So I'm going to be a bit of an asshole and give you guys an update that's NOT a chapter. As soon as I'm finished writing the REAL chapter seven (titled Training), which I actually am very close to being done with, it will replace this author's note/update and the story can be read fluidly.

Mostly I'm posting this as more of a giant apology for being so terribly inconsistent in terms of uploading new content. I know from personal experience how frustrating and somewhat saddening it can be when you find a story that you like only to have it stop suddenly and gather dust. Even if this isn't a real chapter, I couldn't stand the thought of any more time passing without anything.

I can't give a solid date for the new chapter, but I can offer assurance that I'm working hard on it. I got too caught up in my own bubble, and even if this isn't one of the most popular stories on the site (far from it, really) I should have thought about the people who did want to know when the updates would come, and who wrote lovely comments and encouragements. If anybody that found my story and enjoyed it when I first started publishing is still out there waiting, then should you see this, I want to sincerely apologize.