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While doing her rounds the next morning, Ann felt how her poor feet were still resentful because of the way she'd treated them the night before. They hurt even in the comfortable sneakers she was wearing. She checked on all her patients and asked the nurses to prepare the woman she had to operate on that very morning.

She sat in the break room and went over the procedure again, she liked being through and even though she had performed it before, she wanted to be meticulous. She took a cup and filled it with coffee, her third one that morning. It was a consequence of not sleeping enough because of stupid parties and even stupider billionaires.

Susie entered the room the way she always did, like a hurricane, and sat in front of her with a giant smile on her face. Her white collar was decorated with a tiny stuffed bear brooch, she worked in pediatrics.

"Good morning!" she almost yelled with that perky tone Ann hated that she used in the mornings. She just couldn't understand how anyone could be that happy that early. She answered with a grunt. "How was last night, stranger?" Susie ignored her bad mood just like she used to.

"It was long, boring and tedious" answered Ann, drinking a sip of her coffee "not to mention a tremendous and incredible waste of time"

Susie raised her right eyebrow like she did when she was suspicious "Oh really?" she asked curiously "Because I was told that you were out and about with the incredibly hot Bruce Wayne, alone" she concluded, stressing that last word.

"What…?" she mumbled "Who told you that?" asked Ann outraged.

Her friend looked at the door, specifically at Jack White who was just entering the room. "He did" said Susie, pointing her finger at him.

Ann turned around and looked at her boss, irritated "Gossip much?"

Jack raised his hands "Don't look at me, it wasn't me who was holding hands with our greatest benefactor" he said before getting a cup of coffee for himself.

"What? I wasn't holding hands with anyone!" Ann protested.

"Really?" answered Jack, cunning "You should know that Wayne has called personally to say he'd like to set a reunion to discuss further collaborations with our investigation department, and he specifically mentioned your name. What does that tell you?" he said, speaking like an infuriating matchmaker.

"Uuuuuh!" Susie was thoroughly amused "What'd you do to him?"

"Nothing!" Ann blurted out "I didn't do anything to him! You two are terrible gossips!"

"It doesn't sound like nothing to me! He specifically mentioned your name" mocked Susie and started singing under Jack White's amused gaze "Ann and Bruce, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s…"

Ann stood up "You know what? I'm going with my patients, they're way nicer than you guys are" she had to raise her voice because Susie was still singing at the top of her lungs while Jack laughed helplessly. She pointed at both of them with her finger "You're mean, you know that?" but she still got nothing "Hell is filled with people like you" and she left closing the door behind her.

"Is she really mad?" asked Jack, slightly worried.

"Of course not!" answered Susie, unconcerned "Mah, she'll get over it. Now, tell me more"

The feeling of doing a good job, of saving someone's life, of washing her hands after a successful procedure, was incomparable. She congratulated her team and after a really long day, she changed her clothes and said goodbye to some of her colleagues, including the chief of surgery who was still laughing.

She approached the parking lot so she could reach her bike. Many doctors from the hospital mocked that habit, but the truth was Ann enjoyed her journeys through Gotham much more if she was riding her bike. Not to talk about how she missed all the traffic jams on rush hours.

She greeted her neighbors on her way home. When she arrived, she locked her bike and climbed the steps to her apartment, her sanctuary, her little shelter in the madness that the city was.

She had nothing planned for the rest of the day, so she made herself a cup of cocoa and snuggled on her couch, covering herself with a thin blanket while she watched the news. Apparently there had been more Batman sightings during the past night. He had stopped a robbery on gunpoint just 6 blocks away from the hospital. People called him a murderer and the police was still behind him. Something just didn't feel right.

The telephone started to ring. She stretched her arm in order to get it without having to get up of the couch. She checked the number to see who dared disrupt her rest and saw it was Susie, probably to mess with her a little more.

"Are you calling to be a cruel and ruthless friend again?" said Ann when she answered.

"Cruel and ruthless? What do you mean! I'm adorable!" Susie answered "Most of the time…"

"Define 'most of the time'" joked Ann.

"Anyway…" Susie cut off, exasperated "the girls and I were thinking about going out tonight to the Trivium, you in?"

"Suze, I'm tired!" she protested, disinclined to leave her comfy couch to get dressed again.

"Come on, don't be a prude Ann, how old are you? Sixty?" replied her friend, sounding more and more like her mother. "And you don't even have to work tomorrow; you must do something with your life".

"With my…" she started to say "Wait, how do you know I don't have to work tomorrow?"

"I checked the shift calendar, obviously" Susie answered, with that tone she used to refer to obvious things that weren't open for discussion.

"You would make an excellent stalker, I must say" mocked Ann, knowing it was the only thing she could do.

"Seriously, you should come, we'll have some drinks, talk about stupid stuff and have a great time, what do you say?" Susie kept talking, ignoring her friend's last remark.

"I'm on my pyjamas…" was Ann's last attempt.

"Do I have to go take them off?" answered her friend "or maybe you'd rather Bruce Wayne took them off..."

Ann raised her eyebrow "Really? This again?"

"Of course I'd rather he took them off too" said Susie ignoring her "he's such a handsome and powerful man after all, who wouldn't prefer it!"

"Susie, you're getting married in four months!" answered her, laughing. Her friend had gotten engaged not very long ago.

"So what! Do you think just because I've settled for one breakfast for the rest of my life I can't appreciate good bacon?" Susie said "And what great bacon, great smile, and that ass…"

"Alright!" yelled Ann trying to shut her friend up. "If you stop talking about Bruce Wayne I'll go get dressed and have a drink with you guys, okay?"

Susie took a pause and Ann just knew she was smiling cockily "That's my girl. My place, 10 o'clock. Don't be late" and she hung up as if she was afraid she'd back out.

Ann rolled her eyes and left the phone on the small table she had next to her couch. Couch she'd have to give up to be picked on by her friends. After a lazy growl, she stood up and walked to her room to see what she could wear for the evening. If she didn't look acceptable for Susie she'd grab her by the hair and drag her back to her closet until they found something she liked.

Ann had to admit it had been worth it. She had spent the first few minutes outside her apartment missing her pyjamas and slippers. But as soon as the four friends got together and started conversing, her doubts and laziness were a thing of the past.

They'd been hanging out on a bar near Susie's place, but the girls were in the mood of something more spirited so they ended up in one of Gotham's hot places, the Trivium which was, of course, bursting with people. They'd been able to make it in because one of her friends, Pam, was kind of going out with the security guard's roommate, who had pitied them and let them get inside.

Now the four of them were seated in high chairs around a small table, talking loudly because of the high volume of the music.

"How's the new position, Ann?" asked Jenn, a marketing consultant in a very important enterprise of the city and her friend since they were fifteen and went to High School together.

"It's good! Can't complain for now, everybody's really nice and they're helping me a lot" Ann answered, taking a sip of her Cosmopolitan.

"Boy, are they helping her! Some people more than others" said Susie, sticking her elbow in her ribs and winking her eye at her. She was insufferable when she drank, even just a little bit.

Ann, knowing what her friend was referring to, decided to act fast to avoid an even bigger catastrophe than the one Jack White had caused when he told Susie about her little non-rendezvous with a certain billionaire. "How about the wedding, Suze? How are the preparations" she asked, changing subjects, knowing that would have Susie entertained for at least a while.

"Oh, yes!" cried Pam out "When do we get to pick up your wedding dress?" Pam was specialized in botanic and was currently struggling to get her doctorate in a city where most people didn't give a damn about renewable energy or preserving the environment. But she just wouldn't lose her passion, which was one of the qualities Ann most admired about her.

"I'm hoping to schedule the final fitting by next month, we'll also have to pick my bridesmaid's dresses!" answered Susie, already a little tipsy and hugging Pam and Jenn, almost making their heads bang together "I still can't believe I'm getting married!"

The girls all laughed and hugged Susie back "This deserves another round" said Pam, walking towards the bar "and this time, it's on me" she winked at them. The rest of them cheered at the girl's offering, but deep down they knew it was about flirting with the cute bartender.

Pam asked for their drinks and came back to the table with them. For a few minutes they kept trying to converse until a waiter came to where they were sitting with a bottle of champagne and four glasses. The champagne looked really expensive, even though Ann didn't know anything about alcohol brands. The girls all looked at Pam, astonished.

"This is not what I ordered, I assure you" she said, talking to both her friends and the waiter, who only responded with a smile.

"With the compliments of the gentleman up there" he informed them, pointing to a balcony from the VIP zone before leaving.

Inevitably, the four of them turned around to check who it was. Ann's eyes clashed with Bruce Wayne's before she could do anything about it. He was undoubtedly staring at her with that stupid smile of his she hated so much.

"Who is that? Isn't it Bruce Wayne?" she heard Susie, who ran to stand right next to her.

"Oh, damn it…" she mumbled, knowing what Susie was going to put her through.

Ann couldn't help but bite her lip when she saw the billionaire raise his glass and lower his head, greeting them. Her friends instantly surrounded her to bombard her with a thousand questions to which she didn't have an answer. A part of her felt flattered, no other man had ever done that for her or her friends. But another part opposed to the idea of a womanizer trying to fetch his next prey.

Susie was over the moon, it seemed like she would get a heart attack any second now, moving and speaking so fast. She told her friends what Jack had already told her, word by word, and then everything fell into Ann's hands, who was still freaking out by what just happened.

When she looked back behind her, Bruce Wayne was no longer there. She, on the other hand, would have to deal with her crazy friends thanks to him. It was going to be a really long night.

Commissioner Gordon awaited the arrival of Batman. He hated this kind of clandestine encounters but it was the only way to deal with him while he was still considered a murderer and an enemy to Gotham.

As it always happened, he wasn't aware of his presence until he spoke, startling him a little bit.

"You wanted to see me" Batman muttered.

"Yes" he answered trying to catch his own breath. "There's been some unusual activity in the Narrows, something is up" he informed. It was only his instinct, but he had been working in the force for enough time to know something just wasn't right.


"Suspicious people at strange hours, with even more suspicious packages. Apparently all of them close to a casino, the Iceberg Lounge" he continued explaining.

"Drugs? Money laundering?"

"We don't know yet, there's no official investigation, I have a few men on it but they haven't been able to get anything. Whoever's behind this knows how to erase his own tracks and eliminate every evidence" Gordon admitted, knowing that he had nothing to start with.

"I'm on it"

"Thank you. Be careful though, I have a feeling there's a new man in town" the commissioner said. Turning around for just a second to realize Batman wasn't even there anymore. "Damn it, I hate it when he does that".

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