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Erza Scarlet. She was a famous actress that often liked to go on an adventure whenever she had her free time. She remained kind and forgiving, despite being famous. Due to an accident, she lost almost everything she had. She lost her purpose for living, her fame, her wealth, and her worth.

Rogue Cheney. He was a famous and disciplined doctor. He always showed proper care for his patients and gave them the right prescriptions. He almost has the perfect life, but he meets the perfect student, Lucy Heartfilia. He learns she has a problem and being the kind man he is; he tries to help her.

Lucy Heartfilia. She was a popular student. She always had the highest grades in her class. She was treated as Miss Perfect. She had everything, but she comes across one problem that can't be solved by anything.

Sting Eucliffe. He was nothing but a total jerk. He was cocky, judgmental and selfish. He always put himself before others. But, after meeting the ever so pretty Erza Scarlet, he changes, and tries to make her his, even with their pitiful statuses.

"Oh my gosh, here comes Sting!"

"He's still as cute as ever!"

"Kyaa, Sting-senpai!"

The squeals of various girls became louder and louder as Sting became visible. He gave them his usual smirk before a swarm of girls clung to him.

"Sting, I missed you so much!"

"Sting, why didn't you call me?"

"Did you miss me?"

"Sting, it's our anniversary!"

"When's our date, baby?"

Sting rolled his eyes at them before sitting down on the nearest table there was in the cafeteria. "Ladies, please, I just wanted to have my break." He took their hands off of him and quickly bought himself a sandwich and a drink before walking off to the school's garden.

"Hey Lu-chan!" Levy greeted her best friend and grinned at her. The said girl smiled back and hugged Levy. "Hey Levy-chan."

"How's it been going?" Levy asked as she opened her book to a new chapter.

"Fine, I guess. I mean, I'm still holding on." Lucy answered and looked at her best friend's book. "Ooh, a new book, I see. What is it about?"

Levy simply giggled before answering, "It's about demons and angels. People would think it's boring at first, but it really isn't."

Lucy nodded before reading along with her friend.

"Thank you for saving my son's life, Doctor." The mother bowed to Rogue. He nodded before looking at the five year old boy lying on the bed. "Make sure he has enough rest and you'll be able to leave tomorrow."

"Yes, Doctor." The mother smiled at her little boy and Rogue went back to his office.

"So much stuff to worry about." He mumbled and sighed, sitting on his comfy office chair. He grabbed the coffee mug that rested on his desk, taking a sip.

A knock was suddenly heard from the door. He glared at it before putting his mug back on its rightful place.

"Come in." He said. A nurse came in with a shy smile. "Someone needs you, Doctor." She whispered and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks. It was obvious to Rogue that she liked him, but he always disregarded the thought.

"Yes." He simply answered and stood up from his chair, following the nurse. "I can never rest."

"Miss Erza looked so pretty!"

"I agree, I wonder what skin products she uses...?"

"It's probably something super expensive!"

"I think it's just her natural beauty!"

"It could be; she always seems to glow!"

Erza smiled at the girls and gave them a small greeting, "Hey girls, it's nice to meet you."

They all started hitting each other gently with a big smile. "Hello, Miss Erza! We're your biggest fans!" They greeted energetically before shaking hands with the famous actress.

"Is that so?" Erza's smile became wider as she heard them. They eagerly nodded back as a reply. "Then I hope you'll keep supporting me."

They squealed and hugged the celebrity. "Of course!"

She hugged back and waved goodbye, going inside the studio in which she was recording her seventh movie. "Nice girls." She mumbled.

End of Chapter

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