-19 years ago-

"Blake! Blake! Get over here! I found something!" said an excitable five year old Ruby hopping around in light blue overall shorts and a plain white t-shirt with a cartoony rose on the front. Her large red cape swished around in the wind as she dragged her long time friend over to the sandbox in the park.

"What do you want Ruby? I was busy reading a book I got from the library." responded Blake, annoyance evident in her lisp filled speech due to the front tooth she had recently lost. Ruby ignored her and continued to tug on her black long sleeve sweater, Blake rolled her eyes and pushed up her large round glasses higher on the bridge of her small nose so that they wouldn't fall off completely and started to follow the girl that she was two years older than.

Ruby dragged her across the playground in the park and when they finally made it to the sandbox Ruby crouched down to picked up something from inside of the box. She looked around to see if anyone was watching and then showed Blake a golden ring with swirls and small flowers etched into the outside of the ring, and along the inside of the ring the date 10/15/88 was engraved with the initials R.E.B.

"It looks like a wedding ring. Who's do you think it is?" said Blake holding up her glasses to squint at the ring.

Ruby shrugged and said "I don't know I was playing in the sand and just found it. Do you think we should ask around and see if anyone says it's theirs?"

Blake froze, terrified of the thought of talking to cruel strangers. "D-do you think t-that's really the best idea? ...I think that if you do ask around, then you should ask without me, they probably won't talk to you if you're with me because of these." Blake pointed at her cat ears and wiggled them around.

"That's a dumb reason for them not to talk to us. You're the cutest person I've ever seen."

Blake blushed, turned away from Ruby and started to play with her short choppy shoulder length hair. "Y-you think so?"

"Yeah! And just because the bigger people don't like your cute kitty ears I'm not going to give the ring back" she huffed and crossed her arms across her chest "...Oh! I have the greatest idea!" said Ruby as she started to hop up and down.

"What is it?"

"Well remember how my mom said she married her best friend?" Blake slowly nodded not really following Ruby's sudden change of thought. "Well since you're my best friend, why don't we get married so that we'll always be together?"

A new blush spread across Blake's cheeks. "R-ruby we can't get married, we're not old enough."

"True..." said Ruby with her smile dropping instantly. She was quiet for a few moments before she jumped up suddenly, startling Blake. "I know!"

Blake sighed and said "What's your crazy plan this time Ruby? And I swear if it's as dumb as trying to prank Yang again when she visited I might just-"

Ruby cut Blake off by putting a hand over her mouth and said "Shhhhh. Blake, you promised you wouldn't bring that up again and no it's not stupid." Ruby took her hand off Blake's mouth and continued "I was going to say that we should get married, but like later when we're twenty-four or something."

"Why twenty four? That's a weird number."

"What? No! it's an awesome number!"


Ruby looked at the ground and mumbled "Its the age my mommy got married."

Any normal person wouldn't have heard her, but due to Blake's enhanced hearing she heard it. "Oh well why didn't you just say that? Um... If you really want get married then we can if you want." Blake looked away from her friend as her blush started to creep back onto her cheeks. Blake would have done anything to keep the closest (and only) friend happy, on the other hand the thought of marrying her didn't strike her as a bad idea, it gave her a strange feeling in her stomach and she didn't know why.

Ruby lit up like a Christmas tree and pulled out the gold ring she had found earlier and put it in Blake's hand. "Here this is your ring now since I'm the one who asked, we can get one for me later." Blake returned her smile and slipped the ring into her pocket, since it was too big to fit on her tiny fingers.

Blake gave her a small smile and said "Okay."

-two months later-

"W-w-why do you have to go?!" said Ruby with tears streaming down her small round face.

"My foster family doesn't want me anymore and the social worker is going to put me in a new home." Blake also had tears running down her cheeks. She looked down and started to play with the golden ring she had strung on a thin leather cord. "Don't worry Ruby no matter what I'm going to keep my promise." Ruby nodded, crushed Blake into a hug and started to cry heavily into her shoulder. Blake hugged her back and cried into her friend until the blonde social worker came over and forcefully separated the two.

"NOOOO BRING HER BACK!" screamed Ruby at the top of her lungs. She tried to run after Blake but her father restrained her.

"RUBY!" yelled Blake as Glynda carried her to the brand new black car while at the same time trying to avoid getting injured by the girl fighting back to get back to her only friend. Blake fought so hard that she accidentally knocked her own glasses off, Glynda didn't bother to get them since it was difficult enough to get the screaming child into her car.

Taiyang only let go of Ruby when the car was only a speck in the distance. Ruby walked over to where Blake's glasses had fallen and picked them up. She held them to her chest and continued cry. In the car Blake was looking out the back window even though she stopped being able to see her friend the moment the glasses fell off, but she still held onto the hope that she could still see the blur of red that was her friend.

"Don't worry it's going to be okay you'll make new friends." said the normally cold woman.

"But I don't want new friends, I want Ruby." whimpered Blake as she brought her knees up to her chest and hugged them tightly. She silently sobbed and Glynda looked at her with pity from the rear view mirror.

Don't worry Ruby I'll find you again someday.



Hi everyone I wanted to post this story before I got lazy to post it and before you say it I know its a bit of an over used au but I really wanted to write it for this ship. So tell me if you want me to continue it and then I'll write some more for this fic and also tell me what you think of it and stuff. So anyway have a happy Easter everyone! Till next time!

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