The next week came quickly, only 2 cases happened, then, it happened. "Mom? Ima! Ima!" Ziva sat bolt upright in bed at hearing her children calling her. She got out of bed and slipped into a quick nightgown, Tony soon following though drowsily after getting on his robe. Ziva went to the bedroom closest to the stairs and opened it. She turned on the light and gasped at seeing Alessandra and Cameron. "Tony?" DiNozzo came in then checked his kids. "It looks like the chicken pox." Ziva frowned. Yep, it was Chicken Pox alright. "Ima, I'm all itchy." Said Cameron and Alessandra nodded. "And I'm achy." Ziva only put on a gentle smile. "It's okay my motek "Remember when Joshua and Danny and Jordan had those itchy spots?" The twins nodded. "Well now it's your turn." Alessandra crosses her arms. "But I don't wanna be sick!...Wait..Does this mean baking soda baths?" Tony smiles and nodded. "Yes it does." She then smiled. "Cool." Ziva looked to her husband. "I thought the vaccination was supposed to prevent them from getting it." Tony shrugged. "It sometimes does and sometimes doesn't. It all depends on the body. I mean you got it as a kid right?" Ziva nods. "Yeah I did and it was terrible. Not as bad as when I got the flu one year..oof, that was bad. The sickest I ever felt in my life." "Does it top maternal morning sickness?" Tony teased and Ziva only nodded with a smile. "Tony I'm not pregnant." DiNozzo smirked. "I know. But who knows what the future will bring." He said smiling darkly, emerald eyes gleaming. Ziva shook her head. "Well, the other kids need to stay away so they don't catch it." Tony nodded. "How long does it last again?" His wife asked. "Ima, why do these spots itch and hurt?" Cameron asked. Ziva turned her attention to her son. "About 10 to 14 days. So either a week and a half or two weeks." she glanced at her husband. Tony nodded as he had his phone out. "I googled it. It says Chickenpox blisters show up in waves. So after some begin to crust over, a new group of spots might appear. It usually takes 10-14 days for all the blisters to be scabbed over and then you are no longer contagious." "So we don't have to go to school for two weeks? Man I'm on vacation!" Alessandra exclaimed and Cameron nodded. Tony and Ziva exchanged glances. They knew it would seem like fun at first but also what can come with Chicken Pox besides the itching was headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. "What time is it?" Ziva asked her husband and Tony looked at his phone, 5." He yawned and stretched. "Better get the kids up for school." Ziva nodded. "And we have to get ready for wor-". "Rriiiiing rriiiing! Tony looked at his cell, his mind still fuzzy from waking up and his hair was a mess, pointy and matted in different directions. "Speaking is which. It's McGee." He answered and put the phone to his ear. "Hey McMorning, what's up?" He asked as he turned and left the room.

Alessandra and Cameron settle back down as they got tired and Ziva tucked them in bed. She dimmed the light and quietly left the room. She went to her husband as he just got off the phone. "We got a case." Ziva nodded as they went back to their bedroom, Ziva closing the door behind them. "I will call Jenifer and see if she can watch them. The others can still go to school. And I will make sure to tell Josh and the others to inform their teachers of the Chicken Pox." Tony nods as his wife goes to her bedside table and grabbing her cell. Tony proceeded to get dressed as he heard his wife talking on the phone. He'd just got undressed when he heard Ziva make a purring noise behind him and he turned around. "I don't need to ask." Ziva shook her head as her eyes trailed him up and down. "Absolutely not my love." She turned and went to the closet to pull out her clothes. "Aren't you going to return the favor?" Ziva smiles as she faces the closet, then lifts up her silky spaghetti strap night gown up over her head and tossing it aside. "Will that suffice my love?" Tony came up behind her. "For now." He said darkly smiling and had moved his fingers through her hair and moved it from her shoulders, her neck bare. He started kissing but gasps and hisses suddenly. She had grabbed him. "Work later." She said just a tad breathlessly. Tony nodded then let out a sigh of relief when she let him go, after giving him a small rub from her initial hard grasp. "I love you. And you know doing that makes me want you even more." He whispered to her and she smiles. "I know. I love you too."

One Hour Later

"Okay." said Gibbs. "Which one is going in the dumpster?" Tony and Ziva pointed to each other, McGee was taking pictures but had moved away a couple of steps at the suggestion, Ellie was setting down evidence markers and taking samples. "Might I suggest a coin toss?" Ducky spoke up as he had a silver dollar in his hand. Tony and Ziva looked to each other then nodded. "I call heads." Tony says, Ziva only shrugged her shoulders. Ducky flipped the coin landed it on the ground. Ziva bent down then looked to her husband with a smile. "Tails." Gibbs announced. DiNozzo made a face. "Best 2 out of 3?" "Jump in DiNozzo." The bossman said. Tony made another face, looking to his wife. "I love you." Ziva blew a kiss to him, smiling and batted her eyes. "I'm doing this for you." Ziva only looked at him knowingly, smiling as Tony turned his hat around so the cap was backwards and opened the lid. His expression showed disgust at the smell, then he climbed in.

Later that evening the doorbell rang. "Danny." Ziva pokes her head out, calling from the bedroom. The 10 year old came running up the stairs. "Ken Ima?" He asked. "Can you go open the door for Uncle McGee?" The boy nods and runs back downstairs. Ziva pokes her head out again. "Walk please." She smiles as she heard the steps going slower. She went back into the bedroom and proceeded to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. Tony was putting on his tie. Ziva was placing on her red dangly earrings. She had on a burgundy velvet looking top and grayish dress pants, Tony in a suit and tie, looking handsome as ever. span "Remind you of anything?" Tony commented and Ziva thought as she looked at their reflections in the mirror. Ziva chuckled. "Besides that we're getting older?" He looked to her. "Ziva you're always going to be my exquisite flower and my wife. The most beautiful woman to have ever walked this planet. Even when our bodies sag and we're 100." This made Ziva chuckle and smile and returned to looking at them. "I know now. When we were on protection detail with Nora." DiNozzo nodded. "Yep, that was fun. Being on the airplane and, flying." He smiles at her. "You can go places on a plane. Lots of places. Places of adventure." Ziva stares at him a moment. "You are trying to tell me something." She figured out. Tony nodded. "What is it?" She asked. "Ever been to Disneyland?" Ziva's eyes widened. "No I never have. Aren't I a little too old?" DiNozzo shook his head. "You're never too old for Disney my exotic beauty." Ziva smiled. "Oh the kids will be so excited." "Excited about what?" Both parents whipped around to see Jordan standing there in the bathroom doorway. "Nothing sweetheart." "Uncle McGee is here." Ziva nodded. "Toda." Jordan nodded before leaving Ziva watched her go. "Think she suspects anything?" "Not a thing." Tony responded and his wife playfully batted her hand on his chest. "So when do we leave?" Tony thought a moment. "Hmm. I believe in about 2 months from now." Ziva grinned. "I can't believe it. They're going to be so excited. I'm excited." She hugged her husband and he kissed her. "Ready to head out for dinner?" Tony asked and his wife nodded, heading for the stairs. "Wow, Ziva you look great." McGee commented with a smile. Ziva smiles to her friend, hugging him. "Thank you so much for watching the kids for us. We really appreciate it." McGee shrugs and nods. "It's what friends are for." Tony chuckles and pats Tim on the shoulder. "Have fun" "Oh and the two youngest have chicken Pox." McGees eyebrows rose at that. "Chicken pox." His eyes searching immediately over the children present. "They're in the bedroom upstairs McGee. I put them down to bed early." Ziva explained. "I have their medicine in the kitchen in case they wake up and are still achy." Tony nodded. "You shouldn't have anything to worry about McUncle. We'll be back before you know it." He checked his watch. "It's time to go." Ziva nodded, grabbing her purse. "Don't worry about anything you two. Go enjoy the food." "Toda, McGee. We should be back around 8-ish." Tim nodded. "No problem. I can handle these troublemakers." Tony clasped his hand on his friends shoulder. "That's the spirit. Never give up. Never surrender!" Danny and Jordan and Lexi and Katie exclaimed together. Ziva and McGee looked to Tony. "What? It's from Galaxy Quest. It has Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver." McGee rolled his eyes. "Go on, get outta here." "Just saying, it's a classic. But not as classic as the Star Wars trilogy." DiNozzo explained as Mrs DiNozzo dragged him out the door. "Come on Tony. Oh and be good for McGee kids." They nodded, grinning to each other. "Oh, we will." Jordan giggled.

8:30 pm. DiNozzo Residence. The door opens and Tony and Ziva enter their home. Glancing around, "It's quiet." Ziva comments, looking to her husband and Tony nods. "Yep..hopefully that's a good thing." They went through the entry way to the living room and...there was McGee, asleep in the couch. The sight caused Ziva's mouth to drop open. Tony, after a moment of silence, whipped out his phone, then Ziva smacked his arm. "Tony, no." She hissed quietly. "You always do that." DiNozzo looked to his wife as they were looking down at their friend and coworker. "But it's expected of me. If I didn't do this the bromance would dissipate." "Bromance? This is what you are basing you and Tim's relationship off of? Like putting super glue on his keyboard?" Tony grinned at that. "Oh yeah that was a good one." ...Click. Satisfied, the Senior Field Agent put his cell away and nudged his friend's shoulder. "Hey Timmy. Time to wake up sidekick." McGees eyes opened a little and his vision cleared to see his colleagues. He sat bolt upright. "Oh jeez I'm sorry! I didn't mean to fall asleep." He looked at their expressions. "What?" Ziva pulled out her makeup bag and grabbed a small mirror. McGee took it and glanced at himself then back to Tony and Ziva. "Looks like someone was having fun getting into their mothers makeup." Ziva gave a sheepish grin. "Sorry McGee. It actually isn't that bad." Tim looks at himself in the mirror again, seeing light purplish blue color over his eyes and thick blush. "At least they didn't go as far as mascara and lipstick." Ziva commented as Tony handed McGee a towel and he whipped his face. "Thanks. Well I'll be seeing you guys." DiNozzo and Ziva nodded. "Thanks again for watching them." McGee grins. "No problem, they were great." The two guys embrace and then Tim leaves. Ziva chuckles as she takes off her shoes. "Poor McGee." Tony shrugged. "Ehh, he's used to it."

Ziva rolls her eyes smiling, then it fades when a noise is heard from upstairs. The couple exchange glances then head up to their children's rooms. The door is open and then-"what on earth?" Tony and Ziva's jaw drops at the sight before their eyes. There is Cameron and Alessandra in their pjs. But that wasn't the issue. Both had dark markers in their hands, their skin streaked with lines. "Uh-oh." Ziva came forward, kneeling down in front of them. "What are you two doing? You both know better than this." She said crossly but not harshly, disappointment showing in her eyes. "We were just playing connect the dots." Cameron explained, his sister nodding as she added. "Yeah, and we made sure it's washable." "Like McGees face?" Tony asked. The twins shook their heads. "That was all Lexi and Katie's idea." Alessandra said. "And Jordan helped them. I think technically it was her idea all along." Cameron told their parents. "You tattle tail!" Came Jordan's voice as she rushed into the bedroom. Ziva stood to her full height as she looked at her eldest daughter. "You said you wouldn't!" "No we didn't! You just didn't wanna get in trouble!" Exclaimed Cameron. Jordan became angry and went forward with her hand raised and she hit him. Both parents stepped in immediately, Ziva mentally kicking herself for not stopping it before it happened. "Hey, that is enough!" "Jordan-". "I'm sorry Ima! But they're in trouble too, right?" "That's besides the point." Jordan hung her head, knowing she was in trouble for her outburst. "Look at me." Ziva ordered. "You do not hit your brother or any of your siblings. Do I make myself clear? You love your brother. You help protect and guide him." Tony nodded, stepping forward. "You're older and supposed to be setting an example." "But they told!" Jordan tried to defend herself and Tony gave his father look, which caused her to stop. "And they will be punished for it. You don't get to decide what happens. Me and your mom do." Tony put his hands on Jordan's shoulders. "You go to your room young lady." He ordered sternly, frowning. He glanced back at his wife and she nodded, knowing what was of the hard parts of being a parent. Discipline by spanking. Tony hated when he had to do it, his wife too. Ziva wondered if the boys knew anything and decided she would check on them later.

About 30 seconds later whimpering was heard and Ziva's heart went to her little girl. She cradled Cameron in her arms, looking down at him. He had stopped crying after getting hit and his eyes were getting droopy. Ziva let a small smile cross her lips. "Come on you two. It's time for a bath." At this the twins perked up. "I go first." Alessandra said and her brother shrugged. "I'm gonna take a nap." Ziva chuckles as Alessandra gets her pjs then runs for the bathroom. Forty five minutes later and the twins were back in bed and sound asleep after their baths. She checked on the other children then headed for her bedroom. Upon entering she went over to the bed, pausing part of the way there when the door had closed behind her. She grinned and slowly turned. span class="Her husband stepped out of the shadows, completely nude. span "I believe it's time to play a game." Ziva grinned at his dark expression as he slowly walked toward her. span "I did say work first, play later." She said as his hands went to her shoulders. span He wrapped his arms around his wife as their lips met. Gently at first...but we all know what happens next. (GOT drums and music play in intensifies).

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