Chapter 14: Lance

Lance stood there, with his umbrella blocking each and every rain drop that hit his umbrella. Lucy was staring at him, her brown eyes had went from soft, to saddened. His blue eyes stayed the same, motionless.
"L...Lance" She said. "I..."
"I guess...I should tell the whole story on why I even wanted to join Fairy Tail in the first place." He said. "It was July 29th, a day like today, grim and rainy. I was in my fathers bedroom, watching him dying right before my eyes, as he lied on his death bed. I held his hand, and sat by his side, with him so he wouldn't have to go through the pain of dying alone, rich and strong."
"Wait, so what was you're father?" Lucy asked.
"Well, he...was the king of Amaryllis, but also...he was the first ever astral wizard." Lucy's eyes widened once more, as she was shocked to hear that Lance's father was the first ever astral wizard. "He was the strongest wizard there was back then. I remembered he showed me all three of his rings, which was the platinum ring, the silver ring, and the gold ring. I had always watched him summon the gods and goddesses right before my eyes, which was one of the many reasons on why I had wanted to become one, and follow in his footsteps, but my magic wasn't strong enough yet. So I practiced day in and day out on harnessing the power." Lucy was intrigued by the whole story, and couldn't stop listening for anything. "At the age of thirteen, I had become one, and he bestowed upon me the platinum ring, but that day is what I'll never forget for the rest of my life. My father had to go on a job to slay a dragon terrorizing a large city, I tried to tag along, but he told me it was too dangerous. But...when he came back, he was sick and dying." Lance said, as he felt the tears coming on, and as he made a fist, making his fingernails dig into his skin, but he wasn't ready to cry yet, not even close.
"Lance." Lucy said as she placed her delicate hand on his chest. "It's okay. Continue." He nodded.
"We all told him it was too dangerous, he had said that he failed, but it wasn't over from there, because someone had snuck into the palace to try and finish him off, and he gave his life to protect me." Lance said. "He used a move that took just about all his magic energy and injured him greatly. And his two rings, they were nowhere in sight, along with the fingers for them. He was lying on his death bed, and the last thing he told me to do before he finally left this world join a guild known as Fairy Tail, and to find the missing rings." He said.
"I see." Lucy said, as she was on the edge of her seat, and was beginning to feel pity for Lance.
"After that, he passed away peacefully, leaving this world...forever." The pale blonde wizard dropped his umbrella and took the hood off of his hoodie to reveal his face which had tears streaming down, and was beginning to turn red.
"Lance...I." She said. "I'm sorry to hear that."
"I haven't ever cried since that day, and every time I come here, I never cried, but...It's just so hard to stay strong around the ones you love!" He yelled into the air. "There wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop it, and his ring was the last memory I had left of him, along with the bow!" Lucy felt a tear in her eye ready to fall. As she hugged him, and let him cry over her shoulder. And held her umbrella over the two of them, as they stood in the rain, sad. Lucy then embraced Lance, and let him cry over her soft, caring shoulder.
"It's don't have to be strong around me, or any of our friends, you...can cry." She said, as he began to let his sorrow finally come out for the first time since he was a kid. When Lance was small, he had always knew that every time he cried, it was a sign of weakness, so he gave up crying all together, but he also knew that it also makes him stronger, no matter what the odds are. And now, he can finally show his signs of weakness, because he knows that his friends wouldn't care, but he also knew, that they would always stand by him.

After a long day filled with sorrow and grief, the two wound up back on the train to Magnolia. They were silent, as Lance was thinking about what his next move would be from this day, Lucy broke the wall of silence that was within the train.
"Lance..." Lucy said. "I'm...I'm really glad that...I just...I wanted to say that despite this day, I'm really glad you were fond enough of me to show your signs of weakness and...I really hope this experience brings us closer together." Lance smiled. I knew it was a good idea to join Fairy Tail...and it's all because of you father.
"Lucy...I..." He said. "I'm going to try to become an even stronger astral wizard from here on out." She nodded. " order to do that, I need to find the last ring, then I would become a full fledged astral wizard, just father used to be."
"Right." She nodded, as she rested her soft hand on his. "And I'm with you all the way."
"But...after that...I'll leave Fairy Tail..." He said darkly, and Lucy paused and looked at him. "Just kidding." She then got a dumbfounded look on her face,
"Don't do that you almost gave me a heart attack." She said, as she punched him on top of his head, leaving a massive bump. He chuckled, but Lance knew that one day, he would soon have too part ways with them, he just didn't know when.

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