Chapter 22: Please. Just get the damn bedding.

'Wolfram, just get over it already, will you?'

The emerald-eyed prince glared at the man spouting those words at him. Just how far does this man plan to take this joke? He stood at the entrance of the doorway with his arms crossed.

'I will not. Since when did you become this cunning?'

'Cunning?' Yuuri said, wide-eyed, 'Cunning? Really? You have slept in here every single time you have come to Earth, would you please stop being so dramatic?'

He was dragged here against his will, had to wear the other demon's clothes and now sleep in the same room? It was bad enough that he was wore out from the aftereffects of that drug, or the sudden teleporting to another world. But now he felt himself developing another un-related headache from the stupidity of the man before him. Was it even possible that a headache could have a headache of its own? Wolfram wrapped his arms around his chest and leaned forward.

'Yes, really. You purposely mentioned that little fact in front of your family knowing that I couldn't outright protest to so many royal members, who did not see the obvious problem with it.'

'What? No…' okay, yes. Yes, he did in fact know that was the case, however he maintains that 'cunning' is not the right word to use here, perhaps resourceful, or well-timed, but certainly not 'cunning'. 'Listen Wolf, I didn't mean to make you feel like that, I just wanted to avoid any unnecessary conflicts over something so silly. Look, just as I mentioned before, there is a spare futon under my bed, see?'

Yuuri pulled the cover from his bed and then reached to pull the futon out.

'I don't care. Why can't I share a room with Greta instead?'

The other man closed his eyes, took a breath in, and rubbed his hands over his face. Maybe he should just give in he thought. It would certainly end this conversation much quicker. Yet, before his month could force the words to agree, he found himself maintaining his pervious argument, 'because, it's an exceedingly small room with a single bed covered with stuffed animals and girly things that Mum hoarded over the years for a girl. It's amazing Greta is able to sleep in there happily. Now having two people in there is just ridiculous! Yet as you can see here, I have a spare futon for the odd times I do have someone sleepover. Well, more so when Murata and I arrive here late in the night and it's too late for him to head home, either way, my point still stands. This isn't some weird thing I am trying to force on you, it's just a practical solution. Just the other day you were happily asleep on my chest, now sleeping on your own futon in the same room shouldn't be such a big deal.'

The emerald-eyes across from him widen and the demon's checks flushed with either embarrassment or anger – Yuuri wasn't too sure. Either way he probably put his foot in it again. He gulped, then anxiously added, 'Okay, sorry. My bad, I'm sorry for bring that up again. I was just trying to make a point.'

Wolfram closed his eyes and took a breath, he could feel himself about to explode, yet he was still too exhausted to bother with it right now. Plus, he knew deep down that it was practical and if he tried hard enough, he could see Yuuri's point. It still hurt the way Yuuri casual forced him into situations where he was left with more hurt than not. His shoulders hang in defeat once again and he moved his eyes to the far wall. His arms lessening their hold, 'No. I see your point. It's just that you should know by now why this might be considered inappropriate back in the kingdom. People will get the wrong idea.'

He knew people already had ideas about him. It had taken him years to make up for some of them, yet now what were they going to think? That he was not good enough to be the king's partner, yet still willing to openly keep his bed warm? It was only half-true, but that doesn't matter to most. They would probably think that he is trying to control the kingdom though his body, which he guessed he deserved that much. But if they started looking down on him like he was chasing after affection he would never receive; his pride just could not handle that. Perhaps it was closer to the truth, however he had decided he would not do that anymore. It was simply not true, and he did not want others to look at him with pity. Everyone was always looking at him that way. He didn't want that anymore – couldn't take it anymore.

'I get that… but to be honest with you it seems a little pointless to care about that all now we are on Earth. People in the kingdom are going to think what they are going to think, however they do not have to know every detail of our lives here. That's the good thing about going to another world.' Yuuri smiled with that notion; it was awfully nice knowing that he could act a little more freely without worrying about how it might look or what it might mean. Sometimes he just wanted to pig-out in his underwear and spend the whole day playing games or reading a book, did that make him a bad-neglectful king? No, it just made him a normal colleague student; however, there were many reasons why he could not do that sort of thing in his other home, besides the obvious practicality of it. On a side note, he really needed to invest resources in getting his kingdom computers and internet. That would be a mental-pin saved for a later date.

Yuuri crossed the room and reached his arm out to the other's, resting it on his upper-arm, 'I will make out that you had your own room and that it was kept strictly professional between us. You do not have to say a word otherwise and you do not have to try so hard here. Just spend this time focusing on getting better. We are not King and Lord here. We are kids in their twenties. Those formalities and rules don't apply here. Okay?'

Wolfram resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Of course, Yuuri would make it sound so simple and lovely. What he failed to understand was that Wolfram liked hiding behind those rules and formalities. Take that away and what was left? Honestly? Yeah right, what was the point in that now? A friend? He very much doubt Yuuri would like the way he and his friends interact and frankly he wasn't sure if he would be able to act that comfortably and naturally around him. He didn't know what the man in front of him wanted, he just knew that he couldn't give it. 'I said this before, and frankly, I'm sure I will say it again – possibly in the next ten minutes. Your lack of self-awareness and understanding of proper royal behaviour is remarkable and utterly maddening.'

'Oh good, I can see you are already feeling comfortable with your disrespect.' Yuuri said with a forced smile and hard pat on the arm. Why did he want him here again?

'I'm sure you will regret your words very soon. Until then, I bid you good night – please reframe from waking me unless it's an emergency.' With that the blonde prince crossed the room and stood in front of the futon and signed.

Yuuri crossed his arms and lent against the doorway with a smirk, 'oh, I'm sorry, did you need bedding?'

Emerald eyes turned and glared at the demon. 'And bed-ware, now, preferably.'

'Mm, you see, on Earth, unless it's a freezing cold night, it's quite normal for men to just sleep in their underwear, maybe a t-shirt or singlet, sometimes even nude.' Yuuri knew it was not the time to be pushing the other demon's buttons, but that little evil voice inside of him, which strangely enough, sounded much like Shinou told him now seemed like a very good time. Wolfram's eyes seemed to burn more with annoyance. Yuuri's eyebrow lifted, 'that won't be a problem for you, will it?'

Wolfram gritted his teeth, took a deep breath and regained his composure, planting a seductive smile, he replied 'fine. In the flesh it is then.'

Two can play that game Wolfram thought. He was fairly confident that he could win any sort of tease-bluff-game. He had known the man before him for years now, any mention of nudity outside of the baths was sure to have him running with his tail between his legs.

Yuuri's smirk flinched just a bit, 'good for you then. I guess I will look into some bedding then. But if you feel you can't wait, then by all means please go right ahead and sleep in my bed. It is a king's size. In the past you seemed to sleep very comfortably in it.'

The demon across the room took a deep breath in and counted to three in his head – he was prepared a second ago to play this little game, but now it seems anger might win out, '…YuuIRR! GET THE DAMN BEDDING!'

The smirk was quick to disappear from the other's face.

'NOW!' Wolfram yelled, throwing a pillow at the fleeing demon.

Yuuri quickly jumped back and slammed the door shut, 'that was close.'

At least he was starting to seem like his old bossy self, Yuuri thought as he wondered down the hall. His head was low, but his smile soft. He stopped at the linen closet and as he started to pull out the spare bedding.

'He wouldn't actually sleep naked, right?' An indecent image of a certain someone in his bed popped up into the young man's mind.

He shook the thought off and hoped that his hot checks would lessen by the time he made it back to the room.

(Side note: If you were wondering why Yuuri had a king's size bed now, he was given it a few years ago as encouragement for his relationship at the time. At the time Yuuri was hoping for a spare single bed, but decided it wasn't worth the conversation with his parents as to why a double was not necessary, plus sleeping in a big bed is awesome. But really it's convenient for the story haha)

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