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"Faust within Dorma Anim"


Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or any of its characters.

"What the hell was that?" Gajeel asked as he felt the ground beneath him start to shift. "Why are we moving?"

"This is our military's plan." Panther Lily said with a smirk, panting lightly as he felt the island slowly starting to move through the air. "We're going to smash this lacrima into Extalia and destroy them both."

"How..." Happy said as he sniffled, tears forming in his eyes. "How can you do such a horrible thing?"

"Grrrrr..." Gajeel growled, stumbling slightly as the entire island radically shifted. Feeling the wind blow through his hair, Gajeel realized the island was moving much faster. "Is this thing speeding up!?"

"HURRY!" Gajeel's ears perked up when he heard an unmistakable voice yell out in the distance, his dragon-slayer-enhanced hearing quickly picking it up. He knew that the voice couldn't belong to anyone other than Natsu Dragneel. Turning around, Gajeel grinned when he spotted a large creature speeding toward the floating island, with his fellow Fairy Tail members riding atop it. "We can let that lacrima crash into Extalia!" Seconds later, the Legion Coco and the Fairy Tail mages were riding rammed its head into the floating island. Reaching down, Natsu gave the beast's head an encouraging pat. "Come on buddy, stop this damn thing!"

"You can do it, Legion!" Coco encouraged her mount as the creature let out a mighty roar, using all of its strength to try and stop the floating island. "I believe in you!"

"It's no good!" Gray exclaimed after a few moments, seeing that the island's speed hadn't changed at all. "This thing doesn't look like it's slowing down at all!"

"We'll have to help out too!" Natsu yelled as he rushed forward, running up the Legion's neck. With a grunt, Natsu slammed into the edge of the floating island, the veins along his arms and forehead bulging as his fingers dug into the stone. Letting out a defiant roar, brilliant blue flames exploded off Natsu's body, acting as makeshift thrusters. "We can't let this lacrima hit Extalia! Wendy and Carla are there! All my friends are in that lacrima! Mirajane is in that thing! Dig deep! Use every ounce of strength you have damn it!"

"Natsu!" Hearing someone call out his name, the pink-haired dragon slayer looked up and saw Happy flying toward him. Reaching Natsu's side, Happy looked slightly bewildered. "What...what do you want me to do!?"

"Heh..." Natsu chuckled with a smirk as he nodded toward a spot beside him, just far enough away that Happy wouldn't get hurt by his flames. "Give me a hand, partner."

"Aye sir!" Happy cheered, quickly flying down and pushing against the island next to the pink-haired dragon slayer. "We can do this, Natsu!"

"Aw, damn it..." Gajeel growled before he began to run toward the edge of the floating island. "We'll have to take a rain check, black cat!"

"Are you really running away!?" Panther Lily growled as he glared at Gajeel, watching as the iron dragon slayer leaped over the island's edge. "Stay and fight me!"

"I'm not running or hiding!" Gajeel yelled, falling for several feet before landing on the Legion's back. After composing himself, Gajeel sprinted forward and began to push against the floating island as well. "I'll settle things with you once we stop this damn thing!"

"Stop! Do you seriously think you can stop this huge floating island!?" Panther Lily exclaimed as he ran to the edge of the island, looking down at the Fairy Tail mages. "It's pointless! We're all going to die here!"

"Geehee, we'll see about that!" Gajeel said with a fang-filled smirk, the floating island drawing closer and closer to the edge of Extalia. "When this is all over, I'm bringing you back to the guild, even if I have to drag you by your tail! Then, you're gonna be my cat, geehee!"

"I-It's not gonna work!" Coco screamed as she looked back, seeing that Extalia was only a couple of feet away now. "It's gonna hit!"

"WE CAN DO IT!" Natsu roared, the flames cloaking his body intensifying as images of all his friends and loved ones flashed through his mind. An explosive crack rang out as the vibrant blue flames exploded off Natsu's body. "LUCE! ERZA! I NEED YOUR HELP! USE MY MAGIC TOO!"

"RIGHT!" Natsu's mates exclaimed as their mate marks began to glow vibrantly, a comforting and pleasurable warmth spreading through their bodies. Running up next to Natsu, both Lucy and Erza got on either side of the pink-haired dragon slayer and began to push against the floating island as well. A split second later, Lucy and Erza's bodies were engulfed in roaring orange flames.

Then, in a brilliant display of power and beauty, Natsu, Lucy, and Erza's flames combined with a thunderous bang, creating a wall of roaring purple fire. The combined force of the flames managed to slow down the floating island greatly, but not stop it entirely. Despite the Fairy Tail mage's efforts, within moments, the floating island was less than ten feet away from Extalia.

"Grrr, Gajeel!" Erza growled, the muscles in her arms burning as she put every bit of strength she had into trying to stop the floating island. "Why can't you turn everyone back to normal like you did with Gray and me!?"

"Because that huge black cat is in my way!" Gajeel exclaimed as he grunted in exertion, sweat pouring off his brow. "And even if he wasn't, it would take too damn long!" After a particularly violent burst of flames, the iron dragon slayer ducked his head out of the way to avoid them. "OI! Watch those damn flames god damn it! They're really fucking hot!"

"Tch, even with all that spectacle, your efforts are still pointless." Panter Lily muttered, slowly shaking his head as he watched the Fairy Tail mages' vain efforts. However, Lily's eyes widened in surprise when he noticed an additional person that was also atop the Legion. "You...what are you doing here!?"

"Oh...hey, Lily!" Coco said with a strained smile as she used her legs to push against the floating island. "So, you finally noticed me! Heh heh...I don't really need infinite magic. I'd much rather everyone just live together happily!"

"What the hell are you blabbering on about!?" Panther Lily spat, baring his fangs as he gazed down at the young girl. "Hurry and get away from here! We won't be able to stop this island, no matter what we do!"

"WE'RE GONNA STOP IT!" Natsu roared as the flames coursing off his body suddenly boomed with a burst of intensity. "Even if my body is torn to pieces, I'll stop this damn thing with my very soul!"

"Why...why are they going through all this effort...even though it's pointless..." Panther Lily thought, watching each of the Fairy Tail mages give everything they had in order to try and stop the floating island from crashing into Extalia. "Just give up and save yourselves!"

(Same Time: On Extalia)

"Dear!" Marl exclaimed in a panic as she watched a floating island with a giant lacrima atop it begin to crash into the ground just at the edge of their farmlands. "You should really come out here!"

"KAAH! What the hell's all the noise going on out here!?" Lucky yelled, storming outside and rushing toward Marl's side. However, he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what had gotten Marl so worried. "What the hell is that thing!?"

All across Extalia alarms were blaring and some panic was starting to set in as the Exceed began to realize that they truly were being attacked by the humans of Edolas. The Exceed that had surrounded Wendy and Carla now turned their attention toward the giant lacrima barreling toward them. However, despite the potentially dangerous situation, many of the Exceed didn't seem to be fazed or concerned.

"The humans really are attacking us!"

"They're really going against us Exceed!"

"Those arrogant humans know nothing of the queen's power!"

"I think it's about time we make them understand once and for all!"

"It'll happen anytime now! The queen will wipe them all out with her magic!"

"But, I'd rather she do it sooner rather than later."

"There's nothing to worry about! We've got the queen behind us!"

"The lacrima hit..." Wendy breathed out, the poisonous mist flowing off her body slowly starting to dissipate. "Is this the end?"

"It's not over yet!" Carla exclaimed as she pointed toward the lacrima that was moving at only a snail's pace. "It's pretty much stopped at the island's edge! We can't give up yet!" Whipping around, Carla turned to face the crowd of gathered Exceed once again. "Everyone, you have to listen!"

"Tch, you're still here, fallen one! Get lost!" One of the Exceed scoffed, before picking up another stone and hurling at Carla. However, the Exceed was surprised when Wendy snatched the stone and crushed it to pieces in her hand. This action immediately stopped any other would-be stone throwers.

"Please, please! Everyone stop!" Nadi yelled as he ran out in front of Wendy and Carla, frantically waving his arms about. "These people tried to inform us of the danger! But...none of us even tried to listen to them! We should really give them a chance!"

"HAH!? No way!"

"As long as we have the queen's magic we'll be fine!"

"We're not scared at all!"

"Um...uh..." Nadi began to stammer nervously, rapidly pumping his fist into the air. "P-Please...we...there's..."

"That's enough, Nadi..." A regal and elegant voice spoke up, instantly silencing everyone in the crowd. Turning around, all of the gathered Exceed gasped in awe when they saw their queen, Shagotte, standing before them. Almost instantly, pretty much all of the Exceed bowed before their queen. The queen had white fur and gray eyes, with diamond patterns dotted around them, as well as a piercing on her left ear. Her outfit was a flowing, multilayer dress with excessive ruffles on the back. But with her flamboyant garb, very little could be seen of the rest of her appearance. "The time has come."

"Y-Your Highness!" Nadi yelped in a panic as he immediately fell to his knees and bowed his head. "I sincerely apologize for the disrespect!"

"Everyone...please raise your heads." Shagotte said with a sad smile, lowering her own head slightly. "Now please, calm down and listen to my words."

"Why is the queen here of all places?"

"I bet she's about to unleash some crazy destructive magic."

"SHHHH! Be quiet you idiots!"

"At this very moment...Extalia is in danger of being destroyed. We can no longer avoid our fate..." Shagotte continued as she paused for a brief moment, before taking a brief breath to calm herself. "Therefore, I have made up my mind about something very important."

"Are you going to exterminate the humans!?"

"Will finally put them in their place!?"

"Oi! Shut the hell up and listen to what the queen is saying!"

"No...nothing like that..." Shagotte said, beginning to shed her lavish and extravagant robes. All the Exceed present were shocked to see their queen dropping all of her shining jewelry and fancy clothes onto the grounds. "I have decided to tell you all the truth. I...am but a mere Exceed." Several of the Exceed gasped when Shagotte spread her wings, revealing that she was missing one. "Not a queen...and certainly no god. I am an Exceed, the same as all of you. I have no secret power in which to fight against the humans." Seeing the shocked look on her subject's faces, Shagotte hung her head in shame. "I am deeply sorry for hiding this from you all."

"So, this is the queen of Extalia..." Wendy thought as she let out a slow exhale, the poison surrounding her completely fading away. While the blue-haired dragon slayer's poison may have dissipated, her Poison Sky transformation remained. "She's not what I was expecting."

"Wendy-san and Carla-san, was it?" Shagotte asked, now addressing the Fairy Tail mages directly. "I must apologize to both of you as well. This is all my fault. Please do not hold any grudges against everyone else here." Turning to face the blue-haired dragon slayer, Shagotte smiled softly. "I must say, I admire how you protected your friend Wendy-san. And I thank you for showing restraint and not attacking any of the Exceed."

"I'd do anything to protect my friends..." Wendy said as she kneeled down next to Carla, gently patting the white-furred cat's head. "Now, what did you mean earlier when you said that this was your fault?"

"No..." An elderly Exceed said, stepping forward from behind Shagotte. "The responsibility falls upon us elders who created the illusion of our all-powerful queen. We're a very weak race...and long ago humans used to do horrible things to us. That's why, in order to protect ourselves, we made the humans think we had some incredible powers. And in order for all Exceeds to regain their confidence, we even made all of Extalia believe in the power of god."

"Humans who didn't believe at first eventually came to embrace and fear the power of god." Another elder with a large beard chimed in, stepping forward on Shagotte's other side. "But there really was no powerful god, it was all a bluff we Exceed created. We truly only have one power, and that is Shagotte's slight ability to see the future. She can often see the deaths of humans. We made the humans believe that those humans were being killed due to the queen's decisions."

"No...it has to be a lie..."

"Our queen is a god!"

"Hurry and kill the humans..."

"Sophist..." Carla muttered as she tightly balled her fists. Wendy was about to speak up and stop Carla, but the white-furred cat quickly spoke up. "Whether or not you have incredible powers, you ordered us to kill our friends! And that is the truth!"

"Shagotte never gave such an order!" The first elder exclaimed, stomping his cane onto the ground in frustration. "It was probably made up by some humans abusing the queen's-"

"No, it wasn't!" Carla shouted as she cut the elder off, gritting her teeth in anger. "Memories were implanted in my mind, my actions were being controlled! You ordered me to massacre the dragon slayers! From before I was even born!"

"That's..." Shagotte said barely above a whisper, turning her head away and rubbing her arm. "I...it..."

"N-No she didn't!" Nadi exclaimed as he dashed in front of Shagotte. "There's a long, complicated story behind this!"

"I don't care what your damn story is!" Carla yelled, causing Shagotte to flinch slightly at her harsh tone. "I'll never forgive her!"

"Carla!" Wendy hissed as she reached out and placed a comforting hand on the white-furred cat's shoulder. "That's enough! Let's not talk about that right now!"

"No, it's exactly as you say, Carla-san." Shagotte said, before unsheathing a small sword and tossing it in front of Carla. "You are innocent...and I hurt you the most." Kneeling down, Shagotte lowered her head. All the Exceed began to cry out to their queen, begging her to stop and raise her head. "Please, judge my sins with your own hand. As one who loves both humans and Exceed, you have that right."

"Carla..." Wendy said as she stared down at her oldest friend. "What are you going to do?"

"..." Carla said nothing in reply, instead bending down and picking up the sword. By now, the other Exceed were beginning to panic, most of them being split on whether to leave for safety or stay on Extalia. Slowly, Carla began to walk toward Shagotte. "..."

"No, you all must leave!" Shagotte shouted as tears formed in the corners of her eyes. "This country is destined to die! You can't just throw away your lives!"

"Don't just give up before you even try to save yourselves!" Carla exclaimed, surprising everyone as she slammed the sword into the ground in front of Shagotte. "This is your country, isn't it!? Are you completely incapable of doing anything without your god or queen!? How can you give up so easily!? It's okay to be weak! If we all combine our strength together, we can make it! This country won't be destroyed!" By now tears were streaming down Carla's cheeks. "This is my homeland after all! I don't want it to disappear!" Spreading her wings, Carla took off racing toward the giant lacrima. "I won't give up so easily! I will stop that thing no matter what it takes!"

"Carla!" Wendy exclaimed as she watched her partner fly off, before letting out a heavy sigh and frowning. "You could have at least brought me with you."

"I-I'll go back her up..." Nadi said with a smile, sniffling several times as he tried in vain to fight back his tears. "Because I love this country too."

(Back with Natsu)

"RAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Natsu roared as he mashed his face against the floating island, the flames flowing off his body getting another minor boost of power. "Move you son of a bitch!"

"They're getting closer!" Lucy exclaimed, feeling Natsu's magic starting to gradually peter out. "They're about to smash together!"

"Stand firm everyone!" Gray yelled as he stood next to Gajeel, both mages giving it their all to try and push back the floating island. "We have to stop it from hitting!"

"We're going to stop this thing no matter what!" Erza shouted in a strained voice, also feeling Natsu's magic beginning to fade away. "Don't give in!"

"Grrrr...it's useless!" Panther Lily growled as he looked down at Fairy Tail mages, watching them continue to struggle. "I keep trying to tell you that this is not possible with mere human strength!"

"It's not just human strength!" A new voice called out, moments before Carla flew into the floating island next to Happy and began to push against it as well. "We're not gonna give up! Fairy Tail! Extalia! We'll protect both of them!" A few seconds later, Carla was surprised when Nadi slammed into the island next to her. "What are you doing here?"

"Nya~ I want to protect Extalia too." Nadi replied as he gestured back in the direction he had flown in from. Looking back, both Happy and Carla were shocked to see a massive flock of Exceed flying toward them, with Wendy being carried by one of them. "I'm sure everyone else feels the same way."

"We need to protect our own country!"

"For the sake of our queen who's braved perils to continue to protect this country and its people!"

"Wendy-san! Carla-san! We're sorry about before! We should have listened to you!"

"Everyone! Let's all work together and stop this!" Wendy exclaimed, pushing against the island next to Lucy as she unleashed a burst of wind. "We can definitely do it if we all work together!"

"Shagotte! It's impossible for you with that wing!" One of the elders called out as he watched Extalia's queen struggle to stay in the air. "Let everyone else help instead!"

"No! I can't!" Shagotte said, gritting her teeth as she used all her strength just to slowly move forward, sweat dripping off her brow. "This is something...I have to do! We all have to do what we can to help!"

"I must be seein' things..." Lucky said as he rubbed his eyes, standing on the edge of his farmland. "Or I'm havin' some crazy dream."

"Is Extalia really united?" Marl gasped, watching as the horde of Exceed all joined together. "I never thought I'd see the day."

"..." Panther Lily said nothing as he gazed at the amazing display, thinking back to the day he had been banished from Extalia.

"Lily! Why would you save a human child!?"

"It was badly wounded...I couldn't just-" Panther Lily tried to reason as he clutched the baby in his arms.

"Idiot! It's highly inappropriate to bring something like that to Extalia!"

"But...even if it's a human, there's no way I could ignore an injured creature." Lily explained, lowering his head and gazing down at the child he was holding. "Please, just let me-"

"Have you forgotten the laws of Extalia, Lily!?"

"You are hereby banished from Extalia as a fallen angel!"

"What!?" Lily exclaimed in shock, gazing at Shagotte and taking note of the saddened look on her face. "For something like this?!"

"Shagotte!" One of the elders exclaimed as he watched the queen begin to plummet toward the ground, her one good wing finally giving out.

"WAAAAAH!" Shagotte screamed, desperately trying to correct herself and start flying once again. But despite her efforts, Shagotte continued to fall. However, she was surprised when it felt like someone had caught her. Looking up, Shagotte was shocked by who had saved her. "L-Lily?"

"Your majesty..." Lily said as he flew Shagotte higher into the air, safely carrying her in his arms. "Has manipulating fate tired you out?"

"Lily...I'm..." Shagotte said, feeling an immense sense of guilt. "I'm so sorry."

"Me too." Lily said as tears began to sting his eyes, some falling down his cheeks. "No matter how much I may despise it, Extalia is my homeland!" Stopping a safe distance away, Lily gazed at the floating island and everyone trying to stop it. "But it's too late...even with this mass of Exceed, it can't be stopped! I'm sorry, it's my fault! I could have...I should have stopped it! I should've stopped the humans!"

"There is no need for tears, Lily." Shagotte said with a small smile, leaning forward and gently embracing Panther Lily. "I truly appreciate your feelings."

"DON'T GIVE UP! EVERYONE KEEP PUSHING!" Natsu roared as he felt his muscles burning, using every ounce of strength he had in his body. "WE CAN DO THIS!"

"Please stop it!" Wendy exclaimed, another rush of wind bursting off her body. "Push with all your might!"

"They really should just-" Panther Lily was cut off by an echoing bang as he witnessed something that he couldn't believe. Little by little, the floating island began to get pushed away from Extalia. "The lacrima...it's being forced back..."

With their combined might, the forces of Extalia and Fairy Tail finally began to move the floating island. However, they didn't push the island 50 feet away from Extalia before something completely unexpected happened. With a blinding flash and thunderous crack, a beam of light pierced through the floating island. Then, in an instant, all of the Exceed and Fairy Tail mages were blown back and off the Legion they were standing on. All of the Fairy Tail mages and Coco were caught by the various Exceed, keeping them afloat in the air. Once they had regained their composure, everyone was shocked to see that the giant lacrima had vanished.

"The lacrima!?" Natsu exclaimed in a panic, immediately worrying for his friend's safety. "Where the hell did it go!?"

"It's returned to Earthland." A new voice explained which caught everyone present off guard. Turning around, the Fairy Tail mages were shocked to see Mystogan standing atop a large birdlike creature. "I apologize for arriving so late. I was searching for the vestiges of the giant Anima in order to send everything back. And we wouldn't have made it without all of your strength. For that, I must thank you."

"Mystogan..." Natsu said, staring at his old friend in surprise. "What do you mean you 'sent it all back'?"

"It's exactly as I said, pinky." Jellal said as he pulled down his mask, a small smirk spreading across his face. "Using the Anima once again, the lacrima has been sent back to Earthland in its original form. It's all over. Your friends are safe now."

"We...we did it!" Natsu exclaimed in a relieved tone, pumping his fists into the air. This declaration was immediately followed by tears of happiness and cheering from all the Exceed and Fairy Tail mages. "We saved Extalia and protected everyone! Great job guys!"

"Lily...this is the life you saved..." Jellal said with a small smile as he gazed at the large, black-furred cat. After a few moments, Panther Lily's eyes widened in realization, recognizing that Jellal was the child he had saved all those years ago. "I'm glad to have protected your homeland."

"Yes...thank you..." Lily said, tears forming in his eyes as he gazed up at Jellal. "Your Highness."

"The prince has returned." Coco said as she gasped, clasping a hand over her mouth. "He was missing for so long."

"Prince?!" Natsu exclaimed, his eyes shooting open in utter shock as his head snapped toward Jellal. "This prick is a prince?! You have to be shitting me!"

However, the victory celebration was cut short when a loud crack sounded out. Then, everyone present was shocked when a beam of energy suddenly pierced through Lily's chest. Coughing up a mouthful of blood, Lily clutched at the smoking hole in his chest. Moments later, Lily's wings gave out and he began to fall rapidly.

"NOT YET!" A furious voice roared from behind Panther Lily. The Exceed and Fairy Tail mages were caught off guard when they spotted Erza Knightwalker soaring toward them, leading a flock of imperial soldiers riding Legions. "THIS ISN'T OVER YET!"

"Knightwalker?!" Natsu exclaimed as he watched the Edo Erza race toward them, her eyes alight with burning rage. "Give me a damn break!"

"You bitch, how dare you!" Gajeel growled, glaring fiercely at Knightwalker. "That's my damn cat!"

"Someone...please save Lily!" Shagotte exclaimed in fear as she watched the black plummet toward the ground below. "He can't die!"

"Leave it to me!" One of Shagotte's aids called out, racing after Panther Lily.

"SCARLET!" Knightwalker roared as she pointed her spear at Earthland Erza, glaring fiercely at the scarlet-haired knight. "I'm coming for you next!"

"Knightwalker..." Erza muttered, her eyes narrowing slightly as she gazed at her Edolas counterpart. "Don't you know when to give up?"

"Do you intend to point your blade at me, Prince of Edolas." Jellal said as he locked eyes with Knightwalker, noticing her flinch ever so slightly and grit her teeth. "Erza Knightwalker."

"I don't consider a brat like you to be my son." Faust's enraged voice echoed out, startling all of the Exceed and Fairy Tail mages.

"That bastard's voice..." Natsu snarled as he frantically scanned around the area. "Where the hell is he!? Show yourself, you piece of shit!"

"After hiding away in the shadows for seven years, now you return out of thin air? I am well aware that you were traveling around Earthland, closing up the Anima. You're nothing but a traitor."

"Your Anima plan has failed..." Jellal said, releasing a light sigh as he slowly looked around and tried to pinpoint where Fausy was. "This battle is pointless now, isn't it?"

"Pointless? This battle needs a point you say? This is no mere battle. This is retribution against those who stand against the king. This will be an extermination!" After searching for several minutes, the Fairy Tail mages and Exceed were finally able to find Faust's location. But they were not prepared for what they saw. On the ground below appeared to be a magical, armored, mechanical dragon, its eyes glowing red menacingly. "If you intend to stand in my way any further, I will erase you from existence! There won't even be the faintest trace left behind!"

"Father..." Jellal said, feeling a chill run down his spine as he gazed at the monstrous machine. "What are you doing!?"

"I am not your father, boy! I am the king of Edolas! Come to think of it, if I just kill you here, the person closing the Anima in Earthland will be gone. I can create more giant lacrima and fuse them with the Exceed as much as I please! MWAHAHAHA! Nothing is impossible before the king's power! The power of the king is absolute!"

"Dorma Anim..." Several of the Exceed breathed out in fear, many of them starting to shake and tremble.

"Dorma Anim..." Jellal explained as he turned to gaze at the Fairy Tail mages, seeing the shocked expressions on their faces. "In the language of this world, it means 'Dragon Knight.' It has the reinforced armor of a dragon."

"Dragon..." Natsu parroted, staring at the ferocious-looking machine as his brow furrowed slightly. "I guess it does kind of look like one...but Igneel and Valor were way cooler."

"It's a mage canceller, a manned machine that negates any magic coming from the outside." Coco explained as her Legion hovered above the Dorma Anim. "His majesty is inside the Dorma Anim piloting it."

"Go my army! Capture the Exceed!"

"This is really bad!" Jellal exclaimed, whipping around to face the frightened Exceed. "You all need to run for it! NOW!"

"Don't let them escape!" Knightwalker ordered as she gestured toward the fleeing and panicked Exceed. Immediately, the Edolas soldiers began to use magical weapons that fired beams of intense, focused light. Whenever an Exceed was struck by this light they were instantly transformed into a cat-shaped lacrima crystal. "Capture them all!"

"Everyone run!" Shagotte exclaimed, trying to free herself from one of the elder's grasp as she desperately attempted to lead her subjects. "You must survive!"

"We've got to protect the Exceed from the royal army." Erza said as the Fairy Tail mages all regrouped atop Coco's Legion. "We should pursue Knightwalker's group."

"Right, we can't let these assholes capture the Exceed." Natsu said, approaching Lucy and Erza. "You both used up my magic earlier, and we're probably about to get into a big battle, so I'll give you both a refill."

"Are you sure, Natsu?" Lucy asked as she quirked an eyebrow, examining her mate from head to toe. "Aren't you going to need this magic as well? You should save it all for yourself."

"I'd feel better if you had some...just in case." Natsu replied, reaching out and gently squeezing Lucy and Erza's shoulders. Both of Natsu's mates glanced at each other before they nodded their heads. Smiling brightly, the pink-haired dragon slayer pulled Lucy and Erza close, causing their faces to flush slightly. "Alright, let's do this fast. We don't have any time to waste."

Leaning in close, Natsu first sank his fangs into Erza's neck, piercing her mate mark. A faint moan escaped the scarlet-haired knight's throat as she felt Natsu's magic flood her body, causing her to feel an intensely warm, and tingling sensation. As Natsu's magic was replenished, Erza's mate mark gradually began to glow brighter and brighter. After a few more moments, Natsu pulled his fangs free and licked the spot he had bit into, helping to stop the bleeding. Erza was panting lightly as she reached up and gently caressed her mate mark. Now that Erza was finished, Natsu moved on to Lucy, repeating the same process with her. The other people present watched the strange display with mixed emotions, ranging from embarrassment to complete confusion.

"Ugh, I hate watching Salamander getting frisky..." Gajeel grumbled as he rested his head on his palm, his cheeks reddening slightly suddenly. "I wonder if Levy would ever let me do something like that with her?"

"He's doing that again? This time with two girls?" Coco muttered, turning her head away from the strange scene. "People from Earthland are so weird."

"I wonder how that feels..." Wendy thought as she began to fidget slightly, feeling a strange ache run through her body. "I bet it feels amazing."

"There...all done..." Natsu said, wiping his lips as he stepped away from Lucy and Erza, both girls looking quite satisfied. "Alright, let's get going."

"What are we gonna do about that huge thing down there?" Gray asked as he gazed down at the Dorma Anim, watching as the fearsome machine rampaged around. "I don't that bastard is going to just sit back and let us mess with his plans."

"It's useless to just fight against the Dorma Anim since magic won't work on it." Coco explained, glancing back at the Fairy Tail mages. "We'll need a different plan."

"It can't be avoided, we have to go!" Jellal exclaimed as he reached onto his back and grabbed one of his staves. "The Exceed are defenseless right now! We need to protect them!"

"Let's get going then!" Coco cheered, her Legion racing toward the fleeing Exceed and imperial soldiers chasing after them. "We'll catch up to them in no time!"

"None of you are going to escape! You will all perish!" Faust's furious voice echoed out as the Dorma Anim began to gather a massive amount of magical energy. Moments later, the draconic machine fired a massive beam of magical energy. "DISAPPEAR!"

Within seconds, the beam of energy closed distance, its bright light nearly blinding. All the Fairy Tail mages looked on in horror, having no idea how to escape the situation or stop Faust's attack. However, they were all surprised when the beam of magical energy never hit. Gazing out, the Fairy Tail mages were shocked to see that Mystogan had been the one to block the attack, all of his magical staves forming a defensive barrier.

"Natsu! Go now, while you have the chance!" Jellal yelled, his voice barely carrying over the roaring magical energy."I don't know how much-"

"Magic does not work on Dorma Anim!" After this declaration, the beam of magical energy broke through Mystogan's barrier, hitting him directly. Gasping in pain, Mystogan's unmoving body plummeted, slamming into the ground below. "Writhing in the dirt suits you! You should die there on the ground, just like that!" Once again, the Dorma Anim aimed its cannon at the Fairy Tail mages still in the air. "You pains in my ass are next!"

"Shit! We've got to avoid that thing!" Gray exclaimed as he watched the Dorma Anim charge up another shot. "Fighting it is out of the question!"

"You're all going to-" Faust was cut off when something suddenly slammed into the Dorma Anim, engulfing the machine in a scorching blue inferno. Alarms blared and warning lights flashed as damage alerts began to pop up in front of Faust, causing him to gasp in shock. The king of Edolas began to sweat as the cockpit began to rapidly heat up. "What the hell!?" Before Faust could figure out what was happening, another attack slammed into the Dorma Anim's stomach, briefly lifting the hulking machine off the ground. Another series of warnings appeared and Faust began to panic. "Who is inflicting damage upon my magic-proof Dorma Anim!?"

"Poison-Sky Dragon's..." Faust's eyes widened in shock when he spotted the small, blue-haired dragon slayer from Fairy Tail appear in front of him. Inhaling deeply, Wendy unleashed a massive tornado of wind and poisonous gas. "ROAR!"

The force behind Wendy's attack sent the Dorma Anim skidding backward several feet. Faust let out a panicked gasp when he noticed slight traces of Wendy's poisonous gas leaking into the cockpit. Frantically pressing buttons and pulling levers, Faust quickly sealed every part of the Dorma Anim to stop any more gas from leaking in. Growling in frustration, Faust whipped the menacing machine around to face his attackers.

"Hey, that was pretty good, Wendy..." Natsu said with a smirk, cracking his knuckles as orange electricity crackled off his hands. "You're gotten much stronger!"

"Thanks, but..." Wendy said before she grunted lightly, landing back on the ground in front of the pink-haired dragon slayer. "You both inflicted more damage."

"Don't knock yourself, kid. Salamander is right, that was a mean fucking attack." Gajeel chimed in, teasingly patting Wendy on the head. Turning to face the Dorma Anim, Gajeel's red eyes narrowed dangerously. "You bastard...how dare you hurt my cat!"

"You guys!" Lucy exclaimed as she gazed down at the three dragon slayers, still riding atop Coco's Legion. "What are you doing!?"

"Go." Natsu replied, tightly balling his fists as electricity began to crackle in the air around him. "Protect the cats."

"Will the three of them be alright?" Gray muttered, watching Fairy Tail's dragon slayers stare down the Dorma Anim. "That thing looks pretty damn tough."

"There's no need to worry." Erza said with a small smile as she felt a comforting sensation radiate from her mate mark. "Their opponent is a dragon. They're the only ones who can defeat it. It's time for our dragon slayers to go on the hunt."

"Let's do this, Salamander." Gajeel said, punching his fist into his palm. "This bastard needs to get his ass kicked."

"Heh, I've been itching to fight with you again, Gajeel," Natsu said with a smirk as he rolled his shoulders, preparing for the undoubtedly tough fight ahead. "The last time we did was when Laxus attacked the guild."

"You fucking brats! I'll blow you all to pieces!" The Dorma Anim's mouth opening to fire another attack.

"I'll support you both and attack when I can!" Wendy said, her hands starting to glow with magical power. Natsu and Gajeel nodded at each before they began to charge toward the mechanical dragon. "O swift winds which run across the heavens, Vernier!"

Instantly, both Natsu and Gajeel's bodies were coated in glowing blue magical power as they were boosted by Wendy's enchantment. With Wendy's magical power coursing through them, Natsu and Gajeel got an immense speed boost, allowing them to easily dodge Faust's attack. Zipping around at an incredible speed, Natsu and Gajeel hit the Dorma Anim simultaneously with devastating attacks. Faust grit his teeth in frustration as he watched his screens distort as the Dorma Anim was flooded with powerful electricity.

"This Dorma Anim which is supposed to be immune to magic is taking a slight amount of damage?! How is this possible!?"

"Damn, this thing is hard!" Gajeel growled as he retracted his metallic arm, returning it to normal. "It feels like my attacks are practically bouncing off it!"

"O, ye power to rip apart the heavens..." Wendy chanted, raising her hands into the air as she boosted Natsu and Gajeel with another enchantment. "Arms!" As they were hit with the enchantment, both Natsu and Gajeel were surprised by the effects they were feeling. "This enchantment will raise your attack power! So, hit it with everything you've got!"

"Sounds good to me!" Natsu exclaimed with a massive grin as he rushed forward, orange lightning coursing off his entire body. "Lightning Dragon's Static Fist!" With the power boost from Wendy's enchantment, the pink-haired dragon's slayer attack power was drastically increased, sending the Dorma Anim skidding backward. "HA! How'd you like that, ya bastard!?"

"Damn it! I understand now! That little brat is the main issue! Fire dragon missiles!" Pods all along the Dorma Anim's back and tail opened up, firing a barrage of missiles at the blue-haired dragon slayer.

"Shit!" Natsu exclaimed, whipping around as he watched the missiles race toward Wendy. "I need to-"

"I'll be fine, Natsu." Wendy said in a determined tone as her entire body was enveloped in a light glow. "Vernier!" Casting a speed enchantment on herself, Wendy lept away from the missiles, quickly getting away from them. However, Wendy was surprised when the missiles suddenly changed course and began to chase after her. "They're homing missiles!?"

Wendy did her best to keep running away from the missiles, dodging and weaving around them. But, the blue-haired dragon slayer wasn't used to the enhanced speed Vernier gave her. So, after leaping back once again, Wendy ended up tripping over some uneven ground. Yelping in surprise, Wendy grunted as she fell to the ground. Quickly trying to scramble back onto her feet, Wendy's eyes widened in fear when she saw that the missiles were only a few feet away.

"I've got you, Wendy!" Natsu exclaimed, sticking one of the missiles with his electrified fist, causing it to short-circuit and fall to the ground. Standing protectively in front of Wendy, the pink-haired dragon slayer placed his palms on the ground as a massive amount of electricity began to shroud his body. A growl rumbled in Natsu's throat as he watched the rest of the missiles rapidly approach. However, before the missiles could hit their target a massive burst of orange electricity exploded off Natsu's body, hitting all the missiles simultaneously and disabling them. "Lightning Dragon's Static EMP!"

"Thank you, Natsu!" Wendy said with a bright smile as the pink-haired dragon slayer helped her back onto her feet. "I was in a real tough spot there."

"You damned brats! We're not done yet!" Following Faust's declaration, more missile pods along the Dorma Anim's neck opened up.

"Like hell, I'd let you launch any more missiles!" Gajeel yelled, transforming his arm into an iron staff and destroying the launching pods. "I'm getting real sick of your shit old man!"

"The arrogance!" Whipping the Dorma Anim around, Faust hit Gajeel with the machine's tail, sending the iron dragon slayer flying backward. Raising one of his mechanical arms, Faust fired two more missiles from the Dorma Anim's palm. "Just die you impertinent brats!"

"Watch out, Natsu..." Wendy exclaimed as she watched the pink-haired dragon slayer charge toward the missiles. "Those two are different!"

"I know..." Natsu said with a smirk, coming to a skidding stop as he let the missiles fly toward him. When the missiles were only a few feet away, their ignitions cut out and they began to glow brightly. "Here it comes!"

"YES! BURN IN HOLY HELLFIRE!" Faust began to laugh manically as he watched the missiles explode in a roaring inferno, completely engulfing Natsu. However, Faust was stunned when he noticed the flames begin to swirl around and slowly dissipate. His eyes widened in shock when he realized that Natsu was actually eating the fire. "M-My flames!? What the hell is happening?!" Suddenly, alarms began to blare in the cockpit and Faust brought up a monitor to see what the problem was. When he realized what the alarm was for, he slammed his fist onto the control panel in front of him. "And now that black-haired bastard is eating my tail!? This is bullshit! You Earthland mages are cheating!"

"Phew...thanks for the meal..." Natsu said, wiping his mouth as he exhaled a thin trail of smoke. "This thing is strong...it ain't called a dragon for nothing."

"Bah! This thing doesn't have shit on a real dragon!" Gajeel scoffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "When we're finished, this thing will be nothing but a pile of scrap metal."

"It's strange though..." Wendy said, glaring at the menacing machine that towered over them. "For the king of country to have no backup...he sure does have a lot of self-confidence."

"Either way, I'm all fired up!" Natsu exclaimed with a toothy grin as he punched his fist into his palm, creating a small burst of blue flames. "Let's take this bastard down!"

"So, these are dragon slayers..." Faust thought, tightly gripping the Dorma Anim's controls. But a twisted smirk soon spread across Faust's face as he reached out and pressed a large red button in the center of the control panel. "However...that is precisely why I need their power!"

"Oh, what the hell is this!?" Natsu groaned in annoyance as he watched the Dorma Anim begin to transform. The machine changed from its original silver color to black and seemed to gain a dramatic power increase in armor and weapon artillery. "Damn it! I hate when these assholes have a second phase power-up!"

"If I have these dragon slayers, I can reimplement the Anima plan! For the sake of the eternal magical power, I'll enslave these dragon slayers! No! They are mere weapons, not people! I am simply seizing them! And it can't be helped if the parts get a bit damaged in the process!" Faust thought as the newly enhanced Dorma Anim let out a ferocious roar. "First of all, I will extinguish your fighting spirit! With the overwhelming power of the Black Sky Dorma Anim!"

(Same Time: With Mystogan)

"Sorry, Natsu, Wendy..." Jellal said, leaning against a tree as he watched the dragon slayers face off against the Dorma Anim several hundred feet away. "I'm in no shape to help you right now."

"Your highness..." Panther Lily said as he approached Jellal, leaning against Shagotte's aid for support. "What's the meaning of this? You allowed yourself to be hit by Faust's attack..." Instead of saying anything, Jellal merely smiled in response and Lily seemed to understand what he meant. "Don't tell me...you did it in order to save me?"

"Are your injuries alright?" Jellal asked in a sympathetic tone, stepping toward Lily. "You took a nasty hit."

"This really isn't anything to-" Lily stopped mid-sentence as he grunted in pain, gripping his bandaged stomach. "I suppose I'll still need some more time to recover."

"We've got no choice but to leave the Dorma Anim to Natsu's group." Jellal said as he gestured toward the battle happening in the distance, just as an explosion rang out followed by a bright flash of light. "But we're not just going to stand around doing nothing. We've got another job to do."

"Another job to do?" Lily repeated in a confused tone, quirking an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"I'll explain along the way..." Jellal said with a small smile as he began to walk away. "Now come on, I'm gonna need your help, Lily."

(Same Time: With Erza and Lucy)

"Look, it's the royal army!" Erza exclaimed, pointing toward a horde of Legion in front of them. "We've finally caught up with them!"

"But there are so many of them..." Lucy said as she balled her fists, feeling a pang of worry about their odds. "What are we going to do?"

"We have no choice but to push forward!" Erza replied, unsheathing her sword. "If we don't stop them, the Exceed will be exterminated!"

"I've been waiting for you, Scarlet..." Knightwalker said with a smirk as she suddenly appeared in front of the Fairy Tail mages, standing atop her Legion. "I'll make you pay for humiliating me in our previous fight."

"Waiting...shit! Don't tell me!" Erza exclaimed, looking over the side of their Legion at the ground below. Her eyes widened in shock when she spotted several flashes of light. "This is bad! It's an ambush! Everyone hold on!"

Moments later, Coco's Legion was struck by over a dozen beams of magical energy. The massive beast roared in pain as it began to rapidly descend toward the ground. The Fairy Tail mages did their best to hold on but were eventually flung off the Legion. Luckily, they were saved by Happy and Carla, who managed to grab them out of the air.

"We have to make sure they die!" Knightwalker yelled as her Legion began dive toward the Fairy Tail mages. "We're going after them!"

"Flying with two people is impossible!" Carla grunted, struggling to stay afloat as she held onto Gray and Coco. "So...damn...heavy..."

"You're pretty heavy too, Lucy..." Happy groaned as he puffed out his cheeks, his arms straining. Glancing down at the blonde celestial spirit mage's massive breasts, Happy rolled his eyes. "And I think I know why."

"OI! Shut the hell up you damned cat!" Lucy shouted, her face flushing bright red as she used her arms to cover up her chest. "I am NOT that heavy!" Taking a breath to calm herself down, Lucy finally noticed that someone seemed to be missing. "Hey...where' Erza?"

"We've got them now!" Knightwalker said with a devious smirk as her forces closed in on the Fairy Tail mages. However, before she could finish off the Earthland mages, a scream rang out from the Legion next to her. Looking over, Knightwalker was surprised to see the mighty beast roaring in pain as it began to descend toward the ground. Knightwalker's eyes then widened in shock when she that it was Erza Scarlet who had taken the Legion out. With a swift series of attacks, Erza took out two more of Knightwalker's soldiers. "What the hell!?"

"Shall we put an end to this, Knightwalker?" Erza asked, leaping toward the Legion Knightwalker was riding. "I grow tired of these games!"

"Everyone descend toward the ground below!" Knightwalker ordered as her soldiers began to dive toward the ground. "I'll handle this bitch myself!"

"You've wounded and endangered Fairy Tail for the last time." Erza said as her armor began to vanish, re-equipping into a new set. "There's no need for two Erzas!"

Once the light surrounding Erza's body had died down, she was now donned in her Armadura Fairy armor. This dual-toned armor was composed of a simple pink breastplate joined to the collar, which sported a heart, centered between two wing-shaped epaulets. The pauldrons were structured by two pink plates, faintly shaped like wings, consecutively surmounted by one another and pointed downwards. They were adorned by intricate ornamental wings on each pauldron. The gauntlets completely enveloped her arms and featured prominent feather-shaped decorations pointing backward in correspondence to her wrists. The waistguard was made up of plates attached to the breastplate, surrounded by a thin belt around Erza's waist, and had a short, pinkish-white skirt underneath covering her upper thighs. Her greaves reached up to the center of her bare thighs and possessed feather-like ornaments protruding from the upper edges of her greaves and the lower edges of her knee guards, which had similar motifs carved on them, and each sported a pair of small wings, one attached to the knee guard and one in correspondence to Erza's ankles. The armor was complemented by a large tiara adorning Erza's head, with feather-shaped protrusions jutting out horizontally, and a large purplish white cape. In this outfit, Erza's hair was styled into a pair of braids that flowed down from the back of her head.

"This fight will never cease..." Knightwalker exclaimed, gritting her teeth as her spear clashed with Erza's sword. Both scarlet-haired knights glared fiercely at each other as they fell into a deadlock. "Until one of us is dead!"

"Sounds good to me!" Erza grunted as she raised her leg and kicked Knightwalker in the stomach, sending her skidding backward. Taking a deep breath and exhaling, Erza felt her mate mark begin to heat up, Natsu's magic flowing into her body. Knightwalker's eyes widened in surprise as she watched Erza's body become cloaked in scorching flames and crackling electricity. "You never got the chance to see this during our last fight. I think it's about that time I go all out."

(One the Ground Below)

"Ow...ow...ow..." Lucy groaned in discomfort as she stretched her back, feeling a couple of kinks work out as she got back onto her feet after having crashed landed. Looking back up, Lucy began to worry when she saw a burst of flames burst off Knightwalker's Legion. "I hope Erza is okay."

"She'll be-" Gray tried to reassure Lucy, but he was cut off when a beam of magical energy fired into the ground between him and Carla. Both Gray and Carla barely managed to leap out of the way in time to avoid the attack. Within seconds, Coco and the Fairy Tail mages were surrounded by Edolas' imperial soldiers. "Enemies are here!" However, Gray and Lucy were surprised to see that the imperial soldiers only seemed to be targeting Happy and Carla with their attacks. Growling in frustration, Gray made a sweeping gesture with his arms, creating a wall of ice that knocked several of the soldiers back. "Leave them alone you bastards!"

"These guys are seriously starting to piss me off!" Lucy exclaimed as she lashed out with her whip, hitting several soldiers and sending them tumbling to the ground. "Why the hell are they only targeting Happy and Carla?!"

"We've already turned most of the Exceed that ran away into lacrima." One of the soldiers explained, pointing directly at Carla and Happy. "Those two are the only ones remaining. Now stop running and obediently become our country's magical power!"

"Never!" Happy yelled as he tackled Carla, narrowly avoiding another beam of magical energy. "We'll never let that happen!"

"For your own selfish gains...you don't care about the Exceed at all..." Gray breathed out, gritting his teeth in frustration. Slamming his palms onto the ground, Gray created a wave of icicles that crashed into a group of imperial soldiers. "How can humans in this world be so cruel!? I'm not going to let you lay a hand on my friends!"

"I'll back you up, Gray!" Lucy exclaimed as she grabbed a celestial gate key off her ring, raising it into the air. "Loke!"

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" Loke proclaimed, appearing in front of Lucy in a flash of golden light. With his fist glowing with magical power, Loke blasted away a group of imperial soldiers. "Tch, these guys are pushovers! Their only strength is their numbers!"

By now, Gray, Lucy, and even Coco were engaged in a full-scale battle with the imperial soldiers. But, it didn't seem to matter how many soldiers they took out, more just appeared to take their place. The entire time the others were fighting, Happy and Carla were busy avoiding beams of magical energy being aimed at them. Soon, the imperial soldiers brought out weapons that rapidly fired magical bullets. But the soldiers were haphazardly firing their weapons, with one of the shots flying toward an unaware Happy. However, before the startled Exceed could get hit, he was shocked when Carla lept in front of him and shielded him from the bullet.

"Carla!" Happy cried out in a worried tone as he rushed over and crouched down next to the white-furred cat. "What were you thinking!? You should have just let that hit me!"

"Damn it, I hit one of the Exceed!"

"You idiot! They're going to be our magical power soon!"

"Shit! There's just too many of them!" Loke exclaimed, blasting away another group of imperial soldiers, only for another batch to immediately take their place. "There's no end in sight!"

"Ugh..." Lucy grunted as she fell onto one knee, trying to catch her breath. "I'm practically out of magical power..." Reaching up, Lucy placed a hand on her mate mark. "And I'm too exhausted to use Natsu's power...I'll pass out before I even get a chance to use it."

"We're not finished yet!" Gray yelled, punching his fist into his palm as he prepared to unleash another volley of ice. However, he was stopped when he heard what sounded like crashing footsteps come from the nearby treeline. Whipping around, Gray was shocked to see several massive Legion towering over him. "What the fu-"

The group of Legion lunged forward, Loke and Gray barely managed to avoid the giant beast's attack. With the Legion now backing them up, the rest of the imperial soldiers began to charge forward. Happy watched on in horror as he saw his friends take several hits, their doom seeming inevitable now. It truly seemed like the end as the imperial soldiers completely encircled them, ready to wipe them all out.

"Everyone will die at this rate..." Happy sniffled as tears formed in his eyes, holding Carla close. "Somebody...please help us..."

Just as the imperial soldiers were about to finish off Gray and Lucy, it would seem that Happy's prayers had been answered. Suddenly, giant roots burst out of the ground and began to bind the Legion. The imperial soldiers watched on in shock as their beastly reinforcements were wrestled to the ground. Then, a large tree began to emerge from the ground as well. After a few moments, a flag with the Fairy Tail symbol could be seen attached to the rising tree. Once the tree was fully above ground, the members of Edolas Fairy Tail burst out and began to assist their Earthland counterparts.

"Let's do this!" Lucy Ashley exclaimed as she lead the charge, roundhouse kicking one of the imperial soldiers in the face. "We aren't running anymore! Let's show them our power when we all work together!" When Ashley reached Earthland Lucy, she smiled and offered her counterpart a hand. "Sorry for being late, Heartfilia."

"Ashley..." Lucy said with a smile, taking Ashley's hand as she was helped back onto her feet. "You guys showed up right on time."

"Earthland's Fairy Tail is fighting...we have to fight too!" Natsu Dragion said as held up a magical weapon, his body trembling slightly. "And once this is over, I'll finally work things out with Erza!"

"Our feelings are inspiring the people of this world..." Happy said, a few tears falling down his cheeks. "Things are starting to look up!"

"Heh..." Carla said, surprising Happy with her sudden chuckle. A smile spread across Carla's face as she listened to the Edo-Fairy Tail members yell, bicker, and banter, fighting fiercely against the imperial soldiers. "It doesn't matter what world we're in...we sure are one noisy guild."

(Same Time: With Erza)

"Are you finished?" Erza asked slightly out of breath as she pointed her flaming, electrified sword at Knightwalker. After battling fiercely on Knightwalker's Legion, both scarlet-haired knights eventually made their way onto an abandoned floating island. Their intense fight had destroyed large chunks of the island, causing it to start descending toward the ground. Battered and bruised, Knightwalker grit her teeth in frustration as she gazed at her spear which had been shattered to pieces. "It'd be wise to just give up. Without your spear, you have no chance of winning."

"I...I...I can't..." Knightwalker struggled to say, tightly balling her fists. With a growl rumbling in her throat, Knightwalker lunged at Scarlet. "I cannot lose! For the sake of eternal-"

"Enough of that!" Erza exclaimed as she grabbed Knightwalker by the throat and slammed her back onto the ground. Knightwalker hissed in pain as the flames surrounding Scarlet's hand burned her neck. "Do you have any idea how many innocent people will need to be killed for this eternity you speak of!? Stealing through force! Stealing through intimidation! Hating and destroying others! It's despicable!"

"That's...that's..." Knightwalker wheezed out, glaring fiercely at Scarlet. "That's what it is to be human!"

"Bullshit!" Erza roared as she cocked her free hand back, before hitting Knightwalker in the stomach with a devastating punch. Knightwalker gasped as all the air was knocked from her lungs. "Humans should love and protect others! They should take a stand for what needs to be protected! And draw their swords against that which would cause others to shed tears! How can you not see the despair and hear the screams of this world, Knightwalker?! Your Natsu and Lucy could see it! That's why they stand against the king!" This seemed to strike a chord in Knightwalker as her eyes widened. "So, why can't you as well!?"

"You...you wouldn't understand!" Knightwalker exclaimed, tears forming in her eyes as she reached up and gripped Erza's wrist. "I'm doing all this FOR them!"

"W-What?" Erza breathed out as the flames and electricity cloaking her body finally died out, her grip on Knightwalker's throat loosening slightly. "What are you talking about?"

"I understand what's happening in this world far better than you...our magical power is running out..." Knightwalker said, tightening her grip on Scarlet's wrist. "Our world is dying...it's dying because it's running out of magical power. To keep Natsu and Lucy safe, this world needs magic!" It was Scarlet's turn to be shocked, now understanding what Knightwalker's motivations were. "You Earthlanders with your unlimited magic wouldn't understand! The anxiety...the despair of running out of magic...if we don't obtain eternal magic, we can't survive! They...they won't survive! And if I lose Natsu and Lucy...then...then...I don't what I'll do!"

"I understand your feelings...more than you could possibly imagine." Erza said as she released her hold on Knightwalker's neck, a small smile spreading across her face. "But look at us...you're out of magical power...I just ran out as well...yet we're both alive right now, aren't we? People won't just die without magic...especially those who have something, or someone, they want to protect. Instead, they overcome all their weaknesses and fears...they use their inner strength. That's what it means to be alive!"

"I...I..." Knightwalker said, sniffling as tears ran down her face. "I don't know if I can! Without magic...I don't know if I'm strong enough!"

"You are strong enough!" Erza exclaimed as she reached out and gently gripped Knightwalker's shoulders. "You went to these great lengths to try and protect the people you love! With that determination...even without magic, you'll be able to keep them safe!"

After this declaration, the floating island they were on finally crashed into the ground, close to where the Earthland and Edolas Fairy Tail mages were fighting. Now in a small crater, Scarlet and Knightwalker lay next to each other, staring up at the sky overhead.

"I...I don't even have the strength to move anymore..." Knightwalker said in a pained voice, grunting in exertion just to tilt her head to look at Scarlet. "How...about you?"

"I can move...but I'm not much better off..." Erza said with a chuckle as she slowly sat upright, clutching at her aching shoulder. "But hey...we're both alive..."

"Heh...I really am no match for you...once you brought out that fire and lightning magic...I didn't stand a chance..." Knightwalker said, looking back up at the sky. "You win, Scarlet."

"It doesn't matter who wins or loses..." Erza said as a slight smile spread across her face. "In the end...we're both the same Erza." After a few moments of silence, Erza reached over and gently gripped Knightwalker's hand. "When this is all over...promise me you'll talk with your Natsu and Lucy. I'm sure if you explain yourself, they'll forgive you."

"I've been avoiding them for too long...and I've hurt them both so much..." Knightwalker said, a single tear falling down her cheek. "But you're right...they deserve to know why I did the things that I did...and even if they don't forgive me, they'll at least know that was trying to protect them..."

(Same Time: With Jellal and Lily)

"This is...the room that produces the Anima..." Lily said as he gazed around the sprawling room which housed a single platform in the center, with a large crystal sphere. "Your highness...just what are we-"

"I've observed Earthland for a very long time...though there's still conflict there as well, it's an abundant world..." Jellal said, approaching a railing that surrounded the center of the room. "Surely they'll be able to take it all in."

"Wait...you aren't suggesting what I think you are?!" Lily exclaimed in shock as he rushed over to Jellal's side. "No matter the circumstances, that's too absurd!"

"I see no other way to quell the conflict in this world. I'll create a new world where people can face each other properly." Jellal said, turning around to face Lily. "I'll open an Anima in reverse and expunge all of this world's magic."

(Same Time: With the Three Dragon Slayers)

"FUAHAHAHAHAHA!" Faust laughed maniacally as he blasted the Fairy Tail dragon slayers with another barrage of explosions, watching in glee as they all collapsed to the ground. "The Black Sky Dorma Anim is a special armor that multiplies the output of magical by several times!" Rearing back, the Dorma Anim unleashed another assault, sending Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy flying backward. "You have no chance of winning now!"

"We're all suffering...from a lack of magical power..." Natsu said, panting heavily as he slowly got back onto his feet. "And somehow you...the king...seemingly has a limitless amount of it."

"It's only natural for a king to charge a national tax from the people. Dorma Anim is an ultimate magical weapon that will keep absorbing magical power from the whole world! That is why using it is forbidden! Since I activated it, it's my responsibility as king to win! For the sake of the whole world! As long as I have Dorma Anim, the ultimate magical weapon, my army will be immortal! Now gather more magical power! Ye sky! Ye earth! Give all your magical power to Dorma Anim!"

"For the sake of the world...what a sick joke..." Wendy said as she let out a shaky breath, sweat dripping off her brow. "You say that as you selfishly take magical power from everyone else."

"Each of us joined a guild to live, that's why I only care about protecting my friends..." Natsu said, tightly balling his fists as he exhaled a puff of blue flames. "But I'll defeat you for everyone that lives in this world."

"Salamander, let's use our breath!" Gajeel exclaimed as he got back onto his feet, before turning to look at Wendy. "You too, kid!"

"All three of us at once?" Wendy asked in a somewhat skeptical tone, quirking an eyebrow. "Are you sure about that?"

"We've never tried it before because we don't know what will happen." Gajeel explained as he let out a shaky breath. "But we've got no other choice!"

"Understood!" Wendy said, readying herself as wind and poisonous gas began to swirl around her. "Let's do this!"

"Fire Dragon's Purifying..."

"Iron Dragon's..."

"Poison Sky Dragon's..."

"ROAR!" Fairy Tail's three dragon slayers all unleashed their breath attacks simultaneously. A thunderous crack rang out as the three streams of extremely powerful magical energy began to swirl around each other. The air itself seemed to vibrate as each roar seemingly began to battle for dominance. However, Faust's eyes widened in shock as he watched each of the dragon slayer's breath attacks start to merge together, forming a singular, devastating attack. With a blinding flash, the combined roars created an immense explosion of magical energy, sending out a powerful shockwave. When the debris and roaring wind began to die down the three dragon slayers breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the Dorma Anim appeared to be completely gone.

"Geehee..." Gajeel chuckled as a grin spread across his face. "Looks like we did it."

"Don't think you've won yet!"

"Above us!" Natsu exclaimed, looking up and spotting the Dorma Anim in the air high above them. "That piece of shit can jump too!?"

"You have to be kidding me..." Wendy breathed out in a frustrated tone as she tightly balled her fists. "Our three-man roar didn't hit..."

"Let's try one more-"

"I won't allow it!" Faust cut Natsu off as the Dorma Anim opened its maw, revealing its main cannon. Before the dragon slayers could properly react, Faust unleashed a flurry of blasts, completely covering the area below in massive explosions. "Dragon Spread Cannon!" Faust began to laugh maniacally as he witnessed the dragon slayers be tossed around like ragdolls, taking immense damage from his attacks. "HAHAHAHA! YES! Writhe in agony you pathetic whelps!"

"This is...seriously bad..." Gajeel said through labored breaths, every muscle in his body screaming out in pain as blood ran down his forehead. "I've got...no magic...left..."

"Heh, it seems like you've run dry. You may be able to use infinite magic, but once it runs out, it takes a while to return. You may assume that your treatment depends on your behavior." Faust couldn't help but chuckle in amusement as he watched Natsu desperately trying to stand back up, before collapsing back onto the ground. "Now stop this pointless struggling and come quietly, be this world's magical power."

"Natsu...Gajeel...I'm sorry..." Wendy thought, clenching her teeth in frustration as tears formed in her eyes. "But I can't even stand anymore..."

"Is this where it ends?" Gajeel thought as he took a deep breath, feeling his heart starting to race. "Damn...I never got to settle things with Levy...tell her how she makes me feel..."

"Both of you...don't you dare give up!" Natsu snarled, managing to get back up onto his hands and knees. This sudden declaration caught Wendy and Gajeel off guard, both of them watching as the pink-haired dragon slayer slowly and defiantly got back up. "This isn't over yet...give me everything you've got, you bastard..." Now fully back onto his feet, Natsu clenched his fists and let out a fierce roar. "I'M STANDING RIGHT HERE!"

"GRRRR! Just how obstinate can you children be!?" Faust roared as he raised the Dorma Anim's foot and it brought it down on top of Natsu. However, Faust, along with Gajeel and Wendy, were utterly shocked when the pink-haired dragon slayer stopped the immense machine with his bare hands. The ground beneath Natsu began to cave in and the veins along his arms and head began to bulge as he used every ounce of strength he had. "H-How!?"

"N-Natsu..." Wendy said, digging her fingers into the first as she began to pick herself up as well. Seeing the pink-haired dragon slayer's unwavering determination lit a roaring fire within Wendy. Despite every part of her body screaming for her to stop, Wendy got back onto her feet, her legs shaking from the exertion. "I can't let him fight alone!"

"You idiots..." Gajeel grunted out in a frustrated tone as he watched his fellow guildmates still trying to fight. "What the hell are we supposed to do without magical power?"

"I'll drag it out!" Natsu roared, falling down onto one knee as the Dorma Anim continued to force him down. Gajeel's eyes widened slightly as he watched the air around Natsu begin to crackle and spark with orange electricity. "I'll summon tomorrow's share! Then the next day's! And the next after that!" With a ferocious snarl and burst of electricity, Natsu began to rise up, getting back onto two feet. Then, with every muscle in his body strained to the max, Natsu pushed the Dorma Anim off him, causing the immense machine to crash onto the ground. With lightning coursing off his body, Natsu pounded his chest several times. "Don't you ever underestimate dragon slayers! Ya, hear me!?"

"Tomorrow's share..." Gajeel thought as he slowly began to get back up as well, an image of Levy flashing through his mind. "If means I'll get to see her again, I'll drag out every last damn bit of magic I have!"

"Know your place, you fucking vermin! Who the hell do you think I am!?" Faust roared in fury as he raised one of the Dorma Anim's hands, preparing to blast Natsu. However, he was stopped when alarms began to blare in his cockpit. "What the hell is going on now?!" But before Faust could figure out what was, he gasped in surprise when he noticed purple gas flooding into his cockpit. Looking at one of his displays, Faust growled in frustration when he spotted Wendy latched onto one of the Dorma Anim's arms, spewing poisonous gas directly down the barrel in the machine's hand. The gas was then traveling up the barrel and spreading through the rest of the Dorma Anim, and eventually into the cockpit. "Ha! You tried that earlier I won't work this time either!"

However, as Faust attempted to seal up the Dorma Anim and vent out the gas, he was shocked when his control display began to fizzle out and disappear. It was then that all of Faust's controls began to spark and shut down as they were overloaded with an immense amount of electricity. Managing to get a single display working, Faust snarled in annoyance when he found Natsu standing atop the Dorma Anim's head, flooding it with powerful electricity. When Faust tried to move the Dorma Anim in an attempt to shake off the pesky dragon slayers, he was surprised when the machine refused to step forward.

"I can't believe I was ready to just throw in the towel and give up! It's fucking pathetic!" Gajeel thought, leaping into the air and transforming his arm into a large iron rod. Plummeting toward the ground, Gajeel pierced the iron rod through the Dorma Anim's foot, pinning the machine to the ground. "We're fucking dragon slayers! We don't give up until the bitter fucking end! And when we stand united and join forces, we're fucking unstoppable!" Changing the shape of the iron rod, Gajeel effectively managed to stop the Dorma Anim from moving. "I've got this bastard locked down! He won't be able to escape into the air now! Go, Salamander! It has to be you! Do it!"

"No! No!" Faust roared as he frantically tried to free the Dorma Anim and regain complete control over the machine. But with the poisonous gas still pouring in and shot controls, Faust could do little to stop what was happening. Taking a deep breath, Faust tried to not breathe in any more of the poisonous fumes as he frantically attempted to break free of his precarious situation.

"Wendy!" Natsu exclaimed, leaping off the Dorma Anim's head. "Hit me with one of your roars!"

"Got it!" Wendy called out as she stopped breathing poisonous gas into the Dorma Anim's cannon and dropped onto the ground. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Wendy deactivated her poison sky dragon mode. "I think I understand what Natsu is trying to do and I believe in him! I know he can do it!" Wind began to swirl around Wendy as she gathered her magical power. "Sky Dragon's...Roar!"

Natsu grunted as he was hit by Wendy's breath attack, his entire body being enveloped in the roaring winds. Taking a moment to compose himself, Natsu began to rotate his body, quickly spinning faster and faster. Then, orange lightning began to course off Natsu's body, combining with Wendy's wind and forming what appeared to be a literal thundercloud. Lightning sparked and thunder clapped as the winds surrounding Natsu began to darken, turning a dark shade of gray.

"Geehee...you slick bastard...not only are you using the rotation of the kid's roar..." Gajeel thought, a wicked smirk spreading across his face as he watched the raging storm cloud grow and expand, bolts of lightning shooting out of it. "But you created a fucking Unison Raid!"

"Storm Dragon's..." Rocketing toward the Dorma Anim, the storm cloud flowing around Natsu took the form of a raging dragon, its thunderclaps sounding like a ferocious roar. "Raging Blade!"

"Is this...a dream..." Faust thought in awe as he stared down what seemed to him to be three actual dragons. The mighty beasts showcased their immeasurable strength as they worked in unison to defeat him. "Such majestic beasts..."

With a deafening crack, Natsu slammed clear through the Dorma Anim's chest, grabbing ahold of Faust as he flew through the machine's cockpit. Then, the raging storm cloud surrounding Natsu flowed into every inch of the Dorma Anim, flooding the machine with roaring wind and crackling electricity. A split second later, the Dorma Anim exploded in a brilliant burst of orange electricity and powerful wind as the seemingly invincible machine was torn to pieces, raining debris across the area. With a grunt, Natsu hurled Faust onto the ground, before coming to a skidding stop himself.

"We did it..." Wendy thought, a smile spreading across her face as she felt a wave of relief wash over her. "We defeated a dragon!"

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