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Chapter 2

People screamed as they ran in different directions. They carried their children, elders and valuable belongings with them as they did. Soldiers were guiding the people towards a safe place while telling them not to panic. Some soldiers were shooting down some rebels that were closing in on the town. A few bodies lay on the ground, all lifeless. Half of the bodies were the civilians and soldiers, while the other half was the bodies of the rebels. Some houses were set ablaze and left to burn. Gunshots were heard almost everywhere.

"Quickly, Caroline!" Erza's co-actor, Mark, said. He held Erza's body close as he wiped the tears that cascaded down her cheeks. They were currently filming the second to the last scene of her movie. "You need to get out of here." He gently whispered.

"But Damion..." Caroline/Erza sobbed before hugging the latter, "I need you, and I still want to be with you." She continued.

Damion/Mark laughed gently as tears also fell down from his cheeks. "It's the same for me, but now that the rebels are invading us, I have to fight them." He was one of the soldiers that needed to fight, and he could do just that, if only Caroline could say her goodbyes and let her lover do his job.

"W-why can't you just... stay with me?" Caroline asked as she put her hand on her lover's cheek. Her lover held her hand that was on his cheek and gave her a sincere smile. "I have to fight, for your safety."

That made her cry so much and she gave him a smile, "T-then..." She gave him a final kiss on the lips that lasted for a few seconds before letting go of the soldier, "I'll let you do your job. Please, return safely to me, Damion, don't you ever die."

The latter smiled again and hugged her, saying his goodbye, "I love you, Caroline." He gently pushed her towards a soldier that was helping the civilians get to a safe place. She let the soldier guide her and shouted, "I love you too, Damion!"

Damion nodded and grabbed his rifle, running to a safe hiding place as he shot down some rebels that were about to attack him and his fellow soldiers.

Caroline bit her lip as she watched him run before completely going in to the hiding place. "Please don't die." She mumbled.

"CUT!" The director yelled, completely pleased that they managed to finish yet another scene. Erza wiped her tears as her make-up artist handed her a tissue. "Thank you." The redhead said and gave her a smile. The make-up artist smiled back and went away.

The director ran to Erza and gave her a hug. "Erza, darling, that was marvelous!" He said, completely amazed by the girl's great acting skills. Erza hugged back and giggled, "Thank you, Director Bob!"

"No thank you, Erza! You are definitely gonna make this movie a hit!" He exclaimed before shouting, "Okay everyone, let's pack up!"

Mark came near Erza, giving her a smile. "That was some very good acting skills, Erza Scarlet. You never seem to fail to amaze people." He said and gave her a small clap.

"Why thank you." She gave him a princess-like bow. "It runs in the family." She jokingly said and winked.

Mark just laughed and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Keep it up." He walked away and Erza walked into her dressing room, taking off the dress she had put on. It was surprisingly comfortable, even if they were going for a normal style.

She put on her normal clothes and went out of her dressing room, going to her private car. She saw her driver and grinned at him. "Hello, Jet, could you please take me to Mirajane's place?" She asked and got in the car as the latter opened up the backseat for her.

He gave her a crooked grin and nodded. "Of course, Miss Erza." He replied and got into the driver's seat, starting the engine as soon as he did. He started driving, very fast, if anyone might add. This was why he had the name Jet, because he could drive very fast without anyone getting hurt, or causing an accident.

They soon arrived at Mirajane Strauss' residence and Erza quickly got off, not bothering to let Jet open the door for her. Mirajane was one of her best friends. She was trustworthy and never seemed to fail anyone.

Erza knocked at her friend's door and after a while, a maid answered it and bowed towards her. She smiled at the maid and went straight to Mirajane's room. She found the girl eating by herself. She might have been lonely, because Elfman, her older brother, and a famous wrestler, was always at Evergreen's, a famous scientist, house. They were already a couple, and very happy with each other's company, so Mirajane had decided it was best to just let her brother do as he wished. Lisanna, Mirajane's little sister, was still at school, and would only come home at midnight due to her everyday projects.

"Mirajane, this isn't a place for you to eat." Erza said and dropped her bag on Mirajane's bed as she helped the poor girl stand up from the floor and get the tray full of food. It was untouched. "You have to eat downstairs."

Mirajane slowly nodded and let a sigh escape her lips. "Sorry Erza, you had to see me like this. I promise I don't really sulk like this everyday..." She trailed off and looked at the floor.

"Yes, I know. Come on, let's eat downstairs." Erza suggested with a smile and dragged her friend downstairs as she held the tray.

-Chiyvki Creations-

Chapter 2

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