Chapter 3: Lance vs. The invisible wizard

Lance gets onto the ground and immediately sees footprints left by the invisible burglar. He is not getting away with this. Lance thought as he followed the footprints left by the burglar.
"Stop thief!" Lance shouted. "You won't get away with this!" The foot prints end and leaves the pale blonde wizard at a dead end.
" leave me no choice." Lance puts his middle finger and thumb on his platinum ring and opens the portal of the heavens. "I call forth, god of light! Apollo!" The god of light appears before me, wearing a gold and white tunic.
"What do you need Lance?" He asked.
"Apollo, please illuminate the dark, and show where the invisible burglar is."
"You're wish is my command." Apollo said, as he began to form a ball of light that illuminates the area. "Shining god!" Someone falls from a tree and onto the ground with a thud.
"It's him!" Lance exclaims. "Get him Apollo!"
"Shining blaster!" Apollo shoots a beam of light at the man in black, and it makes direct contact.
"Awesome, thanks Apollo, you can go back now." The pale blonde wizard said. Apollo returned to the heavens and Lance stands in front of the man. He equips himself with his golden archery bow as well.
"What have you done with Lucy's keys?" The astral wizard asked.
"Hm, in order to get answers, you have to beat me." The man said as a magical circle appeared in front of him and camouflaged him.

"Huh, not again." Lance said. A tornado is formed around Lances feet and rises fast. The dust gets in Lance's eyes and renders him vulnerable. Then he gets punched across the face, and kicked in his stomach. Lance then gets and uppercut to the jaw, and then gets a final blow to the side of his body. He falls to the ground and struggles to get to his feet. Although his pants leg gets grabbed and slammed onto the ground.
"Huh, and you call you're self a wizard?" The man said. Lance struggles to get to his feet but only to be punched in the face again. " the look of that logo on you're hand, I'm guessing you're from the fairy tail guild."
"Yeah so...what's it to you?" Lance asked as he began to get up again. However when he did get up, the invisible thief tears slashes his pants and makes them fall to the ground, leaving Lance, semi-nude. Lance blushed with embarrassment and shielded his now exposed manhood. "HOW DARE YOU!"
"Oh please, you're not much anyway." Lance sunk to his legs and remained red as a tomato. Luckily, his torn underwea and pants were on the floor, but next to the invisible burglar. "Oh, you want you're pants back? Then beg."

"You heard me, beg for you're clothes." Even though the burglar was invisible, Lance knew where he was because his pants were being flattened. He rapidly got out his bow and shot the man with a blue arrow. The man became visible again, and Lance picked up his pants and underwear. The bands were torn off, much to the astral wizards dismay. He put his underwear back on, and then his pants. Since they wouldn't stay up, he had to tie it using the front of the pants that were torn. After that, looked back at the man. He took a closer look at his forehead and saw a guild logo on it.
"Hm, I take it you're with the poison phantom guild."
"That's right, and we hate you drunken cowards." He said. Big mistake. Lance jumped in the air, and stomped onto the mans head. He then picked him up, and throttled him mercilessly.
"NOW IT'S PAY BACK TIME!" Lance stripped the thief of his pants, belt and shirt. He was nice enough to leave the underwear on. The astral wizard made a makeshift belt with the mans torn clothes to fully support his pants. "Now, give me Lucy's keys."
"Hehehe, I said you had to beat me for them." Lance loses his temper, and picks the thief up by his arm. He twists it and flips him. Following the attack, Lance quickly elbow drops the man and puts him in a devastating headlock.
"H-how can you be so skilled at fighting?" The man said. "You're a holder type wizard."
"That's where you're wrong, I'm also an ability type wizard, and I also specialize in hand to hand combat." Lance picks the man up once again, and kicks him in the groin. Then Lance puts the thief in another headlock, and slams it on the ground, Knocking the burglar out.
"Uh oh, I was so fired up, I forgot to get the keys." Something shines from within The thief's bag, and..."It's Lucy's keys."
"But where is her suitcase?" He asked as he stepped backwards and fell back. "Huh, that was easy." The beaten up astral wizard picks up Lucy's suitcase, and ran back to the hotel. Before he did, he dragged the thief all the to the police station

The following morning Natsu Erza and Gray rally in the hotel lobby except for Lance and Lucy.
"Hey, where are Lance and Lucy?" Natsu asked.
"Yeah, aren't we supposed to catch this guy?"
"It's not like Lucy to be tarty, I wonder..." Erza thought about what Lance and Lucy could be doing in their room, and her thought was as dirty as Gajeel after a brutal training routine.
"Should we check on them?" Gray asked.
"We would be invading there privacy, but we need to get this job done." Erza declared.

Meanwhile, Lance was passed out in his bed, while Lucy was shaking him awake.
"C'mon Lance, get up, I really don't want to know what Erza would do if she knew we were tarty!" Lucy said fearfully. Lance slowly opened his eyes.
"Get up, C'mon, you need to get dressed before..." Lucy was stopped by the sound of they're door being kicked open. Lance was got out of bed in his underwear where he saw Erza, Gray and Natsu waiting impatiently. His tired eyes, became awaken with fear as he saw realized that he was only in his boxers. He covered his body with the covers on his bed.
"Please don't look." He squealed.
"At what? you're only in you're boxers." Natsu said.
"I know, but...I'm not comfortable in my own skin."
"I see, well in that case, we will wait outside of you're sleeping quarters." Erza said.
"Wait, I forgot to tell you guys something." Lance said.
"Hm...what is it?" Gray asked.
"It better be good cause we got a thief to catch." Happy said.
"That's kinda what I wanted to talk to you guys about.

"WHAT!" Natsu, Erza, Gray and Lucy shouted.
"You mean to tell me you already took him down?" Natsu asked.
"Yeah, last night actually." The pale blonde said. "You see, I heard that he stole Lucy's luggage and keys, so I tracked him down, beat him up, and took him to the police station." Lance didn't even want to begin to get into what happened in the fight, so he left that embarrassing moment, locked away in his brain.
"So...we have nothing to do now?" Gray asked. Lance nodded. Lucy put a hand on Lances pale back.
"I appreciate you going out at night and getting my things back, thank you." She said, as she kissed Lance on the cheek, which lit up fireworks in his mind, as he finally obtained something he wanted from Lucy, and that was a kiss from her sweet, beautiful lips. With that, Lance fainted.
"Ugh, Lance?" Lucy said.
"Way to go Lucy, you killed him." Natsu said.
"HE'S NOT DEAD!: Lucy yelled.
"They're totally in love." Happy said as everyone laughed, But Lance was blushing heavily.

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