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Chapter One: Gentle Falling Rain.

A gentle breeze settled over the junkyard. The full moon was bright and dominate in the sky, you had no choice but to look at its presence. In the silence of the night, there was a wrestling down in the junkyard. A plump figure sprinted to the oven entering it swiftly. A tattered old queen lay on her side, her plump belly heaving up and down. Her breath was heavy as she laid, her body shaking. The plump queen knelt down next to the tattered queen.

"Are you alright Grizabella?" she asked softly, placing her hand on the queen's arm. Grizabella's misty eyes closed tight, the pain getting worse. She looked up at the plump queen and gave a shaky nod.

"Thank you for helping me," she began, speaking softly. "The others wouldn't understand." She finished. She gave a gasp, putting her hands on her bulging stomach. The plump queen tried to calm her down, stroking her head, talking to her to get her through the labor, it had been a while since Grizabella had her last litter of kittens. She had been surprised when she found out she was having another one. The queen delivered three healthy kittens, one tom and two females. The male and the second female seemed to give a cry, but the middle one seemed to make no noise at all. It went from a black and white tom, a white queen, and a light gray base queen with tabby stripes. Grizabella decided to name them, from oldest to youngest, Mistoffelees, Victoria, and Etcetera.

Two months went by and Grizabella had decided for an abandoned warehouse to be her home. She sat upon a box as she watched her children play. This made her happy. They had just begun to talk and hearing their glees of joy made her extremely happy.

Etcetera's blue eyes looked around; mischief seemed to come to life in them as she looked. She began to stalk a mouse, desire to catch it in her eyes. In the middle of the warehouse Victoria sat playing with some old toys her mother had brought her from what she had found in the dumpster. Mistoffelees was next to her, playing with a blue star ball, rolling around. Victoria just played with her toys, ignoring her littermates' crazy antics. Her brother rolled all the way to his mother Grizabella and back to his white sister. Etcetera had stopped stalking her food and began to giggle. Grizabella smiled at her son who let go of the ball. Grizabella gave a soft smile to her kittens. Yet she noticed something strange, Victoria was just playing with her toys, ignoring it all.
"Victoria, please, come here." called Grizabella. Victoria didn't even look up. Grizabella's ear twitched a bit. She didn't like it when her children didn't listen to her, like all parents.

"Victoria, come here now!" she called yet again. Victoria's ears twitched and she looked up but looked back down. "Mistoffelees get your sister." Her face was now beginning to show signs of anger. Mistoffelees looked at his sister.

"Vi'toria, Vi'toria, mum 'ants you." Mistoffelees said softly. Victoria just played with her toys quietly. Mistoffelees looked up at his mother and shrugged. Grizabella got up, jumping off the box, and made her way towards Victoria.

"Victoria, listen to me!" she exclaimed her voice echoing throughout the warehouse. Victoria looked up, and smiled at her mother like nothing had happened, like she had been listening the whole time. "Why didn't you answer me?" Grizabella asked. Victoria just watched a smile on her face. "Victoria I'm telling you if you don't say anything…"she growled. Victoria just tilted her head; her face began to change at the sight of Grizabella's upset and angry look. The anger on Grizabella's face dropped and a frightened look replaced it just as it fell. She looked at her daughter who had just been watching her lips, not knowing what she was saying at all. Victoria's smile was happy, buy her eyes seem to sense something was wrong with her mother but was not sure what it was. Grizabella began to breathe a bit heavy, realizing what was wrong with her daughter. "You're…you're…" she said, too afraid to finish her sentence. "deaf…"she added with a whisper.

Victoria tilted her head, a confused look on her face. Her child was deaf. So many thoughts ran through her head. What would the others say when she moved on that her child was deaf? What would they call her if they knew she had a handicapped child? How would they treat her child because of that? Grizabella was a queen who loved everything perfect, even if her life wasn't. She glared at her handicapped child. Victoria moved forward to give her mother a hug, reading the distress on her mother's face and felt like comforting her. Grizabella recoiled and slapped Victoria away. Victoria tumbled to the floor and skidded to a stop, a soft cry escaping her mouth. Grizabella looked at Victoria and gasped. Two pools of sky blue were glossy as they looked up at her. Grizabella seemed to shake. Her child… She had slapped her child… Etcetera was next to Victoria, helping her up. Mistoffelees looked at his mother, her misty eyes looking away.

"Mum, mum why did you do dat?" asked Mistoffelees, confused as he looked at his mother.

Grizabella began to shake. She should have noticed this sooner. Grizabella looked away from her children, her eyes cast down. She had hurt her child for being deaf... But she couldn't live with a handicapped child... She had a reputation of giving birth to perfect children... Perfect. Demeter for example... She was perfect, beautiful and brilliant... That is what Macavity saw in her. Grizabella closed her eyes at the thought of Macavity. She looked at her children. What would happen if he found out that she had three new children... Would he go after them? He wouldn't go after Mistoffelees for he was male. He might go for Etcetera... but Victoria? No... He wouldn't go for her... She wasn't perfect... If she wasn't perfect, then none of them were. If there was one bad pup, to her they were all bad. She glanced at her kittens and knew what she had to do...

That night a storm decided to settle in, as it was relaying to the earlier events it seemed. The rain seemed to echo and bounced off the top of the warehouse as the thunder echoes off the roof as well. The lightning flashed and four silhouettes were cast onto one of the walls of the warehouse. The four figures made their way out into the pouring rain, their bodies soaked right as they stepped out. As they walked the wind howled, howled to them to turn back, howled at them for disturbing the night at that time. They howled because they broke the path between the rain and the road. They made their way slowly to an entrance in the wood and all four of them disappeared. Several minutes later there were crying into the night and then nothing at all. Only one figure emerged from the entrance and made their way into the night...

In the morning there was a gentle drizzle and a golden queen entered the junkyard. She smoothed out her fur as she walked. She noticed an unusual mass on the tire and walked over to it. She looked at it and there seemed to be three lumps under the big black plastic cover. She pulled it away and gasped.

"Jennyanydots! Jenny!" shouted the cream colored queen. A plump queen emerged from a heap of junk.

"What is it?" she asked. The queen pointed to the three lumps and Jennyanydots gasped. It was Grizabella's children...