Hitch a Ride to Latveria

Chapter 1: Robotic Headpool's Suggestion

Deadpool couldn't believe he had lost the final challenge to Tails, the Merc with the Mouth was still gazing at Robotic Headpool.

"Creator, I am sorry that I could not defeat the two-tailed fox and his robot, however I am planning to get even with him in the next season" continued Robotic Headpool.

"And how the heck are you going to do that, you're a freaking head!" continued Deadpool.

"Nonsense, I have already alerted outside help" continued Robotic Headpool.

Suddenly unknown hi-tech aircraft began to appear over Australia.

"We're under attack!" cried the Blue Soldier as he noticed the intruders.

"Wait, you got HYDRA involved?!" cried Deadpool.

"They were the closest help I could find, oh I also contacted Bob" continued Robotic Headpool.

HYDRA forces began to pour down as the contestants ran for their lives, Viper was indeed leading the attack as she was pin pointing where the signal came from she spotted Robotic Headpool on the ground.

"Okay, we're not covered in the case of a HYDRA attack by our insurance" said Chris.

Chris had indeed ran for his life as he and Chef had hopped onto an emergency plane that Chef was preparing.

"Move it to Latveria!" roared Chris to Chef.

"You don't have to yell at me!" roared Chef.

"That's just wonderful, Chris is leaving without us" said Mandy as the plane took off.

"See you suckers in Eastern Europe!" laughed Chris as he started his evil laughter.

As HYDRA continued to attack the rest of the Blue and Red teams began to participate against HYDRA along with calling in help from SHIELD. One of the first members of SHIELD that landed on the ground was Wolverine, along with Reed Richards, Hulk, Hawkeye, Iceman and Agent Venom.

"What a mess" said Wolverine.

"Time to clean things up" said Reed.

As the six headed out to stop HYDRA, Tails was trying to protect his grand prize of 500 million dollars.

"There's no way I can keep this money safe" said Tails.

"Did someone say money?" asked Viper as she came onto the scene.

"Drop the suitcase fox boy" said the HYDRA soldier.

But as the HYDRA soldiers were gearing up, Sonic bursted in, with his spin dash attack and managed to knock down a few HYDRA soldiers.

"You idiots shouldn't be facing that blue hedgehog without a little help from someone who knows how to handle him" said Dr. Eggman as he approached Viper.

"And who might you be?" asked Viper.

"Dr. Ivo Robotnik, but I am often referred as Dr. Eggman" continued Dr. Eggman.

"Hey, why stick around with someone who has failed to capture that blue hedgehog" said Robotic Headpool.

"Ah ha, the source of the signal" said Viper as she grabbed Robotic Headpool from Deadpool.

"Hey, give him back!" said Deadpool, "That's my creation!"

"This creation is going rogue!" laughed Robotic Headpool.

However Viper wasn't the only villain among the HYDRA forces Lyric who had teamed up with the Lizard was also participating with HYDRA in the raid.

"So I have heard Tails won last season's prize money" said Lyric as he landed along with the Lizard, "that money is mine!"

"Sonic, we have to get to the Tornado and get out of here!" cried Tails.

"You said it" said Sonic.

Sonic ended up helping Tails dodge the rockets from the HYDRA soldiers, eventually the two made it to the Tornado which Tails began to start the engines.

"They're getting away!" cried the Lizard, "Stop them you fools!"

But as HYDRA soldiers were about to fire their newest heatseeking missiles, they could hear some rumbling from the ground.

"I don't like the sound of that" said one HYDRA soldier.

It was the Hulk charging at them.

"Hulk smash, Hulk defend winner from last season!" roared Hulk as he smashed his way through the HYDRA forces.

The Lizard had just about enough of the Hulk, he ended up using his tail to trip the Hulk who fell flat on his face.

"Who tripped Hulk?!" roared the Hulk.

"Shouldn't have done that to him" said Iceman.

"Hulk smash Lizard!" roared the Hulk.

As the Hulk gave Tails and Sonic the chance to escape, it still didn't stop Viper from firing a tracking device on the Tornado as it took off.

"I say we call in some back up from home before we go off to Europe" continued Sonic.

"Good idea" added Tails.

While the two were heading back home in a hurry, Viper was already signaling some other villains to follow their tracks back. For the others that remained, Shadow was doing his best to fight HYDRA forces, until he ran into Phineas and Ferb.

"So I heard rumors you guys created a superhero of your own known as the Beak in one season, could you spring him up for us, we could use the help" said Shadow.

"That's what I was just thinking of" laughed Phineas.

As Phineas and Ferb went to work to create the Beak again, the agents of SHIELD were soon joined by Danny who was in his ghost mode helping out along with Danielle, Marceline and Jake using his powers. For Chris and Chef they were already ahead of the others drifting over Asia.

"Well, it looks like we're going to need some help if we're going to want to refuel" said Chris as he began to dial his cell phone.

"Yea, you think?" asked Chef as the gas tank of the plane was heading toward empty.

A certain Vlad Masters was on the other line ready to pick up.

"Yes, may I help you?" asked Vlad.

"Vlad, we're kind of in a pickle, if you want the next season to continue in Latveria, where would I want to land to get some cheap fuel for my plane?" asked Chris.

"I have a client in Asia, he'll likely provide you the fuel" continued Vlad, "but it's within mainland China."

"Who cares where it is, just give us the coordinates so we can land" continued Chris.

"Roger that" laughed Vlad.