"Tonight's the night. Are you scared?" Danny asked his little sister when they were at the breakfast table before school. "Nope. I'm terrified." Jordan responded, forking through her scrambled eggs. "Not hungry?" Ziva asked, noticing Jordan wasn't eating, only a few bites of egg and some from her toast. The girl shook her head. "I kind of feel sick to my stomach, mommy. And it's not even nighttime yet." "Good." Ziva said. Jordan looked up confused. "Good? How is that good?" "That means your ready." Tony replied, peaking his eyes over the brim of the newspaper he was reading. He was still in his robe and Ziva was in her pjs as well. Cameron looked at his parents. "Sabba Gibbs give you guys the day off?" He asked. Tony nodded. "Yep. We don't have any current cases right now and me and mom finished our paperwork early." Ziva scoffed. "I believe you mean I finished early." Tony mocked hurt. "Hey I just type slow I'm not as fast as McTypewriter." "Lucky!" Katie and Lexi said at the same time. "So what are you guys going to do all day?" Alessandra asked. Tony and Ziva looked at each other and they smile, giving knowing glances. Joshua presses his lips together and looked away. He knew that look, clearing his throat. Ziva went behind Tony after taking her finished plate to the sink to be washed. She smiled as she puts her arms around him. "Oh I don't know. I think we are going to go back to bed and sleep in or maybe watch a movie."

Tony glanced at her and she smiled and kissed him. Tony stared into her eyes as memories flooded his mind from years before. 'Tony smirks as Ziva takes his hand and leads him backwards. "I take it you're not interested in the premium channels." "There's only one thing I'm interested in right now." The words left her mouth and he instantly became hard. He stared into her eyes and she stared right back, then before they knew it they were stripped and snogging each other and he was just about to enter her— "Ew! Yuck!" The twin girls exclaimed. DiNozzo was brought from his naked in bed thoughts. A honk from outside and he kiss began getting up and shouldering their backpacks and bags. "Okay stay together you guys. Watch each other's backs." Ziva said as they started heading out. They all went and hugged their parents goodbye. "See you guys tonight." Tony said. Jordan shuddered, frowning. Ziva caressed her cheek and put her fingers under her daughter's chin. Jordan looked up, giving a fake smile. "You're going to be fine tateleh. You've practiced very hard for it. And weather you win or not, I'm still proud of you. Always." "Thanks mom." Jordan smiled and Ziva kissed the top of her head. "See you tonight." The kids nodded and headed out and boarded the bus, Toby and Ziva waving at them. "And be good." DiNozzo added. "We will." Lexi replied and they got in, all the kids waving until it drove away. DiNozzo gently put a hand on his wife's shoulder. She was already tensed up. "Race you to the bedroom!" He gave her a shove out of the way. "Not if I get their first!" Ziva had ran and tripped him and DiNozzo lost his balance, thankfully landing on the couch. He leapt up and ran up the stairs, taking two at a time. Ziva had of course beaten him but it didn't bother him at all. "I love you my ninja." He said huskily as he took her mouth into his, closing the door. "Ani oheve ocha, my love." She said seductively and Tony wrapped his arms around Ziva, his hands running through her hair and they both made quick work in undressing each other, after all they were both only in their robes. ...Aaaaaaand now they weren't.

Jordan tried not to worry about what will be coming in a few hours. A few hours and she was going to be at school all day. She couldn't even eat her lunch accept a few bites so she decided to save it for later in the day. "You're going to be great Jordan." Her friends consoled her. "You've practiced so much you could do it in your sleep." Jordan gave a small chuckle at that. The bell rang. Back to class. First it was 4 classes, then down to 3, then 2, then school was over. A lot of kids were getting ready for the talent show. Talent show, huh. This was a competition. There was a kid who was going to jumprope, one who was going to show his karate moves, which she could have done but chose not to. "Well if I win then great, and if I don't that's okay too." She told herself as she was putting her hat on. She wore a cowgirl costume, dressed like Hanna Montana. She was going to do a dance routine and she prayed she wowed the crowd. After going around and asking questions the first week of practice, she had found that a lot of kids likes the song she planned to use so that should be a plus. Popularity is part of the key. A hand came over Jordan's shoulder and she jumped, whipping around, her eyes wide until she saw her mother. She hugged her tight. "You're here early Ima. But I'm so glad you are." Ziva smiles. "You're going to do great. Want don't make up?" She offered and Jordan nodded. "A Little I guess." "You guess?" Ziva questioned. "I'm proud of you Jordan. It's a lot of pressure to perform on stage. But you will see us here in the crowd, cheering you on. As well as your friends." Jordan nodded as Ziva was putting on her makeup. "Sabba Gibbs too?" Ziva paused. "The team had to work." Jordan nodded. "But he wanted me to tell you good luck and to give you a big hug." And she did just that, kissing the top of her daughter's head. "Toda Ima." Zivas heart warmed at her daughter's whisper. "You're welcome sweetheart." She whispered back. "Now go out there and shine like the star you are." She said with vigor and Jordan had a new look of determination. "I will mom."

The talent show started. The jump rope kid went, messing up a couple times, the one doing ninja moves broke his ankle as he landed wrong on his leg. Jordan felt bad for him. A singer was on now before her. Before she knew it, it was her turn. "And now we have Jordan DiNozzo doing a dance and song routine to Hanna Montana's Marshmallow World!" Jordan took a deep breath and walked out onto he stage, the crowd cheering for her. She smiled even though she squinted in the bright lights that were shining on her. She spotted her family and her friends and some of her parents friends from work. The music began after she gave the nod and then, she closed her eyes. Jordan had practiced on this stage by herself several times. So she imagined it empty. Just her. In her own world. She began singing and dancing. Moving perfectly in time with the music as she went through the choreography of her dance routine. Her friends smiled and her brother whistled loud as he watched his sister move across the stage like a pro. Before she knew it, the dance was over. The crowd was cheering and clapping for her. Jordan was breathing hard and sweating a little bit because of the pressure but she did it and she put a big smile on her face and gave a bow and walked off to the back.

Jordan let out a big sigh of relief. She took off her hat and worked on catching her breath from her dancing. "You did great kid." Jordan jumped and turned behind her, looking up into some steely blue eyes. A huge smile crossed her face. "Sabba Gibbs! You came!" The young girl jumped into Gibbs' arms. "Wouldn't miss it munchkin." He kissed the side of her head and she wrapped his arms around his neck. After a moment-"Imasaid you had to work." Gibbs shrugged. "I got done a little early." Jordan giggled then whispered. "Did you punch the bad guy?" "You bet I did." He said back and he put Jordan down. "You better get back out there, looks like its time for the judges to make their decision." Jordan nods and she heads back out to the stage. "Don't forget your hat." Jordan whizzed around, grabbed it, and took off out to the stage and took her place amongst the other competitors. The principle came out and spoke to the crowed and they cheered, giving praise to the contenders for the night. Jordan's heart was pounding in her chest. "Okay in third place we have miss Ginger with her beautiful voice." The crowed cheered and the principle gave Ginger her 3rd place medal. Second place was the jump rope group. "And finally, out champion." The world seemed to hold its breath..."Miss Jordan DiNozzooooooo!" And the entire room cheered! Jordan jumped up and down and then before she knew it she was surrounded by her family. Tony picked her up and put her on his shoulders. The principal approached the group and handed Jordan a 1st place trophy. "And here is $50." He turned to the audience. "And adult may have heard, there is another prize in store. And that...Is an all expenses paid trip to Disney land!" (I know right? If only such a thing happened. Totally unrealistic. 😜) Well the crowd just lost it then. "Your vacation starts 2 weeks from today." The principal said with a smile. Of course the winning would go to the family with He most kids...that's a lot of money. Ziva and Tony looked to each other. They couldn't believe it either. Hopefully their boss would let them have the week off. "I'm so proud of you Jordan. You did it!" Ziva said as she hugged her daughter. "Thanks ." Ziva smiles. "Well, I guess we will have to go home and pack for 2 weeks from now." The kids cheered. "Wahoooo! VACATION HERE WE COME!"