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I had made a huge mistake that day.

I remember as though it was yesterday. The way his golden eyes burned holes through mine. He looked at me directly as I stood at the stand in the court room. He listened as I piled evidence after evidence against him. I knew there was no way out for him and so did he. I had trembled from his gaze for I had not seen this side of him. I was shocked but what else was to be expected.

I had betrayed him.

I was only doing my job. Outing the crime lord for who he was. I had been doing the same job for years. How was this any different? The crime lords were all the same. They had a lust for power, insatiability for money and a demand for submission. How was Asami Ryuichi different than any other?

I kept asking myself that same question again and again but still I remained clueless. I had never had an assignment like this before. To be recruited by the CIA was like a dream come true. It was a once in a lifetime offer. This was my first assignment and I couldn't fail. I had a reputation to keep. It was either him or me. I didn't think about him once.

I only thought of myself.

For two years I built a case against him. In those years I lay spooned against him in bed, I cooked and cleaned for him as I kept the fa├žade going. I now see it was the worst mistake I made. To have ousted the man you have fallen in love with.

That's the worst betrayal of any kind.

I remember as he was cuffed and taken away. His eyes remained locked on mine. His gaze promised revenge of the worst kind. To think he would have forgotten me and brushed me aside with the past. I had thought wrong.

He had gotten ten years. It went down to five depending on good behaviour. I cried myself to sleep that night. I kept seeing his golden eyes glaring at me. It was a promise of revenge.

I resigned from the CIA that same day. I was done with it all. I had more important things to worry about. I left Tokyo a week later. I changed my name, my appearance and I became a photographer.

It wasn't until I bought a newspaper from the local shop that I saw his beautiful face. He was on the front page 'Crime Lord Asami Ryuichi gets early prison release'.

He was being released.

I never saw it coming. Asami Ryuichi was now a free man. But I knew where he was headed and he would take his revenge where it hurt the most.

My heart.

My joy

Our son.

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