Hey! So this is my first time writing so it might not be the best. Hope you like it.

All who live on Neverland know who I am, but few know I exist. The Indians, of course, know. They helped me master my magic and hone my abilities. I'm friends with all of them, but Tiger Lily is my closest friend. The creatures of Neverland know me very well; however I live in the forest with them so we were bound to grow a strong bond. I avoid the mermaids at all costs, it's not that I don't like them, they have no clue about how to keep secrets. All who were worthy of knowing knew, and all who could never know the truth were kept in the dark. That all changed on that night.

Now they're three groups on the Island that don't know I exist;the Mermaids, the Lost boys and the Pirates. I already explained the mermaids, but that's so that they won't tell the other two. The Lost Boys, as innocent as they are, are also per-pubescent boys. Just listening to them as they trample through the forest is enough to make me want to encase them in a block of freezing ice and raging fire simultaneously, imagine having an actual conversation with them! The Pirates though, they can never EVER know I am real. Not that they annoy me like the Lost Boys, or that they can't be trusted like the Mermaids, it's that they're both, plus the fact that if they found me, Neverland would simply be a wasteland with evil running wild.

You must be confused. "Who is this and why am I not learning about Hooks plan!?" is what you're asking yourself. Just be patient. I felt that if you were going to learn some more, you should have some background knowledge about a new character in the classic tale. After all, it's not like you meet someone who can alter the course of history every day. I know, I was surprised when I first learned to, but that man helped it make sense.

He was very different, a doctor of sorts. Fascinated by Neverland on how it was completely impossible but still here. He left almost as quickly as a wind blows in a storm, but left me with some important advice. As I developed and learned more, I would be able to tell between points in time that were fixed, and those that weren't. He warned me that by altering these points in time, I could destroy the universe. Why'll I can't say that the same laws that this man talk of apply to Neverland, I agree that changing these points can destroy someones entire universe. I made that mad man a promise that I would never change the way that the course of history went, in any shape or form… and on that damned night, I broke it. Now, here is the part that you came all this way to hear.

But before we start, you should know my name. I have many names; Enchantress, Witch, Goddess, Devils Whore, Sprite, Evil Bitch, really I've been called it all. But for this story, I think I'll tell you my true name, the one given to me by parents who loved and cared for me... until they left, but that's a story for another time. So, my name is Evelyn, named after the forest that I was found in. I am the most powerful being in all of Neverland. I can do many things;control the elements, transform into different animals, create things out of thin air and can even see the future. Which leads us into our tale.

So what did what did you guys think, anybody get the Doctor Who reference? Won't see many of those, just couldn't help myself. Sorry if it was confusing, it will all make sense soon enough. Please review and the only criticism I want is constructive. Thank you for reading and I'll update as soon as I can.