Okay, I know that I promised an Invader Zim fanfic, but I got a really good idea this morning and it won't take me very long to make a whole fic, probably five or six chapters because this idea doesn't leave much room to work with, whatever, I'm doing it anyway.

Usagi: I'm not going to die, right?

NM: Can't say! Those are spoilers!

I hope you like this!

Naru walked into the arcade and found her friend Usagi playing the new Sailor Moon game the arcade got the previous day.

"Hi Usagi!" She said to her friend.

"Naru-chan! It's good to see you again, wanna play?" Naru nodded. Usagi got up and Naru took the controls. The game began a quick intro after she put 500 yen in.

"Join me, Sailor Star." The Sailor Moon sprite said while facing Naru. She rubbed her eyes to make sure she hadn't been hallucinating.

"Is something wrong?" Usagi asked her friend who was blinking at the machine.

"It's fine, I just thought that the machine was talking, I guess all that school work is getting to me." Naru said and the two of them laughed. The game played perfectly fine after that, no strange messages, and the sprite didn't look towards Naru once.

After a while, the two friends went their separate ways.

"See you later, Naru-chan!" Usagi said as she ran off with her mysterious black cat.

Why does her cat follow her everywhere, even school?

Naru thought as a panel that she assumed was for prizes opened up and revealed a white pen. It had a gold cap with a five pointed star on the top of the cap. She picked it up and walked to her house.


"Sailor Star!" A mysterious, blonde princess cried in Naru's dream. "We need you! Unlock who you truly are!" The princess' outfit then transformed into Sailor Moon's. Everything then disappeared and she saw a single object, the pen from the arcade. She reached for it, but woke up before she could grab it. She looked at her desk and saw the pen and picked it up.

What is this? It's just a pen…



"A new sailor soldier has appeared!" Luna said while the five soldiers listened. They were underneath the arcade in their hideout.

"Who is it?" Ami asked and put on her reading glasses.

"I'm not sure, but she's close to Usagi." Usagi perked up when the cat said that.

"What if it's Naru?" She asked. Everyone else looked at her. "Even if it isn't I kind of want to tell her anyway, I feel bad about not being able to see her that often without a good reason." Luna thought for a second.

"I actually could be Naru because the pen came out of the machine last night, it should only come out for a future sailor soldier, and the arcade closed just after we left. We should talk to her." Usagi nodded and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed Naru's number.

"Hi Usagi! How are you doing?" Naru said on the other end.

"Were you planning anything today? Because, if you can, I want you to come over to my house today."

"When? I have something I want to ask you about."

"In an hour."

"I'll be there!" Naru said before the line went dead.

"Let's head over to my house to get ready." Usagi said and they left.


The doorbell at Usagi's house rang.

"That must be her!" Usagi said and opened the door.

"Hi Usagi!"

"Hi! So, want to come in?"

"Sure." The brunette walked in. She pulled the white pen and showed it to her friend. The other soldiers walked into the room and looked at it.

"So Usagi was right." A voice said.

"Who was that?" Naru asked as the other girls cleared room for Luna.

"That would be me." Luna said. Naru stared at the cat in shock.

"Usagi! Your cat just talked!" She yelled.

"Actually, that's why we called you here. You do know about the sailor soldiers, right?" Ami asked and Naru's face lit up.

"Of course~! They're so cool! I wish that you could've been there the time Sailor Moon saved my life!" She said.

"About that, what if I told you that the sailor soldiers were closer than you think?" Ami said.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm Sailor Moon." Usagi said. Naru looked at her for a second and then burst out laughing. "What?"

"I know that you like joking around, but that is ridiculous!" Usagi sighed.

"I guess I'll have to show you." She said. "Moon prism power!" She said and, in a flash of pink light, became Sailor Moon. One by one, all of the other girls became various sailor soldiers.

"Mercury prism power!"

"Mars prism power!"
"Jupiter prism power!"

"Venus prism power!" Naru looked in shock as all of her friends became the powerful and famous soldiers that guarded the city. The girls all transformed back.

"And now it's your turn." Luna said.

"What do you mean?"

"You got a pen from the arcade machine, right?" Naru looked at the pen.


"Yes, hold it up and say 'star prism power' if you would like to unlock who you are." Luna said as Naru looked at the pen. She held it up.

"Star prism power!"

I hope that you liked it! I can't find a lot of fics that do this, but I feel bad for Naru with the fact that Usagi becomes a sailor soldier and she never knew, like the Hitomi thing in Madoka Magica. I'll have the next chapter up next Friday, so until then, bye!