Hulk versus Spongebob

Chapter 1: Plankton's Evil Plan

For a certain Bruce Banner, he found himself in another predicament this time in some sort of a strange lab.

"W-W-Where am I, what is this plan, what do they want with me?!" cried Bruce as he began to panic.

Soon he could hear voices coming his way.

"I seriously think this is a bad idea Plankton" said Karen as she was walking with her small husband.

"Oh come on Karen, you worry too much, I have the Hulk in my captivity!" laughed Plankton.

"The Hulk, is that your latest plan, using the Hulk to smash into the Krusty Krab?" asked Karen.

"Pretty much so as a ruse to ruin Mr. Krabs' business!" laughed Plankton, "And bid me time to find the Krabby Patty Secret Formula!"

Soon the two entered the lab where poor Bruce was being kept.

"I cannot breath water, I don't have gills, what is this place?!" cried Bruce.

"You're in my evil lair and you're green friend that I am going to unlock will bring me more green to my place once I steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula after your green friend destroys the Krusty Krab!" laughed Plankton.

"But the Hulk cannot breath underwater" continued Bruce, "and neither can I."

"Doesn't matter, that's the reason why I placed you in this chamber, I am going to give you gills so the Hulk can breath underwater!" laughed Plankton.

Plankton then began to press some buttons on the computer which the chambers began to be filled with some sort of gas, Bruce could feel that his body was changing to be more amphibious as gills began to grow around his heck.

"Yes, it's working, now to try to make you into that green Hulk guy!" laughed Plankton.

"You're making a big mistake with this" said Karen.

"Yea, listen to her!" cried Bruce.

Soon Plankton began to press more buttons on the computer and started to shock poor Bruce, Bruce soon began to turn into the Hulk as his face became greener and greener.

"Yes, yes, my plans are working, Hulk go smash Krusty Krab, smash the Krusty Krab!" laughed Plankton.

Soon the Hulk revealed himself as he began to give a very loud roar which could be heard throughout Bikini Bottom which woke up Spongebob.

"Hey that must be my stomach waking me up for breakfast!" laughed Spongebob, "Come on Mr. Stomach, I'll feed you the most important meal of the day."

But it was no stomach growling it was the Hulk and his mighty roar, for the Hulk he managed to punch out the glass that was keeping him in the chamber and began to literally storm right pass Plankton and Karen being unharmed.

"Yes, my plan is going to work, you'll see" said Plankton.

"I got a very bad feeling about this, you should have kept the Hulk on the surface" continued Karen.

"Nonsense, then use my regular plans which would be boring, ha!" laughed Plankton.

"Uh, you are so going to regret this plan" sighed Karen.

For the Hulk's friends in the Avenger Mansion, they were searching everywhere for him.

"Anyone seen our friend Banner, he's missing again" said Thor.

"Uh, something disgusting like algea took him, I can smell that distint smell anywhere" said Wolverine.

"Great, the Hulk has gone missing" said Captain America, "anyone want to take Wolverine with you to go search for him?"

"I'm coming" said Black Panther.

"Count me in too" added Thor.

"Fine" said Wolverine

As the trio were going to search for the Hulk, the Hulk was heading straight toward Bikini Bottom at a very fast pace. Plankton had high hopes that his plan was going to be put to good use against Mr. Krabs, for Mr. Eugene Krabs it was going to be an average day opening the office, as he sat there in his chair counting his money as usual, he never would suspect the Hulk would come his way.

"Hmm, that was quite a loud boat horn to get everyone up" said Mr. Krabs who also heard the Hulk and his mighty roar yet thought it was something else, "they must be moving some heavy cargo on the surface."