Chapter 5: Frying the Helmet

Plankton felt in control of the Hulk as he was smashing away at poor Wolverine. As the Black Panther tried racing toward the Hulk, he was knocked out with one good uppercut.

"Swing!" laughed Plankton, "Now if you excuse me!"

Plankton then began to use the Hulk to create an earthquake to destroy Mr. Krabs' house.

"Oh no, think how much money will I have to spend on this!" cried Mr. Krabs.

"Daddy, what about me?!" cried Pearl who was still in the house.

"Give me the Krabby Patty Secret Formula or I shall destroy your house Krabs!" roared Plankton.

"Never!" roared Mr. Krabs.

"Fine, have it your way then" said Plankton.

The Hulk then began to pound the ground pretty hard which Plankton had high hopes in destroying the house. For the citizens of Bikini Bottom watching the fight, they were all in panic mode.

"Someone must stop the tiny villain!" cried Thor.

"Spongebob could use help" said Spongebob as he was getting up.

"Yellow one, with your mighty abilitiy we can stop the tiny foe!" proclaimed Thor.

While Plankton continued to use the helmet to keep the Hulk busy, Spongebob tapped on the Hulk's shoulder.

"Excuse me, but I'm busy!" cried Plankton to which he realized it was a powered up Spongebob again, "Oh, it's you trying to stop me, well it doesn't matter because I am just inches away from getting the Krabby Patty Secret Formula for good!"

"Spongebob no like that plan" said Spongebob.

"Ready to lose again, well be my guest!" laughed Plankton.

Plankton was able to literally knock Spongebob high up in the air thanks using the Hulk again.

"See you never!" laughed Plankton.

But as Plankton was distracted, Thor ended up using his hammer to summon a thunder storm.

"Uh, that looks like a bad sign!" cried Karen.

"Oh please!" laughed Plankton.

But soon Karen would indeed be right, it was for Plankton, as soon as the storm formed, lightening ended up hitting the helmet, frying Plankton but also setting free the Hulk.

"Uh, where is Hulk?" asked the Hulk as he was a bit dizzy.

Poor Plankton was badly burned, and he noticed two shadows hovering over him belonging to Wolverine and the Black Panther.

"Uh oh" said Plankton.

A few moments later, Sandy had ended up reversing Spongebob back to his normal self as the three heroes ended up cleaning up Plankton's mess.

"So what the heck are you three going to do to him?" asked Mr. Krabs.

"Oh, Nick Fury is going to have fun interrogating him" continued Wolverine.

"He'll be in a nice tiny cell" added Black Panther.

As the three heroes took Plankton off who was in a small cage, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. Krabs waved back at them.

"Thanks for your help!" said Spongebob.

"Bye Batman!" cried Patrick.

"You know that's not Batman right?" asked Sandy referring to the Black Panther.

"Of course he's Batman!" laughed Patrick which Sandy couldn't believe he got the Black Panther mixed up with some other hero.

For poor old Plankton, he was taken to the helicarrier where he was going to spend the rest of his life there.

"This is for trying to take control of the Hulk" said Wolverine.

Plankton was placed where all the other villains were located in their cells.

"I swear I'll break out of here, yes I shall!" laughed Plankton.