Chapter 7: Tails' Upper Hand

Tails knew something was up as Spud Cooder had taken the suitcase, Mighty was indeed right about the two carnies taking advantage while Sonic and the others were supposed to have fun.

"Hey, what's that sound it sounds like the sound of an engine, oh I wonder I bet it's those two carnies taking TAILS MONEY!" roared Mighty to the others.

Mighty indeed got the others up and aware, Espio along with Vector headed for the tent where Mr. Cooder was preparing the plane. Spud had arrived just in the nick of time.

"Sorry to leave you all hanging here" laughed Mr. Cooder, "but Dr. Doom is going to make us millionaires!"

"See ya suckers!" laughed Spud.

"They're taking off!" cried Vector, "We have to beat them to Latveria!"

The others dashed around, Tails, Sticks and Sonic took the Tornado, while the Chaotix had their own planes ready. It was going to be indeed quite a race to Latveria, for poor Chris, he was still being held hostage by the Silver Sable and her team.

"You guys want an autograph?" asked Chris.

"Not falling for it" replied the Silver Sable, "we just want the money."

"I can make a mean meal for you all" said Chef to which no one decided to pay attention to him, "fine, you're all going to miss out on it."

Dr. Doom was rather impatient with the ongoing hostage situation, Geoff was already setting up for the aftermath and was wondering what was taking so long for Dr. Doom and the others.

"Yo Doom" said Geoff on the phone, "what's taking Chris so long to come here, I've never setup an Aftermath so quickly before he sets up the first challenge."

"We got ourselves a hostage situation in the neighboring country, apparently the Silver Sable wants the money from last season as the ransom fee" continued Dr. Doom.

"You mean Chris is being held hostage?!" cried Geoff.

"Yes, unfortunately, don't worry, we got the best of the best on duty" continued Dr. Doom.

The scene unfortunately turned to Bob who was going to have a turn in negociating with Silver Sable and her team.

"Oh, let me try it, I bet they'd all like me" said Bob.

"Uh, go right on ahead" said Beautiful Gorgeous, "they're all yours."

Bob ends up stepping inside the private chambers where Chris is being held hostage along with Chef. As the door closed behind him the others listened in on what Bob had to say.

"Now listen you, you better let Chris and Chef go or-" said Bob who was cut off when he was being beaten up by the Silver Sable's team.

The door ended opening up where Bob was tossed out beaten up pretty good.

"You know they hate HYDRA do you?" asked Professor Calamitous to Beautiful Gorgeous.

"Better him than us" laughed Beautiful Gorgeous.

"What was that?" asked the Silver Sable to Beautiful Gorgeous, "You better not send in any more HYDRA soldiers to negociate terms with us."

Poor Chris was anxiously waiting to get out, soon his cellphone rang and instead the Silver Sable picked it up.

"This better be not a joke like how you sent in that idiot HYDRA soldier" said the Silver Sable to Dr. Doom.

"Oh boy, someone was playing a joke here, well I got good news for you, your ransom fee is on its way, they acquired it from Tails in Switzerland, they should arrive within a few hours" continued Dr. Doom.

"Very good, we'll meet you on the borders of Latveria with Chris and Chef, but we want to see the money first" continued the Silver Sable.

"Agreed" continued Dr. Doom.

Indeed, the Cooders were on their way to Latveria, yet they were being followed by Tails and the Chaotix on their planes.

"We got ourselves a situation" said Mr. Cooder as he was using the radio to Dr. Doom, "there seems to be some enemy planes following us."

"Don't worry, you'll be escorted by my military jets" continued Dr. Doom.

Suddenly jets from Latverian airspace came in and began to escort the Cooders.

"What are we going to do now Sonic?!" cried Tails.

"Hmm, I think I got myself a plan, but we're going to have to land first and meet up with Shadow" continued Sonic.

As the Chaotix, Sonic, Tails and Sticks arrived, they received a warm welcome by everyone.

"Don't welcome us so warmly just yet, we got to get to the Latverian border" said Sonic.

"So what's your plan on getting Tails' money back?" asked Shadow.

"I am going to need a chaos emerald" continued Sonic, "that chaos control trick will come in handy."

"Glad I always carry a spare" said Shadow as he gave one to Sonic.

"They're using my money as a ransom fee?!" cried Tails who found out from Deadpool.

"Hey I'm not lying about this one" continued Deadpool, "that's what Dr. Doom is doing so he can get Chris and Chef out of the clutches of the Wild Pack."

"So that's what this is all about" said Sonic, "I say we give them my own style of surprise."

Indeed, both Dr. Doom and the Silver Sable were ready to exchange the hostages for the ransom fee. Dr. Doom opened up the suitcase as Mr. Cooder gave it to him.

"Yep, every last dollar is still here" said Dr. Doom.

"Hey, we did pretty good back there" laughed Mr. Cooder.

"Sure you did and you reserved yourselves places for the next season" continued Dr. Doom.

"Fine with us, we can get more than 500 million" laughed Spud.

A few hours later, Dr. Doom and the Silver Sable found themselves on the borders of Latveria and Symkaria. Poor Chris and Chef were still in handcuffs.

"First we can to see the suitcase with the money" continued Silver Sable.

Dr. Doom carefully opens the suitcase revealing the money.

"All 500 million of them still there" continued Dr. Doom as he showed them.

"Good" said the Silver Sable which she then signaled Prowler and Rocket Racer to release both Chris and Chef which they quickly ran off to Latveria.

"About time!" cried Chris as he hopped right over with Chef to Dr. Doom.

"Now my part" said Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom was about to toss the suitcase when suddenly a green flash out of nowhere came and took the money.

"What?!" cried Dr. Doom as he realized it was missing.

"This better be not a joke Doom" said the Silver Sable as she and her Wild Pack members pulled out their weapons.

"But I didn't!" cried Dr. Doom.

"No, I did" laughed Sonic as he stuck out his tongue at them, "this money belongs to Tails!"

"Shoot the hedgehog!" cried the Silver Sable.

"Oh that will never work" sighed Dr. Eggman.

As members of the Wild Pack began to pack heat against the blue hedgehog, Sonic began to use the chaos control and ended up smacking each one of the members of the Wild Pack down. Even Sandman was having an issue fighting Sonic.

"Can't catch me!" laughed Sonic.

Sonic dodged the various bullets also coming from the Symkarian forces.

"Have your side stop him!" roared the Silver Sable to Dr. Doom.

"Hey, I did my end of the bargain" laughed Dr. Doom as he was enjoying watching Sonic beat the Symkarian forces.

Dr. Doom was rather impressed with Sonic's display as the blue hedgehog used the chaos control power from the chaos emerald to cross back into Latveria.

"Ha, let's see them coming over here and take it!" laughed Sonic.

"I must say I was very impressed" said Dr. Doom, "I have decided to let Tails keep the money that he earned from last season, since obviously he has friends that care about it. Don't worry, we'll put the money in Tails' bank account."

"Dang, you really showed them" laughed Mr. Cooder to Sonic, "sorry about us stealing the money."

"Heck, but this time you can do it honestly by going into the next season" said Sonic.

"And that's a green light for the next season" added Dr. Doom.

"About time" laughed Chris.

Indeed that left poor Silver Sable fuming mad as the blue hedgehog for taking the ransom fee away.