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Gay Sex

Violence and gore



Attempted suicide

TENSE relationships



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"How did we end up here?

This place is horrible…

It smells like balls."

-Michael Keaton, Birdman.

It irks me that I'm surrounded by whores. That I have to serve people who are under-aged and drinking. That I'm surrounded by strippers and drag queens. That I have had to duck in and out of sight just to maintain my composure, because I'm pretty damn sure that I have epilepsy or some never-ending hangover because my head spontaneously stabs itself when the strobes are on.

Which is almost every second of my miserable shift.

It also irritates me that I have to be the only responsible one in this shit hole. I have to be designated driver, every night, no tips included. God, how did I end up here? With all of these unclean, horny freaks? And the fact that I'm supposed to serve them and make their toxic lives even more toxic makes it even worse. They're all brats, all these people who come here. They can't live for themselves, they feel the need to be a part of the crowd. That God-awful crowd.

I, Levi Ackerman, had so much potential. So much fucking potential, yet I could never shine out with the stars. Heck, I have a fucking Harvard Medical degree! I worked twelve fucking years to get that, and then I got this.

This fucking disorder, of all the ones. God, it pained me when I found out the least curable disease had poisoned me in my heart. And that one time that got me kicked out for good, which I didn't even try to do, it was forced upon me by a perpetrator that claimed I had done it to him because God forsake those who get raped by trophy wife-toting Dr. Melford Marlow.

I guess it's not so much a disorder, but more of a hindrance to being successful in life. So now, here I am with a bunch of slutty teens draped on each other and strobe lights that cause my head to practically explode, all because of one guy who took advantage of me. Not to mention that I'm still suffering from it. And it doesn't help that I can't go to one of those AA meetings for rape, because there's not one that exists in lovely, lovely Carol County, Alabama for raped males. And I can't go into the female group because they don't really like people with male appendages. And then there is the discrimination, but don't get me started on that…

But God, the worst thing is just falling from the social totem because I'm gay. It sucks. It sucks. Oh God, it SUCKS!

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