water.

With a deep intake of breath, Lucy emerged above the water.

"If I could find my keys I could help." Lucy said, just as Happy floated up next to her.

"You mean these?" Happy asked, as he pulled Lucy's keys out of his green pack.

"Where did you get these?" Lucy asked as she snatched her keys.

"Natsu grabbed him before he blew that hole in the roof." Happy explained, as Lucy grasped one of her gold keys.

"Okay here I come," Lucy said as she raised the key above her head. "Open the Gate of the Water Bearer! Aquarius!"

Lucy plunged her key into the water, and instantly a glowing magic circle surrounded her. Seconds later a blue-haired mermaid, carrying a vase, appeared out of the water in front of Lucy.

"Woah that's a big fish!" Happy exclaimed, as he drooled slightly.

"Aquarius use your power to send that ship back to shore." Lucy said with a grin, as she pointed to the ship.

"Tch," Aquarius said with an annoyed expression.

"Did you just say tch!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Listen here you noisy brat," Aquarius said as she turned to glare at Lucy. "If you ever let my key get stolen again, I will kill you."

"S-Sorry," Lucy squeaked out, as she backed away from Aquarius.

"RAAAAAHHH!" Aquarius roared, as she raised her vase. Suddenly a massive tidal wave swallowed up the ship, along with Lucy and Happy.

"Don't sweep me up too!" Lucy screamed, as the the water rushed them towards the shore.

Seconds later the ship crashed back onto the shore. Salamander limped out of the wrecked ship, and stared the the destruction.

"How could you hit me along with that ship?!" Lucy yelled, as a tic mark formed on her head.

"My bad, I hit the ship as well." Aquarius replied, as she slapped a hand to her head.

"Were you aiming for me?!" Lucy screamed at Aquarius.

"Don't bother me for a while girl, because I'm gonna be on vacation with my boyfriend." Aquarius said, as she started to vanish. "With my boyfriend."

"No need to repeat yourself!" Lucy yelled at the vanishing spirit.

"Ack! We forgot about Natsu!" Happy exclaimed, as he ran to find Natsu.

"What the fuck just happened?" Salamander asked, as he stared at his destroyed ship.

"The swaying stopped," Natsu said as he stood up. "It finally stopped."

"Natsu, are you okay?!" Lucy asked as she stormed into the room Salamander and Natsu were in.

"Kid you shouldn't go on people's property without their permission." Salamander said with a smirk.

Natsu ignored Salamander, and started to remove his red jacket.

"Natsu, I'll help you!" Lucy said as she reached for her keys.

"Don't worry Lucy let Natsu take this one." Happy said with a grin.

Lucy looked at Natsu who had tossed his jacket off to the side

"So you're a Fairy Tail mage?" Natsu asked, as he glared at Salamander.

"Yeah what's it you brat." Salamander replied with a smirk.

"Then come closer, let me get a good look at you face." Natsu said, as two of Salamander's goons rushed towards him. The dragon slayer delivered a powerful backhand, hitting both men. "I'm Natsu of Fairy Tail, and I've never seen your ugly fucking face before!"

Bora and all his men went wide-eyed when they saw the red Fairy Tail marker on Natsu's shoulder.

""T-That mark," One of the goons stuttered out. "Bora-san that kids the real deal."

"You idiots, don't call me by my real name." The now named Bora scolded his croonies.

"Bora of Prominence. I've heard of him." Happy said, as a slight breeze revealed the lime green Fairy Tail mark on his back. "He was banished from the mage guild 'Titan Nose' several years ago. He used magic to commit several thefts, that's why he was banished."

"I don't a shit whether you're good or bad." Natsu said, as he clenched his teeth. "But I can't forgive you for hurting Lucy and using Fairy Tail's name in vain."

"Just shut up already you damn brat." Bora said, as Natsu was suddenly engulfed in a ball of pink flames.

"NATSU!" Lucy screamed, as she tried to run forward. But Happy extended his paw and stopped her.

"What the fuck are these flames? Are you really a fire mage?" A voice from within the flames asked. "Because these are honestly the worst flames I've ever tasted."

Everyone watched wide-eyed as Natsu literally inhaled the flames. His stomach bulged slightly at the amount of flames he was eating. Natsu burped as he wiped the excess flames from his mouth.

"Thanks for the meal you bastard." Natsu said with a smug grin.

"What the hell are you?!" Bora yelled as he took a fearful step backwards.

"Fire won't work on Natsu." Happy said with a smirk.

"If any of you idiots can use magic nows the time!" Bora exclaimed, as he turned to his goons.

The thugs all looked at each other, and scratched their heads. However one goon took a step forward.

"If fire won't work let's see how you like lightning!" The thug said, as he raised his arm.

A streak of blue lightning fired from the thug's hand straight at Natsu. The dragon slayer simply raised an eyebrow, as the lightning approached.

"Seconds? You guys are spoiling me!" Natsu said with a grin, as the lightning hit him.

"Ha! Got you, you smug bastard!" The thug cheered, but it was short lived.

Almost instantly Natsu started to inhaled the lightning surrounding his body.

"GAH! This tastes like shit too!" Natsu said with a disgusted look on his face. "How can you call yourself a mage?"

"Electricity won't work on Natsu either." Happy said, as he crossed his paws over his chest.

"I've never seen magic like that!" Lucy said in awe, as she watched flames swirl around Natsu.

"Now that I've eaten I'm all fired up!" Natsu exclaimed, as he punched his fists together, flames surrounding his body.

"No way, can... he... be," One thug said as he pointed a shaky finger at Natsu. "Bora-san I've seen this kids before! Pink hair and a scale scarf. There's no doubt...he's the real."

"Let's see how you guys like this!" Natsu yelled, as he inhaled deeply. His cheeks puffed up, as he built up fire in his mouth. "Fire Dragon's Roar!"

The stream of concentrated fire obliterated a group of Bora's goons in a single blow. All the cronies were scattered around, and their bodies were burnt to a crisp. Natsu turned to another group of thugs and grinned. The air around Natsu crackled with electricity, as again he inhaled deeply.

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!"

A blinding bolt of lightning shot from Natsu's mouth. The rest of the thugs were caught up in the massive blast of electricity. All of the goons sparked with electricity, as they laid on the ground unconscious.

"Natsu is the real Salamander," Lucy said with a smirk.

"Remember it well!" Natsu roared, as he charged Bora. "This is the power of a Fairy Tail mage!"

Natsu slammed a flaming fist onto the top of Bora's head. The man went face first into the hard ground, causing a few of his teeth to fall out.

"Eating fire and lightning and breathing fire and lightning, what type of magic is that?" Lucy asked, as she looked at the destruction in utter astonishment.

"Dragon's lungs to breath fire and lightning, a dragon's scales to dissolve flames and disperse electricity, and dragon's claws to wrap in flames and lightning." Happy explained, as Lucy's jaw slowly dropped. "It's ancient magic that basically turns a person's body into that of a dragon. This magic was originally developed to fight dragons. Igneel and Valinor taught Natsu this magic. Natsu is a dual Dragon Slayer!"

"Valinor?" Lucy asked, as she looked at Happy.

"Another dragon that helped raise Natsu, he's kinda like Natsu's older brother and Igneel is his dad. Valinor is the one who taught Natsu Lightning Dragon Slayer magic, while Igneel taught Natsu Fire Dragon Slayer magic."

"...I see." Lucy breathed out as she stared at Natsu in wonder.

"Natsu you really are amazing." Lucy thought with a smile.

"Fire Dragon's Claw!"

Natsu delivered a powerful flaming kick to Bora's face. This sent Bora flying with Natsu in hot pursuit.

"You little shit!" Bora roared, as he flew up on his pink flames. "Take this!"

Bora formed a massive ball of pink flames and threw it at Natsu.

"Don't you ever learn?" Natsu said with a wolfish grin, as he caught the ball of flames. Opening his mouth, Natsu ate the flames immediately. "Time to finish this!"

Again Natsu punched his fist together. But this time electricity coursed around Natsu instead of fire. When the dragon slayer looked up, he saw Bora looking at him with fearful eyes.

"Lightning Dragon's Iron Fist!"

Natsu jumped up and delivered a powerful uppercut to Bora's jaw. The ex-guild mage screamed in pain, as the powerful electricity flowed through his body.

"And one more!" Natsu said with a smirk. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!"

The lightning in Natsu's hand was replaced by fire. He slammed his fist into Bora's stomach, sending the man crashing to the ground. When Natsu landed on the ground, Bora was a mess. His body was charred and burned, as electricity crackled off him.

"That was amazing," Lucy breathed out, as she watched Natsu stand in triumph "BUT YOU OVERDID IT!"

Lucy did a full 360, and saw that the port around her was completely in ruins.

"The port in completely trashed." Lucy said, as she ran her hands down her face.

"Aye." Happy said with a smile.

"Don't give me an 'aye' you dumb cat!" Lucy screamed, as she heard the loud sound of approaching footsteps.

"What is going on over here!" A military officer screamed, as he gazed at the extensive damage.

"Oh no it's the military!" Lucy exclaimed, but she suddenly felt someone dragging her.

"Shit Lucy we have to book it to Fairy Tail now!" Natsu yelled, as he pulled Lucy along with him.

"Why does this have to happen to me!?" Lucy complained, as Natsu continued to drag her.

"You wanted to join Fairy Tail, right?" Natsu asked, as he turned to face Lucy. The blonde celestial spirit mage quickly nodded. "Well this type of stuff comes with being a Fairy Tail mage. So come with me Lucy!" Natsu finished by giving Lucy a big toothy grin.

Lucy felt her heart warm when Natsu grinned at her. She knew there was no way that she could say no to him.

"OKAY!" Lucy cheered, as she ran along side Natsu towards her future at Fairy Tail.

Lucy had no clue how important her meeting with Natsu would be that fateful day. She had no idea that the dragon slayer would forever change her life, along with the lives of four other girls.

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