Chapter 2. The Decision

Tony was speechless. His face in a stunned expression for a long moment until a smile formed on his face into a huge grin. Suddenly overjoyed Tony went for her and picked her up, spinning around. Ziva laughed. "Tony put me down!" He did, smiling. "Sorry. I couldn't help it...It's just been so long and I've...I've really missed you." Ziva nodded. "I've missed you too." "Do you have a place to stay?" He asked. She shook her head, becoming serious. "Look I don't know what you have been doing while I've been away and I do not want just come back into your life if..if you've found.." Ziva stumbled over her words. "Someone else?" Tony finished for her, which Ziva only nodded at. He could tell this was hard for her to say because of their previous feelings for each other. He believed that his had actually grown with her absence, as he was sure hers had grown for him. But that's his Ziva. Being humble and respectful of what could have taken place between them even if it hurt. 'Should I bring up Zoe?' He thought as they stood there. Then he mentally Gibbs-slapped himself. 'Dude, you idiot! Zoe isn't the one. This woman standing before me is.' Suddenly Zoe didn't matter. She was just a phase. He hoped Ziva would take it easily. First he had to see where sher was in all this.

"Has there been..s-someone else?" She asked hesitantly. Tony took a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Ziva looked into his eyes for a moment and then nodded, looking down, shoulders falling in defeat, an arrow piercing her soul. "It's alright..I understand." She started to move away but Tony stepped forward. "No don't. Please." Ziva shook her head. "No Tony. If you have found someone else then stay away. Do not do this to yourself." She turned away again and Tony this time grabbed her arm. She whipped her head round to face him. Her expression stopped him, momentarily. There it was...her heart had been broken once again, and DiNozzo hated himself for it. "Ziva it's not like that." But his former partner shook her head, eyes shining with tears now threatening to spill. "It's not? Then what was it, Tony? You coming after me, looking for me, staying even when I pushed you away?! Our time in Be'er Sheval, the orchard, our, Dare I say it...our kiss at the airport?" All Tony could do was stand there and let her unleash her wrath and let her feelings come out. "I..I thought you-" Ziva stopped herself, looking down. "Loved you." He finished. Ziva looked up at him, then sniffled and turned her head away, turning completely around. They both took a deep breath and sighed quietly, calming down. Ziva was crying.

DiNozzo came up behind her and gently put his hands on her shoulders. "Ziva, I do love you. I traveled around the world to find you. Twice." Her breathing seemed to calm a little, the memories going through her mind. From behind he saw Ziva wipe her eyes. So different than when they first meet, distant and inexpressive about what she really felt. Now here was a new Ziva. He'd seen it a few times before. Very open about her opinions and what she felt. Tony gently squeezed her shoulders and she turned around and they looked at each other. "Ziva will you let me explain?" He asked gently, pleadingly. After looking in his eyes and seeing the truth behind his words, Ziva nodded, still sniffling, tears still evident.

"Ziva. I didn't know if, if you were ever-" She nods in understanding and he continued. "And for a long time I avoided. But then we were doing this case and..I ran into Zoe. Or she ran into me or..." He shook his head. "Something. Shared jurisdiction case." "Who is Zoe?" asked Ziva. "She was my...former partner, when I was a Cop back in Baltimore." Ziva could tell it was uncomfortable for him to tell her this, not knowing if she'd accept or turn away; especially after her outburst of emotion, but she appreciated his openness and honesty right off the cat..'or is it bat?' She thought.

"Look I know this isn't easy for you to hear," Tony began again, reading her eyes. "It's not easy for me to say. It feels like it's killing me...and I'm sorry that it looks like I had lost hope for us because of this, but...Ziva, I would trade any woman in the world...for you." Ziva blinked, taking in his every word. "We haven't been together that long so it should be easy." Ziva furrowed her brow. "You are going to break up with her?" Tony nodded. "Yeah." They both went to the couch and sat down, facing each other. "Ziva all I want is you. We both know of the feelings we have for each other. And I've decided I'll be the first to say it." Ziva and Tony locked eyes. "I love you, Ziva David. I know I haven't been the best of work partners and you've seen me at my best and, well maybe, hopefully already my worst..and vice versa. But I promise, Ziva, that if we can make this work, I will be there for you. I love you, I will protect you, provide for you and our family...until the day I die."

She looked up into his eyes at this news, the mention of family, which meant he wanted to have this life with her, and with children...she soon realized she wanted the same thing. Ziva looked down at their hands as he took hers in his. She swallowed hard. "I..I cannot say that while I was away," She looked back into Tony's eyes. "Not a day went by where I didn't think of you. I often felt alone, especially at night...Adam visited but whenever he asked I refused his offer to stay over." Tony shifted at the mention of Adam, which she noticed. After a moment of silence. "I guess we both did things we regret." He faced more forward, Ziva did the same and, scooted closer to him, hesitantly exploring in a sense, being physically close to him. Tony took a breath and, taking a chance, gently put his arm around her shoulder, his hand lightly playing with her hair. At this, Ziva reacted and leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder. She looked up at him after a moment. " really want to pursue this..take our relationship to the next level?" Tony nodded and smiled warmly, looki longingly at her. "Very much so. I know there's gonna be bumps along the way and slippery slopes but,, honesty and...and commitment." He nodded. "Yes I believe we can have a full, peaceful, romantic life." Ziva chuckled at his last bit. "Romantic, in our line of work? Honestly." She teased. Tony made a funny expression as their faces were mere inches apart. He stared into her eyes. "So what do you say, Ziva David. Will you start this adventure, this journey, with me?" Ziva looked at his lips, then his eyes and smiled. "Yes. Yes I will."

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