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(The Following Afternoon: Fairy Tail Guild Hall)

The festivities were in full swing within the guild hall, with the sounds of music and laughter filling the halls. Booze were pouring freely as Fairy Tail members downed pint after pint, cheering and dancing on tables. The two ladies of the hour, Wendy and Lisanna, were sat at a table in the center of the guild, with everyone else celebrating around them. Both girls seemed a little uncomfortable being the center of so much attention but allowed their friends to shower them with their affection.

"The guild hall may have changed a bit, but everyone in it is the same." Lisanna said with a smile as she gazed around the room, seeing the lively and cheerful guild she had grown up in. Just then, Mirajane walked past, setting down a tray full of drinks. "But, you've definitely changed Mira-nee. Your entire vibe is different."

"You think so?" Mirajane asked with a smile, tucking her empty tray underneath her arm. "I don't think I've changed that much."

"You're joking, right? You're like a completely different person." Lisanna said with a chuckle as she gestured toward her older sister's entire body. "Your wardrobe and attitude are like a polar opposite to how you used to be. Your hair too...what's with the pink streaks? And I could have sworn I saw a tattoo or something on your shoulder earlier."

"Oh...uh...those..." Mirajane stammered nervously, reaching up and twirling a few strands of pink hair around her fingers. "I'll um...I'll tell you about them later."

"Okaaaay..." Lisanna said in a confused tone as she quirked an eyebrow, easily noticing how uneasy her older sister seemed to be. "Her new attitude is one thing, but I've never seen Mira-nee acting like that. She's definitely hiding something."

"HAHAHAHA! Lisanna is back! And it's Wendy's birthday!" Makarov exclaimed as he stood atop the bar, raising two mugs of beer above his head. "Listen up everyone! There will be no jobs today! It's a day to celebrate! So eat! Drink! Have fun!" The entire guild erupted into deafening cheers after Makarov's announcement. Downing one of his beer mugs, Makarov began to scan around the guild. "Where's Cana!? I wanna have a drinking contest! Today's the day I beat you!"

"It's a happy day, baby." Bickslow said, his tongue sticking out as his wooden dolls levitated all around him. "The guild hasn't been crazy in a while! HAHA!"

"It truly is a relief that you're alright, Lisanna." Fried said with a small smile as he patted Lisanna and Wendy's heads. "And a very happy birthday to you, Wendy."

"Wow, the Raijinshū." Lisanna said in a surprised tone, looking at the three members of the Thunder God Tribe. "It's rare to see you guys at the guild."

"Maybe in the past, but not anymore." Evergreen said with a smirk as she suddenly performed an exaggerated dance, waving around a hand fan. "After all, I'm the guild's resident fairy!"

"Looks like Mirajane isn't the only who's style changed." Lucy commented, noticing Evergreen's new, flowing hairstyle. Hearing a melancholy sigh, Lucy turned around and saw Juvia sitting alone at the table behind her. The blue-haired woman had a conflicted look in her eyes as she rested her head on her palm. "Uh...what's up, Juvia? You look pretty down."

"Juvia's heart is being pulled in so many different directions." Juvia replied as she let out another heavy sigh, now laying her head down on the table itself. "Happy told Juvia that in Edolas, Gray-sama was the one who was in love with Juvia."

"I don't get it." Lucy said, switching tables and sitting across from Juvia. "Shouldn't that make you happy?"

"It does...but not as much as Juvia would have thought. And that's what is confusing Juvia." The blue-haired water mage muttered as she idly tapped her fingers on the top of the table. As Juvia continued to wallow in her love-stricken confusion, her wandering eyes soon caught Natsu dancing with Wakaba and Macao across the guild. Seeing the pink-haired dragon slayer laughing and smiling brightly caused Juvia to perk up a bit, feeling her heart start beating faster. "Juvia...Juvia doesn't know what to think anymore."

"Ah, I see what the problem is." Lucy thought, giving the blue-haired water mage a sympathetic look as she watched her look between Gray and Natsu several times. "Juvia's heart is torn. She feels like she's in love with Gray, but Natsu has wormed his way into her heart as well. Gotta say I feel bad for her, that has to be tough. I hope you figure out what your heart truly wants, Juvia."

"AHAHAHA! Being home truly is best!" Natsu bellowed out as he unleashed a stream of vibrant orange flames into the air, causing cheers and jeers from his fellow guild members. "Edolas was fun, but there's no place like home! And we've got Lisanna back too! Things couldn't be better!"

"He's as rowdy and noisy as ever." Jet said with a smile, watching as Natsu leaped on top of a table and put on a small performance with his electricity. "Was the Natsu in Edolas like this too?"

"Heh, no way!" Lisanna chuckled as she waved dismissively. "He'd be like, 'oh no, I...I got bullied by Lucy. Someone help me!' He was the polar opposite of our Natsu!"

"HA! I'd pay good money to see that!" Droy laughed, slapping his hand onto his knee. "Damn, I really missed out. Edolas sounded like it was wild!"

"This sure is a noisy guild..." Lily muttered as he stood just outside the party, with Carla and Happy joining him as well. "Do you ever get used to it?"

"Everyone has the same first impression." Carla said, pinching the bridge of her nose. "And yes, you do get used to it after a while."

"It's a fun place!" Happy cheered in between bites of a fish he was munching on. "I'm sure you'll love it here!"

"I still can't wrap my head around it..." Lily said, watching in amazement as magic was freely used by people within the guild. "So, you're telling me every single person here has internal magic?"

"That is correct." Lily was surprised when Erza suddenly appeared next to him, resting her hands on her hips. "That's how it is with Earthland mages. But, what's important isn't the magic itself. But the hearts and feelings of those who wield it. Don't you agree, Lily?"

"Heh, you're right..." Lily said with a small smile, locking eyes with the scarlet-haired knight. "I worked closely with Erza Knightwalker back in Edolas. You may be a different person, but it's nice to have a familiar face around."

"OI! Salamander! Little shrimp!" Gajeel exclaimed in excitement as he suddenly leaped up from the table he was sitting at. "Let's have a death battle between my Lily and your blue and white cats! Geehee!"

"Even though it's your birthday, you're still getting roped into their nonsense." Lucy said in an amused tone, reaching over and sympathetically patting Wendy's shoulder. "Looks like you don't even get a day off."

"It's...it's fine...I don't mind..." Wendy stuttered out as her face began to flush red. The blue-haired dragon slayer was focused solely on Natsu, acutely watching his every movement. Soon, she could feel her heart starting to race in her chest. "Damn it...I think it's starting already...I have to hold out...at least until the party is over."

"I don't know about the cats..." Natsu said with a wide grin, raising his fists and squaring up with Gajeel. "But I'll throw down with you anytime!"

"Aye, don't get me involved." Happy said as he stopped nibbling on his fish for a moment, feeling a chill run down his spine. "I'd lose in no time."

"How disappointing." Carla teased with a smirk, causing Happy's head to snap toward her. "You're giving up before you've even tried."

"Stop it...I may look like this now, but in Edolas I commanded my own division of soldiers." Lily said as he raised his paw, stepping in between Happy and Carla. "If you engage in a pointless fight, you'll only end up getting hurt."

"Well, this is a nice change of pace." Erza said, watching as a fistfight broke out between Gajeel and Natsu. "You're more mature than I expected."

"Possibly..." Lily said as he witnessed Gajeel get thrown into a table, releasing a light sigh. "But I think it's more so that they're just childish." Turning around, Lily extended his paw toward the other two Exceed. "Anyway, let's get along, Happy, Carla."

"Aye!" Happy exclaimed cheerfully, gripping Lily's paw with both of his own and shaking it genetically. "You're alright, Lily! Want to share a fish?"

"Hmph, at least you aren't as annoying as Happy." Carla huffed as she shook Lily's paw as well. Hearing a sudden crash, Carla groaned when she saw that the fight between Natsu and Gajeel had intensified, even gaining a few additional members. "Why are those idiots fighting, when it was supposedly going to be between us? And they even dragged in Gray and Elfman."

"Muscles...sweaty body...his hot and electric touch..." Wendy thought, watching Natsu battle it out with his fellow guild members. She couldn't take her eyes off him, noticing every little flex of his impressive muscles. Wendy could feel her body getting hotter, sweat even forming on her brow. With every minute that passed, she could feel her draconic instincts growing more powerful. "I...I need it...I need him to pin me down! I need him to claim me!"

"Wendy...are you alright?" Lucy asked in a concerned tone as she noticed that Wendy was starting to pant, her entire upper body flushing red. "You don't look so-"

"I-I'm fine! I just need some fresh air!" Wendy exclaimed, suddenly shooting up from her seat and beelining toward the guild's exit. Now outside, Wendy let out a deep exhale as she leaned against the guild's wall, resisting the overwhelming urge to touch herself. "Just hold on. Just hold on. Just hold a bit longer, damn it!"

"My, my, looks like things were getting a bit too exciting for little Wendy." Makarov said with a small smile as he sat on the bar, with Gildarts standing beside him. "This part sure is lively...but, it's a shame Mystogan couldn't be here. I can only hope things are going alright for him in Edolas."

"I'm sure he's doing just fine." Gildarts said, leaning against the bar next to Makarov as he watched the brawl in the guild escalate even further. "He grew up in this guild after all. I bet he's still in high spirits."

"Heh, I bet you're right." Makarov said as he crossed his arms, a big grin spreading across his face. "So, you gonna be staying in town for a while?"

"Hmmm...I wonder." Gildarts said with a sly smile, reaching behind the bar and pulling out a bottle of booze. "I could use a little R&R."

"Well, let's start that right now! This part isn't just to celebrate Lisanna's return!" Makarov cheered as he hopped off the bar, using his magic to enlarge his body and tower over everyone else in the guild. "Alright, listen here you brats!" Instantly, all the fighting stopped, everyone turning their attention toward the massive guild leader. "I know you're all having fun, but I think it's time we celebrate our newest member's birthday!" Everyone in the guild let out a roarous cheer as a large, multilayered birthday cake was wheeled out by Mirajane. "Now, where's the birthday girl!?"

"H-Here..." Wendy sheepishly said, reappearing back inside the guild as she walked over and sat back down at the center table. "Sorry about that...I'm not used to all this attention...just need to catch my breath."

"It's okay, Wendy." Erza said with a reassuring smile as she patted the blue-haired dragon slayer's shoulder. "Our guild can be a bit overwhelming at times."

"Heh, that's an understatement." Lucy chuckled, watching as Elfman picked up the huge cake and set it down in front of Wendy. "This place has been a madhouse all day."

"Damn, could you guys have gotten a bigger cake?" Gray teased as he let out a low whistle, admiring the delicious-looking baked good. The cake was decorated with blue and green frosting, with dozens of unlit candles scattered across the stacked layers. "I know everyone needs a piece, but this fucking thing is as big as Wendy."

"HAHA! This is Fairy Tail, Ice Princess! Go big, or go home!" Natsu cheered, playfully patting Wendy's back which caused her to yelp in surprise. Quickly lowering her head, Wendy did her best to hide her flushed face. "Don't worry, I'll light the candles!"

"Don't you think someone else should do it?" Gajeel asked with a smirk as he pulled himself out of the ruined table Natsu had slammed him through. "Salamander is probably gonna melt the whole damn cake."

"I would say let's go for round two, but this is Wendy's moment and I don't want to ruin it. But, after today, name the time and place, I'll whoop your ass anytime." Natsu said, shooting the iron dragon slayer an annoyed look. Holding up his index finger, Natsu lit a small flame on the end of it. "I know it's hard to believe, but I can show restraint sometimes." Moving around the cake, Natsu meticulously lit every candle, a large grin on his face. "Alright, Wendy! You're all set!"

"T-Thank you, Natsu." Wendy said with a forced smile as she felt her heart thundering in her chest, her entire body heating up. "Pin me down! Mount me! Breed me! I will bear strong children for us!" With her draconic instincts starting to flare up, Wendy rapidly shook her head in an attempt to rid her mind of obscene thoughts. "No! Not yet! Get ahold of yourself, Wendy! Just make it through the day!"

"Okay, everyone, gather around!" Makarov announced, shrinking himself down and hopping onto the table Wendy was sitting at. "We're all going to sing Happy Birthday!"

In no time flat, Wendy's table was surrounded by everyone in the guild, all of them appearing eager to wish her a Happy Birthday. Wendy's face flushed slightly because of all the attention she was receiving. Despite the embarrassment, a smile spread across the blue-haired dragon slayer's face. It made her heart swell with happiness, being surrounded by people who cared so much for her. After losing her family at Cait Shelter, she managed to find a new one who loved her just as much.

"Alright, everyone!" Natsu exclaimed as he popped up behind Wendy, putting his hands on her shoulders. When the blue-haired dragon slayer glanced back at him, he flashed her a large grin. However, he was surprised when she squeaked in surprise and quickly turned back around. Shrugging it off as Wendy just being shy, Natsu gave her shoulders a reassuring squeeze. "Let's do this! From the top!" Everyone gathered around Wendy smiled before they all spoke simultaneously. "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Wendy! Happy Birthday to you!"

"And many more!" Happy cheered, leaping into the air and floating in front of Wendy. Everyone else let out a cheer in agreement. "Now make a wish and blow out the candles!"

"A wish...what do I even want to wish for?" Wendy thought as she stared at the flickering candles adorning her cake. She thought about it for a few moments, eventually coming up with a wish she thought was appropriate. "I wish that all the dragon slayers would get to see their dragons again. Even if it's just for a few moments. If they have to leave, I want to give Grandeeney a proper goodbye. And I want Natsu and Gajeel to see their dragons again."

Satisfied with her wish, Wendy inhaled, ready to blow out her candles. However, just as she was ready to exhale, Wendy felt Natsu's thumb brush against her neck. Instantly, she felt a tingling sensation and slight warmth that sent a pleasurable shock through her body. Wendy was so caught off guard by this that she wasn't able to control herself when she breathed out, accidentally using some of her sky dragon slayer magic. A small burst of wind blasted from Wendy's mouth and hit the cake, blowing it to pieces. Everyone around the table was coated in frosting and chunks of the destroyed cake.

"Oh my gosh!" Wendy gasped, her eyes shooting open in shock as she gazed at her cake-covered guildmates. Her face burned near neon red as she instantly bowed her head. The blue-haired dragon slayer was so embarrassed that she was on the verge of tears. "I don't know what happened! I just lost control for a second and ruined the cake! I'm so sorry everyone!"

"Bah! What are you apologizin' for?" Gajeel asked with a smirk as he scooped a piece of cake and frosting off his cheek and ate it. "This is a damn good cake."

"It's no strawberry cake..." Erza said, plucking some cake off her armor and plopping it into her mouth. "But, it is quite good."

"No need to be upset, Wendy." Mirajane said with a sweet smile as she gestured toward where the cake had originally been. "Only the top few layers were blown away. The bottom of the cake is still fine." The white-haired barmaid giggled when she saw that everyone was picking cake off themselves and eating it. "But it looks like everyone is enjoying the cake anyway."

"Mira's right." Lucy said, cleaning the frosting that had coated her celestial gate keys. "It's your birthday, Wendy. This whole party is for you and Lisanna. There's no need to apologize for anything. So, let's just enjoy the cake...what's left of it."

"And you can't enjoy cake without ice cream." Gray said as he stripped out of his frosting-covered clothes, leaving him in only his boxers. "I'll go get some."

"Well, that sure was unexpected...definitely lived this party up!" Natsu said with a smile, before shaking his head in an attempt to get the cake and frosting out of his hair. "So, what'd you wish for, Wendy?"

"I should have known none of them would be upset." Wendy thought as she raised her head, a bright smile on her face as she wiped the tears that had formed in the corners of her eyes. "Can't tell you what my wish is, or else it won't come true!"

(Several Hours Later: Natsu's Home)

"Man, that was a fun party...Lisanna is back and it was Wendy's birthday..." Natsu said, releasing a content sigh as he stepped out of his shower. After drying himself off, the pink-haired dragon slayer got dressed and hopped into his hammock. "Weird not having Happy here, but he insisted on spending time with Lily and Carla. Glad there's more Exceed here for him to hang with, I'm sure it was lonely for him being the only one for so long." Clasping his hands behind his head, Natsu stared up at the ceiling. "Wendy was acting kind of odd...and I've never seen her lose control of her magic like that before...I wonder if she's not feeling well. Guess I'll check on her tomorrow."

However, just as Natsu closed his eyes, he heard a few soft knocks at his front door. Letting out an annoyed groan, the pink-haired dragon slayer rolled out of his hammock. Suppressing a yawn, Natsu scratched his stomach as he made his way toward the door. He was ready to chew out whoever was bothering him so late. However, when Natsu pulled his door open, he was surprised to see who was standing outside his home.

"Wendy?" Natsu asked in a confused tone as he quirked an eyebrow, the blue-haired dragon slayer being the last person he expected to see. "It's late, what are you doing here? Is something up?"

"Can...can I come in?" Wendy muttered, looking down at her feet as she nervously fidgeted. "We need to talk about something."

"Oh...sure thing, Wendy..." Natsu said as he stepped aside, letting the blue-haired dragon slayer walk past him into his home. "Do you want anything to drink?"

"No, I'm fine." Wendy said, walking across the room as she kept her back toward Natsu. "I...I just need to see you."

"Really? What's up, Wendy? You're starting to worry me." Natsu said as he closed the door and approached the blue-haired dragon slayer. However, as Natsu got closer to Wendy he picked up a strange scent. He sniffed the air several times, wrinkling his nose as he did. It was an odd smell, but he didn't hate it. In fact, the more he breathed in the scent, he felt his body starting to heat up. Breathing a little heavier, Natsu pressed his palm to his forehead, surprised to feel sweat forming on his brow. "W-Whoa..what the hell...I'm feeling a little light-headed. You feeling alright, Wendy?"

"..." Wendy said nothing for several moments, seemingly muttering to herself as she kept her back to Natsu. Then, before Natsu could even react, Wendy whipped around and lunged toward him. The blue-haired dragon slayer latched onto Natsu, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck as she captured his lips in a fiery kiss. Natsu was completely caught off guard, stunned by the sheer intensity Wendy was kissing, almost as if she was desperate for his lips. After nearly a minute, Wendy eventually broke their liplock, only because of the lack of oxygen. Both dragon slayers were panting heavily as they stared into each other's eyes, Natsu's wide open in shock. "Natsu...I want...no...I need you to make me one of your mates."

"A-Are you serious..." Natsu asked, almost at a loss for words as he tried to comprehend what was happening. "This seems a little sudden, Wendy."

"It's not." Wendy said as she shook her head, reaching down and cupping Natsu's cheek. "Just like Lucy, Erza, and Mirajane are your destined mates...you're my destined mate. All day, I've been a complete mess. Every time I looked at you... every time you touched me, my heart would pound like crazy and my entire body would feel like it was on fire. I had to stop myself from pouncing on you at the guild."

"Wendy..." Natsu breathed out, seeing the worried look in the blue-haired dragon slayer's eyes. Fear that he would push her away. "I'm sorry I didn't notice...my draconic instincts usually guide me toward potential mates...with everything that has been happening lately, I must have not noticed the pull..."

"It's the opposite for. My draconic instincts are screaming at me to take you as my mate. Ever since we reunited during the Nirvana incident, I've been hyper-aware of my body's desires. I was able to keep in check for a while, but I can't hold back any longer." Wendy said as she cupped Natsu's face with both hands, before leaning in and licking his cheek. "Please, Natsu...make me one of your mates. I was so jealous of Lucy and the others at first, but I don't care if I'm fourth or one hundredth anymore...I just need to be with you."

"How could I deny such a passionate confession." Natsu said with a smirk, grabbing the back of Wendy's head and pulling her in for another kiss. This one was slower and more loving as Natsu slid his tongue into Wendy's mouth. She moaned softly as his more experienced tongue wrapped around and dominated her own. Both dragon slayers could feel their bodies heating up as they got into a rhythm. "This is a bit different than with the others...I wonder if it's because we're both dragon slayers? It feels like I'm running on autopilot, almost like it's instinctual."

Reaching down and cupping Wendy's thighs, Natsu carried her over to the couch in his living where he gently laid her down. As they continued their liplock, Natsu's hands began to explore Wendy's body. His touch sent pleasurable tingles throughout her entire body, causing her to moan into their kiss. Eventually, Natsu's hands traced down Wendy's thigh, goosebumps forming along her skin. When the pink-haired dragon slayer's hand eventually snaked back up Wendy's leg, he tugged at her panties.

But, before Natsu went any further, he broke their kiss and looked into Wendy's eyes. Both dragon slayers were panting lightly as they simply stared into each other's eyes, their faces flushed slightly. An unspoken conversation happened between them, neither of them breaking eye contact. After a few moments, Wendy nodded her head, giving Natsu permission to keep going.

Now that he had consent to proceed, Natsu's hand snuck inside Wendy's panties. When his fingers brushed past Wendy's womanhood, she let out a brief gasp. Leaning in, Natsu began to kiss and suck at Wendy's neck as two of his fingers slipped inside her folds. The blue-haired dragon slayer bit her bottom lip to suppress a moan as Natsu's fingers wriggled around inside her. As Natsu continued to pleasure Wendy, he was surprised at how wet she already was.

When Natsu's thumb began to tease Wendy's clit she barely held back another moan. However, Natsu briefly paused when a peculiar scent hit his nose. It was the same scent he had smelled when Wendy first arrived at his home. Natsu felt his body starting to heat up, his breathing getting heavier. As he continued to breathe in the scent, he felt himself growing more and more aroused.

"Wendy..." Natsu breathed out as he stopped kissing her neck and stared at the blue-haired dragon slayer with barely contained lust. "Clothes...off..." Staring into Natsu's wild eyes, Wendy could tell that he was going to tear her clothes off if she didn't quickly oblige. So, she quickly unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, tossing it across the living room. Raising her hips, Natsu practically ripped her skirt and tights down her legs. Now dressed in only her underwear, Wendy's face flushed bright red as Natsu drank in her nearly naked body. But, it wasn't enough for the lust-filled dragon slayer. "Lose the underwear too."

Wendy paused for a brief moment to prepare herself but soon reached back and unclasped her bra. Sliding the straps down her shoulders, Wendy took off her bra and revealed her budding breasts. Fighting back her embarrassment, Wendy raised her hips again and pulled down her panties, dropping them on the floor next to the couch. Natsu wasted no time, lunging forward and kissing Wendy's breast, his lips wrapping around her hardened nipple. Wendy was unable to hold back any longer, gripping the back of Natsu's head as she let out a lengthy moan. The blue-haired dragon slayer may not have had a bountiful, bouncy bosom like most of the women in Fairy Tail had, but her breasts were still very sensitive.

As Natsu sucked and gently nibbled on Wendy's breast, his hand massaged the one his mouth wasn't latched onto. Natsu knew that Wendy was self-conscious about the size of her breasts and decided to give them extra attention. His tongue swirled around her erect nipple as he gently sucked on her breast. Wendy let out a soft moan as Natsu pinched and tugged on the nipple his mouth wasn't attached to. After several minutes of worshipping and playing with Wendy's breasts, the blue-haired dragon slayer was a panting, disheveled mess. Her body was covered in sweat and her face was flushed as she rested her arm against her forehead. She felt like she was floating, her entire body tingling.

But Wendy barely had a moment to catch her breath as Natsu began to kiss his way down her body. As the pink-haired dragon slayer dragged his tongue down Wendy's thigh, he deeply inhaled the odd scent from earlier. It was an extremely erotic scent that set his body ablaze and made him feel light-headed, the only thing he was able to focus on was mating. Natsu was panting like a starved beast as he gazed at Wendy's soaked womanhood. Gripping Wendy's thighs, Natsu dove in and began to lick the blue-haired dragon slayer's folds.

"SHIT!" Wendy uncharacteristically cursed, reaching down and grabbing Natsu's hair as she felt his tongue go wild inside her. Moaning uncontrollably, Wendy began to grind her hips against Natsu's face. The pink-haired dragon slayer's tongue set her ablaze with pleasure, electric tingles coursing through her body. Wendy's toes curled as she pulled Natsu deeper into her womanhood, a deep moan rumbling in her throat. "K-Keep going, N-Natsu! I-I feel something...coming!"

Natsu doubled his efforts, his tongue working faster as he inserted two fingers into Wendy's folds. The blue-haired dragon slayer yelled out in ecstasy as Natsu's fingers furiously worked inside her womanhood. Knowing that Wendy was close, Natsu began to curl his fingers and rub her clitoris with his thumb. A few seconds later, Wendy let out a lengthy moan as she lifted her hips off the couch. An intense orgasm rocked her body, causing her to shake as she squirted her juices in Natsu's waiting mouth. Wendy's orgasm was so powerful that she unleashed a small amount of her magic, sending out a small burst of wind.

"*Pant* W-Wow...that was i-incredible..." Wendy breathed out as she tried to catch her breath, staring at the various objects now scattered across the living room. "Sorry about the mess, Natsu."

"..." The pink-haired dragon slayer said nothing, standing up in front of Wendy as he licked his lips. Wendy was about to say something but stopped when she saw the massive bulge in Natsu's pants. Now, it was her turn to lick her lips as she gazed at the impressive tent. Natsu continued to say nothing as he breathed heavily, simply staring down at Wendy. Both dragon slayers were overcome with an overwhelming lust as Wendy reached out and gripped the waist of Natsu's pants. Wasting no time, she pulled his pants and underwear down in one swift motion. Wendy gasped when Natsu's erection was freed, nearly hitting her in the face. The blue-haired dragon slayer stared at the pillar of flesh, practically drooling. "Suck it."

Wendy's mind started to go blank as she breathed in Natsu's musky, masculine scent. Without any hesitation, she got on her knees in front of Natsu and leaned in, giving his shaft a lick from base to tip. Opening her mouth, Wendy engulfed the head of Natsu's manhood and began to bob her head back and forth. A low moan rumbled in her throat as the erotic taste of Natsu's rod filled her mouth. Because of his impressive size, Wendy could only take about half of Natsu's shaft in her mouth. But, whatever Wendy couldn't reach with her mouth, she stroked with her hands. While one had worked Natsu's shaft, her other massaged his testicles.

Natsu growled as he suddenly grabbed Wendy's head, growing tired of her slow pace. The blue-haired dragon slayer's eyes widened as Natsu began to thrust his manhood deeper into her mouth. She fought back the urge to gag as Natsu practically forced his way down her throat. Despite the discomfort, Wendy didn't push Natsu away. In fact, she relaxed herself and let him have his way with her. Wendy reached down and began to play with herself, Natsu being so aggressive seriously arousing her.

"Yes! Use me for your own pleasure! Do whatever you want to me!" Wendy thought, shuddering as another orgasm washed over her. The speed of Natsu's thrusts suddenly increased and Wendy could tell that he was getting close, his balls slapping against her chin. Natsu's breathing became ragged as he gave a few more deep thrusts. "Give it to me! Let me taste it!"

With one final, powerful thrust, Natsu buried himself to the hilt in Wendy's mouth. A guttural moan rumbled in Natsu's throat as his orgasm washed over him. Wendy groaned in pleasure as she felt Natsu shoot rope after rope of hot seed down her throat. After nearly a minute, Natsu's orgasm finally died down and he pulled his semi-erect shaft from Wendy's mouth. The blue-haired dragon slayer's face was flushed red as she inhaled deeply, taking a moment to catch her breath. Wendy licked her lips, desperate to taste more of Natsu's semen.

Both dragon slayers were panting lightly as they stared at each other for several moments. Then, without a word, Natsu and Wendy lunged toward each other. Effortlessly, Natsu picked Wendy up and cupped her thighs, with the blue-haired dragon slayer wrapping her legs around his waist. Wendy's back slammed into the wall as Natsu captured her lips in a fiery kiss. The blue-haired dragon slayer moaned as she felt Natsu's erect shaft rub against her dripping womanhood. Breaking their liplock, both dragon slayers rested their foreheads together, breathing heavily.

"Wendy..." Natsu said as he managed to suppress his overflowing lust for a few moments. "Are you sure you want to keep going?"

"Don't you dare even think of stopping..." Wendy breathed out, grinding her wet folds against Natsu's throbbing erection. "We've come this far, we can't stop now. My entire body feels like it's on fire right now and the only thing that will help is feeling you inside me."

Natsu said nothing, instead, he simply grabbed his shaft and guided it into Wendy's womanhood. Bot dragon slayers moaned as Natsu's manhood slid deeper inside Wendy. After what felt like an eternity for both of them, Natsu hilted himself in Wendy's folds. The blue-haired dragon slayer looked slightly uncomfortable due to Natsu's size. So, he held himself back for a few moments to let her get used to him being inside her. However, it didn't take long for Wendy to start feeling immense pleasure. She rocked her hips a bit, causing a brief moan to escape her lips.

Knowing that he was good to start moving, Natsu gripped Wendy's ass and began to thrust into her. As Natsu pounded into Wendy with long, powerful strokes, he leaned in and began to suckle on her breasts. The blue-haired dragon slayer groaned in ecstasy as she reached out and ran her hands along Natsu's muscular back. She bit her bottom lip as she watched his muscles flex with every thrust. Natsu suddenly picked up his pace and the room was soon filled with the sounds of Wendy's moans and skin slapping against skin. It didn't take long for another orgasm to rock Wendy's body, causing her toes to curl as electric tingles raced down her spine.

However, before Wendy could even begin to come down from her orgasmic high, she found herself suddenly pulled away from the wall. Natsu carried Wendy across the room, still hilted inside her, and set her back down on the couch on all fours. Grabbing ahold of Wendy's hips, Natsu began to rapidly pound into her. Wendy buried her face into the couch and bit the cushion, her body rocking forward every time Natsu thrust into her. With every thrust, Natsu pulled out until only the tip of his manhood remained inside Wendy, before fully thrusting back inside her. Wendy's eyes rolled back as Natsu continued his intense pace, fucking her relentlessly.

Wendy was hit by multiple orgasms one after another, rocking her hips back in time with Natsu's thrusts. But, just as Wendy was somewhat getting used to the unrelenting pace, Natsu changed their positions once again. He picked her up off the couch and laid her down on the floor, with her ass sticking up in the air and her legs up near her head. Natsu quickly mounted Wendy and began to pound into her like a pile driver, his entire length buried inside her with every thrust. Wendy was a moaning mess, her tongue lolled out as Natsu pounded into her like a lust-crazed beast.

"Wendy...I'm getting close..." Natsu grunted, tightly gripping Wendy's hips as he slowed his pace slightly, feeling his own orgasm rapidly approaching. Wendy looked like she was about to say something, but Natsu smirked and cut her off. "I'm going to finish inside you."

Changing their position one final time, Natsu and Wendy were now in a simple missionary position. The pink-haired dragon slayer's hips were a blur as he picked up his pace once again. Both dragon slayers kissed once again, their tongues twisting and twirling around each other. Wendy wrapped her arms around Natsu's neck, deepening their liplock as a low moan rumbled in her throat. Feeling his orgasm bubbling up, Natsu broke their liplock and began to kiss Wendy's neck.

"She is ready!"

"Another dragon slayer, she is a perfect mate!"

"Take her as you mate, now!"

"You will produce powerful offspring together!"

With one final thrust, Natsu buried himself completely inside Wendy. As the pink-haired dragon slayer began to shoot his seed, he bit down into Wendy's neck and began to pump some of his magic inside her. However, to Natsu's surprise, Wendy did the same, sinking her fangs into the crook of his neck, some of her magic flowing into his body. Natsu groaned in pleasure, feeling Wendy's womanhood milking his shaft for every drop of his seed. After about a minute, Natsu pulled his softening manhood out of Wendy, a mixture of their combined juices following him. With a grunt, Natsu collapsed onto the floor next to Wendy, both dragon slayers panting lightly.

"That...that was amazing..." Wendy breathed out as she scooched over and cuddled up next to Natsu. "It was better than I could have imagined."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Natsu said with a chuckle, reaching down and patting Wendy's head as she rested it against his chest. "I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner, Wendy. You must have had it pretty rough all day."

"You don't need to apologize, Natsu. I should have talked with you about this, instead of letting it build up for so long. If I didn't come here tonight, things have gotten a lot worse." Wendy said as she buried her face into Natsu's chest, attempting to hide her flushed cheeks. "But, there's one thing you need to know, Natsu...the reason I chose you as my mate wasn't just because of my draconic instincts...I really do care about you. When we reunited during the whole Nirvana incident, it was the happiest I've been in my entire life. Then, after I lost my home at Cait Shelter, you brought me to a new one where I've made so many amazing friends. I...I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me, Natsu...and I couldn't imagine my life without you...I love you, Natsu Dragneel."

"..." Natsu said nothing for a few moments, taking in Wendy's heartfelt confession. He soon rolled over so that he hovered over Wendy, staring into the blue-haired dragon slayer's eyes. "Wendy...what you just said made me so happy, to know that you cared so much about me. You know that I'm not great with words, I'm usually a man of action, so..." Leaning in, Natsu captured Wendy's lips in a tender and loving kiss. After a few moments, Natsu broke their liplock and Wendy let out a shaky breath, the kiss haven taken her breath away. "I love you too, Wendy Marvell."

"Oh, Natsu!" Wendy exclaimed as he wrapped her arms around the pink-haired dragon slayer and hugged him tightly. However, Wendy squeaked in surprise when she felt something poke against her stomach. Looking down, she felt her body start to heat up again when she saw that Natsu's manhood was fully erect again. Reaching down, Wendy began to slowly stroke Natsu's shaft, causing him to hiss in pleasure. "I don't know about you, Natsu, but I can still feel my draconic instincts screaming at me to mate with you."

"Heh, I've got two dragons telling me the same thing." Natsu said with a smirk, guiding his manhood back inside Wendy which caused them both to moan. "I hope you're ready, Wendy, I have a feeling that two dragons can mate all night."

As both dragon slayers continued their intense mating session, they were so engrossed in their lovemaking they didn't notice the subtle changes in their appearance. Like with Natsu's other mates, a detailed and intricate mate mark formed on the nape of Wendy's neck where the pink-haired dragon slayer had bit. Several streaks of pink also formed in her blue hair. However, since Wendy was a dragon slayer as well, Natsu's appearance began to change slightly. A less detailed mate mark formed where Wendy had bitten him. The mark consisted of a dragon surrounded by rushing wind and clouds of gas. A single streak of blue also formed in Natsu's pink hair. Just like Natsu had done with his lovers, Wendy had officially marked him as her mate.

(Same Time: Fiore Magical Council)

"This is utterly ridiculous! What's with this outrageous number of written apologies!?" A magical council member exclaimed as he slapped his hand on top of a massive stack of papers. "Are you really trying to tell me that a single guild caused all these issues!?"

"Fairy Tail..." Another council member grumbled, rubbing his temples. "They've been a headache since the previous generation of mages."

"Bah, there's no need to get so worked up." An elderly-looking council member, with a batlike creature sitting atop his head, said as he released a light sigh. "Remember, they recently went through the trouble of taking out Oracion Seis."

"But, there's no proof of the council approving their plan!" Another council member countered as he smacked a stack of papers with the back of his hand. "They moved into action solely upon the judgment of an alliance of local guilds."

"To put it bluntly..." The first council member said in a frustrated tone, slamming his fist onto the table. "Even though it was against a dark guild, they violated the rule prohibiting fighting amongst guilds. We must also consider that other members of the Balam Alliance will now seek revenge."

"I don't think we'll have to worry about that..." An elderly, female council member chimed in as she scanned through one of the papers in front of her. "They may call themselves an alliance, but it's more akin to a non-aggression pact. I think we should be more worried about the reports of Fairy Tail members calling Jellal a friend."

"This council has been reformed." A council member with an eyepatch exclaimed, his eyes narrowing slightly. "And what does that mean!? It means we must make an example of Fairy Tail in front of everyone!"

"In order to restore the trust we once lost..." The council's chairman, Gran Doma, said as he rose out of his seat. "We will crack down harder on questionable guilds. There will be no more second chances for Fairy Tail. The next time that guild causes an incident, they will be dissolved." Raising his staff, Gran Doma slammed it onto the ground. "It's all for the sacred order of the magical world!"

(The Following Morning: Fairy Tail Guild)

"Ugh...my head is killing me..." Lisanna grumbled, resting her head on top of a table. All around Lisanna, the guild was a complete mess, with passed-out mages scattered across the floor and amongst the trashed tables. "I haven't drank that much in a long time..." Hearing happy humming, Lisanna looked up and saw her older sister picking up some of the mugs littered across the floor. "How the hell are you so cheery, Mira-nee? You drank more than me."

"I guess I just handle my alcohol better." Mirajane said with a sweet smile as she made her way behind the bar, setting down the mugs she had gathered. After disappearing for a few moments, Mirajane soon returned and set down a cup of coffee in front of Lisanna. "Here, drink this. It should help you feel better."

"Thanks, Mira-nee." Lisanna said, grabbing the cup and taking a long sip. After letting out a content sigh, Lisanna set the cup back down. "So, Mira-nee...you were gonna tell me what's up with your hair...you got real weird when I brought it up."

"Oh yeah...that..." Mirajane said as she released a light sigh, sitting down across from her little sister. Scanning around them, Mirajane saw that pretty much everyone else in the guild was still out cold. "I'll tell you, Lisanna. But, you have to promise not to tell anyone."

"Okay, now I need to know." Lisanna said, leaning in a bit closer. "I've never seen you like this before, Mira-nee."

"Well, the reason my hair is like this..." Mirajane said as she twirled a streak of pink hair around her finger. "It...it has to do with Natsu."

"Natsu?" Lisanna parroted in a confused tone, quirking an eyebrow in confusion. "What does he have to do with your hair? Are you trying to copy him or something?"

"Not...exactly..." Mirajane muttered as she nervously tapped her fingers together, working up the courage to reveal the truth to Lisanna. "You see, it's not just my hair..." Leaning across the table, Mirajane pulled down the strap of her dress, revealing her mate mark. "There's also this."

"Whoa..." Lisanna said, getting in close and examining the mark. "Awesome tattoo, Mira-nee. But, I don't see what that has to do with Natsu."

"That's because it's not a tattoo..." Mirajane revealed as she took a deep breath to prepare herself. "It's...a mate mark."

"Mate...mark?" Lisanna repeated in a confused tone, her brow furrowing as she processed what Mirajane had said. After a few moments, Lisanna connected the dots in her head and her eyes shot open in shock. "You and Natsu had se-"

"SHUSH!" Mirajane hissed as she pressed a finger to her lips, slapping a hand over Lisanna's mouth. "Do you want to advertise it to the whole guild!? It's supposed to be a secret, remember?"

"I'm just...I'm so...*sigh* sorry, Mira-nee." Lisanna mumbled, sitting back in her seat and looking completely bewildered. "I can't believe you and Natsu...together like that. It surprised the hell out of me."

"Sorry, I didn't say anything sooner, Lisanna." Mirajane apologized as she fidgeted a bit in her seat. "I knew how you felt about Natsu and I didn't want to make things awkward."

"How I felt about Natsu?" Lisanna said, appearing to be confused by what her older sister had said. However, she quickly caught on and couldn't stop herself from laughing. "Oh, Mira-nee, I don't like Natsu like that." Mirajane's eyes widened slightly when she heard this. "I do love Natsu, but he's like family to me. If I did try to be romantic with him, it would be like I was dating Elf-niichan. And that's just...ugh...something I want to never picture ever again."

"Oh, well that's a weight off my shoulders." Mirajane said as she breathed out a sigh of relief. "But, there is one other thing you should know, Lisanna. I'm not the only one in a relationship with Natsu."

"Erza and Lucy are too, right?" Lisanna said, chuckling to herself when she saw how surprised Mirajane was. "Oh, don't look so shocked, Mira-nee. With the way those two were hovering around him all day yesterday, it was kind of obvious something was going on between them."

"I guess I'll have to talk with them both about how intimate they're being with Natsu at the guild. They're gonna blow things if they aren't careful." Mirajane said as she released a light sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose. However, her happy and cheery demeanor quickly returned. "I'm so happy I told you, Lisanna. I would have hated keeping a secret like this from you."

"I'm happy that you're happy, Mira-nee. You were positively glowing whenever you were around Natsu yesterday. I can tell how happy he makes you." Lisanna said with a smile, reaching out and placing her hands on top of her older sister's. "So, have you told Elf-niichan too?"

"Oh god no." Mirajane replied immediately as she shook her head and chuckled. "He'd freak out if he found out."

"Heh, you're probably right." Lisanna said, chuckling as well. Patting the top of Mirajane's hand, Lisanna got up from her seat. "Come on, Mira-nee. I'll help you start cleaning this mess."

"Wow, this place is a disaster." Lucy commented as she walked into the trashed guild hall, Erza following close behind her. "We really overdid it yesterday."

"We've thrown bigger parties..." Erza said, stepping over a few of her unconscious guildmates. Scanning around the wrecked guild, Erza groaned at the sheer amount of destruction. "But perhaps we did get a bit too crazy yesterday."

"Oh, there's Levy-chan!" Lucy cheered as she spotted the petite, bluenette sitting at one of the intact tables. Levy's face was buried in a book, so she didn't notice Lucy approach her. Seeing how engrossed Levy was, Lucy giggled and waved a hand in front of her face. "What are you reading, Levy-chan?"

"Sorry, I didn't notice you there, Lu-chan." Levy said with a smile, setting the book down on the table. Her face flushed slightly as she rubbed the back of her head. "About the book...well, I wanted to get a bit closer to Gajeel, so I decided to learn more about dragon slayers. I ended up borrowing this book from Mirajane."

"Oh, you and Gajeel have been getting closer, eh?" Lucy playfully teased as she sat down next to Levy, causing the bluenette's face to flush even brighter red. "So, have you learned anything interesting?"

"Oh! I've learned a ton!" Levy exclaimed, immediately perking up as she flipped the book open to a specific section. "I was just reading this super interesting section about female dragon slayers. Apparently, once they come of age, their draconic instincts urge them to find a mate. They enter a state of heat and begin emitting a sort of pheromones that drive their desired mate wild with lust."

"Oh no..." Lucy thought, keenly aware that Natsu and Wendy currently weren't at the guild. "Wendy just 'came of age' yesterday...and she already talked about wanting Natsu to be her mate. There's no way they haven't mated yet. Looks like we have a new member of the family."

(Same Time: Unknown Location)

"Haaaaah..." A dark-haired man sighed after taking several drinks of water from a small stream. The man wore high-collared black and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. He had short black hair, dark eyes, and abnormally sharp canines. He also had a pendant dropped around his neck. Looking up, the man stared at the full moon overhead. However, he was interrupted when he heard growling from all around him. A sad look formed on his face when he saw that he was surrounded by a pack of wolves. "You really shouldn't come near me."

The wolves ignored his warning, drooling as they slowly stalked toward the man. Trembling slightly, the man held up his arms defensively. He knew it wouldn't work, but he still tried to dissuade the wolves.

"Please stop. I'm not your enemy." The man said, the wolves charging toward him. However, just as one of the wolves leaped toward the man, the beast suddenly crashed into the ground. All the other wolves quickly followed suit, each of them collapsing. "I warned you...you shouldn't have come near..." But it wasn't just the wolves, all around the man, even the plant life began to wither away and die. "Sorry...it's not like I wanted to kill you...but this world rejects me." All around the dark-haired man, deceased birds fell from the sky and the trees were utterly barren, everything around him looking like a dead wasteland. Looking up at the moon once again, a single tear rolled down the dark-haired man's cheek. "I want to see you again...Natsu."

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