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"Wendy!" Natsu exclaimed, leaping off the Dorma Anim's head. "Hit me with one of your roars!"

"Got it!" Wendy called out as she stopped breathing poisonous gas into the Dorma Anim's cannon and dropped onto the ground. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Wendy deactivated her poison sky dragon mode. "I think I understand what Natsu is trying to do and I believe in him! I know he can do it!" Wind began to swirl around Wendy as she gathered her magical power. "Sky Dragon's...Roar!"

Natsu grunted as he was hit by Wendy's breath attack, his entire body being enveloped in the roaring winds. Taking a moment to compose himself, Natsu began to rotate his body, quickly spinning faster and faster. Then, orange lightning began to course off Natsu's body, combining with Wendy's wind and forming what appeared to be a literal thundercloud. Lightning sparked and thunder clapped as the winds surrounding Natsu began to darken, turning a dark shade of gray.

"Geehee...you slick bastard...not only are you using the rotation of the kid's roar..." Gajeel thought, a wicked smirk spreading across his face as he watched the raging storm cloud grow and expand, bolts of lightning shooting out of it. "But you created a fucking Unison Raid!"

"Storm Dragon's..." Rocketing toward the Dorma Anim, the storm cloud flowing around Natsu took the form of a raging dragon, its thunderclaps sounding like a ferocious roar. "Raging Blade!"

"Is this...a dream..." Faust thought in awe as he stared down what seemed to him to be three actual dragons. The mighty beasts showcased their immeasurable strength as they worked in unison to defeat him. "Such majestic beasts..."

With a deafening crack, Natsu slammed clear through the Dorma Anim's chest, grabbing ahold of Faust as he flew through the machine's cockpit. Then, the raging storm cloud surrounding Natsu flowed into every inch of the Dorma Anim, flooding the machine with roaring wind and crackling electricity. A split second later, the Dorma Anim exploded in a brilliant burst of orange electricity and powerful wind as the seemingly invincible machine was torn to pieces, raining debris across the area. With a grunt, Natsu hurled Faust onto the ground, before coming to a skidding stop himself.

"We did it..." Wendy thought, a smile spreading across her face as she felt a wave of relief wash over her. "We defeated a dragon!"

"Y-You insolent l-little..." Faust started to curse as he tried to get back onto his feet. However, a feral, animalistic snarl stopped him dead in his tracks. Hesitantly looking up, Faust let out a startled yelp when he saw Natsu glaring at him, the pink-haired dragon slayer's eyes filled with draconic rage. Cowering away, Faust fell back down and crawled backward away from Natsu. Terror was visible on Faust's face as he watched Wendy and Gajeel join Natsu, the three dragon slayers standing over him defiantly. "T-This is the power I wanted to possess?" Instead of three humans, Faust saw three, menacing dragons standing before him, each of them ready to tear him apart in an instant. "S-Save me..."

With those final words, Faust gave one last horrified gasp before he fell to the ground, knocked unconscious from sheer terror. The three dragons slayers all smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that their long battle was finally over. With a toothy grin Natsu fell to his knees in exhaustion, but still held his arms up triumphantly. Throwing his head back, the pink-haired dragon slayer let out a hearty laugh.

"HAHAHAHA! We did it! We beat that bastard king!" Natsu exclaimed, with Wendy and Gajeel also feeling his infectious excitement. "Oh! What did Erza call this situation in chess!? Ah! That's right! It's a checkmate, right?!

"You're supposed to say that before you take the king..." Gajeel corrected which caused Natsu to frown and deflate a bit. "Geehee, you really are an idiot."

"Oi, don't think I won't-" Natsu was cut off when the ground beneath them suddenly began to shake violently. "Of come on, what is it now? A freaking earthquake?"

"Fuck me, you don't think it's enemy reforcements, do you? You've gotta be shittin' me..." Gajeel groaned, struggling to get back onto his feet as his legs trembled from sheer exhaustion. "I'm...I'm totally tapped out...I don't have a speck of magic left in me."

"Y-You guys...that's not it!" Wendy yelled as she pointed toward the sky above them, her eyes widening in shock. "Look over there!"

"No way..." Natsu breathed out, his heart starting to race in his chest as he watched massive chunks of land falling out of the sky. All across Edolas, those who had been fighting watched in awe and terror as they witnessed the world around them literally begin falling apart. "The floating islands...they're all falling."

(Same Time: With the Members of Edo-Fairy Tail)

"What the hell!?" An Edolas soldier exclaimed as he watched the electricity coating his sword fizzle out. Looking at his fellow soldiers, he saw the rest of them appeared to be in a similar situation. "Our weapons have suddenly become useless!"

"Ours too!" An Edo-Fairy Tail member shouted, frantically shaking his magical weapon in an attempt to spark a reaction. "What are we gonna do now!? Our weapons are totally busted!"

"Just what is happening?" Lucy muttered in an exhausted tone as she gazed at what appeared to be magical energy swirling across the battlefield and gathering up in the sky. "I've never seen anything like this before."

"Haaaa...it's all over..." Coco mumbled, releasing a distraught sigh as a few tears rolled down her cheeks. "The world is going to end."

"Carla..." Happy said in a shaky voice as he reached over and gripped the white-furred Exceed's paw. Instead of pulling away, Carla squeezed Happy's paw as they watched several floating islands begin to fall out of the sky. "Everything...everything going to okay...right?"

"S-Screw this! Retreat!" One of the Edolas soldiers yelled, throwing his weapon to the ground and running away. Immediately the rest of the imperial soldiers joined him, tossing down their defunct weapons and hightailing it away. "We can't fight if our weapons aren't working!"

"Are you serious?" Gray asked rhetorically as he rubbed the back of his head. "Are they really running away? Just like that?" A smile soon spread across Gray's face as he turned to face the members of Edo-Fairy Tail. "Well, who cares?! That means we won!" However, he was surprised when he saw the members of Edo-Fairy Tail seemed to be distraught instead of excited. "What's the deal guys?"

"The magical power..." Edo-Elfman said, staring up at the circling cloud of magical power. "It's disappearing from this world."

"What're we gonna do? What're we gonna do?" Edo-Jet repeated as he appeared to be having some sort of panic attack, gripping his head and shaking. "What the fuck are we gonna do!?"

"Hey! Pull it together you guys!" Lucy called out, attempting to raise everyone's spirits. "Everything will be alright! We just need to-"

"How the hell can it be alright!?" Ashley exclaimed in a mixture of fear and anger as she gripped Lucy's shoulders. "Magical power is vanishing from this world! All of it is disappearing! What's gonna happen to magical guilds?!"

"Lucy...I know you're scared, but you don't need to take it out on her." Dragion said, placing a comforting hand on Ashley's shoulder. "Heh...it's kind of funny. We may have won the battle...but, we ended up losing to the world itself."

"This was our greatest fear..." Edo-Juvia said as she hung her head, fighting back her tears. "The total exhaustion of magical power."

(Same Time: With Mystogan and Lily)

"You're highness..." Lily said as watched massive amounts of glimmering magic swirl around him and begin traveling toward the sky. "Is this really-"

"This is for the best, Lily." Jellal spoke up before Lily could finish, gazing up at the swirling mass of magical power in the sky overhead. "In this world, people quarrel because of magic. So, to stop the endless cycle of fighting, I'll permanently eradicate magical power from this world. Using an Anima that I've reversed, Edolas' magic will be gathered and swept back into Earthland. There it'll become vaporized and naturally become part of the plentiful magic that resides in Earthland."

"I...I didn't think you'd actually do it..." Lily muttered as he felt a chill run through his entire body, tightly balling his fists in an attempt to stop himself from trembling. "It's true that there likely won't be fighting for a while, but...but..."

"I know." Jellal said, a strong gust of magical power blowing past him which caused his clothes to flutter in the breeze. "The citizens are all in a panic. I doubt anyone could adapt to such a rapid change in the world. That's precisely why they need a new leader now. A new king for this new world. A king who can lead a nation gripped in fear to a newfound happiness."

"Ah, I see now..." Lily said with a small smile as he felt a wave of relief wash over him. "Price, you'll-"

"No...it can't be me." Jellal cut Lily off a second time, turning around to face the large, black-furred Exceed. "It's impossible for me, as I've lived most of my life in Earthland, I can't really call Edolas my home. And I don't have the right to. In order to calm the masses we need a hero and a villain."

"A hero...and a villain?" Lily repeated in a confused tone as he quirked an eyebrow. "Price...I don't understand."

"The person who will expose the evil that plunged this world into chaos, and eliminates it, will become the hero." Jellal explained, balling his fists as he locked eyes with Lily. "That hero can unite the people and become king."

"I must ask..." Lily said in a hesitant tone as he once again felt a chill run through him, causing his entire body to tremble. "Just who will this hero and villain be?"

"Don't be naive, Lily...surely you've realized it by now." Jellal said, his eyes burning with unwavering conviction. "I, who rebelled against the king of Edolas and stole all this world's magical power will be the villain. And you, who can bring harmony out of the prejudice and misunderstanding between races, would make for a convincing hero. You must execute me, as the traitor who destroyed this world. And become king, leading the people into a better life."

"..." Lily said nothing for several moments as he simply stared at Jellal in utter shock. However, his face quickly contorted in anger and confusion. "Are you seriously spouting this bullshit, your highness!?"

"I know I'm putting a lot on you right now, Lily..." Jellal said, releasing a light sigh as he momentarily averted his gaze. "But, if I wasn't prepared to die, I wouldn't have done any of this."

"I absolutely refuse! This is utter nonsense!" Lily shouted as he violently shook his head, scarcely believing what he was hearing. "Why do I have to be the one to kill the prince?! There's no way!"

"You can do it, Lily." Jellal reassured the Exceed, looking back up and once again locking eyes. "I know you can."

"What the hell do you even know about me!?" Lily spat as he huffed in frustration, glaring at Jellal. "We barely know each other!"

"That may be true...but, you saved my life when I was an infant, even though you're an Exceed." Jellal said, raising his arm and pointing at Lily. "You're a man who understands the preciousness of life. Despite, the teachings of your fellow Exceed."

"Are you seriously asking me to bear that cross for my entire life?!" Lily exclaimed as he felt tears sting his eyes, tightly balling fists. "To live with the burden of killing an innocent man!?"

"I believe you have the strength to overcome that." Jellal said, lowering his arm as his eyes softened a bit. He fully understood the inner turmoil that Lily was experiencing. "Please understand, Lily...someone has to do it."

"Then do it yourself! You're the perfect choice for king! You may believe that you've led this world to destruction, but you did all of this for our sake!" Lily roared as he rushed forward and tightly gripped Jellal's shoulders. Baring his fangs in anger, Lily pressed his forehead against Jellal's. "It's precisely that strong will that led you to put your life on the line for Edolas' future! We need that more than anything right now!" Letting out a frustrated growl, Lily roughly shoved Jellal away. "If you're the one who's going to destroy the world, take responsibility for it! And not by running away and dying! By taking charge and leading this world!"

"I..." Jellal muttered as he tore his eyes away once again, the entire structure around them shaking now. "This chaos won't be settled that way."

"Fine...if that's the way things must be..." Lily said, pausing for a moment as he took a deep breath. "I'll be the villain." Jellal's eyes widened in surprise, hearing that Lily wanted to flip their roles. "After being banished from Extalia, I walked alongside the humans. Because of this, I've betrayed my home nation. I have no place to return to. I'll accept the duty of being executed by-"

"That's not happening!" Jellal proclaimed as he grit his teeth in frustration. "You're the one who saved me! I won't let you die, not like this! I will ensure you obtain happiness!"

"And I'd say the same for you." Lily said, causing Jellal to pause and reflect. Releasing a heavy sigh, Lily lowered his gaze, his eyes filled with contention. "Whichever of us takes responsibility and dies, it will only bring sorrow."

"Then, how do we quell this panic?" Jellal asked as he turned around and gazed at the growing vortex of magical power. "Maybe...this wasn't a good plan after all...should I have thought of a different idea?"

"Panter Lily-sama!" An imperial guard exclaimed in a panic, running into the chamber. "I have terrible news!"

"You're a little late..." Lily said as he gestured toward the Anima, continuing to guzzle up the world's magical power. "If it's about the Anima, I already know all about it."

"T-That's not it!" The guard shouted, frantically pointing down the hall he had come from. "There are people rioting outside the castle! Entire neighborhoods are being destroyed!"

"It looks like the panic is far worse than I had anticipated." Jellal said which caused the guard to quirk an eyebrow, finally taking notice of the blue-haired man's presence. "We have to come up with a plan quickly."

"Let's get going." Lily said, jogging down the hall, with Jellal and the guard following closely behind him. "We need to stop those riots before this chaos continues to spread." Quickly reaching a balcony, Lily and Jellal joined up with a few other guards, overlooking the panicked city. "So, how many rioters are there?"

"Three, sir!" One of the guards stationed on the balcony replied, quickly saluting Lily.

"Just three?!" Lily repeated in a confused tone as he leaned against the balcony, searching for the three people causing trouble. "Why haven't they been arrested yet?"

"Well, you see, that's the thing, sir..." The guard said in a nervous tone, wringing the hilt of his spear. "They're...they're very strong."

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Lily's ears perked up when he heard boastful, almost theatrical, laughter echoing out in the distance. Turning toward where the laughter was coming from, Lily was shocked to see Natsu Dragneel standing atop a roof and breathing out a stream of blue flames. The pink-haired dragon slayer was dressed in what appeared to be a makeshift demon costume, complete with horns and a tattered cape. "I am the all-powerful demon lord! The everlasting! The eternal! Natsu Dragneel! I'll be taking all of this world's magical power for myself! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"What the hell is that pink-haired idiot doing?" Jellal hissed as he tightly gripped the balcony's railing. However, seeing people seemingly cowering away from Natsu, apparently buying his demon lord act, the wheels in Jellal's head began to turn. "Is Pinky doing what I think he is?"

"Look at this you peasants! I've brought your precious king to his knees! Made him bow at my feet!" Natsu bellowed in maniacal tone, before making a sweeping gesture toward Faust, who was tied to a pole next to him. Down below, the citizens gasped and stared up at their defeated king in disbelief. "Though he defied me, I deemed it fit to spare his life! BWAHAHAHA!"

"This can't be happening!"

"No! Your majesty!"

"How terrible! How could this happen to our king?!"

"Redfox! Marvel!" Natsu proclaimed as he raised his arms into the air, shooting out streaks of orange lighting into the air. "My loyal servants! Destroy this pitiful city!"

"Geehee!" Gajeel laughed evily, using his blade arms to slice through several buildings. However, they were buildings that were already prepared to collapse. "I won't leave a single home standing! I'll level this entire damn town! Geehee!"

"Who the hell is that guy!?"

"His arms, they turned into swords! He's definitely some type of monster!"

"Get out of the way, he'll destroy everything!"

"GRAH! Don't forget about me!" Wendy growled in a less-than-convincing scary tone as she waved her arms, kicking up large gusts of wind that blew through the streets. Several people were knocked over and their belongings blown away by Wendy's winds. Inhaling deeply, Wendy exhaled a cloud of purple gas that had been cleansed of its poison, sending citizens scattering as they covered their mouths. "Yes! Fear every breath you take! Lest you breathe in my deadly poison! HAHA!"

"That's it! Destroy more of the town!" Natsu exclaimed, shooting a stream of scorching blue flames from his mouth which caused several people to scream in terror. "Go my servants-"

"BAH! Servants do this! Servants do that!" Gajeel growled in frustration, using his blade arm to slice clean through a nearby streetlamp. "Shut the hell up, you bastard!"

"Tch, don't break character, just roll with it." Natsu hissed as he glared at Gajeel, the iron dragon slayer returning his annoyed look. After a few moments, Natsu sighed and made a flurry motion with his cape. "Whatever man, just get on with it."

"It couldn't be that they..." Lily thought, watching the three dragon slayers' bizarre performance. "Are they trying to help us?"

"So, they're the ones who are stealing Edolas' magical power!"

"The great demon lord, Dragneel!"

"We'll never forgive you, you bastards!"

"Return our magical power now!"

"Heh, I don't think so." Natsu said with a sadistic grin as blue flames leaked from the corners of his mouth. Rearing his head back, Natsu bellowed a stream of roaring flames. "I'll burn all those who oppose me to a crisp!"

"Stop this, Natsu!" Jellal exclaimed, deciding it was time for him to start playing the pink-haired dragon slayer's game. "This has gone on long enough!"

"Wait, who is that up there?"

"He knows the demon lord?"

"I've never seen him before."

"Silence worm! You will address me properly!" Natsu cackled as he let out a hearty laugh, relishing in his over-the-top performance. "I am the great demon lord, Dragneel!"

"Stop this foolishness!" Jellal continued, fully committing to Natsu's bit. "The kingdom has already fallen! There's no need to further attack the capital!"

"..." Natsu said nothing for several moments before a sadistic smirk spread across her face. Inhaling deeply, Natsu fired out a flowing current of orange lightning, sending several citizens below running. "I wonder if you'll be able to stop me, Prince of Edolas."

"Prince!? Did he just say prince?!"

"Is he talking about, Prince Jellal?! Didn't he go missing seven years ago?!"

"I don't get it." Lily said in a confused tone as he watched the scene before him unfold in total bafflement. "Why are they here?"

"I...I'm the one who told them." A voice suddenly spoke up from behind Lily. Turning around, Lily was surprised to see Nadi standing there, his arm still waving energetically. "I overheard your conversation...and had them come help."

"HAHAHAHA! C'mon now, Prince Jellal!" Natsu laughed with a devious grin, his cape dramatically blowing in the wind behind him. "If you don't, there won't be a trace left of this city when we're finished!"

"What is the Magical Warfare Corps doing?"

"If this keeps going, his majesty will surely be killed."

"He called that man the prince...is that really true?"

"A villain and hero...Natsu and others seem to be playing their roles perfectly..." Lily thought as he glanced over at Jellal, then at the confused crowd of onlookers gathered below. "It doesn't seem like they believe in the prince yet."

"Natsu, don't move from that spot!" Jellal exclaimed, hopping over the railing and rushing toward the pink-haired dragon slayer. "We're ending this now!"

"I believe I told you to address me as the great demon lord, Dragneel." Natsu said with a cocky smile as he crossed his arms, electricity crackling in the air around him. "Now, come at me, prince. Show me what you've got!"

"It looks like they intend to make the prince into a hero with this farce. But, if they pretend to fall and are discovered...it'll all be over..." Lily thought, tightly gripping the balcony's railing. "It couldn't be...they really intend to die?"

"Y-You should prepare yourself too..." Nadi said in a nervous tone as he began to tremble a bit. "For what's about to happen next."

"You fools..." Jellal muttered, sprinting through the streets toward Natsu, dodging past several startled citizens. "I know what you're trying to do, but there's no way it'll bring this situation under control." Raising one of his staves, Jellal pointed it toward Natsu. "Now, sleep!" However, Jellal cursed under his breath when his staff sputtered for a few moments before its magical power was sucked away. "Damn it, I forgot about the Anima. My magical power is being drained."

"HAHA! What's wrong, o great prince!? Are you scared without your magic!?" Natsu exclaimed as vibrant, orange electricity crackled off his fists. "You are, aren't you!? Let me show you the true power of magic!" Cocking his electrified fist back, Natsu slammed it onto the building he was standing atop. Instantly, cracks formed throughout the building before it began to crumble. "AHAHAHA! You see!? With this power I am unstoppable!"

"Stop it!" Jellal exclaimed, watching as the building completely collapsed to the ground. "You're taking things too damn far, pinky!"

"Oh boy..." Wendy muttered as she listened to Natsu let out an over-the-top, evil laugh, firing electricity into the air. She chuckled awkwardly, witnessing the pink-haired dragon slayer portraying the stereotypical 'evil' demon lord. "I think Natsu is getting a bit too into his role."

"Geehee, I think it's fine." Gajeel said with a grin, patting the top of Wendy's head much to the blue-haired dragon slayer's chagrin. "He's perfectly playing the 'villain' with all the magical power being confronted by the noble 'hero' who doesn't have any."

"All right, pinky, this charade has gone on long enough." Jellal said as he stood before Natsu, staring down the pink-haired dragon slayer. "I know what you're trying to do, but I can't be the hero in your little farce. And you pretending to die won't work on this mob."

"Heh, this is no charade!" Natsu exclaimed with a devious smirk, before suddenly lashing out and hitting Jellal with a sucker punch. The pink-haired dragon slayer's attack sent snapped Jellal's head back and sent him skidding back a few feet. "This is a showdown!"

"Your highness!"

"That menace is on a rampage!"

"KYA! I can't watch!"

"Damn it, that hurt, you pink-haired prick! And yes, this is a charade!" Jellal growled as he cocked his fist back. "There's no way you'll fool even one of them like this!" When his fist shot forward, Jellal was caught off guard when Natsu effortlessly grabbed it. "Just end this already."

"If no one will be fooled..." Natsu said, locking eyes with Jellal, his demon lord facade dropping momentarily. "Then you'd better step it up and go all out."

"..." Jellal said nothing in response for several moments, simply keeping Natsu's gaze. However, without warning, Jellal whipped his body around and hit Natsu in the face with a spinning kick. "Did I 'step it up' enough for you, pinky?!"

"YEAH! Good shot, your highness!"

"You've got this! Keep going!"

"Beat him to a pulp!"

"Not bad! I actually felt that one." Natsu said with a grin as he used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth. Looking around, Natsu's grin widened when he saw the crowd growing louder and starting to back Jellal. "Looks like the peanut gallery out there is really getting into this!"

"Dumbass!" Jellal huffed in frustration, tightly balling his fists. "I'm playing along with your stupid story, so just go down already."

"No way in hell!" Natsu exclaimed as he lunged forward, slamming his fist into Jellal's stomach. With his mouth agape, Jellal gasped as all the air was knocked from his lungs. "This is my own way of doing the Fairy Tail farewell ceremony...and I need to pay you back for ditching Wendy." A small smile spread across Natsu's face, causing Jellal's eyes to widen in surprise. "Anyone leaving Fairy Tail needs to be taught the three laws." Cocking his fist back, Natsu hit Jellal with another jab to the face. "First! You must never, for the rest of your life, reveal any tactics which could be used against Fairy Tail." Before Natsu could recite the second law, Jellal hit him with an uppercut to the chin. "Second...uh...what was it again?"

"This idiot..." Jellal thought, inhaling deeply through his nose as he fought back tears. It was finally starting to dawn on him that he may never see Natsu and Wendy ever again. That they'd never get a chance to properly reunite and catch up. Pausing for a moment to recompose himself, Jellal grinned at Natsu, a single tear rolling down his cheek. "Second...you must never contact past clients for personal gain."

"Yeah...that's right..." Natsu said with a smirk as he regained his footing. "Third. Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might. You must never consider your own life to be of little value." His smirk widening, Natsu cocked his fist back once again. "And you must never..."

"Forget about your friends who loved you..." Jellal finished, cocking his fist back as well. Suddenly, both Natsu and Jellal attacked, hitting each other in the face simultaneously. "Don't worry, it'll be impossible to forget you, pinky...and everyone else in Fairy Tail."

"You get it now?" Natsu asked as he dramatically stumbled backward, before starting to wobble. "There's nothing you can't do, so long as you keep the spirit of Fairy Tail within you!" After a few more shaky steps back, Natsu fell to the ground, a massive smile plastered on his face. "I hope we meet again, Jellal...because we've got a lot of catching up to do!"

"Natsu..." Jellal muttered, standing over his old friend just as the crowd of onlookers burst out into cheers. To the citizens of Edolas who had watched the fight, it appeared as if their prince had defeated the evil demon lord who had attacked their city. "God damn...I forgot how hard he punched" Reaching up, Jellal rubbed his aching jaw and smiled. "I hope we meet again as well."

"He...he did it! The prince won!"

"You're amazing, your highness!"

"I can't believe it! You're awesome!"

However, the crowd's cheers and celebrations were cut short when Natsu's body suddenly began to glow brightly. Many of them backed up several feet, unsure of what was happening. Jellal however stood in place, gazing down at the pink-haired dragon slayer.

"Natsu...your body..." Jellal said in a surprised tone as he began to understand what was happening. "I see...so, this is the Anima's doing..."

"Looks like it's starting..." Wendy said, staring down at her hands as her entire body began to glow and glimmer. "Let's hope our plan works."

"I don't understand..." Lily said in shock as his own body began to glow as well. "What the hell is happening?!"

"The reversed Anima is removing all of the magical power from Edolas." Nadi explained, his body beginning to shine as well as he continued to rapidly pump his fist. "In other words, those of us with internal magic like the Exceed and dragon slayers, are all being sucked into Earthland." Lily's eyes shot open when he heard this. "I think her highness was aware of it as well."

"It's alright...there's nothing to be afraid of." Shagotte said with a soft smile as she hugged a few of her scared subjects. "There's no longer any need for gods in Edolas. We too must bravely take a step forward."

"I get it...the Anima is taking all of the magical power in Edolas." Lucy said, staring up at the swirling vortex of magical power in the sky overhead. "It's basically kicking us out."

"So, we're really going to lose all of our magical power..." Edo Gray muttered in a sad tone as he stared down at the ground. "That's just...everything is going to..."

"Don't get so down. Do you really think you can't have a guild without magical power?" Gray asked, causing some of the Edo Fairy Tail members to perk up a bit. With a smile, Gray clasped his hand over his heart. "As long as you remain friends, that right there is a guild."

In another part of Edolas, Erza Scarlet and Erza Knightwalker were watching the events unfold in the capital from a distance away. Despite not being present, both had an idea of what was unfolding. As both scarlet-haired knights continued to watch the magical power being drained from Edolas, they were both caught off guard when Erza Scarlet's body began to glow and she started to ascend toward the Anima overhead.

"Scarlet..." Knightwalker said as she slowly got back onto her feet, watching her Earthland counterpart float higher up. "Looks like this is goodbye."

"Yes...seems like it is." Erza said, reaching out and grabbing Knightwalker's hand before she got too far away. With a small smile, Erza locked eyes with Knightwalker. "When this is all over, talk with Natsu and Lucy, don't wait. I know it may seem scary, but I know you'll work things out with them."

"Don't worry, I will." Knightwalker said as she released Erza's hand, letting her continue ascending toward the Anima. Once Erza was high enough, Knightwalker breathed out a heavy sigh and turned toward the capital. After a brief moment of hesitation, she began to walk toward the partially destroyed city. "Alright, I can't put this off any longer."

At the same time, all across Edolas, every human and Exceed with internal magical power was being sucked up into the Anima. Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel finished their act, pretending to be defeated by Jellal and returning to their original realm. To Jellal's surprise, the citizens of Edolas seemed to completely but the dragon slayers' performance.

"OH! The demon lord and his servants are being expelled!"

"His highness saved us all!"

"Hooray! We're safe now! Thank you, your highness!"

"Your highness...there's no need to rush and change everything." Lily thought with a smile, staring down at Jellal as he was sucked up into the Anima, along with all of the other Exceed. "It's fine to take things at your own pace. Even if it's a simple walk, people will continue to take steps forward. You're all headed toward the future together."

"Bye-bye, Fairy Tail!" Lucy exclaimed as she energetically waved toward the members of Edo Fairy Tail. Everyone in Edo Fairy Tail joined in seeing off their Earthland counterparts, shouting their goodbyes with smiles and tears. "I mean...the other Fairy Tail! Good luck! Just stick together and everything will work out!"

"Farewell, Lily...Gajeel...Fairy Tail...Wendy...and Pinky..." Jellal thought, doing his best to fight back tears as he watched all of his friends from Earthland disappear into the Anima, knowing he would likely never see any of them ever again. After taking a breath to compose himself, Jellal turned toward the crowd of citizens gathered around him, hoisting his staff high into the air. "I have defeated the demon lord Dragneel! Even though we lack magical power, we humans will continue on!"

Instantly, the crowd erupted to deafening cheers and applause, each of them fully backing their new leader. The dragon slayers' performance had worked perfectly. Jellal was now the hero who had vanquished the villains who had attempted to destroy Edolas. Though the road ahead would definitely be filled with many hardships, the people of Edolas knew they had a good leader to guide them.

Slightly separated from the main crowd were the members of Edo Fairy Tail, each of them appearing to be uneasy about what their future entailed. They all talked and muttered amongst themselves, attempting to discuss what they should do now that they no longer had access to any magical power. Toward the back of the group were Natsu Dragion and Lucy Ashley, but unlike the other members of Edo Fairy Tail, the two of them seemed to be in slightly higher spirits. They talked about their Earthland counterparts and the wild adventure they had just been on. However, as Dragion and Ashley talked, they noticed that hush suddenly came over the rest of the group and the crowd began to separate. A lone figure could be seen walking through the Edo Fairy Tail members. Once this newcomer reached Dragion and Ashley, both of their eyes widened in surprise.

"You've got a lot of fuckin' nerve showing your face here..." Ashley growled as she glared fiercely at Erza Knightwalker, reaching over and gripping Dragion's sleeve. "What the hell do you want?"

"Hold on a sec, Lucy...take a breath and calm down." Dragion said, holding his arm in front of Ashley which caught her off guard. At first, Dragion was upset just like Ashley, but when he saw the look in Knightwalker's eyes, his anger quickly waned. Knightwalker's eyes were full of remorse, and her usually stoic and confident demeanor was instead nervous. "Erza...it's been a long time...what are you doing here?"

"Natsu...Lucy..." Erza said in an uncharacteristically quiet voice, nervously gripping her arm as she fought the urge to lower her head and run away. "We...we need to talk."

(Back in Earthland)

"WHOA SHIIIT!" Natsu exclaimed as he was violently spit out of the Anima, rapidly hurdling toward the ground below. Quickly scanning around, the pink-haired dragon slayer noticed that it was raining quite heavily and that his friends were also falling with him. Without a second thought, Natsu's legs became engulfed in flames as he began to fly through the air. In a matter of seconds, he managed to scoop up all of his friends and safely set them down on the ground. "Phew...looks like we're back. Is everyone okay?"

"I'm good..." Lucy replied, letting out a relieved sigh as she let the cool rain fall onto her. "It's so good to be back in Earthland."

"Nice job getting us down safely, Natsu." Erza said with a smile as she patted the top of the pink-haired dragon slayer's head, causing his face to flush slightly. "Now, where did that Anima send us?"

"Looks like we're just outside Magnolia." Gray said, standing at the edge of a nearby cliff that overlooked the town. "Looks like the guild is back to normal."

"We can't start celebrating just yet." Erza said as she crossed her arms underneath her chest. "We have to make sure everyone made it back safely."

"They're fine!" Natsu and his group were caught off guard when a large group of Exceed suddenly descended all around them. The flying cats seemed to be in quite a cheerful mood as they zipped all around. "We got to Earthland ahead of you all!"

"We flew all over the place!"

"Fairy Tail and everyone in Magnolia are just fine!"

"It seems like none of them even realized they had been turned into Lacrima!"

"Golly, Earthland is amazing! It's absolutely overflowing with magic!"

"H-How..." Carla muttered in shock as she stared dumbfounded at the Exceed circling all around them. "How'd the Exceed end up in Earthland too!?" Letting out a frustrated huff, Carla angrily gestured toward the group of Exceed. "This is no time to be playing around! These guys are dangerous! We should send them all back to Edolas!"

"Let's just calm down and take a breath, Carla." Happy as he attempted to quell the white-furred cat's anger. "There's no need to get so upset."

"Happy is right, Carla." Wendy said, crouching down next to her white-furred companion. "Remember, Extalia is gone now. So, let's just leave them be."

"No way." Carla snapped without hesitation which caused the other Exceed, including Shagotte, to stop messing around, a look of guilt in their eyes. "After all the trouble they caused us, they don't deserve to be forgiven so easily." One-by-one, each of the Exceed stepped forward and lowered their heads. "What's this?"

"We apologize for throwing stones at you."

"We cannot express how sorry we are for how we acted."

"Our home is gone, we have nowhere to return to. Please, have some mercy."

"We're going to mend our ways. So, please forgive us."

"I don't care about any of that!" Carla exclaimed, causing the other Exceed to flinch away from her harsh tone. "You sent Happy and me to Earthland with a mission to kill off the dragon slayers!"

"That's right! The queen stole our eggs!" Lucky shouted from the back of the crowd of Exceed, angrily shaking his fist. "Don't you dare tell me you've all forgotten!"

"Oh my, it appears as if we still haven't explained ourselves well enough." One of the Exceed elders said as he stepped forward, leaning against his cane. "This is a tale from several years ago."

"I believe we already told you about Shagotte's ability to see the future." The other elder continued, clasping his hands behind his back. "One day, Shagotte was assaulted with images of Extalia crashing to the ground. After what just happened, it's clear that was the result of Edolas losing all of its magical power. But...at the time, we believed that it would be caused by an attack from the humans."

"We realized that even if we went to war with the humans, we could never win against them. So, we devised a plan to allow 100 children to escape from Edolas." The first elder explained which caused Lucky to growl in frustration. "We kept this a secret from the citizens of Extalia. But, the official story was that they were being sent to destroy devils called dragon slayers in a different world. Of course, we had no real grudges against the dragon slayers."

"I think I understand." Wendy said as she slowly nodded her head, doing her best to follow along with the elders' retelling of the events. "You just needed a believable story. And if you had spoken the truth, it would have likely caused a panic."

"Yes...that's the unfortunate truth..." The second elder said before releasing a heavy sigh as he lowered his gaze. "We borrowed the human's Anima and our plan succeeded. However...there was one thing we could never have accounted for."

"That was your powers, Carla." Shagotte finally spoke up which caused Carla's eyes to widen slightly. "You have the same power of 'clairvoyance' as I do. But, since it activated while you were unconscious, it ended up jumbling your memories. It's likely you saw bits and pieces of the future of Edolas. And you probably mistook those visions as your 'mission'."

"It can't be..." Carla muttered, pressing a paw against her forehead as her eyes narrowed a bit. "They...they were so vivid...they couldn't be..."

"If what Carla saw was wrong..." Happy said as he raised his paw, getting Shagotte's attention. "Then, what about the rest of the Exceed?"

"There was never such a mission..." Shagotte replied, slowly shaking her head as Carla felt a chill run down her spine. "It was truly one terrible misfortune after another...but...you ended up creating your own 'imaginary' mission."

"We thought that it would be better for you not to know about your own powers." Nadi chimed in as he still vigorously pumped his fist. "We said all those awful things to manipulate you...and for that, I humbly apologize."

"It was all an ill-conceived ploy to display the majesty of the queen." Nichiya added, taking off his cap and bowing his head slightly. "I truly apologize."

"The ruse I used to confront the misfortune facing both my people and the humans caused you all so much suffering." Shagotte said as she stared at her feet and nervously wrung her paws together. "No...that's not all...it also caused great suffering to all the families who had their eggs seized." All the other Exceed had fallen silent, soaking in what their queen had just revealed. "That's why I've surrendered my sword to you. It is not all the Exceed who are evil...it is only me."

"That's not true, your majesty!"

"Everything you did, you had all of us in mind!"

"We're to blame as well! We were cocky and overconfident!"

"Now that we're in Earthland, let's find all the children who escaped years ago!"

"That's right! We've got a new goal!"

"This time, we'll get along with humans!"

"It's a new beginning for all of us!"

"Everyone..." Shagotte said, sniffling several times as she felt a few tears fall from her eyes. All around Shagotte, the other Exceed were smiling and happily flying back and forth. "You're all so strong...stronger than I ever was."

"Heh, look at that." Natsu said with a grin as he watched the Exceed soar around and try to cheer up their queen. "They sure are an optimistic bunch."

"Fine...you win..." Carla relented, releasing a light sigh as she crossed her arms. "I'll let it go." A visible wave of relief washed over Shagotte as she placed a paw over her heart and let out a deep breath. "But...it makes me wonder...why do I have the same powers as you?"

"Y-Yeah...i-it's quite strange..." Shagotte as she coughed into her paw and averted her gaze. "Carla is smart...but is quite naive. She is still a child though."

"Hey, mister..." Happy said, walking up to Lucky as he gazed between Carla and Shagotte several times. "Don't Carla and her majesty resemble each other." Lucky hummed and nodded his head. "Aye! I mean...the way they move..." Happy leaned in a bit closer and examined Carla, with Lucky mimicking his movements. "And the way they look...it's uncanny."

"KAHH!" Lucky scoffed as he crossed his arms. "Nah, you're imaginin' things!"

"I'm glad everything worked out." Natsu said as he breathed a sigh of relief, deciding not to point out the obvious to Carla and Happy. "Would have hated to have trouble as soon as we got back home."

"Thank you, everyone." Shagotte said, bowing her head to the members of Fairy Tail. "For now, we're thinking of settling down in this area."

"That's great to hear." Wendy said with a smile as she patted the top of Carla's head. "We can visit you anytime."

"You're acting quite strange, Wendy." Carla said, quirking an eyebrow as she gazed up at the blue-haired dragon slayer. "Why do you look so happy?"

"She's right..." Shagotte said as she pulled Carla in for a tight hug, surprising the young Exceed. "You can come see us anytime, Carla."

"Hold on a..." Carla started to protest but quickly gave up when she was overwhelmed by a comforting, and oddly familiar, warmth. "It's odd...I feel so safe in her arms."

"You too, Happy." Marl said, gripping the blue-furred Exceed's paws. "Come over and play anytime you want."

"KAHH! Nonsense!" Lucky barked as he stomped his foot. "You don't have to come!"

"You know..." Happy said, looking between Lucky and Marl. "I really like your smells, mister, ma'am...I wonder why that is?" Happy cocked his head when he saw tears begin to fall from Lucky and Marl's eyes. "Eh? Did I say something weird?"

"KAHH! That's enough outta you!" Lucky shouted as he began to chase Happy around half-heartedly. "You're a hundred years too early to be smelling us!"

After a few more minutes of mingling, one by one the Exceed took to the sky and said their goodbyes. The members of Fairy Tail all waved to their new, furry friends as they flew further and further away. After a prolonged and emotional farewell, the Exceed began to fly off.

"I have to ask..." Lucky said, flying up next to Shagotte. "Why didn't you tell Carla that you're her mother?"

"You don't think I wanted to?" Shagotte replied as he glanced back, seeing Carla being held in Wendy's arms. "But, I don't have the right to do that...not until we find every lost child. Come to think of it...why didn't you say anything?"

"KAHH! Don't make me laugh!" Lucky yelled, angrily shaking his fist. "There's no way that blue-furred brat could be my kid!"

"There's nothing to worry about dear." Marl said as she held Shagotte and helped her fly through the air. "We can see them whenever we want after all. But, I'm surprised your daughter was among the eggs that were sent off."

"Queen is merely my title." Shagotte said, gazing up just as the Exceed burst out above the rain clouds into the clear skies. "Every parent thinks their child is the most precious thing in the world and will do anything to keep them safe."

"Well, we should get back to the guild." Natsu said as the Exceed finally disappeared out of sight. "I bet everyone is wondering where we are."

"But, how the hell are we gonna explain what happened?" Lucy asked, rubbing the back of her neck. "I mean, it's gonna be hard for anyone to believe."

"I don't think we'll have to worry about that." Gray replied as he rested his hands on his hips. "Nobody should have noticed anything that happened, right?"

"That's true...but we'll have to explain our injuries..." Erza said, gazing down at the bandages covering her arms. "And people will notice that Mystogan is gone."

"Bah, forget all that shit!" Gajeel exclaimed as he excitedly began to search the area. "Where's Lily?! I don't see Panter Lily anywhere! Don't even tell me he ran off with the other cats!"

"If you're looking for me, I'm right over here!" A familiar voice spoke up from behind the Fairy Tail members. Whipping around, the sight Gajeel and the others saw shocked them. Instead of his usual tall and muscular appearance, Lily more closely resembled Happy and Carla, much smaller and cuter. The now much shorter Exceed also appeared to be holding onto a rope. "It is I, Panter Lily."

"He's um...a lot smaller than I remembered." Wendy said with a chuckle as she crouched down in front of Lily. "But he is cuter now."

"Yes, it appears that Earthland messed with my body's constitution." Lily said, staring down at his now significantly smaller paw. "It is an odd feeling." Raising his arm, Lily pointed at the members of Fairy Tail. "I wish to join the guild that his highness was helping out. As promised, you'd better let me join, Gajeel."

"OF COURSE!" Gajeel yelled in excitement as he rushed forward and hugged Lily tightly, surprising the other Fairy Tail members with his uncharacteristic showing of affection. "MY OWN CAT! GEEHEE!"

"Hold your elation for a moment..." Lily said, managing to wriggle himself free and tugging on the rope he held. "I managed to capture a suspicious-looking person." With another pull, the sounds of someone tripping around in the bushes could be heard. "Come on out now."

"Hold on a second..." Natsu's breath immediately hitched when he heard the unmistakable voice. "I'm not really anyone suspicious..." As the person drew closer, Natsu sniffed the air several times, finally picking up an unforgettable scent that had been masked by the rain. Then, with one last tug, all the members of Fairy Tail were shocked to see Lisanna Strauss stumble to the ground in front of them. "I'm a member of Fairy Tail too!"

"Lisanna..." Natsu breathed out, rubbing his eyes and even pinching Whis arm. "I-Is...is this really happening?"

"What's up with this cat?" Lisanna asked in a frustrated tone as she fussed with the ropes binding her wrists. "Is it an Exceed?"

"And who the hell're you!?" Gajeel barked, glaring at Lisanna as he tried to intimidate her. "You pickin' a fight with my cat?! We gonna have a problem!?"

"It can't be..." Gray muttered as he stared at Lisanna in wide-eyed shock. "I have to be seeing things."

"Lisanna!?" Erza said, feeling her heart pounding in her chest. "Is it really you?"

"I don't understand." Carla said as she stroked her chin. "Could this be Edolas' Lisanna?"

"That's not quite right." Lisanna said, slowly getting onto her feet. It was then that she finally locked eyes with Natsu, a small smile spreading across her face. "Hey, Natsu." Walking over, Lisanna embraced the pink-haired dragon slayer in a tight hug, resting her head against his chest. "Sorry for running away when we first met back in Edolas. But now...we can have a proper reunion. I finally get to see my Natsu again." Turning around, Lisanna picked up Happy and hugged the blue-furred cat as well. "It's so good to see you too, Happy." When Lisanna finally released Natsu and Happy, she turned toward Gray and Erza. "It's been so long, Gray, Erza...I'm so glad to see you both again." Next, Lisanna turned toward Lucy and Wendy. "And you two must be newer guild members, right? Wow, it's Lucy and a little Wendy! So cool!"

"Wait a second..." Gray said as he raised a trembling hand and pointed at Lisanna. "Y-You couldn't be...are you Earthland's Lisanna?"

"Yeah, I am..." Lisanna replied, shocking everyone except Natsu. "I'm sorry for not saying anything sooner."

"I'm still a bit confused." Erza said in a befuddled tone as she did her best to comprehend what was happening. "Everyone thought you died two years ago."

"That's not exactly what happened...I didn't die or anything like that." Lisanna explained, hanging her head a bit as she clenched her hands together. "Two years ago...while out on a job with Mira-nee and Elf-niichan...I lost consciousness. And while I was out, I was probably sucked up by an Anima that was over the area. If I had to guess, there were several smaller Anima all over Earthland at that time. I eventually stumbled across Fairy Tail in Edolas. Everyone's vibes were a little off, but they all seemed to know me. They all seemed to believe that I was the Lisanna from Edolas. I figured that the Lisanna in Edolas was probably already dead. At least that's what I gathered from the guild's reactions when I showed up. And after seeing how happy Edo Mira-nee and Elf-niichan were...there was no way I could tell them the truth. So, I pretended to be their Lisanna."

"That's unbelievable..." Lucy said as she clasped a hand over her heart. "It's almost like the Anima was trying to replace something that Edolas had lost."

"I thought the same thing." Lisanna agreed, pausing for a moment to wipe a mix of tears and rain from her eyes. "I was a bit confused at first, but I soon began to match everyone's pace. And after hiding my magic, I got used to life in Edolas. But after two years..." A sad smile formed on Lisanna's face as she gazed at Natsu. "You and Happy showed up. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you both the truth...but...I just couldn't. I didn't want to make Mira-nee and everyone else sad again. I couldn't put them through losing me a second time. So, I decided to bear the pain and live out the rest of my life in Edolas."

"..." Natsu said as he simply stood there and soaked in everything Lisanna was saying. "She went through so much in the two years she was gone."

"However...when all the magical power in Edolas was sucked up by the Anima...including me since I was originally from Earthland..." Lisanna continued, sniffling a few times as she desperately fought back tears. "It turns out...the Edolas Mira-nee and Elf-niichan knew I wasn't their Lisanna the whole time...they wanted me to go back to Earthland and be with my original family."

"..." Natsu silently approached Lisanna and gently removed the ropes binding her wrists. Gripping Lisanna's hands, Natsu locked eyes with her and smiled. "I understand why you did what you did Lisanna, and you don't need to apologize for that. I...I can't put into words how happy I am that you're back." Lisanna felt a comforting warmth wash over her as Natsu gave her hands a quick squeeze. "And as much as I would love to spend all day catching up... there are other...more important people you should see first."

(Ten Minutes Later: Kardia Cathedral)

"Nee-chan...we should probably get going." Elfman said in a somber tone, holding up an umbrella to cover his sister and himself as they both stood before Lisanna's grave. "It's cold out...you're gonna get sick."

"Please...just a little longer..." Mirajane said barely above a whisper as she crouched down and reached out, running her fingers across her little sister's gravestone. "I...I just need a few more minutes with her."

The rain continued to heavily pour over the mourning siblings, neither of them seeming to be bothered by the poor weather. However, just as Mirajane was about to stand back up, she perked up a bit when her newly enhanced hearing caught the sounds of someone running through the rain toward them. But the running wasn't what got Mirajane's attention. No. What caused her breath to hitch was when the person coming toward them began to call out.

"Mira-nee! Elf-niichan!"

Mirajane's entire body went rigid when she heard this. There was no way she could forget such an angelic voice. The voice of her little sister, Lisanna. For several moments Mirajane was motionless, unable to turn around and possibly have her heartbroken. But, after hearing her name called out once again, Mirajane finally mustered up the courage to turn around. What she saw caused her heart to skip a beat. Less than twenty feet away stood her little sister, Lisanna.

Both Mirajane and Elfman were too stunned to speak, unable to comprehend what they were seeing. Their little sister, who they believed had died two years earlier, now stood in front of them. Elfman was so shocked that he ended up dropping the umbrella he had been holding. It was then that Mirajane noticed Natsu and several other Fairy Tail members standing just behind Lisanna. Seeing the smiles on all of their faces confirmed to Mirajane that what she was seeing was real. Lisanna truly was there in front of them. With a bright smile and tears streaming down her cheeks, Lisanna ran toward her brother and sister.

"I...I don't believe it..." Mirajane muttered in a trembling voice, feeling tears instantly forming in her eyes. Lisanna was now only a few steps away and the reality of what was happening finally slammed into Mirajane and Elfman. Both siblings were bawling their eyes out, seeing their little sister for the first time in two years. "L-Lisanna."

"I'm home." Lisanna said as she lept toward Mirajane, wrapping her arms around her older sister. She hugged Mirajane close, almost as if her life depended on it. Elfman hesitated for several moments, but soon embraced both of his sisters, enveloping them both in a loving bear hug. "I'm so happy to be home...I love you both."

"Welcome home." Mirajane said with a bright and loving smile, holding onto her little sister tightly. As Mirajane continued to bask in the overwhelming joy of Lisanna's return, she eventually caught Natsu's gaze. The pink-haired dragon slayer merely grinned and gave her a thumbs up. "I don't know what happened...but, I do know you helped Lisanna come back to us, Natsu. I can never thank you enough, Natsu...I love you with all my heart."

(Several Hours Later: Fairy Hills Dormitory)

After a lengthy and lively discussion with the rest of the guild about their adventures in Edolas, and Lisanna's unexpected return, Wendy returned to her dorm room. She released a light sigh as she closed the door behind her. After kicking off her shoes, Wendy trudged to her room and plopped onto her bed in exhaustion. It had been decided that Fairy Tail would throw a massive party tomorrow to celebrate Lisanna's return. In addition, they'd also be celebrating her birthday as well.

"Tomorrow's my birthday...and at least when it comes to dragon slayers, I'll be considered an adult...and 'that' will start..." Wendy said as she felt her entire body start to heat up as her mind began to wander to thoughts of a certain pink-haired dragon slayer. Reaching down, Wendy began to massage her budding breasts, a soft moan escaping her lips. "Natsu...more...please don't stop..."

A pleasurable tingle ran through Wendy as her other hand slipped inside her panties and she began to play with herself. Her thoughts became more and more lewd as she imagined Natsu pinning her down and claiming her as his mate, forcing her to bear his children. As Wendy's movements quickened, she bit her bottom lip as she was hit with a powerful orgasm, her entire body trembling. Pulling her hand from her panties, Wendy stared at her fingers, coated in her own juices. The scent was overpowering and arousing, making Wendy a little light-headed. After a few moments, Wendy began to lick her fingers clean.

"Tomorrow is the big day..." Wendy muttered, staring up at the ceiling. "Natsu...I hope you accept me as your mate."

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