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16 Years Worth of Memory

During my long slumber, past memories of my current life played like a movie in my head.

Out of all the memories, there were only a few happy memories. All others were torture.

Honestly, it was hard to watch, but I couldn't look away even when I slapped myself a couple of times.

I couldn't believe what my past self has gone through. It was horrible. Terrifying, I tell you.

I was in 3rd person, watching my past self get beaten up by my father.

She was bleeding everywhere; even her purple hair that always seem to shine (another memory) was matted with blood.

As the whip came down and down again, she didn't even twitch. She was completely still.

Suddenly, my vision faded, and I was in my past self's mind.

My past self's mindscape was very… colorful.

It was a beach, not the one I was drowned in, but it was very similar in shape.

The sky was dyed blood red with some purple clouds lounging around. Purple waves smashed against the black sand, the moon laughing whereas the sun had its eyes closed and stayed in one place.

I stared as the moon. "Did my past self watch Soul Eater?"

Then I glanced at my past self, full of cuts and blood, clutching a picture frame tightly to her chest.

"I don't think she had time."

I walked closer to her, and upon closer inspection, I realized she was crying.

"Brother," she whispered, a tear dropping onto the frame. "I'm glad you're not in my place. I… I don't want to see you hurt… I need to be here to protect you… I promised Maman…"

'I wish she had a better childhood,' I frowned. I was starting to hate her –my- father even more.

When she looked up to the sky, I finally saw who was in the picture.


He was young and smiling, but he didn't have the marks nor was he wearing the hood. Most likely, my past self had plucked the picture from one of her happy memories and kept it with her.

Slowly, I walked towards her and sat down.

She removed her gaze from the sky and stared at me curiously, her tear-stained face deathly pale.

"Please stop crying," I said softly, wiping her tears away. "I am here now. I will break your, no, our curse, and I will take your place." I hugged her. "Dear, you will feel no more pain. We will do this together. We will make sure we keep the promise."

She started sobbing and hugged me tighter.


After a few minutes of weeping, she sniffed and clasped my hands in hers.

With eyes closed she gave me a big and warm smile.

"Thank you so much!" She opened her eyes. "Now, I have one more parting gift for you."

"Wait!" I held up a hand. "Wha-what about Mammon? He doesn't remember us… and the curse…"

She blinked once before chuckling. "You will know what to do when the time is right."


She smiled warmly at me, her face finally healthy and cleared of cuts. "You'll understand soon…"

There was a flash of white light, and I was back in my memory lane thing.

Before my mind could catch up, I was sent to another memory.

I was young, but not in third person. I guess I really am my past self now.

There was someone in front of me, someone with vibrant purple hair.

"Today, I'm going to teach you how to block your mind so other people can't get into it, okay?"

I nodded enthusiastically. "Okay Brother!"

So he was my brother, huh… I can't imagine Viper doing something for free.

"All right, so first…"

My mind fast forward to after he finished explaining, skipping the explanation.

"You're really cute when you're trying to concentrate, you know?" Viper chuckled and patted my head.

I blushed. "We're twins, Brother. That means you're just complimenting yourself. Cheeky bastard."

He laughed. It was beautiful to hear. "Language, Sister."

I puffed my cheeks up. "Meanass garbage."

"Little children~ It's time to eat~" That was my Maman. My mind is tearing up, but I still couldn't move on my own will.

My brother smiled at me and kissed my forehead, whispering, "Your brother is going to protect you forever, m'kay?"

I grinned at him. "No, I will protect you forever!"

"Little Viper, Little Amethyst, you won't be able to protect each other if you don't eat~" Maman winked at us, waving a spatula around.

I want to feel this warm feeling forever…

"Little Master is awake! Hurry! Where's Hideaki-kun?"

"He's already next to her!"

"Little Master is awake! Hurray! Hurray!"

"After four long and terrible years…"

"Mac, those four years weren't that terrible."

"You don't understand me, Mackenzie! It's always lonely without Little Master around smiling and laughing like an angel!"

"… I can't believe we are related…"

Sobbing… I can hear sobbing… darkness… where am I?

"Little Master, please don't take the bandages around your eyes off," a voice said, helping me sit up.

Ahh… no wonder why I couldn't see anything.

"Why's… that?" I coughed out.

Someone put a straw to my lip. Giving my silent thanks, I drank greedily.

"Little Master, I'll have to teach you how to see with those bandages on, but I guess I'll explain some things to you."

The voice paused before continuing.

"You see, after you fell down the crack, you fell a deep sleep. During the four years you were asleep, people from all over the world gather in this base that we built ourselves. Your pacifier was releasing strange waves, and the people who had been chosen by the pacifier and decided to serve you as our boss on our free will had come. We formed a new famiglia called Mare Drago. Most of us are illusionist and some of us are cursed like you, but we have some normal people and people with different flames.

"If you didn't know (but I think you do), you were cursed by some witches. You have some terrible curses, but I don't want to shock you so I'll explain a little everyday. You are in the from of an infant, but you are truly four years old. You do not have to protect your pacifier because it is only a reminder of your curse."

Pacifier? Why do I have a pacifier? I'm not an Acrobaleno. Wait. He said that it was a reminder of my curse.

And I was four years old in the form of an infant. No wonder why I feel so tiny.

I patted my face, and indeed, I had baby fat.

"What is the matter, Little Master?"

I shook my head and stared where that person is. (I hope I'm staring in the right direction.) "How do you know this much about me?"

I swear I can feel him smile and the sparkles coming off of him.

"I'm your right hand man! Of course I would know this much about you!"

I groaned, not another Gokudera… one was enough, but two?

"Hideaki-kun (I think that was his name), can you teach me French?"

"Huh? Why? You need to learn how to see with your bandages first."

"Please? I'm sure you can do it since you're right hand man."

Cue the sound of puppy tails and ears popping up.

"I won't disappoint you, Little Master!"

If you're just like Gokudera, you probably won't disappoint me.

"But you have to eat first. We can't allow you to starve. The twin mechanics, Mac and Mackenzie, had made this special goggle for you so that you can see, but we can't see your eyes. Like sunglasses."

"Have fun with the goggles!"

"This is only the prototype. We're planning on making those cool sunglasses you see in those cool movies."

"Be thankful my sister didn't made it. Your goggles would have exploded."

"Hey! We both made it"

"Thank you." I tried to smile, but I think it looked more like a stretched face.

"You're welcome!"

The bandages around my eyes were removed; Hideaki put the goggles on since I can't open my eyes.

The goggles were special indeed. Everything was colored, and I could finally see the faces of my new family.

Hideaki, my right hand man, was a slender and tall boy with pale skin, short silver hair, and dark green eyes.

"Hide-kun, why do you have a triangle under your eye?"

"It's a mark to show our loyalty to you and to tell you we are in your family."

The twin mechanics were like vocaloids-come-alive. They have dark yellow hair and crystal blue eyes. Even their clothes were matching. They both have short hair, but only Mackenzie wore the black headband while Mac had black clips.

"You two look a lot alike."

"Yes, Little Master. Others do not know this, but we are cursed to be like this."

"That's horrible."

"We don't really mind, but it gets us into a lot of fights."

"We're under the ocean?"

"That is correct, Little Master. You cannot go to the surface, or you will die."

"…Is that part of my curse?"

"Yes, but the good thing about it is that we have a underground railroad going all over the world."

"That means we can go to France?"

"Yes, but why are you so intent on going to France?"

"Why, I have to meet someone before they get kidnapped by the Varia or Mukuro."

"That person?"


"Very well. I will prepare when that time comes. Now we have to get to your lesson."

"Hide-kun, you know how Mammon have a frog that turns into a snake and can make him fly?"

"What about it?"

"You think I can make that work with a jellyfish?"

"If it's you, I'm sure anything is possible."

"Ah, okay then. I'm going to get a jellyfish and name it T. Sim."

"…That's a really interesting name."

"I agree."

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