Chapter 1: The Astral Wizard Arrives

It was a bright and sunny morning in Magnolia when Lance was on the train. He was just waking up from an uncomfortable nap and was feeling hungry. Thoughts were racing through his head about what could happen once he gets to his destination. As far as he was concerned, he was the only male blonde anyone in his town had ever seen, but that wasn't the biggest problem he had. His biggest problem was fitting in. He's had a bunch of friends in the past, but he was in a different place, and well, it would take a while in order to make some friends. Quietly, while everyone else in the train car was talking, he looked out the window, and stared intriguingly at the passing buildings. While doing this, he was rubbing his thumb against his shiny platinum ring on his finger. A lady in a uniform who worked on the train, had stood at his booth.
"Would you like anything to drink?" She asked. Lance continued to stare out the window.
"No thank you, but could you tell me how long we'll be arriving at the station?" He asked.
"Oh...not too long, we should be arriving shortly." She said.
"Great, thanks." He said. Before she walked away, he had another question, and this was a good one. "Wait." She turned around.
"Would you know how to get to a guild called Fairy tail from here?"
"Oh...a wizard I see." She said, "Sorry, but I've never been there, you could ask for directions while when we stop though."
"Okay, thanks anyway." He said. He resumed looking out of the window, until the train finally stopped.

Lance was walking through the town with a brown suitcase, asking people for directions to the guild known as Fairytail. Everyone had pointed in different directions. Sadly, no luck.
"Huh, at this rate I'll never get to Fairytail." He said out loud, then sighed.
"Looking for Fairytail?" A woman asked. He opened his eyes only to find a woman in armor next to him.
"Yeah, but I'm totally lost." He said.
"Oh, well...I was just going to the guild myself, I'd be glad to take you." The woman said.
"Wow, thanks miss." Lance said joyfully. "By the way, my names Lance Kami."
"Lance Kami huh, well in that case, my names Erza Scarlet." The red headed woman said.
"Hm, nice to meet you." Lance said. They began to walk through the town, and everyone was staring at Lance weirdly, almost as if they've seen him before.
"So tell me Lance...what brings you to Magnolia?" Erza asked.
"Well, I was going to Join Fairytail, you see I'm a..."
"I see, so you must be a fan."
"Well actually..."
"Well okay, I'll give you an autograph." Erza said.
"Wait, I never asked that..." Erza wrote on the blank piece of paper, and handed it to him.
"Tell you're friends." The armored redhead said.
"Thanks, but that's not why I'm really here." Lance said.
" see, I'm an Astral wizard." Lance said, then Erza's eyes widened. Lance looked over.
"What's wrong?"
"It's just...nothing." She said. "We're here."
"ALRIGHT!" Lance cheered with excitement as he stood in front of the guild's doors. The next thing that happened would live with Lance forever. Before he opened the door, A blonde women flew out of it, and collided with him head on.
"KEEP YOU'RE HANDS TO YOURSELF YA BIMBO!" A women yelled. Lance was being smothered by the blonde girl, but in a good way, because her large voluptuous breasts, were on top of his face. Lance was blushing, and growing hard in his pants.
"Ow, that hurt." The blonde women said. Lances moment had ended when the girl got off of him. "Hey, are you alright?!"
"Oh yeah...I'm...fine." Lance said.
"Way to go Lucy." Lucy... His mind was dances, and the only thing on his mind was her breasts on his face again, and her voice just made Lances heart skip one beat at a time.

"Hey are you alright...wake up." The lady had said. If Lance was correct, it had belonged to...
"Lucy." Lance said.
"Yeah that's my...wait how did you know my name?" She asked.
"Well, maybe because he overheard it when Happy said it." Another person had said, this time it was a male. Lance opened his eyes, and saw everyone staring at him, almost as if they've never seen a blonde man before.
"What is everyone staring at?" Then, a pink haired boy had grabbed his arm and gazed at it.
"FORGET THE ARM, IT'S HIS WHOLE FACE!" A half naked boy said.
"Uh, why are you naked?" Lance asked. Although the boy's reaction, was just as shocking as Lances.
"You're so pale that it's so...Manly!" A tall bulky man said.
"WILL EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Erza yelled. I felt hassled, but kind of complemented by how everyone was reacting to my skin color.
"Now then...Welcome to Fairytail." Erza said. "And meet you're Guildmates."
"Hello, it's nice to meet you." A white women with white hair and a red dress standing at the bar counter said. "I'm Mirajane."
"What's up, I'm Gray Fullbuster." The shirtless man had said.
"I'm Natsu, and this here is my buddy Happy." The pink haired boy said, pointing to his small blue cat.
"Aye." It said.
"I'm Elfman." The tall muscular man who also had white hair said.
"And I'm Lucy." The blonde haired women said. Even the sight and sound of her makes me feel weak.
"AND WELCOME TO FAIRYTAIL!" Everyone yelled. Lance was feeling welcomed in the Fairytail guild, almost like it was his second home.
"It's nice to meet all of you." He said, "My names Lance Kami."
"Er-hmmm." Another voice had said.
"Oh, Master, hello." Mirajane said. Lance turned around, but only to tremble at the sight of the tall shadowy person. At first, Lance thought about running, but it wasn't until he shrunk, and became a short old man with a white beard and mustache combo.
"Your so tiny?!"
"Yup, that's what I said." Lucy said.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Master Makarov." He said. "So...I hear that you want to be a member of Fairytail."
"That's right." The pale skinned blonde said. The guild master then leaped towards Lance, and stamped his left hand with a purple colored Fairytail logo.
"FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, I DECLARE LANCE KAMI A FULL FLEDGED MEMBER OF FAIRYTAIL!" Master Makarov yelled, as everyone cheered and celebrated. This is where my life really begins. Lance thought to himself.

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