Hey everyone, I got new story for you. This is a Crossover Fairy Tail x High School DxD. I read some of this crossover fic have Natsu as a pawn of someone peerage. So, this will be different and this is a small Harem with only two girls one of them is from Fairy Tail and the other one from HS DxD. Natsu and the girl from Fairy Tail will be kinda OP in this fic but that doesn't mean there isn't a character that could match them. Any constructive criticism are allowed and appreciated.

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Fairy Tail DxD

Chapter 1: A New Life

Sunday, August 21th, Year X791, 10:00 P.M, Fiore, Magnolia.

The war with Tartaros and Zeref is over

And they have lost

Rain sputtered down relentlessly upon the cracked stonework, trickling down through vast valleys of wreckage, stained red as it mixed with the blood of the fallen. The Guild had been completely pulverized, as had much of the rest of Magnolia and any other city in Earthland, once so bustling with life. Hard to believe that this graveyard was once the strongest guild in Earthland.

And now it was gone. The crimson rain cascaded down upon the lonely figure surrounded by corpses of both friends and enemies. Happy, Erza, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, Mira, Juvia, Gajeel, Laxus, Makarov, Gildarts. So many dear to Natsu had fallen in the final, terrible battle.

After a very narrow win over Tartaros, Acnologia unexpectedly appeared from nowhere and began to bring the chaos again to the world. The Dragon Slayer along with their parent dragon who suddenly came out from inside of their bodies fought Acnologia and lost with Wendy as the only survivor. Wendy then made a very important decision to sacrifice her own life to revive Natsu. With Natsu back to life, he was broke down in tears for a week when he learned that he was the last Dragon Slayer. After getting over his sadness, Natsu went to guild underground to activate Rumen Isutowaru [Lumen Histoire], fulfilling Makarov's last wish. The Fairy Tail master had told Natsu it was Fairy Tail's greatest weapon and Natsu will learn who he really was. He was quite shocked when he learned that Fairy Tail's greatest weapon was Mavis Vermillion herself and when he obtained his memories of who he really is. Mavis really both happy pitied him when obtained his memories as Etherious Natsu Dragneel, in short E.N.D, Zeref strongest and since she finally could reunion with Natsu.

When Natsu and Mavis had returned to a bloodbath, many of the mages and Guild masters were already dead, though they had taken many Zeref's demons with them. Acnologia once again came out from nowhere after learned of Natsu and Mavis's revival. Since Natsu regained his memories, he also regained his unimaginable power that sealed along with his memories. The battle was close but Mavis and Natsu successfully made Acnologia retreated and injured him badly. Natsu and Mavis then went to Tenroujima [Heaven Wolf's Island] to faced Zered again. They fought for ten days and the earth nearly destroyed by the time both Zeref and Natsu and Mavis released their full powers, resulting in an enormous shockwave of concentrated magic power, but Zeref is more powerful they ever thought he would be.

Once again….they have lost

Right now, we can found our favorite dragon slayer and our favorite guild master kneeled while panting like crazy. Natsu had a massive wound on his chest from one of Zeref's attack and lost his left eyes while Mavis had lost her right arm and half of her right leg while her body was bleeding badly.

Zeref himself wasn't doing well, he'd forced to sacrifice his right left hand and had a hole on his right chest from Natsu's strongest attack but he was the only one who could still stand. He eyed them with sad look. "I'm sorry….Natsu, Mavis."

That caught both Natsu and Mavis off guard. The Legendary Black Mage Zeref apologized to them. But instead of gaining forgiveness from them, he was greeted by Mavis lunged at him with a golden sword on her remained arm while Natsu already ignited his right-scaled arm with golden fire. Their attacks were useless since a black barrier protected Zeref from their assault.

"YOU'RE SORRY?" Natsu yelled, completely angered at his words. "Do you think we could forgive you after what have you done? You and your demons killed every human here, destroying earth and KILLED ALL MY FRIENDS." Natsu then coughed large amount of bloods and kneeled once again but he ignored it as he continued glared at Zeref as Mavis helped him to stand.

Zeref deactivated his barrier before turned around and walked away. Again, that caught Natsu and Mavis off guard. "W-Where do you think you're going?" Mavis called between panting.

"Finding Acnologia. With this…Earthland has no reason to exist anymore." Zeref answered without looking back. "I'm not sorry for killing your friends, I'm sorry for not killed all your friends sooner before you were even know them so you shouldn't have to through all this pain. How foolish I am…."

Zeref stopped walking as he felt someone tugged his leg, he then looked down do see Natsu holding his leg as if his life depended o it as he gave Zeref his best glare.

Zeref couldn't help but seed tears from his eyes at the sad sight. "Even after all this lost…you still have those eyes. Eyes that said love is stronger than hate." Zeref then kicked Natsu hard towards Mavis who caught him on time. Zeref pointed his index finger towards the two and suddenly a black hole started to swallow both of them slowly. Zeref sad even more as he was watching Mavis struggled against the black hole. "It's so sad…"

Mavis finally gave up struggling and closed her eyes, losing all her hope to avoid the inevitable. Natsu on other hand keep glaring at Zeref and refused to give up. 'Zeref is right. Even in this hopeless situation…you still have those eyes. What a man…'

"Don't make me regret giving you two this second chance…"

'What?' Was that all in their thought as the black hole finally completely engulfed them.

Sunday, June 15th 2010, 02:00 P.M, Japan, Tokyo.

"Attention we are about to stop at Tokyo Station" a voice announced over the PA System.

Natsu was sleeping soundly in his bed though the slight pain and incessant shouting is currently disturbing his sleep, but being the heavy sleeper that he is, he ignored it.

"Natsu, Natsu. Wake up!" He heard Mavis exclaimed. The pink-haired teen widened his eyes and looked around and found himself in a train of all thing.

"Where the hell am I?" Natsu muttered to himself. The last thing he remembered was being in Earthland, fighting Zeref and Acnologia, sucked into a black hole and then he and Mavis ended up here. He can assume this is not Earthland since it was destroyed and the train seems more advance from the one in Earthland.

Mavis helped him to sit before answered. "We're currently in a city called Tokyo….still not sure how Zeref sent us here with all of this stuff…" Mavis gestured to two large briefcases beside her and her clothes. She was wearing a simple blue sun dress with large shoulder straps that looked kind of cute, if Natsu could say it out loud.

Natsu glanced down and noticed he was wearing s tight black shirt and tight jeans with a simple black belt and his trademark scarf. The symbol of Fairy Tail was on the shirt. "What's happen to my clothes..?" He asked, confused how the hell Zeref done it. Oh wait…he's done it with magic.

"I'll explain later, but this is our stop!" Mavis said, handing one of the briefcase to him which he took it with his left hand. She then dragged him off out of the train into the busy station and looked around. Mavis looked at the clock in the station, she then realized it was already 2 o'clock in afternoon before she heard a grumbling sound. Mavis turned to Natsu who holding his stomach while he grinned while scratched back of his head. Mavis sigh, she should have seen this coming. "First thing first….let's get some lunch." Mavis said, causing Natsu beamed into smile as they set off looking for a decent restaurant to eat.

After stuffed their stomachs, more likely Natsu's stomach, Mavis asking for directions to some townsfolk who surprisingly spoke their language, they started their walk through town. Tokyo was a big city, even bigger than Crocus. It took them at least 2-3 hours before Mavis noticed something at corner of her eyes. There was big house with the name plate 'Vermillion Residence' and to say she was shocked would be an understatement. She thought they would be staying in some small one-bedroom apartment. But that didn't seem like the case because he was standing in font of a house that looked like it would have at least four bedrooms.

She looked down at the paper she was holding all the time. Shaking her head to regain her bearings Mavis and Natsu, who surprisingly quite all the time, perhaps still mourning for his friends, walked up to the front door and unlocked it with the key which was already hanging in the briefcase. Stepping in They gawked it was fully furnished, with a couch, chairs, and a huge LED TV in the living room, a fully stocked pantry in the kitchen, and a bed in each of the four bedrooms made and ready to be slept in.

"How the in the hell did that bastard manage to afford this!" Mavis couldn't help but yelled while Natsu covered his ears with his hands if he didn't want to go deaf. Mavis then told Natsu to drop off the briefcase in the room, after dropping off the backpack in as he claimed himself, his room Natsu return to the living room. There was a couch and loveseat set along with a decent sized flat screen LCD TV which seems similar to the Lacrima Vision back in earthland. Natsu shook his head, tried to dismiss the thought about his home that have been destroyed by Zeref. Mavis was sitting on the couch, a paper in her hand which he thought a letter as Natsu approached her and sit beside Mavis.

"What does it say?" Natsu asked the girl beside him. Mavis didn't answer him instead she passed the paper to him. He took the paper before read it.

'Natsu or Mavis depend whoever reading this letter, if you are reading this then I've already sent you to another universe which similar to Earthland. Dragons, Devils, Angels and even Gods are exist in this universe but human in this universe are oblivious of Magic so do not use your magic in front of regular humans If you didn't want to dub as freak. This is your second and last chance to kill me. Get stronger, gains allies and I'll come to you with even tougher challenge with even more armies. I have included a rather large amount of money with that universe's currency in that red briefcase.' Natsu opened the red briefcase and saw it was full of money. He then noticed something on the bottom. 'One last thing to note. I've already enrolled both of you to a private school called Kuoh Academy the class will start tomorrow. So please…enjoy your momentary peace life until I bring hell to you again. Good luck and hope to see you again.'

Natsu then ignited his hand with fire, burning the paper until there is nothing left from it. "That bastard…How dare he! How dare he killed our friends and told us to enjoy our life while he could easily ruined it again!" Natsu growled in anger. Why won't Zeref killed them and be done with it. Why would Zeref fought back if he wanted to be killed.

Mavis didn't say anything but inside she agreed with Natsu. Mavis hated how Zeref playing with their lives just to gains his personal goal. To think that She, Zeref and Natsu were friend in the past. Mavis looked out to the window and realized it's getting dark. She then stood up and walked to the stairs.

Natsu noticed this couldn't help but asked. "Where are you going…?"

"Sleep!" Mavis replied. "I'm tired…as much I hate it, we have no choice but listen to Zeref. We need to prepare for our first day tomorrow. We should make a good impression in the school." Natsu was about to argue but decided to listen to her. Mavis was right, he didn't have any choice in the matter. What done is done, he couldn't changed it.

Natsu sighed tiredly and went to his own room. He threw himself to bed while thinking what he has gotten himself to before closed his eyes into slumber again.

Sunday, June 15th 2010, Unknown Time, Dimensional Gap.

A black-haired girl dressed in a gothic Lolita fashion suddenly perked, ignoring the annoyingly noisy red dragon for once. Just moments ago, she'd felt around two presences appear seemingly out of nowhere. Soon after, she felt another two presences that seemed to just pop into existence. All were powerful existences that could rival both her and the Great Red if not stronger.

This confused the girl greatly. "What….is going on?" The Ouroboros Dragon, Ophis simply asked herself.

The large red dragon who was performing stunts in the air had also noticed the four presences. 'So, you're back….Zeref? It seems that you've won over there…' The Great Red thought to himself before felt another presence. 'This feeling…this fells like, Enryuo [The King of Flame Dragon] Igneel…?'

Monday, June 16th 2010, 07:30 A.M, Japan, Tokyo, Kuoh Academy.

"Well this is it Natsu. Let's head inside." With a nod from said person, Mavis and Natsu passed through the gates and were instantly greeted by the stares of the students around them.

"Whoa…who are they?" One whispered oh-so-loudly.

"They must be the foreign exchange students we heard about."

"Oh yeah I remember. Oh man, the new girl looks incredibly hot!"

"Gosh he's really cute!" A girl on the other side of the campus squeaked while blushing, along with the rest of the girls.

Natsu scowled, he didn't like the attention they were receiving. Looking over at Mavis, he looked over the uniform she was wearing. A black skirt, a white dress shirt with a black top over it, and black shoes with white ankle-high socks. When he looked at his own, he wore a similar outfit but with long black pants. In his opinion, these uniforms reveal too much, for the girls at least. Mavis earlier complained to herself that her top was a bit tight and overly revealed the size of her breasts.

Natsu shoving a hand in his pocket and adjusting his book bag over his shoulder while Mavis simply walked beside him, they walked through the school gate and entered the school premises, not paying attention to the murmurs and the stares from other students that was directed at them. After they reached the main office and received their time table, Natsu and Mavis headed off towards his classroom. This time Natsu the looks he was getting, jealous looks from the male students while the female students stared at him with red faces and glared directly at Mavis. Ignoring the looks the two were getting, Natsu looked down at his paper and then back up at the class signs.

"Let's see, so my class is 3-A..." Natsu and Mavis passed by many of the other students that were in hallway and soon arrived at the classroom door, just in time as the bell rings. "So this is it huh?" Fixing his slightly messy uniform, he sighed once more before Natsu knocked on the classroom door a couple of times and waited for it to open. It wasn't long before the door creaked open to reveal a mid-aged man, whom Mavis assumed was the teacher.

"Ah, you must be the new student I was told about," The man said with excitement as he gave a friendly smile, "I'm Mr. Watanabe, your new home room teacher. Please, come in!" the teacher said as he moved out of the door way and gestured the couple to enter the room. The two gave a quick nod before they walked in, and immediately found themselves to the center of attention. All of the students in the room focused their eyes solely on Natsu and Mavis before breaking out into murmurs and hushed whispers.

"I have good news everyone!" the teacher gathered everyone's attention, including a certain crimson-haired woman and a raven-haired woman who seemingly watching Natsu and Mavis in suspicious. "We have a new transfer student in our class!" He said before turning to the couple. "Please, introduce yourself."

Mavis stepped up and faced the entire class first; wanting to get it over with. "My name is Mavis Vermillion, I'm glad to be your class." All the males all-too-excitedly shouted their welcomes, earning a scowl from Natsu. Said person proceeded to the front next to Mavis and stared at them.

The atmosphere instantly went from a cheery one, to one of awkwardness. He finally broke the silence. "Natsu Dragneel..." All the men gave him a strange face of confusion while the girls blushed at the trace of manliness in his voice. 'Geez, what are we in a drama club?' Natsu furrowed his brows in thought.

The teacher noted the reactions of her students and hummed happily, "Alright then! Dragneel-san, Vermillion-san, why don't you two take your seat right next to Gremory-san at the window." The teacher said as he pointed towards two empty seats at the back near the window which was next to the crimson-haired woman that caught his attention because of her hair, the two nodded their head and walked silently towards their seats.

It wasn't until they sat down that they finally felt it. Their eyes went slightly wide as they felt the Maryoku [Magic Power] of the beautiful woman known as Gremory next to them. It doesn't feel human. Her Maryoku felt dark but they sensed no malevolent intent from it. Plus, her Maryoku was at Mirajane's level.

'Is she a devil or an angel I heard about…?' Mavis thought as she secretly eyed the crimson-haired girl.

What's more, Mavis felt and identified two more students in her class that had similar Maryoku signatures as hers. One was a young woman with a buxom figure with very long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair was tied in a long ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs with two strands sticking out from the top and sloping backwards, with an orange ribbon keeping it in place. The other was a young bespectacled woman with a slim figure, black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes. Both are also at least at almost as powerful as that Gremory girl, making her raising a hand and rubbing her forehead in irritation.

'Zeref really know how to mess with people nerve…' the blonde-haired girl inwardly groaned, 'Maybe…life here isn't gonna be peaceful after all. That's right…It will be never peaceful with Zeref around.' She concluded as she pushed all those thoughts away and focused on the lecture while Natsu decided to take a nap, not noticing as the crimson-haired woman gave them a glance from the corner of her eye.

Monday, June 16th 2010, 06:20 P.M, Japan, Tokyo.

Natsu and Mavis decided to tour around the city after they left the school. Mavis too him shopping where they got some new clothes and them they went to amusement park as their next destination before heading back to their house when they felt two magical signatures one is strong and very malevolent and the second was weak. Natsu ran as quickly as he can towards the source. He heard Mavis shouted as she followed him. Natsu could feel the killing intent of the malevolent magical signature and he was at least another minute off from its position. Natsu suddenly felt a sharp rise in the energy attacking him before the other one dropped to almost nothing.

"Shit" He mutter to himself. The malevolent energy disappears only a few seconds before he arrived. Natsu entered a small park, he quickly find a brown-haired boy lying in a pool of his blood. His stomach had been torn open by some kind of weapon that the attacker must have taken with them. He is clearly about to die when a piece of paper flew up from him.

Mavis suddenly appeared beside him and grabbed Natsu before hiding into large bushes as a large magic circle appears and a woman with crimson hair from school steps out. She was still wearing her schoolgirl uniform from Kuoh Academy. Natsu and Mavis hid as best as they can so the woman couldn't saw them.

"You're the one who called me, right?" she asks the poor boy. She stares at him for a second before bat wings spread from her back.

'A devil…' That's was all in Natsu and Mavis's thought.

"Looks like you are dying. Your wound...Oh my, looks like something interesting is happening. So it's you... It is really interesting." She started to laugh. What the hell is her problem is she going to help him or not. He is going to die. Natsu was about to step out the bushes but Mavis hold his shoulder tight and told him to keep hiding and just watched the scene before them.

"If you are dying then, I'll take care of you. Your life will belong to me, and you will live for me." Both mages felt the boy magical pressure dropped to nothing just as she placed a handful of red objects on his chest. "Wow 7, must be pretty special Hyoudou Issei. I order, in my name Rias Gremory. You, Hyoudou Issei. I, resurrect you back to this soil as my servant, and be reborn as a devil. You, my "Pawn", with a new life, be delighted." The objects on his chest disappeared and suddenly a wave of Maryoku belonging to Issei washes over them. It's much stronger than before and somehow she just brought him back to life.

'Can she be trusted? I mean she did save that boy's life.' Mavis thought analyzed the scene before they saw both of them gone.

That's their cue to come out from their hiding spot. Mavis looked around and noticed the park was spotless, the pool of bloods was gone and the damaged fountain was as good as new. Mavis sighed I annoyance, why would Zeref sent them into this weird dimension. Sure, this dimension is similar to Earthland, Dragons, Devils are exist here but they couldn't use their magic recklessly.

Mavis then heard a grumbling sound, she knew that sound was belonged to Natsu who gave her a goofy grin. She shook her head, smiled a bit at him. "Come on Natsu…we should head back home. I'll cook tonight."

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