How about it guys? My first FemRob story. Just so you know, this story will actually relate to future FemRob stories I do (unless I directly say otherwise).

I hope you enjoy it, and even though it starts out really early in her history, it won't be a billion chapters. I won't be going over every single little thing, just the bigger stuff, and milestones.

OH! Before I buzz off so you can read the story, please feel free to leave comments and constructive criticism that can help me improve your reading experience and my writing abilities! (Meaning stupid reviews like "this is shit" or "kys" will be deleted for obvious reasons).

Beginning - the point in time or space at which something starts. Synonyms: dawn, birth, rise

Rachel Grayson stared up at the bottom of the top bed. The girl that had shared the bunk with her had been released on good behavior, meaning that at least for the moment, she had this room all to herself. While that was good in the sense that her former roommate could no longer threaten to stab her with a shiv, it also meant that Rachel was confined to silence, and in the silence, she heard things she'd rather forget.

Her eyes burned with the urge to blink. Yet she knew if she did that, she'd see them fall again. And again. And again. There was no end as long as it stayed fresh in her mind. Tears sprung up at the very final thought that she was alone in the world at the age of eight. There was the sound of a shrill bell and the automatic locks disengaging, signaling that it was time for lunch and then a little time in the courtyard for those not in solitary.

Rachel sighed and slowly got up. She was careful to keep her head down and her ears open for anybody looking to fight. She had been quick to learn this tactic. Because she was the youngest and smallest of the kids here, her first week had been spent bruised, bloody, and broken. By her second week, she discovered that her acrobatic skills could be used to fight back and defend herself. A lot of the juvie repeats didn't care and were ready to release their pent up aggression, but the newcomers soon backed off.

The slop the crabby old ladies called lunch was eaten slowly, and with constant looks behind her back for any potential abusers. Once the tray was empty, Rachel delivered her tray to the kids on washing duty before jogging to the courtyard. She didn't have much time left before the bell rang again, and she'd have to go back to that dark, lonely cell they called a room. She wanted a couple deep breaths of fresh air to hold her over until tomorrow.

She had been leaning on a concrete bench, soaking up the delicious sunlight when a large shadow blocked it. She opened her eyes to find the oldest girl in juvie glaring down at her. Her muscles automatically tensed in preparation for a fight, though she hid it as best as she could.

"You're the new kid right?"

Rachel nodded, not wanting to say something that the beefy girl could perceive as an invitation to beat her to a pulp.

"The circus freak?"

Again, she nodded. Being called names had happened to her long before she came here, so it didn't bother her as much as people thought. The other girl gestured to the chain link fence that separated the girls from the boys and gave Rachel a skeptical look.

"Think you can climb that fence and give my boyfriend a message?"

She knew it was wrong. She knew that if she got caught she would be in serious trouble, but that was a more distant threat that the one huge one still blocking her sunlight with a stance that said she was ready to 'convince' her if she said no. So Rachel nodded and felt a small shiver of excitement travel up her spine.

"It'll be on a piece of paper taped under the basketball rack next to the fence." The girl scowled before raising her fist and laughing when Rachel flinched.

Rachel sat on her lumpy bed in the darkest clothes she had. She had on a black shirt with some band name on it and dark blue jeans, both of which were at least two sizes too big for her because they didn't have anything smaller to give her. She stared apprehensively at the caged clock high on the opposite wall. It had been forty minutes since lights out, and time seemed to be going purposefully slow, just to frustrate her. One of her rattier shoes was wedged in the door, creating a gap covered by the quilt from the top bunk, probably big enough for her to slip through. Sometimes it helped to be tiny.

Her heart sped up as she heard the click of the female warden's boots pass by her door. Even after she had gone, Rachel still couldn't calm her shaky breathing. The horrible thing was, through all this fear of being caught and the punishment, she was still excited and filled with anticipation. There was a certain...thrill that went through her at breaking the rules.

It's not bad, I'm just ready to get it over with; that's all.

After fifteen minutes of waiting had gone by, she had slipped out. She nearly shrieked in surprise when the only thing she felt under her foot was air for a second and she nearly died of a heart attack when it finally did land with a smack on the concrete floor. She waited tensely for the Warden to come stomping back and kick her all the way into solitary. When nothing happened she slowly exited the rest of the way and made her way to the courtyard as silently as possible.

In the dim light of the crescent moon that was out that night, she was able to find the shadowed basketball rack and felt underneath. It took barely a moment to locate the note and carefully slip it out. Rachel stuffed it in her jeans pocket and looked at the fence apprehensively. If there was any point to turn back, this was her last. With a deep breath, she jumped and gripped the chain link for dear life. Slowly, her 'old days' in the circus came back to her, and she gleefully climbed like a monkey up and over the fence. She crawled down until she was satisfied with the short distance between her and the ground. Taking the small leap, she looked around for a good place to stick the note when a light appeared at the edge of her vision. The sound of clicking boots came closer, and she decided on impulse to slip it under a random basketball on the rack. She still hoped to make it out of this unscathed, so she crouched behind the rack and waited for the light to go away.

When it didn't, she started to get worried. This wasn't just a regular sweep, she was looking for something.

Hopefully not me, Rachel thought desperately as another moment passed with the light still swinging from side to side. Her hopes were dashed when the Warden's voice rang out across both courtyards.

There was a tense moment where nothing happened. Rachel came to realize in that moment that there was nothing she could do and that the only silver lining was that at least now she wouldn't have to deal with all the other girls. The warden wasn't going to leave anytime soon, and she couldn't even consider running because she knew that however bad this place was, it would be a thousand times worse out in that big city alone. Reluctantly, she came away from her hiding spot and into the light. The warden tsk-ed when she saw where her little inmate had ended up. She walked up to the fence and gave Rachel a quick once over for any obvious injuries (yet clearly overlooking the older bruises) before narrowing her eyes at her.

"Should have known. You've been causing trouble since your first day here. How'd you get over there, girl? And without a scratch on you."

The younger girl just looked down and didn't say a word. The warden tsk-ed again at her behavior and pointed at the ground directly in front of her.

"I want you back over here in ten seconds, or you get solitary for three weeks instead of just two."

Rachel quickly scrambled back over and landed in front of her with only one second to spare. The older woman raised a brow and grabbed her arm in a tight grip. She marched them quickly back into the building and past her old room, all the way to the solitary block, with her stumbling behind the warden's long strides. She ushered her into the cramped room and gave her a sympathetic but hard look.

"I hope to God someone comes for you, kid."

Rachel stared at the dank cement ceiling of her cell all night with that ringing in her ears, only interrupted by her own real sobs.

Eh? Eh? Whadda ya think?




*little girl Robin walks in*

Me: OH. MY. GOD!

Robin: *scoffs at my reaction* Whatever. Why'd you have to make my past so rough? You seriously couldn't be the ONE author who gave me butterflies and rainbows?

*glares at me while I pull at the collar of my shirt*

Me: Uh...Um...*awkwardly shrugs shoulders and grimaces* Artistic license?

Robin: *rolls eyes*

Me: Hey, while you're here, would you mind...*gestures toward computer screen*


Me: *looks up NOOOO scene from Revenge of the Sith*

Robin: You wouldn't dare.


Me: *over video* Get ready to listen to this for ten hours straight you little snot!