Chapter 6 Single tears

Luna pov

I wake up felling a lot better. I don't feel cold anymore and I look over to see Ace sleeping peacefully with a smile that gently lit up his face. He looks so cute when he smile and so peaceful. I smile back and looked down at Ace face. His freckles scattered across his cheeks. I swear he has more freckles then the last time I counted. I couldn't help myself as I gently rube them and watched as his face leans into my hand. I felt myself blush at his action. Only if he knew how much I loved him. I couldn't help myself as my eyes travel down his face to his lips. I wonder what it would feel like with my lips agents his. He is asleep so he won't know. I bent down and watch to see if he would stir. I gently placed my lips agents his soft and I felt a single tear fall down my cheek. I wish he knew how much he means to me. My eyes open and his black eyes are staring back at me. I pull away and before I could wipe my tear away he grabbed my wrist.

"I'm so sorry"! I looked away ashamed at myself for even doing it. Ace saved my life and I go and kiss him. He doesn't even like me that way. I nervously waited to be scolded but instead his hand grabs my chin and wipes away my tear. I look up into his eyes only to see that he was deeply fighting about something in his head. I couldn't pull my wrist from his hand so I just waited. All of a sudden he bent down and he kiss me but he was so gentle. I close my eyes to enjoy the sweet kiss forever locking it into my memory. He pulled away and pulled me in closer. I sat in his lap, his strong arms held me tight as his hands roam my back, and his face on my shoulder. I watch as he shifted and when I looked into his eyes I saw a single tear fall from his eye. I gently wipe the tear away.

"Ace"? Ace looked at me and I watch as he let a smile cross his face.

"Even though you know who my father is. You don't hate me or call me a demon. When I was ready to die you saved me which almost cost you your life. Luna I love you so much. All I want to do is protect you and love you. Please don't ever leave me. Let me protect you". He loves me! He really loves me! I let my arms rap around his neck and I kiss him so he knows that I will always let him protect me.

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